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Limbaugh issue: Hypocrisy abounds in the NFL

[This post includes political, social and Dolphins commentary. If you have a problem with any of those don't bother reading it.]

Pulling his shorts up to his waist and then motioning over to a couple of waiting reporters who wanted to interview him in the Dolphins locker room Wednesday, nose tackle Jason Ferguson used the N-word.

He was talking either to a teammate or one of the reporters who is black, but that didn't matter because the word seemingly floated away -- clearly heard but ignored because, in an NFL locker room, that word is uttered by players practically every day.

Sometimes the N-word is said in jest. Sometimes it is said in anger or rage. Sometimes it is blasted through boom boxes playing rap music. Sometimes it is clustered with taunts about another player's mother or wife or, in extreme vengeance-filled moments, another player's boyfriend.

And this is the NFL Roger Goodell wants to protect from Rush Limbaugh comments?

Limbaugh will not be part of the group trying to buy the St. Louis Rams, it was announced Wednesday. Pressure from inside and outside the NFL doomed Limbaugh's attempt to own the team, meaning a group of people decided a game played on a lined field has to draw one more line to keep Limbaugh out.

Funny how folks that once marched against exclusion, such as Jesse Jackson, will call for exclusion when it suits them. Interesting how Al Sharpton is appalled at Limbaugh's divisiveness but gives himself a free pass when he says things like, "white folks was living in caves while we was building empires." 

The hypocrisy on this issue is everywhere. It is rampant. It is sickening.

The same commissioner that is allowing dog-killer Michael Vick to play in the NFL doesn't want Limbaugh to vie for an ownership stake because, "We're all held to a high standard here and divisive comments are not what the NFL's all about," Goodell said earlier this week. "I would not want to see those kind of comments from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL, no. Absolutely not."

So the league allows dog-killers, wife-beaters, strip club addicts, girlfriend-batterers, drug addicts, drunk drivers, and coaches who allegedly bust up other coaches, but the commish is worried about divisive quotes?

About those quotes: The same news media that is "reporting" what Limbaugh has said in the past is filled with people who loathe Limbaugh because they don't agree with his view of the world. Those "journalists" have been trotting out two quotes from Jack Huberman's 2006 book, "101 People Who Are Really Screwing America."

The first and most damning of those, quotes Limbaugh as saying, "Let's face it, we didn't have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: Slavery built the South. I'm not saying we should bring it back. I'm just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark."

That quote appeared on CNN's Rick Sanchez show. It appeared in a column written on Foxsports.com. It appeared all over the Internet.

And not one "journalist" who used it can verify its validity. Not one 'journalist" who broadcast the quote actually heard Limbaugh say it. Not one actually heard a tape recording of Limbaugh saying it. Meanwhile, on one of his shows this week, Limbaugh said he's never uttered those words.

Somebody produce the tape or retract the quote!

And, yes, the second quote does not make this space because it is equally unsubstantiated and unverifiable.

Another thing the "journalists" reporting this story haven't told you: Huberman, the man they are using as their source, has penned other books, including The Bush-Haters Handbook and The GOP-Haters Handbook. So, of course, it's not like Huberman has an agenda or anything dark like that.

I am part of the media. I have friends in the media. Most of those friends lean left. They know, and now you know, I lean right. That's not the point. The point is the media has an agenda. And my agenda is to expose the hypocrisy on this issue.

I saw that hypocrisy at work in the Miami locker room Wednesday.

Several reporters were going around the locker room asking players their opinions of Limbaugh and the possibility he might own an NFL team

This is how one interview went:

Reporter: "What's your take on Rush Limbaugh and the Rams?"

Running back Ronnnie Brown scissors closed his index finger and thumb and zips them across his mouth to signify his lips are sealed. And after a pause Brown then says... 

"I don't know, I mean, I guess it's good in a way that he's interested in wanting to be the owner of an NFL team. At the same time, who's to say. I don't know."

That, of course, is not the answer the reporter wants. It sounds almost pro-Limbaugh. So ...

Reporter: "Well some guys would say they would never play for a team that he has ownership stake in. You think that's a legitimate statement?"

Of course anyone would answer that is a legitimate statement. It's an opinion from another player so how is Brown supposed to say it is not legitimate? The question is leading and practically begs agreement with the dump-Limbaugh agenda.

