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How would Vincent Jackson look in Miami?

When I sat down in front of the keyboard this evening, I had every intention of discussing either Cameron Wake's improvement, or the dominance of the Dolphins' running game, or a couple of other subjects I have planned for this space in the coming days.

And then I remembered it has been at least a couple of minutes since I complained about Miami's receiver crops. So, that's the direction I'm going because I know some Dolphins decision-makers read this blog.

And maybe, just maybe, if you and I beg enough for the eventual addition of talent to that WR corps, the folks that make the decisions will do something to improve the situation -- just so you and I will finally shut our no-football-knowing mouths about it.

Here's the deal as I see it: Dolphins management has done a satisfactory, but unspectacular job of collecting receiver talent. The focus has been on the offensive and defensive lines and Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have done a magnificent job of making the Dolphins not only solid, but bordering on elite along the two lines of scrimmage.

You must remember Miami has the best running game in the NFL and is No. 2 against the run league wide. So the job of building the foundation is accomplished.

Now can we make it possible so the offense can pass the ball even a little bit?

Soon -- as in now if they can swing some trade before the deadline, or next offseason at the latest -- Parcells and Ireland absolutely must add a difference-making receiver. Why? The Dolphins sorely, dearly, painfully lack one. (Have you read that here before?)

Parcells and Ireland have tried to address the WR position in their first two seasons. Ernest Wilford was a strikeout. Davone Bess was a stand up triple considering he came as an undrafted rookie. Rookies Brian Hartline and Patrick Turner are too new to judge.

Meanwhile, Greg Camarillo and Ted Ginn Jr. were already on the roster when Ireland and Parcells began remaking the team in their images.

Regardless of all that, not one of the players I just mentioned is elite.

So Miami's receiver corps is bottom third in the NFL -- somewhere between No. 20 and No. 28 or so. And one elite receiver would raise that level to anywhere between No. 10 and No. 19. And that's really what you need to compete for championships if you're running the ball as well as Miami does and stop the run as Miami is doing.

So what can the Dolphins do?

One name I will throw out now and will continue to repeat until free agency begins in 2010: Vincent Jackson.

Heard of him? Last you saw him, he was catching that deep ball over Will Allen and Yeremiah Bell in San Diego. Before that, he caught another deep ball over Sean Smith and Gibril Wilson. And before that he caught 59 passes for 1,098 yards last season for a whopping 18.6 yard per catch average.

He's on a similar pace this year with 20 receptions for 373 yards and two touchdowns. Divide the 20 into 37 and, yeah, he's averaging 18.7 yards per catch this year. He's also on pace for a 1,400-yard season.

For perspective, the Dolphins currently do not have any wide receiver averaging more than 9.9 yards per catch.

Anyway, Jackson will be available next offseason. If the NFL and the players come to a collective bargaining agreement, Jackson will be an unrestricted free agent. If the union and the league don't come to a new agreement and the 2010 season is uncapped, Jackson will be a restricted free agent in the offseason.

Why do I know Jackson will be available? Well, San Diego GM A.J. Smith has said he won't sign Jackson to an extension until after the season. Guess what? After the season, all bets are off and anything becomes possible.

Now, I am not yelling at the top of my lungs for the Dolphins to consider this even when it doesn't make sense. This is not a request to add a problem child like Brandon Marshall or Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens. Jackson did have one DUI arrest last January that has yet to be adjudicated, but his record is otherwise clean.

Meanwhile he is catching 73 percent of his targetted passes. He is 6-5 and 230 pounds. He runs the 40 in the low 4.4s and actually ran a 4.38 when he was coming out of Northern Colorado five seasons ago. He is 26 years old. Let me repeat, he's 26.

He plays hurt as he did last week when he caught four passes for 56 yards -- his worst outing of the season -- while playing with a bruised knee versus Pittsburgh. And as for his toughness?

Well, let's just say after the game, Pittsburgh's James Farrior said something to Jackson and the two had to be separated by teammates. After the game! And Farrior is a linebacker. That is a departure from having receivers that head for the nearest sideline to avoid contact.

I recognize restricted free agents don't often switch teams because you have to give up a draft pick for them. Guess what? I'd give up a first-round pick for Jackson. He was, after all, drafted in the second round in 2005 and is now on the brink of being an elite player.

I also recognize 2010 free agency is a long way off. That's fine. More time for me to remind everyone Vincent Jackson would look mighty good in a Dolphins uniform.


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Vincent Jackson and Chris Chambers dropeed catchable game changing balls in the Pittsburgh game!

Vincent Jackson is already one of the premiere Wide outs in the league. He is a monster. Great speed and great hands. I'm not sure I would give up a number one for him, but he has great potential. I can't think of a better fit for the Dolphins at this position right now. A.S. is on the money with this one!

