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Dolphins-Jets rivalry borders on thuggery

The rhetoric surrounding this Dolphins-Jets rivalry has always been fun. The players bark back and forth the week before the game. The fans get drunk on game day, fight each other and go to work the next day with fewer teeth. The players knock heads on the field and then go home and brag about it.

It's always been a visceral clash of division rivals and their fans. And it's always been relatively harmless.

But this year the rivalry has climbed to new heights and Thursday, to a place no professional sports rivalry should ever go. Whenever you have players from each team talking about hurting a player on the other team, someone needs to stop and ask if the rivalry has crossed the line of good taste and fun and is now residing in thuggery territory.

Now, the players and some fans that read this will dismiss it as a geeky sports writer getting involved in something he knows nothing about -- competition and emotion and answering a physical challenge. That's crap.

I appreciate a physical battle between finely tuned athletes as much as anyone. I experience the full range of emotion like everyone else in the world. And I'm as competitive a person as they come. Trust me on that last one.

But I'm also a fan of the NFL. And the NFL is many things, but threats about hurting another team's players, or even joking about another team's players being injured and out for the year -- as New York coach Rex Ryan did recently at Will Allen's expense -- is wrong and should be out of bounds.

And yet, here we are discussing how New York's Bart Scott this week told a handful of New York writers that he wanted to hurt Miami QB Chad Henne and knock him out of Sunday's game.

"I hope to get him out of there," Scott told the New York writers.

Asked by New York Daily News writer Rich Cimini how he plans to do that and if that included hurting Henne, Scott replied: "I want to hit him and get him out of there. That's for anybody who touches the football, period. It's that type of game. Write it down however you want to write it down. You don't have to do something dirty to get somebody out of there."

No, but you have to be someone dirty to be thinking that way. Henne is a professional. He makes his living playing football. And Bart Scott wants to hurt him and knock him out of his job? He wants to somehow assault another player to the point that guy can no longer compete against him?

So the old saying, 'To be the best you have to beat the best,' now has changed in Scott's warped mind to, "To be the best you have to injure the best?' Scott wants to hurt Henne and thereby hurt the Dolphins and thereby hurt the NFL.

Yes, Scott succeeding on his stated intentions would hurt the NFL because the league is diminished when its best players get hurt or knocked from the action.

Now, before you get all aflutter with righteous indignation that the Jets have crossed a sacred line, I must tell you the Dolphins are not innocents here.

Just as one New York linebacker acted a fool by talking about hurting a fellow NFL player, one Dolphins linebacker acted a fool and talked about hurting a fellow NFL player, too.

Disgusting as it is, Joey Porter this week basically echoed Scott's thoughts about knocking out a QB -- except Porter was talking about knocking out Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

During his weekly interview with the NFL Network, Porter was asked about Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sideline of last week's game between Oakland and the Jets.

"I'm not worried about him eating a hot dog on the sideline," Porter responded. "I'm trying to worry about how I can get him on the sideline, maybe with an ice pack on him, so the hot dog doesn't bother me."

Amazingly, the NFL Network interviewer heard Porter make public his desire to knock the opposing QB from the game and instantly followed up by asking Porter if he uses twitter. (Yes, journalism in America is dead.) Anyway, the link to Porter's interview is right here.

I can tell you this pregame banter is not funny to the NFL. The league takes its money and reputation very seriously and when you have players threatening to hurt other players, that affects the NFL's reputation. And if you have players make good on their stated intentions, that affects the NFL's ability to make money.

So be aware that the NFL is monitoring Bart Scott and Joey Porter. And don't be surprised that even if they don't carry out their veiled threats to injure the opposing quarterbacks, both could nonetheless be fined for saying such things.

Because such talk doesn't belong in professional sports.


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Henne is 6'3 230 lbs. I'm think he can hold is own. Plus he got that crazy look when he gets behind center. It might take a penalty, but look for Jake to get his back and set the tone for the game.

I know the sharper tragidy is what everyone is talking about but there was another ref blunder that caust the Dolphins in the Saints game. It was the Bess fumble right before half that also was wrongly called by the refs. You see the week before the Saints played the Giants and as it turns out one of the Saints linebackers also fumbled the ball at the Giants 2 yard line. This fumble was was overturned by the refs and the Saints kept the ball at the gaints 2 yards line. This call was approved by the NFL Head of Ref. on the NFL network and this is how he explained it. He stated that because the player first made contact with ground before he fully lost control if the ball that is was not considered a fumble.(Watch the Bess fumble again and you will see that his knee was down before the ball fully came free from his arm) The funny thing is the Saints get the no fumble call in the Gaints game to help them win and then the next week they get the fumble call to help them win against the Dolphins. THAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT.

we have been jobbed and robbed all season long.



