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Friday night lights and newsy item

Final post of the day and this is whatup:

Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini told gathered media he has, "no interest in moving Josh Cribbs," according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Dolphins have shown interest in Cribbs but have been rebuffed.

Cribbs has not requested a trade, but has requested his contract be renegotiated. Yeah, that will happen during the season. Anyway, it seems less likely than ever that Cribbs will be available to Miami by the Oct. 20 trade deadline.

Of course, Mangini is something of a poker player. He is perhaps trying to drive up the price on his star kickoff and punt return man.

For those of you asking the question in my previous posts about Cribbs, he was a college QB and has dabbled as a WR and a Wildcat type triggerman in the NFL. But lest you be fooled, his present value is in returning punts and kicks.


One final question for you: Why are you here?

It's Friday night ...

Go out. Have some fun. See a movie. Take the girlfriend to the submarine races.

Or ....

Put on the record below (yeah, they used to have things called records before CDs) and have a party at home. Right now.


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It's Friday for the rest of the world, it's only Wed for me though...so I guess I'm stuck with Armandos record. LOL

Nick Saban was not going to coach Alabama and The Cowboys were not going to trade for Roy Williams.

and carlito i never thought of him as what i think of him today ,the spirit of fin nation on this blog .

I know this girl, her name is Maxine
Her beauty is like a bunch of rose
If I ever tell you bout Maxine
You would a say I don't know what I know
Murder she wrote

Watch ya now, it name
A pretty face and bad character
Dem the kinda livin can't hold Carlito

Any sports on tonight?


before you hit us w/some thing nice like that give us a warning .you must be good for the girls.if you are going nuts for henne the hero , i can see how a girl would be to you .

Angels vs. Yankees...glad I'm not in New York...Heavy coats, masks, gloves... We live in Paradise, that's for sure

how can any one has a girl friend her name is ;
or louisa

Carlito are you from costa rica?

thanks bobby12 for remiding us of the game on fox.

Yes my homeland is Costa Rica, but have been in Florida many years.

Go Dolphins!

Ronnie the Rabid Beast!

H-H-H-Henne beat the Jets!

No problem GoPats

Baseball so boring compare to NFL and most excite team to watch in NFL, Miami Dolphins!

I am from chepe and i am always been a dolfan

i can't wait to seeDodgers and Manny.R facing NY and Alex.R .

carlito, agree about baseball.it's only good in playoffs as long as there's a MANNY.R in it .

H-H-H Henne beat the Jets! That was an awsome vid.

Sweat tunes...misspelled? I think not!

What's a CD?


Pura Vida! Nice to see good Costa Rican representing for the country and for Dolphins! You like Saprissa or La Liga?

hey guys,

long time me no write in this book,go dolphins.

im in hawaii its only friday afternoon...and im a senior in high school, of course i have plans

It's Friday!!!! But I'm pump for nothing. You know......... Back then we used to be like...... What club we hittin tonight? But now it's like what movie we renting........ Wow those were the dayz......


LOL! Agreed! I am marry, if I go to the club these days, I sleep on couch when I come home!

Also, this Miami, you not doing it right if you go out before midnight!

Mando , go out ? It's freaking 40 degrees , windy and light rain here in JOISEY !

mando, bro, been up since seven with my daughter, work, dinner, and just putting her to bed, and now you want me to go out? you coming over to babysit, bro?

what is a cd?

I am saprissista, Carlos. And you?

thanks mando


I am saprissista too. I was devastated when saprisele (seleccion national) lost to E.E.U.U. the other night in last second.

Donr t tell me abaut that, damn my head still hurts lol

Who gives a shyt about saprisele or e.e.u.u. Go to their soccer/football freakin' blog

NJ you butt wipe dont hide behind the pele name ....pooossy

hey little monkey man is angry tonight. want a banana

talk about the fins i still want cidds


The reason we're here at home bored is because of a bad economy. same reason you broke a record on your viewers this month.. there's nothing else to do and the internet net is the cheapest thing to do nowadays...

good night now.

dfins006, the reason he broke the record is simple...just mention idiot Rush or bad mouth Obama and watch the postings fllllllyyyyyyyyyy

carlito why dont nj say he sorry to you, man?


**Arguing during the 2008 campaign that no one is permitted to criticize Barack Obama: "You can't criticize the little black man-child. You just can't do it, 'cause it's just not right. It's not fair. He's such a victim." (Radio, 8/20/08; audio available at Media Matters, 8/20/08)

** "We are being told that we have to hope he succeeds, that we have to bend over, grab the ankles, bend over forward, backward, whichever, because his father was black, because this is the first black president." (Hannity, 1/21/09, archived on Nexis; video available at Media Matters, 1/22/09)

** Reacting to a report of black students assaulting a white student on a bus (an incident that police determined was not racially motivated), Limbaugh brought in Barack Obama: "In Obama's America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering, 'right on, right on, right on.'" (Media Matters, 9/15/09)

Posted by: Will | October 16, 2009 at 11:46 PM


** On learning from a caller to his show that St. Louis was extending a light rail system into East St. Louis--a community of some 40,000 residents, almost all of whom are black (radio, 6/27/94): "They got a light rail system to East St. Louis where nobody goes?"

