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Henning still thinks Henne good as Flacco, Ryan

A few days go I made the point that offensive coordinator Dan Henning's contention last October that Chad Henne would be just as good as Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco isn't really fair because Henne doesn't have the weapons the other two have.

I asked Henning about that today. And he pretty much dismissed the notion that a quarterback's effectiveness is tied to the weapons at his disposal.

"If we sent him there and they came here ..." Henning said. "I don't think you evaluate guys based on the weapons they have. I think Chad Henne can be just as good a quarterback as those two guys. I stood here last year. You have the date I said that?"

That was October 16, 2008.

"Well mark it down, because I say the same thing today," Henning said. "That's the way I feel about Chad Henne."

Henning is strongly in Henne's corner -- of course -- and the metaphors are proof of that.

"I'm excited for Chad Henne and Pat White," Henning said. "I felt like coming into the season we had as good a three-pronged quarterback situation as we could have. And I feel like Henne has progressed. He has great demeanor for the position. He has tools for the position. He has background. he leads differently than Chad. Chad is more like a benevolent despot and Henne is going to be a dictator. He's a lot stronger than people will give him credit for because he's quiet."

"I believe strongly that Chad Henne won't be the reason we don't win around here. I think he's prepared and I think he'll do well."

Henning acknowleged the Dolphins are struggling to score touchdowns when they're in the red zone but didn't want to explain the reasons why. He doesn't argue that Miami isn't getting the deep ball, which is the reason the yards per attempt are at 5.37 now when they were 7.66 last season. But Henning said it would be wrong to look strictly at the QB position for the reason Miami has an anemic deep passing game. 

"It isn't just the QB, it isn't just the receiver, it isn't just the protection," Henning said. "It's everything. It's not easy to do."

Other notes:

Linebacker Joey Porter (hamstring) missed practiced for the second consecutive day. He was the only Dolphins player who did not practice.

The Bills had six players sit out.  T Demetrius Bell (groin), DT John McCargo (calf), CB Leodis McKelvin (fibula), LB Paul Posluszny (forearm), S Bryan Scott (ankle) and S Donte Whitner (thumb). DT Kyle Williams (groin) was limited. 

Nose tackle Paul Soliai said his family has "lost" 12 people in this week's pacific island tsunami. He said his wife has lost 10 relatives in Somoa while he's lost 2. It's not clear if by "lost" Soliai meant they were literally unaccounted for, or if he meant they had died.


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Well , he's got 13 games to prove it.

"I believe strongly that Chad Henne won't be the reason we don't win around here."
What will be the reason we don't win?

It's pretty obvious at this point that QB play is not the problem on this team. Still, Henne looked rusty and easily rattled vs. SD, whether it was the pick-six on the pass into the flat, or his illegal TD pass.

But he's only going to get better as he gets more game play. Being 0-3 with a killer schedule and major coverage problems will probably keep them out of the playoffs this year. So it's great that Henne gets the work to build on the team's future.

The play calling!!!

Field Position...get a returner that can break something once in awhile!!! T.Ginn maybe!

Post the q&a so we can see your feckless questions. You're all tough on your blog but know Henning, a old man, would whupp you.

1-3 coming soon!

Jets lose to sainsts 3-1

Dolphins beat Jets next week

Jets 3-2
Dolphins 2-3

only 1 game back going into bye week!

Henne will be good. He was start-able last year prior to signing Penny. He's had a year to work with and observe a veteran who achieve great success last year. Henne is set up for success.

It's henne time ! and i'm looking forward to it. It gives miami fans something to look forward to this year .

and he has a pretty good running game to work with.

"I think Chad Henne can be just as good a quarterback as those two guys." - Henning (per AS)

"Henning still thinks Henne good as Flacco, Ryan" - Salguero

The word 'can' means everything here and you left it out. There is absolutely nothing in Henning's quotes that would lead me or anyone who actually reads all of the words to infer that Henning thinks Henne is as good as Flacco or Ryan. Only that he "can be".

You have misquoted, and not somewhere buried in the story, but in the headline.
However Henne pans out, good or bad, dont tell me that Henning said Henne was "as good as ..." and blame or credit Henning or, worse, put pressure on Henne for something his coordinator did not say. It used to be that announcers and writers augmented the action on the field. Now its just bad copy and poor editing that ever lets this stuff hit the web and its more of a nuisance as mis-information.

I think he is a smart QB and will show star power very soon, he just needs to get use to the speed of the NFL. And yes I agree w/ carlito, Dolphins 2-3 and jets 3-2 going into our bye week.

I think we wont be seeing pat white as QB anymore. Thigpen has played in the spread formation and can do everything pat white can do but better and he has experience which is a plus for him, so I really don't think well be seeing much of Mr. White.

Funny? ....I don't feel like a Dictator!

Heil HENNE!!!!

Heil HENNE!!!!

Heil HENNY!!!!

No one said it was easy mr henning. It's the NFL, of course it isn't easy. What kind of f'ing excuse is that? No real world job that pays your kind of salary is easy. I know your not, but in case you do expect this to be easy your in the wrong place. I hope to never hear that as an excuse again. It makes you sound incompetent.

I agree with Eddy007, Henne is a smart QB.
He's tough as nails physically and mentally.
Maybe most importantly of all, he's got the confidence of a Bank Robber!


good job regurgitate one of Armando blog from a couple days ago. you have you own opinion or you just repeat Armando and NJ with no thoughts? You like a parrot.