And despite this, Brown refuses to go in that direction.

"Obviously, they're entitled to their own opinion," he responds. "For me, I'm not going to say that. I don't know. You never know. You could be sitting here jobless and depending on what kind of situation you're in and you don't have any money coming in, it's hard to turn down a job like this."

Greg Camarillo is Hispanic. So not only is he a minority in American society, he's among the smallest of minorities in a league that is approximately 65 percent black, 30 percent white and approximately 5 percent everybody else.

So what does Camarillo think of Limbaugh's attempt to enter the league before news of his exclusion is announced?

"Ya'll trying to make me political real quick," he says to reporters with a grin. "I don't have too much to say about that. We'll let the business handlers handle their business. But, I mean, the man has said controversial things in the past. Things that bring up the issue of race. The NFL is obviously a diverse work place. You have to be pretty sensitive to everybody's beats. You can't alienate any group. That being said, we leave the business to the business people and trust the NFL and NFLPA handle it properly."

Camarillo is much too trusting.

The NFL Players Association, the union representing the players, encouraged its players to speak out on the Limbaugh matter. According to this ESPN report, NFL Players executive director DeMaurice Smith wrote an e-mail to the union's executive committee on the subject.

"I've spoken to the Commissioner and I understand that this ownership consideration is in the early stages," Smith wrote. "But sport in America is at its best when it unifies, gives all of us reason to cheer, and when it transcends. Our sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred."

Agreed. The NFL is best when it transcends things such as polictics. So why is Smith getting all political? The NFL is best when it overcomes division. So why doesn't Smith admit he, himself, is divisive when he mentions discrimination without citing a tangible, verifiable example?

It is called double-speak.

This, meanwhile, is not double-speak, but fact: Smith served in President Clinton's Administration as Counsel to then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder in the US Department of Justice. Holder is now in President Barak Obama's Attorney General. Both Clinton and Obama are Democrats.

Smith has contributed $6,850 to political campaigns since 2004 -- all to Democrat Party candidates. Smith made his largest contribution in 2008 when he contributed $2,300 to President Obama's campaign. Limbaugh, in case you are not aware, is one of President Obama's most ardent and high-profile critics.

So is Smith transcending his differences with Limbaugh? Or is Smith using his position as a union boss to further his personal political beliefs and bring down an opposing point of view?

Smith's e-mail rejects discrimination. Well, is it not discriminatory in America to want to exclude someone from a business venture simply because one does not agree with that person's politics?

Yes. Or no. Please answer.

And back to the "journalists" for a second: Did you read anywhere what Smith's political leanings actually are in all those stories you read where he rips Limbaugh's attempt at ownership? Or were those facts left out?


Now Limbaugh is not a pristine individual. He's been divorced three times -- some NFL people have been divorced just as often. In 2003 he admitted being addicted to prescription pain killers -- Brett Favre once admitted to the same. He often appears on Fox News Channel championing conservative views -- as does Goodell's wife, Jane Skinner, who is an anchor and commentator on the channel and the daughter of a former White House Chief of staff under the elder President Bush.

So what makes Limbaugh so villainously different?

Limbaugh is polarizing in a country that, guess what, is polarized. But he is no more, and probably less, of a racist than the two men leading the charge against his ownership bid -- Sharpton, who infamously offended Mormons last year and Jackson, who once referred to Jews as "Hymies."

Limbaugh has addressed race issues in forums that "journalists" can actually confirm.

Limbaugh resigned from ESPN in 2003 for stirring a racial controversy when he basically said Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was getting preferential treatment from the media because he is black.

"I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL," Limbaugh said on air. "The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well, There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team."

Stupid, yes. Unsophisticated in its general assumptions, yes.

But racist?

The NFL better clean up all the N-words floating around its locker rooms before anyone makes that leap.


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Wow you better be careful mando, most papers are liberal rags, you might get in trouble for making sense.

You hit the nail on the head though. Double standards and hypocrisy rule the day. Rush is no racist, and this country is going to the dogs.

You are an IDIOT! There is no context to racism. There is no context to Bigotry (do you know what that means?). There is no context to LIES!

I agree with Armando. A lying liberal book writer makes things up and says Rush said it, a bunch of Left Wing Users get hold of it and use it to attemp to use these lies to ruin the career of a man that if EVER caught lying would be run out of the business. Oh yea, but lets keep it in context?

