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Have Dolphins talked themselves out of upset?

Dolphins players have been hearing about the Saints, watching the Saints, living the Saints throughout the course of the bye week and this week. Coaches have been telling them how good the Saints are. The media has been telling them how good the Saints are.

And so late this week, players reached the tipping point and screamed a collective, "Enough!"

"I have heard plenty of it," OLB Jason Taylor said of the Saints prowess. "Being off for a week, then having them play the Giants, you hear plenty of this crap for the last couple of days and quite frankly I am tired of hearing about it to be honest.

"We are going to go out there…they are going to run the ball and throw the ball and we are going to go out there and run the ball and throw the ball. We are both going to play defense and we are going to kick the ball when we have to on special teams and let the best team win.”

Taylor, Miami's defensive captain, pretty much reflects the mindset in the Miami locker room that the Saints can be beaten -- even if that has not yet happened this year.

“They have a heck of a quarterback," he said. "They give up hits. The Saints are a good football team. Don’t get me wrong. They have a lot of talent and they play well. They are just like everybody else. There quarterback has gotten hit like I said; you put in a couple of games and you can see them … guys getting pressure on them and doing a good job. They haven’t lost a game this year, but there are plenty of things you can do to try and get some advantages for yourself.

"We need to come out and play and play to the best of our abilities but not overestimate what these guys are too and come in scared.”

The Dolphins are not scared. And some of them think the Saints might be getting a little comfortable with their own record and press clippings and abilities. That's not me saying that.

"They're undefeated, they're probably smelling themselves, rubbing each other's [testicles] and [crap]," linebacker Channing Crowder said.

And maybe they were. But only until the Dolphins started saying so. And then the quotes got back to New Orleans and coach Sean Payton.

"I think paying attention to a lot of it, when you look at the dialogue, [the Dolphins are] looking forward to playing a game," Payton said. "Really if you study it closely there's probably mutual respect with both in terms of the capabilities. I don't think we've really taken it that way looking closely at the dialogue. I think that both teams understand what's necessary to win, the importance of eliminating mistakes in a game like this and being able to handle the weather. It will be warmer. I think they're looking forward to playing a game just like we were. You get a little antsy."

And when he was finished giving the politically correct answer to the media, when he was out of sight of the microphones, Payton laughed a sinister laugh and schemed how he could use the quotes from Miami players to his advantage.

 And then he made sure Saints players heard the quotes. According to this video blog from the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, "there is no doubt" Payton has brought the Miami quotes to his players in an effort to keep them interested in playing a 2-3 team.

And so now the Saints probably are not rubbing each other anymore -- or probably not rubbing each other as much.

So have the Dolphins awoken a sleeping giant? Did the bye week, which is a preparation advantage, work against the Dolphins in regards to saturating them with so much Saints bile that it leaked into the public sphere? Or is bulletin board material a bunch of hooey, meaning the better team always wins robotically regardless of motivation and emotion and stupid things like that?

My take is the Saints benefitted from the quotes out of Miami. It's human nature that a team coming off a big win last week  against New York and facing big games the next two weeks (Atlanta and Carolina) might suffer a letdown game against a 2-3 team.

But when that 2-3 team basically calls you out, that can change your outlook on the game. And I think it has for New Orleans.


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Alot of rumors, just searched and Braylon Edwards came up

Let us not forget Dec. 2, 1985! GO FINZ!!!

The bears Monday night

Mando , standley23 wants to change the direction of this dialogue. He thinks this is his blog now. :)

Settle down

mondo, the plumber in the house .

Guilty as charged

good night boys and girls

There has not been a team this year able to stop miami's O Line. Now we have Henne who is very capable of going deep.


a lot of hostility in this place. none of this matters though because win or lose the saints are just in town picking out hotel rooms for their real game in february. Saints 52, Nemo 24. WHO DAT!

When is the last time words won a game? I can't remember the last time I've seen a Dolphins team that really does not worry about the team they play. This one is that and well coached. Secondary needs to step it up and they win.


Thats the weakest stuff you've written yet.
Keep it coming baby. lol

Stinks, and I dont blame these guys lending their opinion too your cowardly introverted post.

Dolphin Nation are you ready for some football!
We are gonna circle the wagons and go in for the kill!

I look forward to reading your blogs everyday Armando. And not necessarily because I agree with you daily, but because I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas. In my book, you are genuine. You are a stand up guy, but this article is indicative of a blogger who has blogged himself into a corner. A corner of negativity. You have over blogged! You are the capo of this blog Armando and as a dolphin fan we depend on your exquisite ability to lift our hopes and spirits before game time. Greg Cote is finished. You have the reins. But I sense doubt in your mind. Is it true? Is Mando getting soft on us? Not yet! But I read your blogs everyday and when I sense any kind of slip up, one touch of weakness on behalf of Miami's beloved fans who rely on your optimism, I will let you know that as a die-hard Dolphins fan for the past 25 years, there is nothing that scare's us, nothing we have not endured, nothing that can surprise us.

