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Limbaugh issue: Hypocrisy abounds in the NFL

[This post includes political, social and Dolphins commentary. If you have a problem with any of those don't bother reading it.]

Pulling his shorts up to his waist and then motioning over to a couple of waiting reporters who wanted to interview him in the Dolphins locker room Wednesday, nose tackle Jason Ferguson used the N-word.

He was talking either to a teammate or one of the reporters who is black, but that didn't matter because the word seemingly floated away -- clearly heard but ignored because, in an NFL locker room, that word is uttered by players practically every day.

Sometimes the N-word is said in jest. Sometimes it is said in anger or rage. Sometimes it is blasted through boom boxes playing rap music. Sometimes it is clustered with taunts about another player's mother or wife or, in extreme vengeance-filled moments, another player's boyfriend.

And this is the NFL Roger Goodell wants to protect from Rush Limbaugh comments?

Limbaugh will not be part of the group trying to buy the St. Louis Rams, it was announced Wednesday. Pressure from inside and outside the NFL doomed Limbaugh's attempt to own the team, meaning a group of people decided a game played on a lined field has to draw one more line to keep Limbaugh out.

Funny how folks that once marched against exclusion, such as Jesse Jackson, will call for exclusion when it suits them. Interesting how Al Sharpton is appalled at Limbaugh's divisiveness but gives himself a free pass when he says things like, "white folks was living in caves while we was building empires." 

The hypocrisy on this issue is everywhere. It is rampant. It is sickening.

The same commissioner that is allowing dog-killer Michael Vick to play in the NFL doesn't want Limbaugh to vie for an ownership stake because, "We're all held to a high standard here and divisive comments are not what the NFL's all about," Goodell said earlier this week. "I would not want to see those kind of comments from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL, no. Absolutely not."

So the league allows dog-killers, wife-beaters, strip club addicts, girlfriend-batterers, drug addicts, drunk drivers, and coaches who allegedly bust up other coaches, but the commish is worried about divisive quotes?

About those quotes: The same news media that is "reporting" what Limbaugh has said in the past is filled with people who loathe Limbaugh because they don't agree with his view of the world. Those "journalists" have been trotting out two quotes from Jack Huberman's 2006 book, "101 People Who Are Really Screwing America."

The first and most damning of those, quotes Limbaugh as saying, "Let's face it, we didn't have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: Slavery built the South. I'm not saying we should bring it back. I'm just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark."

That quote appeared on CNN's Rick Sanchez show. It appeared in a column written on Foxsports.com. It appeared all over the Internet.

And not one "journalist" who used it can verify its validity. Not one 'journalist" who broadcast the quote actually heard Limbaugh say it. Not one actually heard a tape recording of Limbaugh saying it. Meanwhile, on one of his shows this week, Limbaugh said he's never uttered those words.

Somebody produce the tape or retract the quote!

And, yes, the second quote does not make this space because it is equally unsubstantiated and unverifiable.

Another thing the "journalists" reporting this story haven't told you: Huberman, the man they are using as their source, has penned other books, including The Bush-Haters Handbook and The GOP-Haters Handbook. So, of course, it's not like Huberman has an agenda or anything dark like that.

I am part of the media. I have friends in the media. Most of those friends lean left. They know, and now you know, I lean right. That's not the point. The point is the media has an agenda. And my agenda is to expose the hypocrisy on this issue.

I saw that hypocrisy at work in the Miami locker room Wednesday.

Several reporters were going around the locker room asking players their opinions of Limbaugh and the possibility he might own an NFL team

This is how one interview went:

Reporter: "What's your take on Rush Limbaugh and the Rams?"

Running back Ronnnie Brown scissors closed his index finger and thumb and zips them across his mouth to signify his lips are sealed. And after a pause Brown then says... 

"I don't know, I mean, I guess it's good in a way that he's interested in wanting to be the owner of an NFL team. At the same time, who's to say. I don't know."

That, of course, is not the answer the reporter wants. It sounds almost pro-Limbaugh. So ...

Reporter: "Well some guys would say they would never play for a team that he has ownership stake in. You think that's a legitimate statement?"

Of course anyone would answer that is a legitimate statement. It's an opinion from another player so how is Brown supposed to say it is not legitimate? The question is leading and practically begs agreement with the dump-Limbaugh agenda.

And despite this, Brown refuses to go in that direction.

