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How would Vincent Jackson look in Miami?

When I sat down in front of the keyboard this evening, I had every intention of discussing either Cameron Wake's improvement, or the dominance of the Dolphins' running game, or a couple of other subjects I have planned for this space in the coming days.

And then I remembered it has been at least a couple of minutes since I complained about Miami's receiver crops. So, that's the direction I'm going because I know some Dolphins decision-makers read this blog.

And maybe, just maybe, if you and I beg enough for the eventual addition of talent to that WR corps, the folks that make the decisions will do something to improve the situation -- just so you and I will finally shut our no-football-knowing mouths about it.

Here's the deal as I see it: Dolphins management has done a satisfactory, but unspectacular job of collecting receiver talent. The focus has been on the offensive and defensive lines and Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have done a magnificent job of making the Dolphins not only solid, but bordering on elite along the two lines of scrimmage.

You must remember Miami has the best running game in the NFL and is No. 2 against the run league wide. So the job of building the foundation is accomplished.

Now can we make it possible so the offense can pass the ball even a little bit?

Soon -- as in now if they can swing some trade before the deadline, or next offseason at the latest -- Parcells and Ireland absolutely must add a difference-making receiver. Why? The Dolphins sorely, dearly, painfully lack one. (Have you read that here before?)

Parcells and Ireland have tried to address the WR position in their first two seasons. Ernest Wilford was a strikeout. Davone Bess was a stand up triple considering he came as an undrafted rookie. Rookies Brian Hartline and Patrick Turner are too new to judge.

Meanwhile, Greg Camarillo and Ted Ginn Jr. were already on the roster when Ireland and Parcells began remaking the team in their images.

Regardless of all that, not one of the players I just mentioned is elite.

So Miami's receiver corps is bottom third in the NFL -- somewhere between No. 20 and No. 28 or so. And one elite receiver would raise that level to anywhere between No. 10 and No. 19. And that's really what you need to compete for championships if you're running the ball as well as Miami does and stop the run as Miami is doing.

So what can the Dolphins do?

One name I will throw out now and will continue to repeat until free agency begins in 2010: Vincent Jackson.

Heard of him? Last you saw him, he was catching that deep ball over Will Allen and Yeremiah Bell in San Diego. Before that, he caught another deep ball over Sean Smith and Gibril Wilson. And before that he caught 59 passes for 1,098 yards last season for a whopping 18.6 yard per catch average.

He's on a similar pace this year with 20 receptions for 373 yards and two touchdowns. Divide the 20 into 37 and, yeah, he's averaging 18.7 yards per catch this year. He's also on pace for a 1,400-yard season.

For perspective, the Dolphins currently do not have any wide receiver averaging more than 9.9 yards per catch.

Anyway, Jackson will be available next offseason. If the NFL and the players come to a collective bargaining agreement, Jackson will be an unrestricted free agent. If the union and the league don't come to a new agreement and the 2010 season is uncapped, Jackson will be a restricted free agent in the offseason.

Why do I know Jackson will be available? Well, San Diego GM A.J. Smith has said he won't sign Jackson to an extension until after the season. Guess what? After the season, all bets are off and anything becomes possible.

Now, I am not yelling at the top of my lungs for the Dolphins to consider this even when it doesn't make sense. This is not a request to add a problem child like Brandon Marshall or Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens. Jackson did have one DUI arrest last January that has yet to be adjudicated, but his record is otherwise clean.

Meanwhile he is catching 73 percent of his targetted passes. He is 6-5 and 230 pounds. He runs the 40 in the low 4.4s and actually ran a 4.38 when he was coming out of Northern Colorado five seasons ago. He is 26 years old. Let me repeat, he's 26.

He plays hurt as he did last week when he caught four passes for 56 yards -- his worst outing of the season -- while playing with a bruised knee versus Pittsburgh. And as for his toughness?

Well, let's just say after the game, Pittsburgh's James Farrior said something to Jackson and the two had to be separated by teammates. After the game! And Farrior is a linebacker. That is a departure from having receivers that head for the nearest sideline to avoid contact.

