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Have Dolphins talked themselves out of upset?

Dolphins players have been hearing about the Saints, watching the Saints, living the Saints throughout the course of the bye week and this week. Coaches have been telling them how good the Saints are. The media has been telling them how good the Saints are.

And so late this week, players reached the tipping point and screamed a collective, "Enough!"

"I have heard plenty of it," OLB Jason Taylor said of the Saints prowess. "Being off for a week, then having them play the Giants, you hear plenty of this crap for the last couple of days and quite frankly I am tired of hearing about it to be honest.

"We are going to go out there…they are going to run the ball and throw the ball and we are going to go out there and run the ball and throw the ball. We are both going to play defense and we are going to kick the ball when we have to on special teams and let the best team win.”

Taylor, Miami's defensive captain, pretty much reflects the mindset in the Miami locker room that the Saints can be beaten -- even if that has not yet happened this year.

“They have a heck of a quarterback," he said. "They give up hits. The Saints are a good football team. Don’t get me wrong. They have a lot of talent and they play well. They are just like everybody else. There quarterback has gotten hit like I said; you put in a couple of games and you can see them … guys getting pressure on them and doing a good job. They haven’t lost a game this year, but there are plenty of things you can do to try and get some advantages for yourself.

"We need to come out and play and play to the best of our abilities but not overestimate what these guys are too and come in scared.”

The Dolphins are not scared. And some of them think the Saints might be getting a little comfortable with their own record and press clippings and abilities. That's not me saying that.

"They're undefeated, they're probably smelling themselves, rubbing each other's [testicles] and [crap]," linebacker Channing Crowder said.

And maybe they were. But only until the Dolphins started saying so. And then the quotes got back to New Orleans and coach Sean Payton.

"I think paying attention to a lot of it, when you look at the dialogue, [the Dolphins are] looking forward to playing a game," Payton said. "Really if you study it closely there's probably mutual respect with both in terms of the capabilities. I don't think we've really taken it that way looking closely at the dialogue. I think that both teams understand what's necessary to win, the importance of eliminating mistakes in a game like this and being able to handle the weather. It will be warmer. I think they're looking forward to playing a game just like we were. You get a little antsy."

And when he was finished giving the politically correct answer to the media, when he was out of sight of the microphones, Payton laughed a sinister laugh and schemed how he could use the quotes from Miami players to his advantage.

 And then he made sure Saints players heard the quotes. According to this video blog from the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, "there is no doubt" Payton has brought the Miami quotes to his players in an effort to keep them interested in playing a 2-3 team.

And so now the Saints probably are not rubbing each other anymore -- or probably not rubbing each other as much.

So have the Dolphins awoken a sleeping giant? Did the bye week, which is a preparation advantage, work against the Dolphins in regards to saturating them with so much Saints bile that it leaked into the public sphere? Or is bulletin board material a bunch of hooey, meaning the better team always wins robotically regardless of motivation and emotion and stupid things like that?

My take is the Saints benefitted from the quotes out of Miami. It's human nature that a team coming off a big win last week  against New York and facing big games the next two weeks (Atlanta and Carolina) might suffer a letdown game against a 2-3 team.

But when that 2-3 team basically calls you out, that can change your outlook on the game. And I think it has for New Orleans.


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we alrdy know nick saban blew it wayne

Phinactic, you can't handle the truth you pencil-necked wuss.

The fact is you're a nobody and no matter how many times you post, you'll still be a nobody.

All the talk means everything.... Until the kickoff. I think the Dolphins are better than 2-3. I dont think the Saints are quite as good as a 6-0 team. The Dolphins are a team on the rise, the Saints are over the hump and are looking to challenge for a championship. Miami stands a real chance in this one. As much as you hear ball control, I look for the phins to put up some points as fast as possible if the turnovers are there. A lot of wars have been won on the element of surprise. Everybody in the United States are expecting the Dolphins to come out and do the whole ball control thing. If anything, our coaches are shifty. I think this is the week our coaches, for good or bad, open up the offense.

Phinactic, you can't handle the truth you pencil-necked wuss.

The fact is you're a nobody and no matter how many times you post, you'll still be a nobody.

Posted by: FLPD | October 24, 2009 at 05:50 PM

let me guess,and ur somebody, lets see

1.a plumber
2.an idiot
4.kiss ass
5.a robot
8.brat kid
.....am i getting close???

Now now guys, the Fins will make everything better after our Win tomorrow... Calm down and take a chilling tablet.

You losers crack me up. You're fighting amongst yourselves. Wait until I put a charge into your defense tomorrow.

You'll really be freaking out then.

Phinny, get off the computer and stop downloading Dolphins information and pictures of naked boys on your computer.