The context is this. The NFL needs to clean up their own house before throwing stones and I be that a LOT of facts about NFL figures will start appearing in the near future. If they (the NFL Owners and Management) thought about it first, they would not have lit a fire under someone that loves to expose lies, payoffs, double standards, etc.

Get ready, It's about to happen. And the NFL brought it on themselves!


Thanks for the article, it is thought provoking.

I am center right, and I notice how pop culture, media, musicians and the like bash any view that is not to the left.

Intolerance best sums it up, political correctness is what they call it I believe. BTW political correctness was conceived by the communist countries of the cold war.

Amen pj well put

right on whatever and carliot gofito well put

"because I don't like the owners including the Williams sisters" posted by Jackphinfan

You fogot to say because they are black!!!

Nice article but your missing the point. This is not about politics..it's about money. Limbaugh's views would make it difficult for the Rams to attract a few quality Free Agents who are openly expressing to the NFLPA that they would not work for him. That's not the view of all players but it is the view of some. Also, other players would feel pressure from their peers not to work for any organization he's associated with. Why further disenfranchise the St.Louis fans by limiting their recruitment potential due to a controversial owner. Whether you like it or not that's capitalism working... it's Workers and Consumers using their power (money and or talent) to determine what they will support or not. For example, my teenage brother loves the St. Louis Rams but said he would never wear or buy their jerseys if Rush Limbaugh is the team owner. You can't force Limbaugh on people if they (the Players or consumers) are rejecting him...that's un-American. Granted there are some consumers and or some players who want to work for Rush or really don't care. However, in business one has to do cost benefit analysis to determine if the net gain is worth it. In this case, it was not a good business proposition for the NFL. This is capitalism working. The only political component of this is that Limbaugh's views puts the business (Rams) at risk of losing something. So a BETTER busines proposition is being looked at for the Rams. To make this a Democrat or Republican issue is simple minded. It's all about what impact he will have on the bottomline. That's capitalism. In like fashion..the success of his show is capitalism working...but his rejection by the NFL is equally the same.


Thank you for taking a stand, especially in what has to be an uncomfortable workplace... especially now.

To those who say Rush is "divisive", that is a misnomer. Rush presents an opinion on issues upon which there are strong disagreements. The "division" you see already exists. Rush is just very poignant in the way he makes his argument, and there are many who cannot address his sometimes inescapable arguments intellectually, so they resort to this ad hominem venom.

So to those who wish Rush not be allowed to exercise his right to own property and participate in commerce due to YOUR beliefs, then YOU are the bigot.


I believe Rush should own part of the team period. I dont agree with him, but he should be part of the team if the owners would let him. Why the heck are we talking about this krap

great insight armando

i do think nfl ownership is a priviledge

i listen to limbaugh and agree w many of his views


i think he has dug his own grave on this one
he's as far right as u can be........and then some

my only hope is that
this will set a new standard that 'polarizing figures' should remain out of NFL ownership

it is complete hypocrisy


if obama ever wants to own a team
he better be shown the door w hat in hand as well

Greeg Knowles, well put and intelligent

You've just written the most horrible thing I've ever seen you write on here - and there is A LOT to choose from.

"Funny how folks that once marched against exclusion, such as Jesse Jackson, will call for exclusion when it suits them. Interesting how Al Sharpton is appalled at Limbaugh's divisiveness but gives himself a free pass when he says things like, "white folks was living in caves while we was building empires.""

News flash, Armando: He's RIGHT. He may be a blowhard when it comes to other topics but that's not a 'racist' comment. Study history a little bit. Go back further than the Greeks or whatever other pre-'civilization' era you'd like and try to examine the histories of Ghana, Mali and the like. Remember where homosapiens sapiens came from: Africa.

You had some great Dolphins-related posts on here lately. This stuff is ridiculous.

Mando thanks for having the guts to say what others can't or won't. The left are gutless cowards and so are those that cow-tow to them, goodell included.

I believe alot of this should be kept private. Everyone who posts here states they lean left or right. Now everyone knows how you believe and may judge you by it. It is like when someone in car cuts you off. You are more pissed off at them if they happen to have a Bush or Obama bumper sticker. You know it is true

Like your point, jasskin

Great article and very well thought out.

ro ro kid, you are a prime example of a hypocrite, sharpton smeard dog shi* on a young black girl and tried to say she was raped by a white man.
Do you think if sharpton wanted to buy a team and was denied there would not be hell to pay? I bet you he would be accepted too. Rush has done nothing like this or even close to it. The people on the left are just foul.