I recognize restricted free agents don't often switch teams because you have to give up a draft pick for them. Guess what? I'd give up a first-round pick for Jackson. He was, after all, drafted in the second round in 2005 and is now on the brink of being an elite player.

I also recognize 2010 free agency is a long way off. That's fine. More time for me to remind everyone Vincent Jackson would look mighty good in a Dolphins uniform.


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Go 2 sleep Armando...

I SAY BRAYLON EDWARDS TRADE THIS SEASON, the browns suck, lets go get him; we can teach him to catch the football

I don't know a ton about the guy other than what he's done against the Dolphins. His numbers look great though. What kind of contract is he going to get? If it's an uncapped year and he's the only really good WR, the price could be crazy.....or if it's capped, does he fit the Dolphins' plans?

Maybe we should badmouth the guy and start nasty rumors to decrease his value.

Armando , Right on . Finally a wr that i agree on . I've been telling people about Vincent jackson for awhile. Forget trading picks for diva wr's and make this guy one of the top Priorities this offseason. You don't want to draft a wr and wait 2-3 seasons to develop . Miami can draft other needs. That being said , i find it hard to believe SD will let him go that easily. If they don't sign him to a long term deal , they can always franchise him. Stay tuned !

How about taking a run at trading for Crabtree? I don't know if it is Crabtree or his agent with their head up their butt but he is young, talented and though unproven could be a difference maker.

Jackson is good but I can't see San Diego letting him walk.

Vincent Jackson is two years older than Ginn, so maybe the line of thinking is that Ginn will be at that level just a soon.

Despacio, no way Ginn does that. He can't catch, he can't run routes and he weighs 155 lbs soaking wet. Speed yes but you have to be running for a reason.
Jackson is a monster

Armando, this sounds almost as good as your NY Giants Steve Smith article! What have you been smoking man. Who cares about this guy until it actually happens?? The trifecta arent looking towards you for adivse soooo why are you making us read this? Jesus, step it up mando. You were my #1 until this season and now I'm finding myself looking at Palm Beach Post and Sun Sentinel articles. You're getting outplayed in your own field. C'mon! I'm not saying this to be negative but you know you can do better!

Armando, I look forward to reading your posts everyday(this might be the app I use the most).
Now that's out of the way it depresses me when I read these posts where you go further than pointing out a weakness and talk about a solution that is further away then I'm ready to look right now.
Now having said that I hope someone with decision making abilities agrees with those sentiments.
We just won! This post is depressing.

We are over a quarter of a season in and you are talking about free agency? I could see a blog about using one of the OLBs to trade for Jackson being that the Chargers are struggling on Defense, but really? free agency? Save this kind of blog for us to get our fix during the off season, not during the regular season when there is so much more to write about.

Dolphins are dead last in the league in Yards Per Pass Attempt Differential (-3.5) which is the difference between the ypp gained on offense minus the same on defense.

Usually it's the worst teams in the league who are last in this category and the Super Bowl teams who are at or near the top. They need to do something about this.

This sounds like a great idea and I hope they hear us pushing for a 6'2 - 6'5 220-250 WR that can catch and run no more rookies please trade a 1 and and a player make it happen or it will cost more in the long run

just as a change of pace.. what is the latest on Matt Roth? did anyone ever figure out what the real story was?

He was going for a penis enlargment and he ran into complications! that makes more sense than anything else that has been said

I don't know about this. I stick with my thoughts on building through the draft. Good young talent is what this team needs to build for the future. Patience pays in this case.

Role the dice and see if a rookie pans out we've done that the past 4 year with no number 1 WR let for the sure thing in a Vet

Let's go for the sure thing a vet

Maybe we should badmouth the guy and start nasty rumors to decrease his value.

Posted by: mrmrjohnson | October 06, 2009 at 01:53 AM

LOL, Hilarious!!!