You really are a moron phinatic.

F = Fort
L= Lauderdale
P = Police
D = Department


T = Too
U = Utterly
R = Retarded
D = Douche

no wonder crimes up nowadays, u got cops sitting and talkin sh*t on internet blogs instead of doing THEIR jobs*lol*

Arguing with Phinatic on an internet blog is like winning a 100 yard dash in the Special Olympics...no matter who wins you're still a retard.

kind of like having a dolphins fan argue with a saints fan over whos better in football,in the end the phins will still lose and they will look like retards*lmao*

Miami at this point in the season is the toughest game the Saints will have. The Dolphins offense is exactly what kills high powered offenses like the Saints hate. If the Dolphins play the kind of football they have played over the last two weeks, they can beat anybody. If you can don't turn the ball over, can run at will, and own the time of possession with just enough ability to go down field; which, they have shown under Henne. The defense just has to stay away from giving up the quick hit, as in the Indianapolis game. There is very little possibility of the Saints beating them..

Dying breed , you can also post in blue. it's not just armando. Just use typepad !. See where it says SIGN IN on the bottom ? Click that and then use typepad to set up your own account . It's free and easy. This way nobody impersonates you.

What dimwit cannot figure out what FLPD stands for?

Interesting post, Mando.

Thanks NJ

Dolphins - 28
Saints - 17

We gonna run ALL OVER them Aint's!!!

Go Phins!!!

nobody has mentioned reggie bush returning punts our special teams aren't great and bush is a good return man. henne will make plays against the saints defense. ricky an ronnie pound it then henne play actions to ginn.

I think Miami wins because of defense and their running game. I don't see Henne playing too well. But I think the defense gets it together.

Let's face it......Fins were gonnna get shredded anyway....hard to see where the Saints finding out what the players said about them making that much if a difference.

Pity we can't yet compete with the elite like the Saints....mebbe next year.

It will be an interesting game tomorrow regardless of the outcome. However, I do believe the Dolphins will pack a much bigger punch than many give them credit for. I say thier chances are better thannearly everyone of their previous opponents.

The running game will keep the Saints offense on the sidelines for a large part of the game. Hell, the Saints offense may not even make it out on the field since they will be too busy rubbing each others balls.... right Channing ;)

Talk is just talk, thats all. Both teams will come to play.

I love some of u guys saying the saints are only going to score like seventeen or so against our pass secondary lol, if we win we have to score at least five tds guys

hahaha, you guys r a funny group of fans, ur sports journalists argue their columns among u and u end insulting each other more than u talk about the game..doesn't take much to upset finnyfans,News Flash: wait till tommorrow, then u guys can really go at it with each other*

smelly fish 6 *thats being nice tho*

"They're undefeated, they're probably smelling themselves, rubbing each other's [testicles] and [crap]," linebacker Channing Crowder said.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love Channing Crowder!!

All this talk won't mean crap at kickoff! The Dolphins will run the ball and run it well. Can the defense stop or slow down Drew Brees.Hopefully the draft will yield a play making safety.Because the two we have now don't make plays.Or tackle for that matter.Armando quit talking to hear yourself talk.You my friend, are a clown

Astonished no one is being blocked from posting.

This is a perfect game for wake.. Unleash WAKE that put an end to the passing attack.

P.S.- mando, I understand your pain of being a Dolphin fan, but there is hope championship teams run the ball and defend the run. This team does both and is a nice start to building a future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't we all just get along? And don't worry FLPD I learned my lesson; I won't be doing any speeding thru your town.

Oh Yeah. Now they are REALLY REALLY gonna try. What a BS article.

I feel ya Rodney!

Funny how Saints fans talk about their team pretending they aren't one of the crappiest franchises in NFL history.

We havent seen an offense like theirs yet and they havent seen an offense like ours yet. This will be a great game for sure, it is however a must win for Miami if they are to remain in the afc east conversation. One thing is for sure, Miami has to play better defense than they did against the Jets, this aint Dirty Sanchez and Braylon Edwards. Brees has multiple weapons to use against Miami's hapless safeties. Im a bit worried at how the secondary will answer the call this week since we know we can stop the run. Ball control is key but wont matter if teh defense gives up big play afetr big play like it did against Indy and the Jets. Fins really should be 3-2 and these guys need to get nasty on defense and hit hard and often. Especially when guys like Colston and Bush catch across the middle. What im most looking forward to though is how Henne continues to develop at QB. This is a pretty improved defense New Orleans has, and if this game is close im guessing it will take 4 or 5 big plays from Henne for Miami to win. Sure the fins will run the wildcat formation and i do believe it will be successful, but vertical passing game will have to be present against a team that will no doubt have its share of deep balls. Im predicting 31-28 Miami on a late Carpenter field goal.