"Obviously, they're entitled to their own opinion," he responds. "For me, I'm not going to say that. I don't know. You never know. You could be sitting here jobless and depending on what kind of situation you're in and you don't have any money coming in, it's hard to turn down a job like this."

Greg Camarillo is Hispanic. So not only is he a minority in American society, he's among the smallest of minorities in a league that is approximately 65 percent black, 30 percent white and approximately 5 percent everybody else.

So what does Camarillo think of Limbaugh's attempt to enter the league before news of his exclusion is announced?

"Ya'll trying to make me political real quick," he says to reporters with a grin. "I don't have too much to say about that. We'll let the business handlers handle their business. But, I mean, the man has said controversial things in the past. Things that bring up the issue of race. The NFL is obviously a diverse work place. You have to be pretty sensitive to everybody's beats. You can't alienate any group. That being said, we leave the business to the business people and trust the NFL and NFLPA handle it properly."

Camarillo is much too trusting.

The NFL Players Association, the union representing the players, encouraged its players to speak out on the Limbaugh matter. According to this ESPN report, NFL Players executive director DeMaurice Smith wrote an e-mail to the union's executive committee on the subject.

"I've spoken to the Commissioner and I understand that this ownership consideration is in the early stages," Smith wrote. "But sport in America is at its best when it unifies, gives all of us reason to cheer, and when it transcends. Our sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred."

Agreed. The NFL is best when it transcends things such as polictics. So why is Smith getting all political? The NFL is best when it overcomes division. So why doesn't Smith admit he, himself, is divisive when he mentions discrimination without citing a tangible, verifiable example?

It is called double-speak.

This, meanwhile, is not double-speak, but fact: Smith served in President Clinton's Administration as Counsel to then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder in the US Department of Justice. Holder is now in President Barak Obama's Attorney General. Both Clinton and Obama are Democrats.

Smith has contributed $6,850 to political campaigns since 2004 -- all to Democrat Party candidates. Smith made his largest contribution in 2008 when he contributed $2,300 to President Obama's campaign. Limbaugh, in case you are not aware, is one of President Obama's most ardent and high-profile critics.

So is Smith transcending his differences with Limbaugh? Or is Smith using his position as a union boss to further his personal political beliefs and bring down an opposing point of view?

Smith's e-mail rejects discrimination. Well, is it not discriminatory in America to want to exclude someone from a business venture simply because one does not agree with that person's politics?

Yes. Or no. Please answer.

And back to the "journalists" for a second: Did you read anywhere what Smith's political leanings actually are in all those stories you read where he rips Limbaugh's attempt at ownership? Or were those facts left out?


Now Limbaugh is not a pristine individual. He's been divorced three times -- some NFL people have been divorced just as often. In 2003 he admitted being addicted to prescription pain killers -- Brett Favre once admitted to the same. He often appears on Fox News Channel championing conservative views -- as does Goodell's wife, Jane Skinner, who is an anchor and commentator on the channel and the daughter of a former White House Chief of staff under the elder President Bush.

So what makes Limbaugh so villainously different?

Limbaugh is polarizing in a country that, guess what, is polarized. But he is no more, and probably less, of a racist than the two men leading the charge against his ownership bid -- Sharpton, who infamously offended Mormons last year and Jackson, who once referred to Jews as "Hymies."

Limbaugh has addressed race issues in forums that "journalists" can actually confirm.

Limbaugh resigned from ESPN in 2003 for stirring a racial controversy when he basically said Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was getting preferential treatment from the media because he is black.

"I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL," Limbaugh said on air. "The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well, There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team."

Stupid, yes. Unsophisticated in its general assumptions, yes.

But racist?

The NFL better clean up all the N-words floating around its locker rooms before anyone makes that leap.


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Outstanding points Mando. I too have a lot of centrist views, but tend to lean right at times, and this is nothing short of a smear campaign against a politically polarizing figure.

Unfortunately, many of those perpetuating racism in this country were once victims of it. The sad/humorous part of this is that it's not like Limbaugh really 'needs' this ownership stake. He's obviously just a knowledgeable and interested fan of the NFL and wanted to be a part of owning a team.

Sadly, that will never happen now.


Your post should have addressed 2 critical questions in an organized fashion:

1. Has Limbaugh openly made racist remarks?
2. If there is clear and unequivical evidence that he did indeed make multiple racist remarks, does that mean he should be excluded from owning an NFL team?

