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Dolphins-Jets rivalry borders on thuggery

The rhetoric surrounding this Dolphins-Jets rivalry has always been fun. The players bark back and forth the week before the game. The fans get drunk on game day, fight each other and go to work the next day with fewer teeth. The players knock heads on the field and then go home and brag about it.

It's always been a visceral clash of division rivals and their fans. And it's always been relatively harmless.

But this year the rivalry has climbed to new heights and Thursday, to a place no professional sports rivalry should ever go. Whenever you have players from each team talking about hurting a player on the other team, someone needs to stop and ask if the rivalry has crossed the line of good taste and fun and is now residing in thuggery territory.

Now, the players and some fans that read this will dismiss it as a geeky sports writer getting involved in something he knows nothing about -- competition and emotion and answering a physical challenge. That's crap.

I appreciate a physical battle between finely tuned athletes as much as anyone. I experience the full range of emotion like everyone else in the world. And I'm as competitive a person as they come. Trust me on that last one.

But I'm also a fan of the NFL. And the NFL is many things, but threats about hurting another team's players, or even joking about another team's players being injured and out for the year -- as New York coach Rex Ryan did recently at Will Allen's expense -- is wrong and should be out of bounds.

And yet, here we are discussing how New York's Bart Scott this week told a handful of New York writers that he wanted to hurt Miami QB Chad Henne and knock him out of Sunday's game.

"I hope to get him out of there," Scott told the New York writers.

Asked by New York Daily News writer Rich Cimini how he plans to do that and if that included hurting Henne, Scott replied: "I want to hit him and get him out of there. That's for anybody who touches the football, period. It's that type of game. Write it down however you want to write it down. You don't have to do something dirty to get somebody out of there."

No, but you have to be someone dirty to be thinking that way. Henne is a professional. He makes his living playing football. And Bart Scott wants to hurt him and knock him out of his job? He wants to somehow assault another player to the point that guy can no longer compete against him?

So the old saying, 'To be the best you have to beat the best,' now has changed in Scott's warped mind to, "To be the best you have to injure the best?' Scott wants to hurt Henne and thereby hurt the Dolphins and thereby hurt the NFL.

Yes, Scott succeeding on his stated intentions would hurt the NFL because the league is diminished when its best players get hurt or knocked from the action.

Now, before you get all aflutter with righteous indignation that the Jets have crossed a sacred line, I must tell you the Dolphins are not innocents here.

Just as one New York linebacker acted a fool by talking about hurting a fellow NFL player, one Dolphins linebacker acted a fool and talked about hurting a fellow NFL player, too.

Disgusting as it is, Joey Porter this week basically echoed Scott's thoughts about knocking out a QB -- except Porter was talking about knocking out Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

During his weekly interview with the NFL Network, Porter was asked about Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sideline of last week's game between Oakland and the Jets.

"I'm not worried about him eating a hot dog on the sideline," Porter responded. "I'm trying to worry about how I can get him on the sideline, maybe with an ice pack on him, so the hot dog doesn't bother me."

Amazingly, the NFL Network interviewer heard Porter make public his desire to knock the opposing QB from the game and instantly followed up by asking Porter if he uses twitter. (Yes, journalism in America is dead.) Anyway, the link to Porter's interview is right here.

I can tell you this pregame banter is not funny to the NFL. The league takes its money and reputation very seriously and when you have players threatening to hurt other players, that affects the NFL's reputation. And if you have players make good on their stated intentions, that affects the NFL's ability to make money.

So be aware that the NFL is monitoring Bart Scott and Joey Porter. And don't be surprised that even if they don't carry out their veiled threats to injure the opposing quarterbacks, both could nonetheless be fined for saying such things.

Because such talk doesn't belong in professional sports.


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I would agree with you Armando. I thought the trifecta already told their players, Crowder and others, to stay away from the Jet banter. I think Tuna should have a nice heart to heart with Joey and stop this crap.

I once hear a fine proverb, "Never argue with a Jerk. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."


Mando, agree with you if the words have true meaning, but if not...it's only trash talk...

Lame. Its not like someone said, " I hope to paralyze the opposing quarterback from the neck down". In fact, all Joey Porter said was he wanted to put sanchez on the sideline with an icepack. AN ICEPACK. Indicating a bruise or something from a hard hit. Nothing more.


Finally, something we can agree on, but it's been that way as long as I can remember. Thats a pretty long time, probably before you were born. Nice to see a human in ther mando. Now let's go kick their a!

Armondo is a girl wahhhhhh


Edgar, if you don't mean it, don't say it. I agree, Mando, this crap is beneath this team. Part of why I became a fan of the Dolphins is that they have always played with integrity, and class. They have had bubbles (Bryan Cox, JP, and Crowder), but for the most part, the team has been pure class.

They put ice packs and blown out knees you jerk. They put ice pack on compound fractures, too.

DolphinLover, never heard that proverb before, I like it!