The media incites this stuff with their prodding, then lays the blame on the players for giving them(sound bites) what they were looking for. I find it all soooooo amazing.
Here is a real fact. These players are paid enormous amounts of money to play a game. If they need any more incentive than that, then they should be filling out their resumes for 9-5 jobs in the real world. Kurt Warner was bagging groceries when he was called. Others were either at Arby's or U.P.S., etc. That should be all the incentive they need. Go Fins!!!

the plumber is at it again,insulting good people .\\any thing has nj in it is dirty .

we have seen a better offense this year.....brees is very good, but he is no peyton manning.....

the most over rated team today is the saints,if miami losses this game the whole team should rebuild a new .we don't need all these people fighting for such bad team .

1/you play in your house
2- henne is great
3-the plumber is home


Dying breed , just got it. You're welcome . Ready for tommorrow ?

Ok so Aints havnt trailed behind anyone yet this season. There it is!!! We must draw first blood. And the wildcat will work.having n.o trail will put pressure on them along with confusing their D with the wildcat.

I am a Saints fan and have been for 30+ years. I assure you Dolphin fans this Saints team is unusually professional in attitude towards the game an takes the Dolphins very seriously so you need not worry about silly quotes relayed by Miami media.
This team knows Miami's skill is not reflected by the 2-3 record. These Saints are always stating any NFL team can win any given Sunday.
Dolphin fans win or lose it will be a good game.

i hope nj phin takes a break from talking .i need to have my meatball sub without him in the seen .

All we gotta do is sleep in till about 3 pm and prepare for the game while Big momma cooks us breakfast! Sounds like a plan! Good night & God Bless!!!

Looks like the trash talk spilled over in this blog


I'm gonna take this blog in a different direction guys to kill some time. Do you guys remember your first Dolphin game that you went to live? Mine was the "Epic in Miami" vs. San Diego at the Orange Bowl. The divisonal playoff in 1982. Miami lost, but wow! What a game. Just wondering how some of you guys got your cherry poped when it comes to becoming a fan

i wonder if the fans will fill more than 1/2 of the seats .

1. Henne
2. Ginn punt returns
3. Jason Taylor
4. The play of Sean Smith and Vontae
5. Aggressive offense play calling by Henning
6. Get Camarillo involved early and often

Go fins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i became a fan b/c of my dad and started to cheer for the fins 2 years ago when we finished 1-15. even after that i kept believing in my lousy team then and dad said ( one day son we will have a hero like dan the man ) but until now we still not so very good team but my dad lately keep saying ( I BELIEVE ).well we r 2-3 .i am starting to think switching to jets .

Standely23, do you remember your worst game ever you saw dolphins playing ?

This is professional football, not some high school meaningless game. Players come to work each day, watch tape, listen to coaches and practice for the next opponent in preparation for them. I don't think that a newspaper clipping is going to provide anymore impetus to win then has already been provided during the week. The only time players may think about it is when the game is already decided and they want to rub it in.

the wonder Bra is right .this is a pro football .

Die hard,Don't switch to Jets! Stick with Miami, you seem young. But wasn't last year great, that's what it's all about. Watching the ups and downs, it will be a great feeling when we get that championship. Players come and go. But you could be there for the chapionship with your dad. I'm 33 and still waiting for that day and when it comes my family and I will shed tears of joy! Can't beat that.

Dan Marino last game. Playoffs in Jacksonville we got pounded Dan threw 5 int and the score was 62-7! 1999

i am sheding tears now for 3 years and when the season started i got hit w/fasano's fumble and wilson who can't tackle.how can i stay a fan stadley23 with players like that .my younger sister left the jets 5 years ago and she's telling me FINS are the best and BELIEVE brother .

that when dan the man screwed J.J the coach who cared more about his hair than coaching .my worst was every game in that year 1-15 .

But look at the good players aswell Ronnie Brown, Rickey Williams and maybe even Hennie. Just watch how those guys put it all on the line and play the game. It's those type of players that are the soul of the team and will carry this team and the rest will follow.

i just noticed that 99 percent of the coaches who were hired to coach the fins were never hired again as head coaches.i wonder WHY ?

ps...my dad said ,when they come to florida and see the women their brain stops and their manhood takes over .

any one knows if ever been a gay head coach in the nfl ever ?

come on boys ,let's talk ...nj phin knows a lot about football .we need his help now .

Players as well! Most NFL players would love to play in Miami. Half of them live here. You give a young guy alot of money and he plays in the NFL alot can go wrong in South Florida

Tony Dungee raised money for anti gay group

it's a fact some players in the nfl are gay .which is good for every one and we should be all live in harmony .

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