Great info A-man This is AMERICA

There are thousands of hours of tape of Limbaugh expressing his political views on the radio. Either there is clear evidence that he is racist, or there is no clear evidence. If there is no evidence of Limbaugh being a racist at all, then the conversation is over. He should absolutely not be excluded from owning a team, b/c he is a stand up guy like everyone else.

If there is evidence that he is a racist, then why is it not fair to exclude him from the NFL? It is a private enterprise that stands to lose a considerable amount of money if there is a racist, polarizing owner in a league that includes people from all types of racial background. If Limbaugh is racist, the NFL has every right to protect its image (and thus profit margin) by excluding him. That is how private enterprises work.

I do not agree with Limbaugh's politics. I'm very much in the middle of the political spectrum, and I hate the fringes of both parties. With that said, Limbaugh has every right to be an NFL owner.

You can evaluate anyones words and if you have 10 people hear them and get 10 different ideas on what it meant to them then what?He who cries the loudest must be right?Don't like rush but he has a right.just sayin

Mando is putting in some great work tonight. cool that you would spend time blogging through the replay of the game tonight...

thanks Mando!

I think your example of how NFL players use the word "n---ga" is a terrible example. When that word is used amongst african americans, it has a very different connotation (I think it means the same as "brotha" in that context)than if the very same word is uttered by a Ku Klux Klan member at a KKK rally in Alabama. The meaning of the word is changed completely depending on who is saying it. You should know that.

Had to work but did read all pages.lol would have been nice to be here!

I want to be known as a Polish American


Sorry,maybe..maybe a little out of line.

Excellent analysis.

Limbaugh has said many controversial things in his career. One that's part of his job. Two not one statement can make him a racists. The most controversial is his statement that people wanted McNabb to succeed because they want to see a successful black QB in the NFL. I think he speaks his mind and this is America. I lean towards the right also.

Mondo, this whole conversation is moot. The owners get to vote for whether or not someone can buy a team. That vote is the only thing that matters. Players can cry all day and it won't change a thing. The owners decided that Limbaugh being a douchebag would cost them money in the long run so they killed it from the inside. Not the players, not the "liberal" media and not the fans. Now stop your own crying and get back to talking about football you woman.

lol FFS so can anyone tell me the fin WR with the most NFL time in the league?

Limbaughs bigotry is not as much of an issue as the fact that he is a very polarized figure and having him in an ownership spot would hurt the NFLs bottom line. You can say players like Vick are bad for the NFL, but the still put fans in the stands. Unless Rush is going to sing some songs at half time he is probably not going to bring anything positive to the NFL, he only hurts it.
It seems this ownership group can go ahead without him, I think everyone is happier with out the drama except certain right leaning journalists who are trying to make as much of an issue out of this as the Jessie Jacksons.

And saying the N word is racist in a locker room context is absurd. Its about context. You would think an excellent journalist such as your self could see the difference.

Mondo, I must say that this is the best piece I've read from you.

You have always been a good commentator and journalist, but this has got to be the best, most thought out and articulate endorsement of truth which disspells the deceit and hypocracy attempting to be advanced by those wanting to silence the voices and deny the desires of those they do not agree with politically and philosophically.

Bravo!!! and God's speed to you Mondo!!!

GREAT reading Mando. I beleive Limbaugh to be nothing less than a genius. As an avid listener, I will tell you he is in no way shape or form a racist. If anything the people that know him well will tell you that he is quite the OPPOSITE. He tends to bring life and creativity to any project he is on. The NFL could do much worse and apparently they have)by joining themeselves with other that have all the potitical correctness to hide their true colors (no pun intended)

Limbaugh should go through with the lawsuit, and I hope that those resposible have to pay.

Limbaugh is considering filing slander lawsuits against the news organizations that used the two phony quotes as fact. Being forced out of the potential ownership group might qualify as a financial hit. If he goes forward that will be interesting to watch.

Imagine how much tape there is of his time on the air in the last 20 years. And the best his detractors can come up with (other than his criticism of the *media* on ESPN, not Donovan) is two completely made up quotes. If the man were a racist, there should be a treasure trove of racist comments. Hint: he's not and there aren't. People who listen to his show know he isn't racist...it's only people who never do who might think so.

I'd sum it up this way, I think both conservative and liberal Fins fans can 100% agree that the Jets suck big time.

Amen Mando I too lean right and I agree that there is a double standard and a thing such as revers racism, and by no means am I considered the man I too am Latino and a conservative whoe believes in what you just wrote.

fins fan seatle only that comment could come from you in one of the most liberal states in the nation.