Dont think you ever grew up playing football unless it was some very plush neighborhood where all the guys were wussies. Because as far back as I can ever remember playing football the main goal was to outscore your opponent. After that it was to inflict as much pain as humanly possible.

It just isnt politically correct to publically state it to the press. Football always has and will always be organized legal mayhem.

Do you think Tatum was truly sorry his vicious hit paralyzed Stingley? He may have felt sorry Stingley was paralyzed but I'm sure he never had an ounce of remorse for the vicious impact his hit delivered.

Armando, I dont care how great and gifted the athletes are, if this were flag football the nfl would have folded over 50yrs ago. There are 2 things I most like to see from my favorite nfl team:

1. To outscore the opposition
2. Send a opposition player to the locker room on a stretcher.

If you dont think the opposition fans are wishing the exact same thing then your heads burried much to far up your @ss. Everyone wishes for it but it rarely ever happens.

I agree with dying breed...... Mando should only cover golf and stop fooling himself into beleiving he should cover football ..... Next up from Mando.... He can cover boxing and tell the fighters they cannot threaten each other before the fight.... And should only spar from now on!

Marc the Madden Football genius

Dolphins will crush Jets

Rex Ryan will punch somebody

No Kris Jenkins = 300 yds rushing for fins

Ronnie Brown should put target on Bart Scott and run him over like Rabid Beast.

Henne the Hero Returns!

The sequel... coming soon to GIANTS stadium!!!!

I hope JP breaks both of dirty sanchez leggs! The hell with the jets and that fat piece of white trash rex ryan!!!

Someone needs to tell bart scott that he is not Ray Lewis and he should stop pretending.

Ok Armando,

I have another scenario for you. LOL. If I played for a team and the opposition were all world class female super models, I wouldnt try to hurt any of them and purposely allow them to outscore us. All in great hopes of outscoring one of them later that evening after the game, if you know what I mean. But guys will be guys so there would be a lot of hand tackles and pileing on one she goes done. LOL


I am big fan and read your blog all the time. But the word thuggery make you sound soft.

Jets fan cheer when they own players get hurt even, can you imagine what they do if good Dolphin payer become injured?

The only surprise here is that Jets players and coach as trashy as the fans. Joey Porter say anything crazy is nothing new.

Armando played football with a pretty pink nerf ball. LOL

Armando what did you and the guys do after your football games. Go home and play with your tea sets and malibu barbie dolls? LOL

Armando I didnt mean to offend you its just that you were asking for it after making this soft @ssed post. LOL

LOL@CARLITO , " marc the madden football genius ".

WOW ! Dying breed , take it easy on mando , wiil ya ? LOL !

Jet fans cheered when penny got hurt a couple of years back. Classless and Clueless !

Porter or Scott never said the wanted to take out the opposing qb by using a cheap shot, or even exploiting an injury they might have, they just flat out said they want to hit them so hard they can no longer play. That's the whole idea of the game Mando. I don't think too many defensive coaches teach you how to tackle softly in order to ensure the opponent does not get injured, they tell you to blow a hole through the guy. Not using cheap shots, but y clean hits. There's nothing wrong with that at all. Cmon now.


I couldnt help it! I started rotflmaos as soon as I read this blog. LOL

Dying breed , i started lamfao when i just got in and started reading your posts. You're on a roll. LOL !


If we all got together and sent Armando pretty pink nerf footballs as a christmas present he would certainly remember why. LOL


I was just thinking. Did Armando and his friend play in heels or cleats? If heels, did they all wear matching blouses?

stop it with the thuggery guys

Ok Armando,

I apologize and didnt mean any harm, its just that this is the first blog you've ever written that I could truly have fun with. Thanks for the chance at humor and you are still the man in my eyes.

Mighty Marc the Magical Madden Man

I am ready for the Dolphins to take this season back with two more division wins!

I'm glad Dying breed , carlito and myself are on the same page as far as this teams future and the way it's being built is concened. Unlike , Mr madden football. Be careful , we might be called Douchebags. LMFAO !

Dying Breed
Post at 11:18pm is right on the money.

Armando trust me man its totally you and your panties in a bunch.


You going to the game to torment Jets fans and represent aqua and orange in hostile territory?


Douchbags, are you serious? Isnt that the same as a hotwater bottle? If so, we seriously have many enough of those on this blog.

