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Dolphins waive Shawn Murphy; sign Murtha

The Dolphins have announced today they waived guard Shawn Murphy, a 2008 fourth-round pick.

The team is not giving a reason for making the move and that's understandable because it didn't really give Murphy a reason either, according to sources.

Last week, at least one assistant told Murphy he was practicing well. This week Murphy is tapped on the shoulder and told he needs to turn in his playbook.

The sudden turn of events is stranger than that. Murphy was told in the preseason the right guard position was his to lose. He lost it to Donald Thomas but was still working as the backup at both guard spots.

I'm told Murphy was both angered and relieved to be cut. He didn't get along at all with former offensive line coach Mike Maser (of course, Maser didn't get along with anybody because he spent much of his time cursing at all his players). This year Murphy was feeling better about status, but felt betrayed by the out-of-left-field nature of today's move.

Murphy's departure was ostensibly caused by the signing of Detroit Lions' practice squad player Lydon Murtha. Murtha, a 6-7, 315-pounder, was a seventh-round pick out of Nebraska.

Murphy, who had the starting right guard job when training camp opened, becomes the highest draft pick to fail to make it with the Dolphins in the two years since the new regime of Tony Sparano, Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland took over.

Murphy will go through the waiver process. He will know by 4 p.m. Wednesday if he's been picked up by another team.

If no team claims Murphy, it is possible he could be signed to any practice squad, including Miami's practice squad, but that is very unlikely because this break feels weird for both parties.

It is possible Murphy winds up on the Philadelphia practice squad if he's not claimed.


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I knew Murphy was a mistake from the beginning. Parcells only took him because of his lineage. He's not a horse! Their good decisions far outweigh the bad ones so far though. Wilford, Crocker, and Murphy are their only complete airballs.

Looks like they have a lot of faith in Garder since he's been sharing some snaps with Thomas at guard.

Guys are forgetting roster spot has to be created for Roth, as he comes back tomorrow. Murtha probably goes to practice squad and I look for maybe one of the young wr's to get cut.

Think bringing Roth back may have come down to keeping either Erik Walden, Quinton Moses, or Murphy and Murph lost out in the numbers game.
Plus Garner obviously moved ahead of him for 2nd team reps. Murph became expendable and they probably shopped him with no suitors.

Also they maybe seeing if Murtha can be groomed as a right tackle. Possibly for depth or replacement for Carey if the kid can panout well enough. Carey is by far he weakest link on the oline. Couldnt groom Murph there because he's not nearly athletic enough to play in space.

Good point about our offensive guys being debriefed for Wildcat info. Surely we've all figured that 90% of WC is the kick-you-in-the-mouth running game and there isn't really anything to be debriefed about as far as that is concerned -- but surely there is info we wouldn't want Murphy to share like, as a hypothetical, "in practice, when Pat White comes in on third downs, he usually runs a QB draw to the right" or something like "when we scrimmage, the defense is most successful against WC when they use this scheme." I don't know, Parcells is smarter than us though (or me, at least). Maybe he's been feeding disinformation to Murphy in the past week or so, knowing that he was being shipped out or cut soon?

Interested to see what they do with this Murtha guy, however. I can live with an occasional 4th round wash-out, you need to gamble in the middle rounds sometimes.

dying breed , you can't sign another player from another teams practice squad and put him on your practice squad, either he stays on the 53 or gets cut. That's it.

bobbyd12 . Phil mckonckey was a big name ? Really ? Lmao ! :)


Murphy had strengthened himself and was making great efforts and improvements. I'm disappointed to lose him, but Murtha has a lot of potential and is highly intelligent and I had hoped we would draft him. I was very surprised to see we got him and almost feel like there is something special about this pick-up.


I thought so but what happens when Roth returns? Do you think our new returns guy from San Fran gets cut? I here they dont want to risk putting him on the practice squad.

Also, if they keep the San Fran guy someone now on the active roster has to be cut dont they? If so who do you think it will be?

NJ why dont you apologize to carlito?? You say you never wrong???hahahahahhahahaha Godfather of football my azzzz

dying breed , I don't know . I'm worried my boy Q moses. might get cut.


NJ why does this carliot want you to apologize? I dont get it?

Bobbyd12 . It's because he's an idiot. He thinks you cant sign in as 2 different people from 2 different things like a computer and a i phone. He's carlito and the cuban menace all wrapped into one.

The Dolphins DO NOT have to cut anyone to allow Roth to practice Wednesday. They get a three-week windown during which they get a roster exemption for him. He can practice and does not count on the roster.

