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Have Dolphins talked themselves out of upset?

Dolphins players have been hearing about the Saints, watching the Saints, living the Saints throughout the course of the bye week and this week. Coaches have been telling them how good the Saints are. The media has been telling them how good the Saints are.

And so late this week, players reached the tipping point and screamed a collective, "Enough!"

"I have heard plenty of it," OLB Jason Taylor said of the Saints prowess. "Being off for a week, then having them play the Giants, you hear plenty of this crap for the last couple of days and quite frankly I am tired of hearing about it to be honest.

"We are going to go out there…they are going to run the ball and throw the ball and we are going to go out there and run the ball and throw the ball. We are both going to play defense and we are going to kick the ball when we have to on special teams and let the best team win.”

Taylor, Miami's defensive captain, pretty much reflects the mindset in the Miami locker room that the Saints can be beaten -- even if that has not yet happened this year.

“They have a heck of a quarterback," he said. "They give up hits. The Saints are a good football team. Don’t get me wrong. They have a lot of talent and they play well. They are just like everybody else. There quarterback has gotten hit like I said; you put in a couple of games and you can see them … guys getting pressure on them and doing a good job. They haven’t lost a game this year, but there are plenty of things you can do to try and get some advantages for yourself.

"We need to come out and play and play to the best of our abilities but not overestimate what these guys are too and come in scared.”

The Dolphins are not scared. And some of them think the Saints might be getting a little comfortable with their own record and press clippings and abilities. That's not me saying that.

"They're undefeated, they're probably smelling themselves, rubbing each other's [testicles] and [crap]," linebacker Channing Crowder said.

And maybe they were. But only until the Dolphins started saying so. And then the quotes got back to New Orleans and coach Sean Payton.

"I think paying attention to a lot of it, when you look at the dialogue, [the Dolphins are] looking forward to playing a game," Payton said. "Really if you study it closely there's probably mutual respect with both in terms of the capabilities. I don't think we've really taken it that way looking closely at the dialogue. I think that both teams understand what's necessary to win, the importance of eliminating mistakes in a game like this and being able to handle the weather. It will be warmer. I think they're looking forward to playing a game just like we were. You get a little antsy."

And when he was finished giving the politically correct answer to the media, when he was out of sight of the microphones, Payton laughed a sinister laugh and schemed how he could use the quotes from Miami players to his advantage.

 And then he made sure Saints players heard the quotes. According to this video blog from the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, "there is no doubt" Payton has brought the Miami quotes to his players in an effort to keep them interested in playing a 2-3 team.

And so now the Saints probably are not rubbing each other anymore -- or probably not rubbing each other as much.

So have the Dolphins awoken a sleeping giant? Did the bye week, which is a preparation advantage, work against the Dolphins in regards to saturating them with so much Saints bile that it leaked into the public sphere? Or is bulletin board material a bunch of hooey, meaning the better team always wins robotically regardless of motivation and emotion and stupid things like that?

My take is the Saints benefitted from the quotes out of Miami. It's human nature that a team coming off a big win last week  against New York and facing big games the next two weeks (Atlanta and Carolina) might suffer a letdown game against a 2-3 team.

But when that 2-3 team basically calls you out, that can change your outlook on the game. And I think it has for New Orleans.


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Miami 24 NO 10.

You beat reporters fanned the flames for two weeks, and now you want to absolve yourself of any blame for the blowback. Priceless!

We are going to beat these turds...We are the toughest team to play against at home. Mark this post, we will put a hurt on them. Miami 35-NO 24

Yeah, we all carry guns and knives and force guys like Crowder to say stupid things.

Ken, you stupidity is priceless.

thanks a bunch fellas.....you spoke up, and now the Saints are mad and will play harder and shred us.....cost us a victory.....bummed.

we'll be talking draft after this game./

Thanks to YOU mando...your the one printing an getting these quotes. IF they have an advantage now, chalk up to yourself and your idiotic ways.

if you need the other teams quotes to fire you up, that's a bit dumb - how about trying to win a game, every game, and the huge paychecks - that isn't motivation enough?

Crowder should quit talking crap and play the game. If he was as good a tackler as a talker he'd have more than 18.

Mando stirred it up on purpose so he could high-five Jason Cole after Fins loss!

The Fins are either better than them or not on the given sunday. The idea that trash talk would inspire an undefeated team past the first good hit is ludicrous and completely typical of Armando's shallow, negative thinking.

channing crowder needs to keep his damn mouth shut until he can drop back into coverage.

Pffftttt...the Saints aren't all that. They beat the Lions and the Bills...BFD...they got to play the McNabbless Eagles at home, with Kolb throwing a bunch of picks. They got the Jets at home with Sanchez turning it over 4 times, a pick 6 and a fumble for TDs...finally, they got the G-men, AGAIN at home, with Manning tossing 2 picks, and they got a fumble and 9 penalties on the blue guys for 110 yards, and their secondary banged up.