I have a great idea!!! Lets try Pat White as a KO and Punt return man. He's got great hands , good speed and unbeliveable elusiveness!!

Actually didnt read it, if I did would have said something on it bubba. did u see me on there didn't think so, speaking of that we can now do wildcat with ronnie not taking the snaps which means more plays now. some crazy triple options

our secondary reminds me of those "fainting goats". when they get scared they freeze and fall over. other team scores again!

oh no! greg z is right!

Why does Armando(and Armando Jr - Kevin) hate on Pat White so much? I don't understand the hidden Pat White Hate Agenda.

A lot of posts previously how Percy Harvin was a clone of Ted Ginn. Guess these folks showed how much they know about talent evaluation.....

Harvin’s season has been historic. He is the first player in team history to score a touchdown in the first three games of his career and leads NFL rookies in scoring with 18 points. He leads the Vikings in receiving yards (128) and ranks No. 1 in the NFL in kickoff return average (35.8 yards). And he's not afraid of contact.

Ted Ginn should be put on IR since he has no hands nor a stomach for contact. What a 1st round dud we were stuck with!!! Nat Moore could outplay him today straight up.

I don't hate on Pat WHite, I think hes not bad, but Im just saying Tyler Thigpen beat us last year, i remember watching his foot work which was actually decent and he ran spread formation. That makes Pat White underneath at center obsolete. I definately don't hate White, just hate the pick we gave up to draft him!

Greg Z

Stop it!

Fainting goats? LMAO!

The Menace has arrived, Well guys whats the subject tonite??


Tyler Thigpen did not beat the Dolphins last year.

Fainting Goats??? Good god man,someone find out why these goats faint..stat..

Nat Moore?

Nat Moore?

With all due respect sag58, DO NOT EVER metion Ginn and Nat Moore in the same post AGAIN!

Nat Moore is the consumate pro. The most underrated WR of all time.

I wore the No. 89 in Junior High because of him.


Here is video of fainting goat. That guy Greg Z is right, tell me these guy don't look like #28 the gerbil.

Mr. Menace

Do you think Henning's going to tie Henne's hands with the play calling?
I'm praying we establish the run early, and let Chad throw for the endzone on every single 2nd and short we get.

Mentioning Ted (I fall down)Ginn and nate moore in the same sentence is a no-no and will not be tolerated, Send that man to..to.. send him to Detroit...

Hey odinseye,
I appreciate your comment. I too am a huge fan of Nat Moore the consumate pro. My only mention was to compare a current number one draft pick with a former great Dolphin WR and how Nat could today beat Ginn even at his current age.

But your right, Ginn can't hold Nat's jock.

Tying Chad(96 inch neck)Hennes hands will only hamper his throwing my Norse friend, so the answer is no....


You ready for Henne the hero on sunday night?

Did thigpen not run it in to score the winning TD with seconds left?

Absolutely, i look forward to it, not that i don't appreciate what Chad(the Savior)Penningtons done for the air breathers i just think the offense had become stale..

Miami could've had LB Clint sintim instead of white. He'd probably be starting at ILB right now.

The fainting goats post was F'n priceless. :)


Dolphins beat the Chiefs.

we may have it backwards. i say put henne in the shotgun (like brady) and lets see if he can do a variety of throws downfield (over 2 yds.) this should make our run game explosive!!!! pass so we can run!

I hope fainting goats are halftime show on sunday

I think i was thinking of 2 yrs ago

lets open it up and play to win!!!!! lets see if they can stop a wide open offense. what do we have to lose? we already tried the conservative approach (2 yds. and a cloud of dust). we got to forget the field goals we so desperately covet.


Schaub of Texans had qb draw in last seconds for td to beat Dolphins last year in Houston. This was very painful loss much like loss to Colts this year.

Yea your right

greg z

You might be on to something. Buffalo will be expecting the run big time.

I don't care how we establish the run, as long as we do. Henne's going to need all the 2nd-3rd and shorts he can get.

Henning is an idiot and Pasqualoni is just as bad. Sparano is going to be on the hot seat with (maybe) a loss to the Bills. But for sure a loss to the Bills And the Jets.

Wake up Sparano, these guys are going to get you fired.

cacajoe has brains of a fainting goat

Cocoajoe: Sparano on the hot seat!!! Were u out of the country last yr?? He's the best coach, by far, that we've had since Shula!! He tied the best turnaround in football history!! This team will b a better team than last yr, even if they don't win 5 games!! Soprano will tweak the secondary and receivers and we'll have a more experienced QB!! HOT SEAT!! Geeze-a-mighty!!!!

FASANO is number 1 fainting goat.

when i hear the names of the miami coaches i feel that i am in PIZZARIA ONO

When I hear Aloco name I feel like we in La Mara

iif these were food items it would like that;

crowder.....liver w/onion

long..........split pea

fasano......lamb stew

wilson.......cat food

Henning is the truth.

ALoco, what would Henne be??

Henne would be Steak and Potato- classic and strong

Dear Mr. Salguero

Oh Henne Oh Henne
No longer a stuck behind a Penne

Henning says your ready to go and a consumit pro.

Well if this is true I'll have faith in you.
When sunday comes I hope the game is fun.
For I would like my own slice of heaven
For if not I will have shot TV number 7

Soiled :)

Would you have to trim the fat off carlito????

What you talking about trim fat? Where I from when you lucky to get steak you eat it fat and all.

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