During this game I want you all to watch Crowder "try" to cover a RB or TE coming across the field....it's truly pathetic. I don't know if he's even good enough to be a second-stringer on the team. We all know he has a mouth....get someone in there that has half a brain.


The Big Tuna will lead the Dolphins to a wildcat victory that should make Fatso Andy Reid wonder just what the heck he's doing wrong losing to the Raiders with a sore ribbed McNabb (obviously wasn't himself after his first game back/big game win over T.B.) and limiting Michael Vick to one wild cat carry for -4 yards, when Michael Vick could be thriving in a wildcat scenario, but Andy Reid ain't no Big Tuna that's for sure, never was, never will be. Miami getting 6.5 at home off the bye, with the line probally getting to 7 this morning and maybe 7.5 by game time due to the Drew Brees worshippers/bandwagon stragglers. Whodatt,yourazzz! Soprano wiseguys' them to death as the longarm of the Big Tuna. Go Tuna-ball!

Saints 55 fins 17
game over by half time

With the Ol' Alligator Gar in the lineup, things will be A-OK

It's funny reading the comments of fans of a 2-3 team that beat the bills and jets 2 teams that coincidentally began their slide after embarrassing losses to the Saints. U talk about Miami humidity they last time I checked a weather report New Orleans is usually as hot n humid and the Saints training camp was 100 degrees each practice so that point is null and void. The Miami players doing the most talking are the guys who can least cover anyone(shockey/bush). Payton is a coach with no conscience and will step on ur throat if given the chance so don't be suprised late 4th quarter u don't see a deep pass or onside kick while up 2 scores to prove a point. He did it to Parcells in 2006 while up 3 scores and then purposely kneeled on the ball wit 5 mins left in the game to show mercy. U guys better hope R&R come to play cuz with those slow linebackers and safeties it can get ugly in a hurry. Good honest opinionated article, I understood ur point of view

Hope Crowder can cover Shockey because you can bet Breese & Shockey will be looking for that miss match..

The thing that nobody is really talking about is the pressure is all on Miami in this game. They know they cannot afford another loss so early in the season. It is pretty much a must win game for them. The Saints can play loose as they really have nothing to lose if they were to slip up.

My prediction...Miami 27 Saints 17

The defense steps up and forces 3 turnovers and afterwards award the game ball to A.J. Duhe for an emotional pregame pep talk..lol

The Saint's offene was more prolific last year than this year. They finished at the bottom of their division. This behind Brees almost breaking Dan's record of most yards a season.

The only one talking trash here is Mando. He knows how to stir it up and get you guys to react. He is probably sitting back and laughing how easy it is to pull your chain. The man knows how to keep a successful blog going. As for the question. The DOLPHINS know how physical they play on both sides of the ball. They also know how hard it is for other teams to match that style of play. Now that we may have a passing game to go along with the ground game, balance and physical play = wins. DOLPHINS 31 s Saints 17

oh man A.J duhe? one of my favorites,thought I was the only one that is old enough to remember him .Today is put up or shut up but the season will still not be over.We will see who jumps on the band wagon out of town and who stays to fight another week.If your a fan please stay,if your a N.O fan just go away.

I know we need things to talk about during a bye week but come on Armando. This game is going to be about match- ups and execution and making plays, not bulliten board comments. I can't blame the players for getting fed up with the hype, sounds like they want them some saints! Go fins!

I dont believe JT was talking smack at all...My take is that he is tired of the hype and just wants to get out there and play this game just as much as the Saints do.

Crowder just needs a muzzle.

Miami - 31
New Oleans - 28

The Phins aren't going to win-out. We are surely going to lose another game or two or three. If the Phins have to lose, losing to an NFC team is the team to lose to. So if by some chance we do lose today, it's not the end of our season.

It's the AFC teams that are most important to beat, especially the AFC East division rivals.


If the Phins don't get pressure and the 2ndary sucks like they did against Indy,,,they are in for a beat down like the Giants got. The offense will do what it does and that's play consistent and stick to their plan. It's on the defense to step up.

Dolphins 41
Saints 35

- Big game from Henne!
- Brees sacked 5x!
- Smith gets first pick!
- Fins rush for 200+ yards!
- Defense gives up a few big plays, but hangs tough, gets to Brees and makes stops when it matters most.

Is all this not obvious?

Pin-up material is pointless motivation. Professional athletes are paid well to do their jobs. The press is paid to report on the athletes performance. The he said this and the other guy said that is nonsense.

Mando, stop fear mongering. I see your right-wing cronies have taught you well.

"The Fins are either better than them or not on the given sunday. The idea that trash talk would inspire an undefeated team past the first good hit is ludicrous and completely typical of Armando's shallow, negative thinking."

Well said jon,
You do have to admit Mando knows what to feed his followers!


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