Besides, being a douche bag is probably a lot closer than I'll come to making being near pussie if I dont stop spending so much time here. So, I guess I can really kind of take that as an off handed compliment. LOL

Thanks DFL.

LMAO @ Dying breed . what is this comedy central ?

Armando is the softest writer I have ever seen , heard , and read. Are you serious? Everyone is out to hurt someone. This is a violent sport. There's a difference between hurting someone in a game and hurting someone outside of the game. I don't see anything wrong with what either says. Wow at this article


When we're called douche bags, we just thank them and say, "Just sorry I couldnt help your mother before your sorry @ss slithered into her womb." LOL

Looking for a big game from the rookie cb's and Nate Dogg-Jones. Sanchez must go down hard and we need some pic six's from the D sure would silence that Jets crowd.
This a gonna be back yard brawl and I like the doggs we have going down this alley! lol
Bunch of crazed Doggs!
GoDolphins! Get this winning streak going it starts with this one!

I will probably need somebody to bail my as* out of jail on sunday. I've been going at it with jet fans here in jet country all f'n week . I've been represinting the aqua and orange all week. I'm holding my own.

Go Dolphins!!!!may a slow painful death come to all jet fans.is it just me or Mando sound sort of sofT,wit a capital T???


Hopefully if we go to Fasano or Ginn very early it will build some confidence for them.

Seems to me that nothing gets a team and crowd more pumped up then a big hit. Especially a big hit on someone who just happens to be carrying the ball. Can we be real here?

Nothing either one of these guys said alarms me in any way. Do you really believe the QB is not aware the other guys might hit him hard? Ever seen "happy feet"?

Porter uses this tactic to rile the troups. And, regardless of how it may be perceived, it generally works. At least until the game starts. I have never seen him cross the line on the field to the point where I felt he should be thrown out of a game or heavily fined. I do not suspect you will see that this week either.

I can actually make a case for him in that what the NY coach said was so much more unprofessional. The coach is more of a spokesperson for the league then a LB ever will be. He should be the one we are upset with.

nj fan got some balls reppin' us out there...more power to you.take one for the team if you gots to.


If you kick a Jets fan as we'll raise funds for your legal defense right here in this forum. LOL

My ol girl leaves her debit card lyin' 'round all the time,I'm sure it got like twenty bucks for nj fan bail!

Way to go NJPHINFN hold the fort and lets kick some ass on Sunday. Its gonna be a slug fest and I like our chances even more so with their cog' Jenkins out! We should just run the ball and when we pass Henne's got that laser arm and should'nt blow around in the wind or flutter like Sanchez's or even Pennington for that matter. But Penny had smarts when it came to playing their in that frkn crazy ass wind.

Gertrudys , you got it brother .

Peace er body go fins n godbless America!!

Dying breed , it won't be the first time i kicked a jets fan As*. Lol ! I have alot of good friends that are jet fans , so i can't fight them . LOL ! But if they get out of hand ? Who knows i might have to lose some good friends. LMAO !

Dying Breed

Fasano's had the shakes and runs before securing the ball so combine that with Hands of Stone Ginn, not sure if its not a fifty-fifty split if they play well or not.

But yes they need confidence.

Dolphins4life , i have good feeling about fasano . He's going to come up big in front of family and friends here in his home state of JOISEY !

lmfaos NJ, and your right DFL. Its feast or famine. At least Ginny doesnt get booed for f%$king up in Jersey. LOL

But DFL,

If Ginny makes a clutch drop, we lose the game and no one gives him a fat lip on the plane ride home. I'm pissed at everyone, not just Ginny. LOL


He gotta come up big we need him too. I think your right, playing in front of his family and home town. This game actually sets up nice for him and hopefully he has a big game. I think Ricky is running really well hope he has a big game. Gonna be interesting to see Henne on the road and how he plays against the Jets and Jets fans laying into him. I thinks his gotta the right stuff. And his arm is made for this weather/wind.

Guys , good night. talk to you tommorrow. :)

Yeah our Defense played lights out that first half and looked like a fat man going through swiss chees the second. It didnt help that we ran the ball 8 times second half. That can not happen again, even if we have to build Henne's confidence.

But heres the thing when we get by the Jets and Patsies on the road and emphasis on when, the rest of the shcdle is easy compared to the first 8 games. Save for Pittsburgh but by then we should be a better team, and we got Patsies at home in the second half of season. Its starts with one,...very doable.


Good night Dolphins nation!

Remember Mando's mom forced him to learn to box when he was a kid and nobody was messing with him after he learned. Pretty sure he can kick most of you guys arses.


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