Hell , they used to put out hits on players back in the day . This just pure rivalry/football talk. LOL !

I think my name says it all to the moron who commented earlier.

Excellent post Mando. I just wish the Dolphins would STFU and just bring it on Sunday. Let the Jetsies talk and then shut them up on the field.

Well said my friend.

Hit them in the mouth without warning them that's what you intend to do.

Agree completely Mando. Their is enough crap in the world without having these douches trying to hurt anyone. I hat the Jets as mush as any other Dolphin fan, but lets keep it clean and compete like men, not like 3rd graders. That said, lets dominate with class and save the talking for dipshits like Ryan.

To believe that players don't try to hit another player so hard that it'll knock them out of the game is naive. It isn't dirty to want to lay a "clean", devastating hit on the quarterback and rattle him or put him on the sidelines. When you purposely go for knees or use personal fouls to injure someone, that's different!

at 2-4 maybe our entire team should STFU and HOPE that they can let their play do the talking this week.

Didn't Buddy Ryan get fined for putting a bounty out on players back in the day? Wouldn't be surprised if his son is doing similar crap.

The Jets have no class. And neither does Joey by the way.

I agree totally-this is someone's ability to earn a living and not intended to inflict permanent damage. But this is typical of the new New York Jets with T-Rex running the show...they're drinking his koolaid (straight out of Meadowlands swamp) and its so toxic they're brains are frying...Sancheesimo needs a few INT's and sacks and he'll be back to reality. But hopefully the refs will be watching for any extra efforts on the field. It's their job too control and hopefully we'll come out of there with a win. Weather will not be cold, and big must is for Henne and offense to block out the crowd noise and it will be loud.

WTF is foorball?

Sounds more like a clash between NFL players and American PC sensibilities...Whatever happened to sticks and stones people!

When I played defense, it was my intention, as I'm sure it is every defensive players intent to hit EVERYONE with bad intensions! My goal was to hit whoever had the ball hard enough to kill them! (That doesn't mean taking a cheap shot) Maybe that's why our team can't seem to tackle, they want to feel empathy...

This stuff has been going on since the early days of the NFL. You don't think Dick Butkus made comments like this or Jack Lambert. It's the freaking media that hypes this .....it's talk that's what happens and the NFL network provokes it with their questions then airing it. SO WHAT? GO DOLPHINS it's time to make your stand for the season and show why you are the defending AFC EAST CHAMPS>

I will say that it gives me a small amount of solace to see that Ginn got in there and knocked the ball out, too bad the league gave sec refs jobs. I'll feel a lot better when we poo all over the jersey jests while they frolick in the meadowlands this week.

I am guessing you never played football. On top of that i know you have never played defense in a football setting. This type of attitude is the norm for defensive folks in football. You honestly believe that defenses don't WANT to hurt other players? If you think this is true i have some beachfront poperty here in colorado to sell you buddy. Get a clue. What you article should say is....."they can think it all they want, but they should not say it in a public forum".
Believe me, the defensive coordinators are in the locker rooms encouraging them, HOPING one of their boys can knock the other team's quarterback out cold.

I never want to see a player hurt. Not even a jeds player! All in all, I think both of them are walking a fine line. While I am obviously biased, I think Scott's comment was worse that Porter's. I can understand the whole ice pack thing not necessarily meaning to take them out of the game put to make them sore from hits so they're looking for a pass rush even if one isn't there and that head is on a swivel. Scott is flat out saying he wants the QB out of the game. I guess the same can be inferred from Joey but I didn't see it so I can't say.

I think this game is going to be brutal and both teams are going to try and prove which is tougher. I hope for a physical but clean game from both teams with the Dolphins winning. That's the outcome I really care about.

This will garner fines for both players in all liklihood. To bad Goodell doesn't take his officials to task as well. Oh wait, that's right, the officials don't talk about what they do, they just show it.

This is media hype. On defense you are always trying to lay the smackdown on the opposing player. If you can hit a guy clean and knock him out of the game then it's a pat on the back and a job well done. Should they come out and say these things to the media? Probably not (as this article shows). I understand about the league image and all that, but this has been going on since football was invented and in all honesty, I wouldn't want them to change. Should players let up when tackling and blocking? Of course not. Defensive football is hitting the other guy as hard as you can and daring him to get up and do it again.

ANY one know sport know that football isn't a sport .it was invent for the low IQ people to cheer . in fact it's the only sport that allows hitting as a prat of the practice beside the boxing .no one surprised that a low IQ player told low IQ sport writer that for him to write it for the IQ fans.it's really a salsa sport ..