Total Bullshlt, If the man has the money to buy the team or part of it
, so be it!! If any of the brothers don't want to play there let them go back to share cropping, a lot of my homeboys will gladly take the job and for a lot less money! This country is going to hell with this bullshlt way of thinking!!

The hypocrisy from everyone is sad we are still not ready to deal with racism but the truth is its because we are all racist in one way or another with diffrent extremes, it's human nature there's not a thing we can do about it but recognize that we are and keep it in check, every race is racist against another and even with there on race crazy isn't but till we look in the mirror and admit it we can't posilble speak to others about it can we... So look in the mirror and deal with it.

You racist Bast*rd!!


Is it racist/discrimination when you play the racist/discrimination card? Yes. Minority society has taken this card and run with it. If there is an opportunity to play the card, it will be played. Every little comparison or opinion that has connotations of inequality, it will be played. For me, it's a bit too much.

As a Canadian- American, wait it's the same continent. So I guess I'm North American. Who cares bottom line, if I got the money I should be able to buy anything I want. That being said those that say Limbaugh is not racist are in serious denial

Canadians!AHH got the finuke thing,love your part of N.A.


Just want to give you big props tonight. One of the biggest things that drives me nuts is left and liberal individuals that use their positions to promote their own views and agendas. The majority of Hollywood, musicians, and TV personal are left and/or liberals. Those that are right can't speak out so much because of the fallback potential to their careers. You have a Hollywood right actor, how many jobs do you think he is going to get promoting his right views in an industry that is currently petitioning against a freaking child rapist from being extradited back to the US. So I give you props for being right and using your medium to express you view on this topic.

As far as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton those two are some of the biggest racist out there. Its the the teacher from Charlie Brown when those two start speaking their garbage. I hear the noise from their pie holes but the crap that is coming out is pure hateful, racist, selfish nonsense that doesn't deserve my brain power to translate it.

Pretty much what I get from this article, is really just like everywhere else in the world. People do and say what they feel like everyone else wants them to do or say. That is the reason the NFL spoke out against, the fear of hurting their image. This group dropped Limbaugh not because they may or may not agree with his political views or whether or not he said something stupid. They dropped him because they don't want the decision of them getting the Rams being made by lefts and liberals that have agendas.

People like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton are not against Limbaugh because of what he may have said, they are against him because he openly protest against their views and he actually speaks up against the policies and views of the current President who as everyone knows is black. Racist is what they call anyone that is White that disagrees with their views. That is one of reason I am so happy that Black conservatives are getting ready to start running for political offices. Can't call a black person racist against other blacks, what do they think they hate themselves. This isn't about Limbaugh wanting to buy an NFL team, this is about using this opportunity to go on a witch hunt against one of their biggest critics against their views. Limbaugh could try to franchise a McDonalds and these clowns would come out with pitch forks and torches ready to pounce. Its what they do, it's what they always do. Nothing new here.

Ok enough Politics, any news on the Phins getting some news toys before the deadline? I know we got the RB, I am more looking for really bad teams trying to unload their talent as in the Raiders, Chiefs, Rams?

Heaven forbid, a journalist leading a person to the answer they want to hear. You have never done that Armando, have you? HA! From top to bottom journalism is dead. It has become infotainment at best. And yellow journalism at worst. The problem with journalists these days is with the 24 hour news cycle in full swing, no one stops to check facts. In doing your homework for this blog, did you really stop and think of the motives behind Limbaugh's bid?

Apparently, Roger Goodell did, he saw HUGE sums of $$$$ flying out the window with Rush in the mix. The bottom line for the NFL is the BOTTOM LINE! The reason wife beaters, dog killers, drunkards are let back into the game is because they can produce $$$$ in sales for the teams. The last thing Goodell wants is Rush taking away from the NFL's "Wholesome" image. It's about money and nothing else when it comes to the league.

However, when the league is 65% African American there is a certain sensitivity to the issue. You are absolutely right, we are split as a nation and as much as we like to think that we have gone beyond race issues we are only fooling ourselves. Is Rush a racist? 10000%, is he a hateful man? 10000% is he spiteful? HELL YES! Should he have the right to buy a team? YES!!! Just as much as the Nation of Islam should have the right to buy a team.