We are their FIRST playoff team on the road, and they haven't stopped anybody's running game yet...they have just been getting a lot of turnovers, and with their good offense getting all those extra chances with the ball, they've been getting way ahead, forcing their opponents to play catch-up...so their opponents abandon the run, and the Saints just teed off and rushed the passer.

The Jets defense held the Saints offense to just 10 points (their other 14 points were defensive scores off the pick 6 and fumble for TDs), and we all saw how we kicked the living crap out of that vaunted Jets defense. As long as we stick with our running game and DON'T beat ourselves with penatlies and turnovers, we will win, and win BIG.

They play in a dome at home...they're just coming off a BIG emotional win at home against the G-men...now they have to go on the road against a playoff team for the first time this year, against a good VERY physical tough young club and play in our heat and humidity. We're coming off our bye...we had 2 weeks to prepare for them, and we're well rested. Porter is back to 100%.

I think we run all over them just like we did against the Jets (and everybody we've faced for that matter) and if we don't beat ourselves with turnovers and stupid penalties, we'll win by 17 or more. By tomorrow's end, the Colts and Ponies will be the only unbeatens left. My prediction:

Phins 34 Saints 17 - R&R rush for over 100 yards each

The ONLY way we lose, is if we play blunderball.


I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

Dolphins 64 Saints 0

nicely said jhary i think the saints are starting to smell each other and all drew brees is gonna be smell tomorrow is south florida grass

I'm with U on everything JHary

I hate the friggan Dolphins. Screw them!

Sean payton , can laugh all he wants . He knows his team will be in for a dogfight. Miami is a smash mouth , physical football team and he 's a little worried. Sean's saints football team is 5-0 and the talk of the nfl and he needs quote from the dolphins locker room to motivate his Team ? Are you f'n kidding me ? LMFAO !

*lol*Yo mondo, How long has the NFL been around??...
Im pretty sure aS long as players having been talking crap and trying to itimidate each others teams. Last year when miami was 0-2,and was heading to new england, THAT JOEY PORTER GUY(yea that dude who is somewhat of a trash talker)was talkin a storm about Matt cassel and the patriots being overratted, well, they used that as bulletin BOARD meterial and that didn't help them too much in that game. POINT IS MONDO MAN, who cares what ppl say off the field, becuz come gametime they still gotta line up like every team does and worry about those other eleven guys and PERFORM LIKE THEIR BEING PAYED TO DO every sunday.

I do root for pedophilia!

Vox Verdad speaks with a "false voice". he really meant "I love the friggin Dolphins, bless them!"

No, I really do hate the Dolphins. And I hate you too phishfart.

"I think that both teams understand what's necessary to win, the importance of eliminating mistakes in a game like this and being able to handle the weather. It will be warmer." - Sean Payton
Stephen Ross has done what he can to help Payton and the Saints. The late game start that Ross put into place should make it cooler for the Saints and minimize the Dolphins' home field advantage.

Cmon mando the saints still play at a high level, so Channing Crowder saying that stuff doesn't mean the it will light a fire on the Saints,,, its just talking trash b4 the game im sure every team does that to each other.

LOL@ Mrjohnson , it's still warm and humid in south floida at 4 pm ( it'll be around 88 at game time ). There's also rain in the forecast. Give us a braek with ross giving the saints an advantage . Also the saints are coming from a dome and A TURF FIELD to grass.

all this talk and other garbage is just for the fans and media which is ok but these players wont be playing any different because of who said what. the playmakers will make plays the guys who cant tackle still wont tackle and the dolphins are gonna win 28-13 its really that simple

3 things will determine whether we win or lose vs Saints and trash talking isnt one of them.

1. Who wins the turnover battle. We need at least a stalemate there.

2. ST's. Starting field position will be key. Also not giving up cheap td's or field goals.

3. Chad Henne. Although I'm not suggesting he needs to outduel or equal Breezes passing numbers, he does need to be very efficient in our passing game. Recievers cant regress either. They need to grab "all" catchable balls and make one or two circus catches.

If all of this is accomplished and our secondary can make one or two big play drive ending pass breakups or interceptions. As they love to say in New Orleans,...................

I do root for pedophilia!

Posted by: Vox Verdad | October 24, 2009 at 03:54 PM

I knew you were a Jets fan!

All I can say is that these defensive payers are doing a lot of talking and not a whole lot of walking. Crowder especially, he has what? One good game this season. That boy needs to focus less on his mouth and focus more on getting better because on just about any other team he would be a back up.

Oh come on Armando! They were coming to play already, and Miami didn't awake any sleeping giant. Each team is comfortable with itself and both will play hard, and like Taylor said "May the best team win".

Pre-game talk means nothing. Never has. Never will.

by now everyone should know how the NFL works from week to week. take last week for instance tom brady was due for a huge game and he had one, the giants pass rush was due for a bad game and they had one, rex ryan was due to stop cryin and oops ok hes still cryin but the point is the saints offense is due for a bad game

Miami 34 NO 31!!

