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Henning still thinks Henne good as Flacco, Ryan

A few days go I made the point that offensive coordinator Dan Henning's contention last October that Chad Henne would be just as good as Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco isn't really fair because Henne doesn't have the weapons the other two have.

I asked Henning about that today. And he pretty much dismissed the notion that a quarterback's effectiveness is tied to the weapons at his disposal.

"If we sent him there and they came here ..." Henning said. "I don't think you evaluate guys based on the weapons they have. I think Chad Henne can be just as good a quarterback as those two guys. I stood here last year. You have the date I said that?"

That was October 16, 2008.

"Well mark it down, because I say the same thing today," Henning said. "That's the way I feel about Chad Henne."

Henning is strongly in Henne's corner -- of course -- and the metaphors are proof of that.

"I'm excited for Chad Henne and Pat White," Henning said. "I felt like coming into the season we had as good a three-pronged quarterback situation as we could have. And I feel like Henne has progressed. He has great demeanor for the position. He has tools for the position. He has background. he leads differently than Chad. Chad is more like a benevolent despot and Henne is going to be a dictator. He's a lot stronger than people will give him credit for because he's quiet."

"I believe strongly that Chad Henne won't be the reason we don't win around here. I think he's prepared and I think he'll do well."

Henning acknowleged the Dolphins are struggling to score touchdowns when they're in the red zone but didn't want to explain the reasons why. He doesn't argue that Miami isn't getting the deep ball, which is the reason the yards per attempt are at 5.37 now when they were 7.66 last season. But Henning said it would be wrong to look strictly at the QB position for the reason Miami has an anemic deep passing game. 

"It isn't just the QB, it isn't just the receiver, it isn't just the protection," Henning said. "It's everything. It's not easy to do."

Other notes:

Linebacker Joey Porter (hamstring) missed practiced for the second consecutive day. He was the only Dolphins player who did not practice.

The Bills had six players sit out.  T Demetrius Bell (groin), DT John McCargo (calf), CB Leodis McKelvin (fibula), LB Paul Posluszny (forearm), S Bryan Scott (ankle) and S Donte Whitner (thumb). DT Kyle Williams (groin) was limited. 

Nose tackle Paul Soliai said his family has "lost" 12 people in this week's pacific island tsunami. He said his wife has lost 10 relatives in Somoa while he's lost 2. It's not clear if by "lost" Soliai meant they were literally unaccounted for, or if he meant they had died.