** "Look it, let me put it to you this way. The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it." Limbaugh (10/14/09) admitted making this remark, but claimed it was a response to the actions of one player who was penalized for taunting an opponent. Limbaugh admitted that his language "makes it look racial, the way I chose to describe it. I could have perhaps chosen a different term."

** Limbaugh praised former segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond for calling a gay soldier "not normal": "He's not encumbered by being politically correct.... If you want to know what America used to be--and a lot of people wish it still were--then you listen to Strom Thurmond." (TV show, 9/1/93, transcript archived on Nexis) In the America that "used to be," Thurmond was one of the country's leading racists, running for president in 1948 on the Dixiecrat ticket, with a platform that opposed federal anti-lynching laws and boasted the slogan, "Segregation Forever!"

Posted by: Will
reposted by concerned citizen

hoo cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good post concerned citizen....now that weve proven mando and the other right wing nuts wrong, can we just get back to the truly unifying subject this blog is supposed to be about, the Miami dolphins

Concerned citizen and will . One of Rush limbaugh's best friends in the world is ex-football player Rev . ken hutcherson who has been going around defending him to the end of the earth . Limbaugh in fact attends the good reverends's church many . many times. Guess what ? The good reverend and one of limbaugh's best friend is......get ready..... IS BLACK !. So get the F outta here with that B. S. All this is political . You guys and everybody else knows it.

The truth , who's prover wrong now ? LMFAO !

Concerned citizen should be banned for writing that much.

You have Super nature? Should be on the other side.
Bee Gees KILLED Disco!!

First of all Mando that record stinks and your music is as bad as your political views.
NJ phin fan I'd go out side in 40 degr weather just to not listen to that Cr-stuff.

Next so what if Rush's friend is black white brown or yellow, if you defend his words, or as you put it can think for your self, then I don't matter who his friends and their color are. Crips vs bloods? your frnkl kidding me?
Defend that never!

Dolphins4life , are you f'n kidding me ? You're going to take a comment about he used when a player was taunting another player over his best friend and rev . who happens to be BLACK ! , telling everybody how much he loves the man and vice versa . That shyt in a game is uncalled for and thug like . It's the truth. Could he re-phrase better ? perhaps but everybody knew what he meant. In this pc world , it's like he killed a man . LOL ! So give me a break ! This is all about politics. CASE CLOSED !

The truth is we need a progressive attitude in this country and more people to think for themselves and not count on some one to think and talk for them. No I dont look at nbc or cnn but I also don;t watch O'Riely or listen to Rush as an educated man I know whats going on and I would vote as Independent if I thought it would make a difference. Since it cannot win, due to the nature of our political system, it is impotent that votes go toward the one of the two partys.
But I do truely believe that we need a progressive third part platform where things get done and the fighting between the left and right would be moot. But at the end of the day, third parties cannot win the White House under current rules. Some third party advocates say that may be true, but the Republican Party started out as a third party and rose to become one of the two major parties. The same thing could happen again, they say. Now if we can only find the next Abe Lincoln who was Democrat first before he became a Republican at that time And was tired of all the in house fighting amongst Democrats.
Well good nite and I'm way too sleepy to carry on.

Its all about self promotion NJ and I actually worked in South Central in the mid 90's so even out of context that should not be said by a person of his vast media reach.

Dolphins4life, well said and good night to you !

But I dont like the taunting either its THUG LIKE' but thats as far as that kind of comment can go.
Anyway have a good night and Dolphin Nation I will try not to talk politics but its abuy week, maybe I can go reset my fantasy team or do some paper work.

Both sides talk to much, lets stay on football where we are all on the same page!!

What am I doing here on Friday night? Well, don't get me wrong, I do have a life (just came from playing with my rock band by the way, Mando). But the Dolphins are one of the biggest parts of my life! They are my oldest pleasure... and you belong to the nightly ritual: street, home, 'phins, bed.

Now, let me invite you to hear my band as well: http://www.myspace.com/dirtywomandf

Josh cribbs makes a little over a million. He's worth three times that at least, right now. WTF ARE WE SO WORRIED ABOUT

Anyone on here that us Hispanic and for
Rush limbaugh is mentally retarded forrest hump style (but without the talent) and should be permanently excused from actual thought processing in all communications. There. It's said, let's move on. I want Josh cribbs. And ochocinco at the end of this year. Maybe?

The weekend does not feel right with no Dolphins. Maybe it is not possible, but I hope Bills can beat Jets. This would send Jests and fans in to season death spiral and the media's new honey will be bust.

The game I am most excite for this weekend with no Dolphin and Canes play easy game is Texas Vs. Oklahoma

Hey Mando, was that the tune you cranked in your El Camino before there was a Mrs Salguero and you finally got your Vette?

And why is everyone concerned about what Jaworski has to say? What does he know? And if I can be Rush Limbaugh for a second, he's genetically predisposed for not being very bright.

No Phins this weekend...let's go Bills!!! The game I'll be keeping an eye on is the Saints vs The Giants.... Go Blue!!! Let's hope that it is tough game for the Saints and that they come to Land Shark all banged up

fins lucky to be resting from big game last week .go fins.
go bills.

Great music song one the best alltime disco classics of that era, with that said go fins and go bills this week.

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