Yep, mondo is a great motivator...The dolphins talking themselves out of "victory"...Hey Mondo, why don't u head over to the Siants sidelines b4 the game and talk them into *Defeat*, since u seem to be buying that crap!!!

Hey Phinatic1, first of all it's mAndo, not mOndo.

Secondly, when was the last time I gave you permission to tell me what to do? Oh yeah, never. Step back, dude.

You can put whatever you want on the bulletin board, but Ronnie and Ricky are still going to run all over the Saints. That's just a fact. Defense has to step it up.


Look at it this way: New Orleans can't lose tomorrow. And the Fins can't win.

Even if the Saints lose the game, it won't be viewed as a "real" loss because everyone will say, "oh, they didn't play to their ability because they looked past that sorry Miami team."

And if the Fins win the game: "Ah, they're just lucky they were able to sneak up on the Saints... everyone knows they were happy with the Giants win and looking toward the Falcons game next Monday night."

If you're a Fins player you've GOT to be pretty pissed at that scenario. There's no respect for the Fins, and proud players don't like getting disrespected like this.

dude, do u not watch football, do u not cover it everyday, Come up with something more interesting than The dolphins talking themselves out of an upset....and then proving what everyone else already knows, TALKING CRAP IS PART OF THE GAME. Dont lash out on me if u cant take it.

There you go again trying to tell me what to do. You got an issue with that? The post I wrote is the post I wrote. Period.

If you do not like it, go read something else. If YOU can't take it, go elsewhere.

whats the wildcat anyways? anybody know? I bet the Saints do!!!;)

Crowder needs to stop talking and make plays on the field.

Wow, Armando and the guy from Phinatic.com going at it.

Armando how was he able to get his screename in blue the same as you when this is your blog?

Hey people I'm back for a new week and you know wat time it is. Miami is going to tear it up 2morrow. The Saints won't know what to do when they play use 2morrow Drew Brees and that Offense is going to be sitting on that side-line all day. We are going to rip that Defense apart on the field. Ricky And Ronnie is gonna do it agin and Chad Henne and the rest of the Offense mite have a really big day I say it mite be a 430 yards of total offense day for Miami and that's gonna be big. I think our Defense is goin to lite it up on the Saints 2morrow and their gonna do it well. People are you ready for some MiamiDolphins Football. It's gonna be a great day everybody. Miami wins it 27-16 let's go Dolphins.

This is the most rediculous post. If u have any competitive fire in you, there will be trash talking. What crowder said will be lame to what is said on the field in the heat of battle. Mando you need to pick it up dude.

To Armando's defense, its tough to come up with post that will interest everyone on a daily basis. With that said, you win some and you lose some.

At least he still gets paid for his ridiculous posts. The same can not be said for many of us. LOL

Excellent post. I don't think the words said last week will affect anyone during the game. But I'm sure the Saints prepared better and didn't take the Dolphins for granted as a result of what Crowder and others said.

Don't take no crap from the wanna-be journalists Mando. Eff them. This is your blog, you write whatever you wish.

Canes getting beat, Mando. Crap!

Good post.

Don't know how you can call a 5-0 team a "sleeping giant".

When I read what Taylor said and what Crowder said I was wishing they had just STFU. It's easier to hit somebody in the mouth when you don't warn them you're going to hit them in the mouth.

Hey I just read phinatics posts. What a douche.

Go back to your amateur blog you little geek.

Hey I just read phinatics posts. What a douche.

Go back to your amateur blog you little geek.

Posted by: FLPD | October 24, 2009 at 05:19 PM

Go kiss mandos a** some more u little freak!!! if u cant take critisism heat for what u say on a blog, Don't print it on a sheet!!

Mando didn't you say that Fins would run all over the Saints. I would use that if was Sean Payton.

I would say that Crowder should shut up and actually make a big play in his career. I have never seen a player talk so much and do so little.

The dolphins have not talked themselves out of an upset. What the f do u think their reactions are gonna be when u keep telling them how good the saints are. i see no bulletin board material.because sean payton laughs like an idiot and u get scared? tony will have his guys ready to play. I'm angry too. bring on the damn saints!

The Saints are who we thought they are. Trash talking will not change that

I don't kiss anyone's butt. Mando does a great job here.

And I crap dorks like you every morning.

I cant wait for the game. Im so excited!

For someone that doesn't like what Mando wrote, pfinatic guy sure does spend a lot of time on this blog.

FLPD, what r u five yrs old here..Grow up and know that everybody has a an opinion about something thats said and if someone disagrees with someone they have every right to disagree and voice their own problems with that person..free speech,maybe u've heard of it...Go bac to playing solitare and let mommy hav the computer now!!


The more I think about it, it was only Crowder that talked any trash. What exactly is so insulting about what Taylor said OR any other Dolphin...

If the Fins lose, it is because the Saints are better AND Nick Saban blew it with signing a QB. Thanks Nicky!

Phinatic, what's your prob, man?

You're getting into it with everyone on here. Ever think its not them, that its you?


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