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Dolphins-Jets rivalry borders on thuggery

The rhetoric surrounding this Dolphins-Jets rivalry has always been fun. The players bark back and forth the week before the game. The fans get drunk on game day, fight each other and go to work the next day with fewer teeth. The players knock heads on the field and then go home and brag about it.

It's always been a visceral clash of division rivals and their fans. And it's always been relatively harmless.

But this year the rivalry has climbed to new heights and Thursday, to a place no professional sports rivalry should ever go. Whenever you have players from each team talking about hurting a player on the other team, someone needs to stop and ask if the rivalry has crossed the line of good taste and fun and is now residing in thuggery territory.

Now, the players and some fans that read this will dismiss it as a geeky sports writer getting involved in something he knows nothing about -- competition and emotion and answering a physical challenge. That's crap.

I appreciate a physical battle between finely tuned athletes as much as anyone. I experience the full range of emotion like everyone else in the world. And I'm as competitive a person as they come. Trust me on that last one.

But I'm also a fan of the NFL. And the NFL is many things, but threats about hurting another team's players, or even joking about another team's players being injured and out for the year -- as New York coach Rex Ryan did recently at Will Allen's expense -- is wrong and should be out of bounds.

And yet, here we are discussing how New York's Bart Scott this week told a handful of New York writers that he wanted to hurt Miami QB Chad Henne and knock him out of Sunday's game.

"I hope to get him out of there," Scott told the New York writers.

Asked by New York Daily News writer Rich Cimini how he plans to do that and if that included hurting Henne, Scott replied: "I want to hit him and get him out of there. That's for anybody who touches the football, period. It's that type of game. Write it down however you want to write it down. You don't have to do something dirty to get somebody out of there."

No, but you have to be someone dirty to be thinking that way. Henne is a professional. He makes his living playing football. And Bart Scott wants to hurt him and knock him out of his job? He wants to somehow assault another player to the point that guy can no longer compete against him?

So the old saying, 'To be the best you have to beat the best,' now has changed in Scott's warped mind to, "To be the best you have to injure the best?' Scott wants to hurt Henne and thereby hurt the Dolphins and thereby hurt the NFL.

Yes, Scott succeeding on his stated intentions would hurt the NFL because the league is diminished when its best players get hurt or knocked from the action.

Now, before you get all aflutter with righteous indignation that the Jets have crossed a sacred line, I must tell you the Dolphins are not innocents here.

Just as one New York linebacker acted a fool by talking about hurting a fellow NFL player, one Dolphins linebacker acted a fool and talked about hurting a fellow NFL player, too.

Disgusting as it is, Joey Porter this week basically echoed Scott's thoughts about knocking out a QB -- except Porter was talking about knocking out Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

During his weekly interview with the NFL Network, Porter was asked about Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sideline of last week's game between Oakland and the Jets.

"I'm not worried about him eating a hot dog on the sideline," Porter responded. "I'm trying to worry about how I can get him on the sideline, maybe with an ice pack on him, so the hot dog doesn't bother me."

Amazingly, the NFL Network interviewer heard Porter make public his desire to knock the opposing QB from the game and instantly followed up by asking Porter if he uses twitter. (Yes, journalism in America is dead.) Anyway, the link to Porter's interview is right here.

I can tell you this pregame banter is not funny to the NFL. The league takes its money and reputation very seriously and when you have players threatening to hurt other players, that affects the NFL's reputation. And if you have players make good on their stated intentions, that affects the NFL's ability to make money.

So be aware that the NFL is monitoring Bart Scott and Joey Porter. And don't be surprised that even if they don't carry out their veiled threats to injure the opposing quarterbacks, both could nonetheless be fined for saying such things.

Because such talk doesn't belong in professional sports.


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I'd like all the jet players to walk out in front of a bus that's speeding. But, it's ok cause I'm not a NFL player. jets suck!

"I hope Henne can throw two touchdowns. That would be gravy. We'll be lucky to score more than 6." Hey bozo- they have been scoring over 30 point for weeks. Where have you been??

bobby = the sane one in the room

yets *uck....not bad dude

NJ, I'd like to add you to my rotation of ladies...I heard you like to work out ;)

Marc , i'm way to good for you. :) Keep up your fantasy's , it'll help you in the bath room. :)


i'll even give u another hint...where was jimmy buffet born? hhhhmmmm

13th street ? town ? state?

Too good for me? Your mom wasn't too good, i doubt you are ;)

Poor misguided, overrated JETS!! They live under the illusion they r 1 player away from the championship; therefore, when they look in the mirror and realize they suck, they resort to intimidation!! As for Porter, I forgive him unless he goes on to play for th jets!!

marc...NJ is not really a bad guy...he has not had his cocktail yet... he will mellow soon... & get back to football....soon as carlito gets on....

It's too early for his cocktail...He has to go to the gym first

no...i think he went to another blog

Marc , what's your fuching problem ? Just because you're losing a debate , doesn't mean you can talk to me like that. My mom ? Grow up ! Now you stepped over the line. I know for fact , you would NEVER say that to my FACE Pu**Y. At least my mom ain't walking the streets for money like your mom. do me a favor , don't address me anymore and i'll do the same for you.