Personally, I think the leftist idiots in this country should keep on doing what they are doing. They are doing more to radicalize and motivate the "conservatives" (meaning those who despise socialism) than any other thing has done before.

Everyone knows Rush isn't a friggen racist, yet they chose to work to deny the man his dream anyway. Why? because he is anti socialist. It really isn't any more complicated than that.

Amazingly enough, Im ok with this. When you crush a mans dreams you turn his attention towards "other" endeavors. Now imagine those dreams were crushed through lies and obfuscation.... What "other" endeavors might you choose to occupy your time and resources?

I would like to thank the leftist morons in the media for this and encourage them to find more people with "resources" to alienate and radicalize. Please, demoralize them to the point that we can finally turn them on you in a real and meaningful way.

shaggy who cares if Rush is in or out. I could care left if a Democrat was not allowed to be part of a team. At the end of the day this fat Bazztard(rush) is a rich sob and I wont be sorry for him. How can you be sorry for him? Who cares. How our defense fairs against the Saints is more important than Rush's ordeal.

Armando calls him a polarizing figure in a polarized country.

Tell it like it is pal. He is the fuel behind this division. He and other people like him divide the people of this country. And he wants our President to fail? That is straight up anti-American. I was extremely upset about Bush getting a second term even though I voted for him the first time around, but I certainly didn't want him to fail. I hoped and prayed that he was doing the right thing for our country and desperately wanted him and his policies to be successful. Unfortunately he ran us into the ground...

Limpbag is scum. Absolute scum. I'm glad he won't be associated with the NFL. Over the years, the NFL has become a champion of inclusion and diversity, it is the opposite of Rush Limpbag. And he should not be allowed anywhere near one the greatest American sports/pastimes.

This article makes me sick.

I'd also like to remind you that Rush Limbaugh IS a drug user.

I understand... I agree... political views should play no part. If anything Rush should be allowed ownership by the morals police that run the league. I believe the opportunity to fail is just as important as the opportunity to succeed. A dollar is paid by another owner is worth just as much as a dollar paid by Rush. I would venture to say that the better players would sign with other teams first and only when the other owners run into the cap would players sign with a team which he held an ownership stake in.

I understand this blog will quickly become filled with many responses but I hope you take the time to read all of them. I understand your questioning of the double standard of the using detestable language. However I encourage you to further consider the context, the history, and the recency of events and their effects on immediate and subsequent generations my friend.

Emmit Till, Selma, and other events happened within the lifetimes of many of the people alive today. MLK took a bullet because he was black. I was a little boy when the black section of my town was burned, broken and laid to waste. There are still remants and buildings and boarded up empty buildings that were once part of an economically viable neighborhood and scars of businesses that never came back. That town was not some shanty in the south. It is Washington DC. If you are in doubt take a walk up 14 st and you can still see the scars amid the growth that is finally ,tenuously, hopefully, taking place 40 years later.

If a black person or their parents were called a despicable word (many other ethnic groups and races experienced similar circumstances - but this word carried strings, ropes and death attached to it) their whole life and then later, after some measure of success, they decided to adopt that word amongst others who had experiences similiar circumstances as a measure of redemption, or to turn it around as a badge, a scar, or as a symbol of what was, to wear an ugly thing and show that yes beauty can arise from ugliness, then I can live and let live. I don't feel it is a double standard or that it is unfair, or do I feel the need to use that word simply because they have a toy that I can't play with or because of some righteous sense of entitlement. Its wisdom my friend, and to me it means looking at a man, trying to experience empathy for what he's lived and seen and accepting his culture.

As far as the whole entitelment thing goes, if I see a guy on a a motorcycle about to run a red light on an intersection I am about to cross in a truck, and I have the green light and right of way, sure I could go right through, hit him I'd be in the 'right' - and he'd be dead.

whatever, keep sticking it to them

That guy, good thinking bro. Admit it though you may be more pissed off knowing what kind of sticker he has on his ride(Bush/Obama)


While I understand this story is sports related to an extent, it is more political than sports. I come to this blog and column for info on what is going on in the locker room, in the front office and an analysis of what happened on the field. When I want political commentary there are plenty of web sites that cover all of the political spectrum. Please don't turn this blog into a political forum. I certainly have my opinions about the issue but those opinions have nothing to do with the game of football which is what I love and turn to escape alot of this political crap.