Furthermore, please spare the media is liberal crap. When Murdoch (Fox) and his cronnies can own multiple news outlets in one market or Westinghouse, or Knight Ridder or Disney or GE, where do you suggest the real journalism to take place? If the broadcast media is liberal then you being a newspaper / radio man should know that radio across this country is Ultra Conservative bordering on fascist. The problem for Limbaugh is the company he keeps on the radio. Try listening to Limbaugh for a few hours, for about a month and you'll see where most of critics are coming from.

Should he have the right to bid for a team? YES
Should he own a team? NO

Excellent read A.S. but it may come back to haunt you, what is said in the locker room should stay in the locker room according to players!! Some of them might shy away from you or clam up when they see you!! ---20

Are you kidding me? While I don't agree with Rush Limbaugh he probably says stuff like that because people pay him to say stuff like that.

I don't know why the NFL would not want Rush Limbaugh as an owner. If he has the coin, why not. He would be the owner of one more team for the unstoppable Phins to beat. Who cares what the jackass thinks.

I think you would like Limbaugh to be an owner because he would give you an honest opinion instead of the veil of secrecy that lies within the owners box and I am not against that.

nyfinfan should you have the porterhouse or the bagel?My vote?nothing you go hungry.Welcome to America

Sorry,Your America


Awesome for you for stating "your" opinions and observations. I actually had to re-read your commentary due to the fact that I was taken back. By what? I thought man he is naming names on a sensitive subject right where you eat. Great for you! You have impressed me with your courage on this topic. I am Hispanic or how about this, of Mexiacan desent. No where is all this crap more evident than in music, and entertainment especially comedy. The way I see it is simple, there are steryotypes for a reason and we all know them. Most of us can luagh at them. Racism as I can define is the offense of another or opression of another based on race. The topic needs to go away already. The real driver in this world is the MONEY. Sell something or put someone in a seat or theater and you will be accepted. You will be paid...Produce thats it. I am an Angel fan here in California and almost every post-game interview is translated. Vlade Guererro doesn't speak in English. I often tell my non-hispanic wife of 25 years that if not for the blessings of their skills. Many have the same faces of my unskilled unpaid labor brethren. But they throw a hundred and can hit a curve ball a mile. We all face discrimination, the old, the young, women, poor, gay, straight, ethnic, religous, etc. It all depends where you are at and who you are dealing with. In this country in 2009 there is absolutely no need for all this. Was there at one time? Sure! When Oprah, MJ, Tiger, A-Rod, Michael can buy the Beatle's catalogue etc. Give me a break! What do/did they all have in common? They produced! What really needs to happen from now on is what I have tried to teach my children. Not to have an entitlement mentality. Rush is feeding his sheep and getting mega-rich doing it. Jesse and Al have theirs as well. When we all become free thinkers and inform ourselves as to our own truth, this will continue. Isn't this blogging thing really trippy? I don't know what anyone besides you look like and the only thing we relly HATE here is bad football and the Dolphins opposition.

Go Phins!

Nice martin

Nice,Martin. sorry fumble fingers

Still better hands than most jets

I was still hyped about the Dolphins beating the Jets. Then I come on here to read more news on the Phins and this is the crap u write about. Who cares If the guy isn't allowed to own a team. Only his fans and supporters would care. I guess u fall in that category Mando.

It not everyday somebody famous get the rep that this guy has earned. Wake up there is some truth to It that this guy is raciest. Nobody keeps getting called one for years and there is no truth to it. If u don't believe that he is...than ask yourself why dosen't every political figure get tagged with that image?? There is truth behind it.

Shame on u Mando for writing this crap..And the stuff about the N word in the locker room. We all know that its the context in which the word is used. We also know it part of Black culture to say it to each other...Its in rap music etc. Stop acting like a dumb a** Mando.
I have lost a certain level of respect for u because of this trash u wrote.

The commissioner knows If he lets a guy Limbaugh own a team...with the NFL being 65% black it will cause a lot of problem. Why welcome a problem when u can simply avoid it. That is why the commissioner made his decision. If Limbaugh didn't have the Rep that he had the Commissioner would allow him to be a owner.

You are now my favorite sports columnist in America.

Limbaugh...needs to work on repairing his Image(If possible)before he tries to own a team where most of his player would be black.

tarniman it'slike me not selling you my house cause you don't fit into the block and the other home owners vote you don't buy.How do you like them now?

Fake Gm, tarniman-

Hold on?