Gee Mando, you failed to mention that he has Rivers tossing him the potato... That probably doesn't have anything to do with his numbers?

yeahhhh shut up i can do a better job writting then you can where all you do is write like a fan and point out the wr situation..move on the time is no we got more to look at then the wr..when the time comes WE ALL WILL LOOK AT THE WR

Mando, I agree that Jackson is a viable top-wr... NOW. But to rephrase Despacio's comment... When the Chargers first drafted Vincent Jackson, he wasn't "Vincent Jackson" yet. He got very little playing time as a rookie in 2005, played more and did pretty well in 2006, but wasn't a starter until 2007, followed by his breakout season last year.
Even though I've pretty much given up on Ginn ever being a top wr, who's to say that Brian Hartline or Patrick Turner aren't going to become "THE" Brian Hartline or Patrick Turner?
It took Jackson four years to become the player that you want the Fins to try to pick up... What if we already have an equal or better answer on the roster?

vincent jackson might be a good witeout, but a first round pick is too much, give the browns a second round pick for braylon edwards and get ac green from georga wit the first round pick!! he will be a calvin johnson type of receiver which i wont mind taking, as for edwards, he might drop a lot of passes,but he needs a guy like parcells caliber, a guy da commands discipline, edwards is a talented guy, he's just in the wrong organitation wit a coach that doesnt even know what he's doing, or if we cant get ac green, we can go for the oklahoma state kid, he was the best reciever last year, wayyyy better dan crabtree, he was just not eligable for the draft, but i'm hoping my dolphins finally will address the position, since ted ginn jr is officially a bust!!!!

We are 1 elite reciever away from being elite

YA know what makes a receiver elite???

A probowl quarterback...

Ya know what makes an elite receiver just another player???

the Miami Dolphins quarterbacks...

nuff said.

Good article Armando. I disagree with Parcells statement that you are your record. Last year the Dolphins were not as good as their record and this year they are not as bad as their record. They in fact have a lot of good young talent but lack several key pieces. If you added 4 all pros: a W.R., T.E., S.S., and I.L.B. the Dolphins would be legitimate contenders for a Super Bowl. I like your thinking about Vincent Jackson and he would solve one of the missing pieces.

I would love to have Jackson on our team !!! Braylon edwards or Jackson ?? Jackson any day of the week !!!He might be our best shot at a real #1 diffrence maker !!! Like Boldin but this Jackson might be the right fit !!!!

Needs: #1 Receiver , Tight End , Line backers, Saftey. Nose Tackle, Pass rushers !!! Must be upgrades !!! Playoff ready !!!

Tuna to bring in Terry Glenn to save the day !! LOL ...........HOW ABOUT lABRON AT TE HE WOULD BE A BALLER !!! TO BAD IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN..

You are a dreamer. SD will not part with their #1 when the next best guy is over the hill. If Hartline continues as he has started our # 1 may be filled real soon.

That's thinking! love the idea! i think jackson and Michael Floyd from Notre Dame would make the top recieving tandem in the league! now lets get Henne to work on his accuracy!

Braylen "Butterfingers" edwards traded to the Yets.

How about an athletic, playmaking TE?

Do Dolphins' Decision Makers really read this blog?

If so, a few comments directed their way:

1) Your stadium sucks. Get a new one. Multi-purpose stadiums are invariably awful for both baseball and football. For God's sake, along the sidelines you're like 30 yards away from the field! Is that acceptable??

2) Go back to the 1970s uniforms and helmets. 'Nuff said.

3) Hire me as your publicist and/or statistician.

Posted by: Nathaniel Dodsworth


Could not have said it better. Thank God Marlins are moving and yes, bring back the Original uniform and Dolphin Helmet. This cartoon character suxxx. I want the original aqua and dolphin on helmet. Also, it does not matter if they wear orange. whatever. just get the original dolphin on the helmet.


First: just a note to THAT GUY: The Oilers stole OUR song, not the other way around. Get your facts straight. That being said, I was never a big fan of that song when I was a kid. A much better song is Boom by POD. But, given the trend, the current owners are probably considering a more caring song like Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks or Dog and Butterfly by Heart so as not to hurt the feelings of our opponents.

Second: I can't believe our team is going to emulate the hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers by wearing orange jerseys. Dolphins' jerseys are always aqua or white. Period. Orange jerseys are cursed and deserve nothing but to be burned, preferably with a pile of Jimmy Buffett records. If they wear orange jerseys on Monday night, they might as well paste a big smiley face on their helmets to make sure the Jets feel welcome.

Third: It is an embarassment that our team plays in a stadium named after a Saturday Night Live skit. Only an IDIOT would have given the stadium such a completely degrading and silly name. Change the name back to Joe Robbie and stop screwing around with it every year. Sheesh!

Fourth: This is not LA. Please stop trying to make the atmosphere in the stadium a stinking celebrity party. It intimidates no one. It sends the wrong signal by saying we are all about finesse. Screw the celebrities. Let them go back to Cali and have their party out there. We don't need them and we don't want them.

Fifth: Jimmy Buffett is a flake. Why is he associated with a professional football organization? Are we desperate?

Sixth: What about Antonio Bryant from Tampa Bay? I doubt we'll be able to trade for an elite receiver on a contending team until the off season. Bryant would be an upgrade in the interim. He had a killer game against Carolina last year.

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