On one hand I agree, like if they really meant what they said in the same vein in which YOU have spun it... but for the most part I think you're a lame turd, Mando. Give me a break, please. This isn't about hurting anyone, they are still just implying HARD HITS, not illegal, career-ending hits.

this game is recieving too much hype for this kind of crap, its a rivalry and nobody likes each other, we get that, bart scott and joey porter talk more game than they probably show on the field. But after all is said and done come sunday, it will still be a 60 min game of hits, trash talking, and then a decided winner.
Their 4-3, we're 2-4, its a game of desperation for us and a game of revenge for them.THATS ALL!!!

that's why the nfl came up w/that rule to protect the QB of every team since most players are just dumb low iIQ people .

only one reason bart scott said that is they have to be game planning to blitz like mad.

why? pets realize henne is gonna be the one who wins or loses this game.

chalk one up for henne the MAN

The League must step in prior to the game and disqualify Scott & Reavis from game. Only way to ensure fair contest.

That Joey Porter quote is awesome!

Bottom line. check link out below. Nfl's all-time powerrankings. Miami placed 4th best Nfl franchise ever!!!! Jets hmmmmm. 28 out of 32.

Jets are just a team full of heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak. Jets Suck. Hotdog lovin Sanchez is going down. and I foresee Bart Scott will be the only player injuried after Sunday.


Its not really what was said by Peezy...its that he runs his mouth and does nothing on the field!

A lame turd, Ray Ray?

I ain't lame.

Mando, what exactly did Rex Ryan say about Will Allen? I can't believe how classless this Jets team is. I hope Henne throws 5 TD's on Sunday.

Well said , randy s , marino and cavalierkong. THIS IS FOOTBALL PEOPLE ! I played Safety in high and college and my intention was always to knock somebody out. Cleanly of course. : )

You're more lame than a turn Mandy...

It really sucxks when the Fins lose. Ruins my whole week. Can't watch highlights, can't watch anything NFL because I might see clips from the game. I have a bad feeling the next two weeks will be like that. We'll then be 2-6 and beating TB, CAR, JAX, HOU, TEN, BUF won't matter (lose to NE and PIT). We'll only be 8-8 and out of the running. That's the part that really blows. Our second half schedule is one of the easiest possible and it wont' matter. Discuss!


I hope Henne can throw two touchdowns. That would be gravy. We'll be lucky to score more than 6.

If you get a chance to hit a guy hard you hit him hard. Porter did not say take the guy out, Scott did. Porter said sitting on the sideline with an icepack. He said nothing out of context nor did he wish to end the opposing players game. (although we all know he would) Conversely Scott talked a lot of crap. He should just shut his mouth because it is really tough to back up your mouth in the NFL.
I don't get what you are really saying here. Are you in denial? I thought you knew football. I don't like the trash talk but I like watching these guys go for it.

PI....how can you score no more than 6 points on two TDs?

Did anyone catch the Seatle game a few weeks ago. One of Seatle's DE's ended up with a tipped ball and was running the ball back when he spotted the opposing team's QB. I believe it was Leftwich. Well, the DE changed his course and lowered his shoulder to INTENTIONALLY hit Leftwich LEGALLY. You take the shots you can!

Armando, get a grip!!! This is the NFL not the linerie league!!!! Dolphins, take Sanjizz and Scott OUT, you have my permission.

do it on the field not in the media

thank goodness its an early game.....i'd be nutz by 4:10

hopefully sans cheese can eat a proper meal before the game

NJ, that's possible the smartest thing I've heard you say...

I never like trash talk and all this bravado especially from players on a sub .500 and on the border .500 teams. IMHO, talk trash when you can do it week in and week out like the colts, saints otherwise keep your traps shut!

i remember going back to watch my HS team cause I am a State Champion too) to watch the next team from my town win a State Championship.

terril buckley was always talking trash/smack and a wiser shane matthews had to tell him to mellow out.

i'd like to hear more of those stories

Me too politically incorrect--can't watch any football stuff, even nfl net that i just got this august.....but if we win next two, we're still alive....i'm a dreamer

stop being a puss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose, I know you have never played football, but in case you haven't noticed, it is a very violent sport, people DO get hurt and carted off the field on any given play. It doesn't really matter what trash talking joey porter or trash talking crowder say or do, that is the reality of the game. Also, glad that you mentioned the "thuggery" on the miami side as well, this time!

Marc , i'm still waiting for your smartest thing you've said.

i think this game has us all a lil tense....lol

Harricane , you're a admin in a mental and drug rehap facility. Where did you play football ? Skid row university or bellvue university. LMFAO ! :)

nj- come on man.... put two and two together man.... where did buckley & matthews attend HS.

could not play college because i blew a knee in our championship game. tried out a year later for the canes and had a 2nd degree shoulder seperation went back to Rx school. i was done.

Mando is still the man.

Ok, I never played college or pro ball, bit in high school I remember some of the talk...I'm gonna rip off your head, I'm gonna break your leg etc etc. Psycological head games to try to throw ur opponent off and give u an edge...if it makes one of these QBs rush a throw or lose their concentration, you won...injuries happen, but I don't think either player is looking to go put and physically injure another player...but is trying to throw them off their game

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