Can we get Patrick Turner on the field first? Maybe he's like Merling in the sense he's not a great "practice" player. He is the only receiver with size since London was cut. Since there was such an impact Sunday with young players he needs to get on the field now so we have a physical presence for Henne to throw to.


WHAT A JOKE. I believe everyone is starting to sobber up on Ginn. The falacey it takes three years for a receiever to mature. Gynn is no better than he was in his rookie year. Lets face it, the guy doesn't know how to run routes, catch passes or even make plays. BOTTOM LINE: He does not have BURST SPEED to get seperation from defenders. Never mind that he is short and tiny by WR standards to challenge defenders or break away from the line of scrimage.


No more trading round 1 and 2 draft picks...

he wont leave SD. He has Phil Rivers to throw to him. Good receivers dont leave their good QB's. It damages their careers.

Trade Ginn, bring in two or three WR's NOW! This team is really close to be a top team talent wise. I have been crying for better WR's even BEFORE the season started.

Jackson, Javon Walker is being wasted away in Oak Town, he was once a very good WR before he landed in the twilight Zone (Raider Land) How about Crabtree, that situation will NEVER be good. They need to separate. Well, at least we all agree that Miami need so help at the WR spot.

Just saw where the Dolphins will be wearing their 'Super-Gay' orange jerseys Monday night...I hate those jerseys almost as much as I hate the JETS....

Drafting WRs is too risky. It's one of the most difficult positions to project to the NFL. A guy like Ginn is a bust while Devon Bess goes undrafted and is a quality slot receiver. That's why Belichick traded for Moss and Welker, he wanted proven guys and knew getting them from the draft was too risky.

i love the feel of these orange jerseys.they speak of love .




Ginn has many problems, speed is not one of them. His major flaws seem to be average hands, no guts, and an inability to consistently run routes properly.

Posted by: pana21 | October 06, 2009 at 01:48 AM

"SAY BRAYLON EDWARDS TRADE THIS SEASON, the browns suck, lets go get him; we can teach him to catch the football"

Who's gonna teach him Ginn? Come on Pana, another puppy that won't bite and you want to add him to the roster? You might want to rethink that one.





Go and get DJ Hall from Alabama, last I heard he was only signed to the Raiders practice squad in 2008. He as amazing in college, and undrafted in the pros. I have no idea why but at least get him on the practice squad in Miami. Anyone could probably do better than Ginn right now.

Let's get this QB going first. We are not getting new wrs this season; so what's the point talking about it when the season is in full swing, other than to detract from the season.

Do Dolphins' Decision Makers really read this blog?

If so, a few comments directed their way:

1) Your stadium sucks. Get a new one. Multi-purpose stadiums are invariably awful for both baseball and football. For God's sake, along the sidelines you're like 30 yards away from the field! Is that acceptable??

2) Go back to the 1970s uniforms and helmets. 'Nuff said.

3) Hire me as your publicist and/or statistician.

You don't trade high picks (a 1st) for lower picks (someone drafted 2nd). Thats how good teams get bad. Jackson is playing like a 2nd rounder. He benefits from offensive guru Norv, a qb in Rivers, a stellar set of backs and an all world tight end and he's accross from Chambers, who bad season and all is arguably better than any of our receivers right now.

I feel like I just read an article by Rick Spielman.

Agree with bodhisattva. Next to QBs, it's the biggest crap shoot in the draft. But knowing the rigid mindset of not trading high round draft pics?

Why is Ernest Wilford a bust? could he become a great wr with Henne?

If some of the decision makers read this blog then I have a suggestion. Get rid of the gay colors!

You would sell some jerseys and other gear to someone other than females for a change. Not to mention the players might actually feel like men for a change.
The only uniforms that ever looked more gay were the old Bucs unis. And they were smart enough to change theirs.


Why must you torture us with that video. I hope dolphin management is tortured enough to make a move!!!! He is already elite in my book DUI or not

Cleveland Browns will trade Braylon Edwards for a second round pick I say.

I have a better idea. Trade 5 1st rounders for Vince Wilfork and convert him to a WR.