At the end of those 21 days or anytime during that time, the team can either activate him, place him on IR, or cut him, the latter of which will not happen.

If the team decides to activate him, then it must clear a roster spot for him.

OK, back to the Yankees game.

Also ... Murtha is on the active roster and cannot go to Miami's practice squad now.

Thanks Mando

Armando who are you for in the AL playoffs?

Yankees, men. Come on now. I lived in New York eight years when I came to this country.

Mando . i said that already. when roth gets activated it looks like moses is a goner. also murtha and the 53.

Mando is a marlim fan not a yankee fan. FRONTRUNNER ! :)

So we drop a decent 2nd stringer for a guy who couldn't even make it onto an 0-16 team? Eeek.


From what you stated I basically gather that our 2 new signees are on a 21 day "tryout basis." If Roth doesnt go on the IR or isnt cut, either 1 of the new signees will be cut or someone else presently on the roster gets cut.

The trifecta are pretty ingenious this way. The batle for roster spots continues even as we approah midway point of season. If you think you can relax and your job's safe sround these guy you will soon find yourself looking for work.

Maybe Murph hadnt realized his hour glass had run out. I'm sure he has now. Hasnt been since Shula that players are held accountable in and out of season.

Looks if though the former country club resort has been shut down and condemned. I love the direction our trifecta's leading us. Only one way's up baby!!!

If I was a frontrunner, I'd be a Phillies fan. And I ain't.

Dying breed, that's exactly right !

Anyone else watch the USFL doc on ESPN tonight? Those 30 for 30 things are pretty good so far (certainly better than the first 6 innings of any baseball game this postseason).

You and me both, Armando...Yankees up 7 to 1, in the bag.


Murph had fallen to third string. That was evident when Garner spelled D Thomag at right guard in Bills game I think it was.

Murph's stock was plummeting. He began preseason as starting right guard then lost his backup spot to Garner, who is a backup tackle of all things. That basically signaled his goose in Miami was thoroughly cooked.

Also even though Murph's basically a 4th round flop, trifecta made up for it with the 6th round selection of D Thomas.

With D Bess as an undrafted free agent, he more than makes up for the 6th we double dipped for the right guard position. So its still a stellard 08 draft even if Murph did get cut.

geez ginn is underappreciated here...as are the rest of the no name receivers...they rarely drop balls....and they are not called upon to make the o go...ginn is gonna catch 80 balls for 1000 yards this year and it wont be enuff for the fans, cuz it will be unspectacular small ball with a couple like last week deep td's...they have 11 games to go...if he averages 5 a game thats 55 plus what he has right now...rillo hartline and bess, as well as the RB's all have great hands...no need for a feature crybaby wideout cuz this offense wont get TO enough touches or MArshall or any of those guys...dont need meshawn types mucking up the WC


Looks though cake and frosting's being served along with the ice cream and its the Yankees birthday party. Yanks 10 Fallen Angels 1.

fck brees...fish d will bring the noise with at least 5 rushing...look for wake to be a big part of this weekends package and a breakout game for our young puppy corners...the jints rushed only four with no blitzers and played zone...could a team be more poorly coached against the aints in their dome? take them on the road off a huge win and we stuff WC down that weak asd defense on real grass, that fast break o will have more pressure to score more quickly on a slower track cant see it happening...dolphins 34 aints 17...henne 2 tds, no picks, ronnie and ricky go for 200 yards combined...rickey exorcises all demons this weekend!!! go fish

I think I'm a little freaked by the TV shot of Jorge Posada painting his nails in the dugout.


Have you ever noticed that you and A-Rod kind of favor each other?

Good night. God bless.

CC Sebathia is a focking beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dying Breed, CC is in the zone man. He is performing like he should be for that fat contract. Dont forget Burnett is pitching pretty good too.

black sunday comming right up. oh, and gold.


The biggest shocker for all Yankee fans Im sure, is what A-rods has been doing in the postseason. This is time of year he usually does his hocus pocus disappearing act.

A-Rod is clearly the Yankees biggest shocker of all. He keeps this up and the Yanks will win the World Series in a cake walk.

Dying Breed ,

A-Rod is capable of doing what he has done. I guess he needed a little confidence or something. I know he is ready to rid himself of his horrible Oct performances

so when miami goes and beats up on new orleans and wins with there so called gimmick plays ....does the rest of the nfl start to respect the dolphins or jus say it was luck or that new orleans jus had a bad game..i say the latter ...but that will jus add to the drive of this miami team .... nothing brings out the drive in a team than being told they are a nothing but a gimmick with a weak schedule and that thier luck is going to run out ..... miami needs to force feed the nfl that they are here for the long haul and the road to the afc east crown does go through miami......feed the beast ronnie brown

NJ think he Sherlock Homes by saying carlito and cuban menace is same person. That guy ace was saying the same thing long time ago about cuban menace being gopats and aloco. Where he now??