Oh no, I crossed the line. Intimidation on a message board doesn't work, and here's a fact. I back down from noone! Losing a debate? Who's keeping score? You?! You seriously have delusions of gradure there buddy.

ok, NJ ....

odds or ginny starting just as a message to him?

odd of...correction

Delusions of GRADURE ? MY GOD ! LMFAO !

focus NJ

harricane , it's a message to ginn. Miami needs ginns deep threat in the game to execute their other plays from the playbook.

grandeur...forgive me for the typo. this bores me, is this the best you could come up with Mandy? Regurgitated quotes?

NJ i agree...go long baby

That 's the best you can do . call people Mandy or other names . Who the f is mandy ? this bores me .

Armando=Mandy, a feminine representation of his name that I've been calling him for years...I know it's difficult for you to keep up.

It boils down to this, there are certain players in the NFL who can't keep their mouths shut. Always yapping instead of just letting their play speak for itself. It is classless and these players are usually pretty insecure individuals. I played hockey all the way through college and let me tell you something, if ANYONE ever threatened one of our players or vice versa that person would have a huge target on their back. But that target could be hit because there is hitting both ways. In football the defensive players don't necessarily get "hit" unless they create a turnover and even then the guy that's hitting them is usually a lot smaller. So my point is, how tough is it to threaten an opposing offensive player, THE MOST VULNERABLE PLAYER ON THE TEAM (other than the kicker), when there's no chance of retalliation? It's like threatening to hurt a kitten! What a p**sy move that is! Shut up and play the game and stop with the trash talking nonsense. Anyone who has questioned Mandos toughness for writing about this falls in the same category with the rest of the trash talking p**sies. Don't call Mando a wimp, show him why he's a wimp compared to you, but you can't and that's why your on the web calling people wimps. It makes you feel tough, and it makes the rest of us laugh.

And there we have NYScott in his infinite wisdom. It figures that 2 of the biggest douchb@gs on here have NY and NJ nicknames respectively ;)

If I were Bart Scott after that classless comment I'd be watching out for big Jake Long on Sunday cos you can be sure if he gets the chance he'll have Henne's back and lay Scott on his back!!!

The post started with some thing towards me about a misspelling then mandy came up . It didn't look right. clarity i know thats hard to understand.

this is the league where you have 99 percent of players can't even write a love letter to their girl friends . let's accept the fact this is not a sport since there's no thing good during the that relate to the humane nature as the case in soccer or basketball .one more thing take a look at the low IQ football fans when they get of the bed ,my goodness .


i think we will see more special front O-line moves with an extra tackle in the T position (offline) and I love htat Y backfeild set to make them come out of the "stack 8".

cause they know we can run or roll

that sorry...wifey bought some rum


OK, honey (NJ), off to the gym ya go. I'm gonna work on my roster of ladies, that, just so happens to perform much better than the roster the Dolphins have, lol


harricane still talking as if he knows football .q for you ,how come fins last in the devision ??????????????????????????????

Marc , off to fantasy land and the bathroom again . i'm out !

cubano...@ 2-0 in AFC East we are actually in First Place.....HHHHMMM

as games go on....lost players.... schedule...don't count out my fins man

harricane, did some one said some thing about football fan IQ'S like yours ?

carlito must have a date tonight

cubano ....mine is 142...so it works for football too..
do u have to fight to say something, my friend

never fight w/classy guy like you harricane and i mean that

ok, just so u know i have many cuban friends...actually business women here in sarasota....so...no harm no foul

where's the devil ace ?
where's odinseye the funny guy?
where's nj the plumber ?
where's rex ryan the evil man?

mando, are you really surprised given that we're dealing with buddy ryan's son?

wasn't it buddy who used to put bounties on opposing teams players?

I'm sure glad this fool(Rex)wasn't hired to run our dolphins.

trying to find a costume....i can buy candy....lol without having to make my neighbors nuts......

good one fan SF...can u do anything with Nancy P?

she should be landing soon


You're getting schooled... Sure is funny to watch Jets get schooled - something we're seeing a lot of lately.

harricane is a great nurse who takes care of women 75 years old and older .

lame turd lol so true lol

Dont say anything that you cant back up !!!



mama maria is making nice dinner for me .

I can see a highway size hole right were the nose tackle is o. The jets defence I think even the rookie 3rd string QB will score on these taint licking losers hey Sancheeez JT has a hotdog! for you buddy

Mando must have been picked on in school...... What a dork.

Mando.. You should cover Golf.... IT'S FOOTBALL.... They all get paid millions to knock people out .... Get over yourself .....cover something you understand!

Yes, you are right, and I hope those idiots listen to you.

Thanks cyrus1a .

armando you chicken vigina,.....put him out ..tap him out its all the same...grow some ''walnuts'' LOL

Why do you people insit on the hate towards Armando, I'm pretty sure he puts up blogs for us to be apart of, because he wants to, not because he has to.

"Football is a dirty game" - Hines Ward
Deal With It! (me)

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