Listen to me. Lets get T.O. , 85, and Brandon Marshall all on the same team. Wowee would that be cool.

Glad to see most posters disagree with you Mando. Winners build through the draft and add veterans through free agency or at the expense of lower draft picks. Are you too anxious to return to the Wannstedt/Spielman days?

Wait for the draft:

Arrelious Benn from Illinois is as good as Crabtree
Dez Bryant (OSU) looks dynamic
Damian Williams (USC) and Brandon Lafell (LSU) also look like first round candidates.

I think the Dolphins will be too good to get their hands on Benn but the other three may be attainable.

Also agreed that the Dolphins have built the foundations of a dominant team based on how they run and stop the run. How did they do this? Draft, free agents, and trading lower picks. It takes a few years to add all the pieces, have patience Mando - this team was 1-15 two years ago!!!

Forget Vincent Jackson.
Has anybody inquired as to what it would cost to get Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson,Marlon Jackson & Randy Jackson?

What about sending Ginn, Roth and a third round pick for any one of these recievers being talked about. Sounds fair!

This guy has eyes and hands of a great receiver .... maybe someone can kidnap him this season - like before the jivin' Jets come to town *L We do need help at receiver, that's for sure! Go Fins!!

Some disagree with getting a receiver via free agency. However, it could be argued that they need to get a couple more linebackers. JT and JP are up in years, Crowder has been average, Ayodele the same. Might need another safety as also. I say get those guys through the draft, and a receiver via free agency or via a trade right now.

Edwards might be a possibility since he has had some issues in Cleveland. Also Cleveland is going nowhere this year, so they are going to be in rebuilding mode asap anyway.

Or trade for Michael Crabtree next year...


I think your on to something, but why would San Diego let this guy go, I´m pretty sure he is signed before week six to a new contract; now if that is not the case well you definetely have to go a get this guy he could really change this offense into a complete one.

I just got off the phone w/ Steven Jackson. He is anxious to come here and leave what is likely a playoff team in the AFC Jest w/ a veteran qb, for a 1-3 team in the AFC bEast with a new unproven qb.

I'll pull the trigger on the deal.

Seriously, throw Turner out there a couple downs at least. Lets see what he has. I'm all for getting rid of Ginn. He does suck Miami. Why cant you see it? Lets also use Bess more. I think he's our newer version of Wes Welker. PLEASE DON'T TRADE HIM FOR A 2nd ROUNDER. Oh and now that we have a solid arm out there for us, lets not be afraid to throw the ball deep. Maybe Ginn will get open to TRY and catch one. God, he's a bum! A BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! CUT YOUR LOSES MIAMI. PLEASE!!!!!!!

How about Michael Jenkins in Atlanta. He has potential.

Interesting players thrown out there but do u think these guys are going to trade for a WR having already drafting two? I don't think they will. But if they did any1 of those guys would be a relief for Ginn.

Oh and thank u dolphins for taking camarillo out of ST, he was so so slow!

As nice as it sounds, Crabtree can not be traded for. After August it was too late for SF to trade his rights. They only have a month remaining to get him signed, otherwise they can not trade him until the FA period begins again in March.

Well we DEFINITELY need a big strong fast receiver who can get deep and catch the ball often for sure! Ginn is starting to really annoy me now he really is HEARTLESS even though he is small I think at this point he is expendable. Ginn has never ever had back to back decent games as a fin he super INCONSISTENT at best. Mando this post is boring you should have went with the cam wake article dude!!


all for vincent jackson or Edwards at the right price for Braylen b/c he has baggage and knee problem.....---but the answer for our problems for guarding TE in the middle of field is Derrick Johnson from KC. He is one of the most talented young LBs in the gamme is a FA---and no way is stays in KC they dont even play him anymore b/c Thier new coach haley is a ego jerk---dis kid plays 5 snaps the whole year and has a sack and a int for 70 yds on flacco---thats two more plays then any1 on the inside lb have made for us in 4 games

What happen to Wilford

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