Murphy was told the right guard spot was his to lose in the preseason because the Dolphins brass wanted to light a fire under Donald Thomas' ass. Simple as that, really. Murphy just didn't have the physical gifts to transform into a dominant offensive lineman and the Dolphins troika knew that. Forget for a moment that Murphy was a 4th rounder and that Murtha was a 7th rounder. Knowing how much the Dolphins value size and physicality these days, who do you think was more appealing to them? A 6'4, 300+ lb. dude with limited strength and upside for an offensive lineman or a 6'7, 315 lb. behemoth of a man who happens to run a sub-5.0 40 yard dash and seemingly has more potential. Yeah, it's a pretty clear-cut choice in the end. As for Murphy being blindsided by the news he was being cut, welcome to life in the NFL, Shawn.

I like this pick and the overall transaction. It goes to show that Parcells gives you opportunities to impress, but if you don't cut it and keep getting demoted you will be shown the door; regardless of who you are, or your father is. It's a shame we won't see Dale Murphy in training camp next year.. :(

Hey Patrick Turner, you have until next year...

Hey Armando,

When you lived in NY for eight years were you a closet Jets fan?

There were times in the preseason where Shawn played almost exactly the same as Donald, and that's what u want in a backup. I haven't been impressed with Donald Thomas this year he has been inconsistent. I don't like this move when we couldve got Josh cribbs or Dwayne bowe or even Roscoe Parrish or Joey Galloway

Was Murphy on the practice squad or on the roster?

I'm guessing on the roster because Murtha was on the Lions practice squad and once a team picks a player off someone else's practice squad you need to put him on the active roster?

I did not see any other player waived from Miami to make room for Murtha so I guess Murphy was on the active roster...right?

As much as I like the Trifecta, I think they have made some VERY questionable personnel moves. Wilford, Eric Green, Charlie Anderson, Gibril Wilson are busts. Bell is close, he was lights out last year. He held Gates a year ago. This year? He is late on every play. Wilson too, worse than Bell! But Wilson is younger, Bell is aging, and it seems faster than they thought. Get Clemmons on the field already!

Anderson was brought in to challenge for a starting spot & help on special teams. He has done neither real well. Wilford, we all know. Eric Green, has been.

I'm not too upset over Murphy, it was a 4th rounder after all. You won't hit on everyone. But when you take a guy like Merling @ 32, he has to be better than he has. Light a fire under this guy already!

My BIGGEST problem with the trifecta was selecting Pat White where they did. Instead of him, Mario Manningham was RIGHT there. A need, impact, everydown guy! He is now blossoming as a Giant. Pass on a real talent like him to wait a round and take 2 guys most people see as afterthoughts? Even White, talent aside, he is on the field 1 or 2 plays a week! for a 2nd rounder? WASTED PICK! IF Turner & Hartline were any good, they'd be playing ALOT! Hartline is in 1 or 2 packages at most and Turner can't sniff action cause he can't play special teams.

And I don't care we took 2 Michigan players in that draft already. Manningham was uncoverable in college & he was sitting there!

I have supported Ginn & hope he get things going. He just needs to toughen up a bit. More impressive than his long TD vs. the wets, was his sustained block on Revis on 3rd & 6, The one Ricky hurdled a defender. He sprung that play!

Yet, in a earlier possesion, he wiffed a block on the Camrillo screen that could have went for BIG yards. Consitency!

All in all I think we are going the right way. It says ALOT however when Joey Porter & Jason Taylor are your best players, in their 30's and this 3 headed monster really didn't bring them in here. They need to start getting impact guys! The most important for the next draft/FA period are:

NT, ILB, FS, SS, CB, TE. IF this team can get some playmakers in these positions between FA & the draft, the phins can compete for a ring next year.

Armando...any reason to think that Tuna will stay beyond next year? NYY/Phils or NYY/LA? Give us the WS winner and how many games.

As a 38 year fins fan,and a true blue die hard! My advice this week against the Saints.Please do not screw around in the Red Zone.Punch the ball in for touchdowns,forget the field goal stuff.You'll need points to beat the Saints. You'll have to keep them off the field, or it will be a long day for you guys. Brees has the quick strike ability and our secondary blows unfortunately.No turnovers and ball control offense and we will upset them.All the best and good luck sunday. Kenneth Antonio

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