So it's ok to dig up anything on anybody and even ruin careers over that word?

It's only exclusive to one segment of the population?

It's ok to buy rap cd's and go to concerts and pay the same as everyone else but I can only not say that word?

I didn't read that on my Too Short cd sleeves etc.

Perhaps once they find out I have sung along they will be angry and take the cd's back and give me back my GREEN money?

You lost respaect for Mando? I can bet you being Hispanic he has probably faced more discrimination than you?

When are we all going to get it? Its pay for production in this world now. The only color that matters in our country is GREEN.

I aint mad atcha...just thinking?

Go Phins!

One word...FREEDOM

By the way listened to that Limbaugh guy when he started back in the late 80s on a station in Los Angeles. He was the Right and Tom Lykas was the Left. The shows were back to back. Lykas dropped the politics and started trying to be H. Stearn. I don't really get the appeal? Limbaugh is nothing special even though I consider myself more to the Right. There really is no Rght or Left. The Republicans want to protect those with the MONEY and the Dems want to make themselves appointable through handouts and entitlements. If I make you think you need me and you can't do it yourself, then you vote for me. It's all about you MONEY and yor VOTE. All just blowhards and the Rams suck anyway.

Martin you the man

nite,Go phins and Go Dodgers


This country could be so kick ass if people would just stop sniveling. Life just isn't fair for anyone. Funny thing how you can go from Black and White and just become Dolphins.
Brown and White and Black and be Marines. Be sitting in a stadium on Sunday and be whatever color you are rooting for. The only one that matters for 3 hours.

Go Phins!

I think we should ask Mike Vick if he thinks he should own a team and base our conclusion on his answer.

The danger here, Mando, is regardless of a persons politics, is that people's 1st amendment is indirectly being limited.

I may not agree with Rush, but why can't he own a NFL team? That does not compute with me.

Part of America is having different views on things such as politics. I hate to see that limited.

It also shows the commish is gutless once again.

Best thing you have ever written Mando. Nice to see a little honesty in journalism. What a bunch of hypocrites this exclusive club is. Keep up the great work!!

Wow Mando, I guess we know where your politics lie, huh? How about the reason it's not hypocrisy is because Limbaugh would be in a more prominent position than any player! Anything he says as a co-owner should be taken more seriously than a player's comment. The guy is an absolute rascist championing a rascist party. As a fellow Latino it bothers me that you don't see this. Btw, why are Miami Cubans predominantly Republican? I always have found that extremely stupid!

I lean left, and I think Limbaugh is one of the biggest A-holes out there. His base audience is unintelligent and he IS a race-baiter. He has made a career out of this. It has made him so rich that he can buy into an NFL franchise. Maybe he's not a racist. I don't know, but on some level I believe he probably relishes the idea of being a slave owner. However, the NFL is about business, and if you can put of the cash, you should be able to own a franchise. I will grant you there is hypocrisy. However, there is a vast difference between ownership and players particularly with regard to wealth. Of course, there were protests against him. No one said they had to cave to the pressure. The decision was ultimately that of the head of the group. At the end of the day is it unfair? Probably, but I don't feel sorry for rush because he peddles hate and fear, and you can rest assured he will use this as an example.

Funny thing is I was just starting to like your post Mando....

I have lost what little respect I had for you. You are not Black and so you twist what Black’s say out of context to try and make some point.

To try and put Jessie and Al in the same boat as Rush is foolish. Your own racism was just exposed IMO.

It's very foolish of you to expose your political side.

I will no longer respond to you.

I really like this piece . . . you did a real nice job with it. You made all of your points clear, concise and well supported. I'm an English teacher; I like good writing!!! Now, to the matter at hand, for as much as I agree with your concerns about Limbaugh's exclusion, you are simply seeing the free market that Limbaugh so espouses at work!!! The company chooses not to give an prospective employee an opportunity because it is concerned with the employees' character. The hypocrisy in the free market is that Limbaugh will not sell any tickets or jerseys to make his lack of character worthy of taking a chance on him. Limbaugh made some careless and irresponsible comments and the company in which he soooo wishes to be a part simply doesn't want him to be part of their makeup. Perhaps Limbaugh should work on his speed "Rush" and try to get in as a nose tackle.

I would hope that this is the last straw for the Herald, and that they get rid of you and your juvenile crap. Go get an education.

Very nicely put Armando. Best post of the year!

I used to hate you, now I hate you much less, maybe even think you are smrt

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