Zett, who cares? I care, this country is going down the drain, this is just one example of the double standard bs going on now. How would you like it if you wanted to own a team or do anything but were denied because of the religion, or politics you followed. This is discrimination. (but its ok if it favors the left)

I'm the biggest Dolphins fan in Canada. I'm glad we don't have to worry about all this crap! But it sure provides good entertainment!! Go Fish...Beat Saints!!

I'd also like to remind you that Rush Limbaugh IS a drug user.

Posted by: Dat RoRo Kid | October 15, 2009 at 09:44 A

Fail....So are tons of players, but they get three strikes right?

Mando, if I did it right, here is a link that shows some of the quotes that Rush has made, and the source to support that he made them.
http://www.thenation.com/doc/20091026/zirin2. Before just dismissing the source as a liberal rag or whatever, I hope you take the time to read the article. This is not about politics; it is about racism. Limbaugh has made a fortune feeding his angry white male audience racist lines and it would be extremely unjust if he is able to use that fortune to own a team in a league that is 2/3 black.

This is not about politics; it is about racism. Limbaugh has made a fortune feeding his angry white male audience racist lines

Really? no blacks listen and support rush? Got news for you pal....typical brainwashed leftist.




Do you even know what the word 'hypocrite' means??

If you understood 'CONTEXT' maybe you might get that I'm referring to that ONE quote from Sharpton. I'm not celebrating Sharpton in any way. I'm saying that ONE quote is right on the money. Get a dictionary.

I assure you, Sharpton would not be owning an NFL team. He is also way too polarizing.

Armando kudoes to you for going way out on a limb. In high school sports and in the high school themselves here in FL they have failed to address the issue of a real bigot in their classrooms,in their halls and on their playing fields. I am 50 years old living in Fl all that time and have been hoping for a long time for Americans to really stand up and address this issue. It seems as a society we are living in the past and using it to justify our wrongs in the future and the problem with that is we are teaching it to the next generation in our schools. Americans black, white, hispanic whatever should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen to their children as all it does is hold back another generation. IMO all references to race should be abolished from every goverment form in our nation. That in itself promotes racism. If we really had a leader in the White house these past "50" years they would correct this problem remove race from all public documents promote another general term when we do not agree with someelses opinion that references their opinion without the term of any color. My favorite to recommend is the word trash a term used years ago with the word white in front of it! Great job Armando!!!


If this country is 'going down the drain' like you so ignorantly say, then do you think the past 8 years might classify as the moment we started going down? Seems like a prreeeeettty long time to me and before that we had international respect, a budget surplus, hegemony, etc etc etc. Open your eyes, dude. This country is going back up from the hole we were dug into.


Do you even know what the word 'hypocrite' means??

If you understood 'CONTEXT' maybe you might get that I'm referring to that ONE quote from Sharpton. I'm not celebrating Sharpton in any way. I'm saying that ONE quote is right on the money. Get a dictionary.

I assure you, Sharpton would not be owning an NFL team. He is also way too polarizing.

Posted by: Dat RoRo Kid | October 15, 2009 at 09:59 AM

I assure you he would drop the race card and be voted in. You are clueless, rush did drugs? Well number 34 did them too (numerous times), yet he is still playing for us. So why don't you go find the word context, and hypocrisy.


The only thing "whatever" stuck was his wad to his pants leg.

He and others like him are participating in a circle jerk of mental masturbation.

BTW... The divisions among the people of this nation are ideological in nature. Those who value individual freedom and liberty and those who worship the collective. There is no middle ground and there is no compromise. How can their be? Your either a slave to the state and collective or your not.

My sincere wish for you is that you live long enough to suffer under the full force of the ideology of the marxists revolutionaries who currently infest the federal government. May your years be long and filled with regret, that is, if you have the metal capacity and self awareness required for such complicated things like regret.


I have no issues with certain drug use. I never said I did. You really don't have good reading comprehension, do you? I just don't think you should stand on your little soapbox - like Armando talking about athletes that use drugs or Mr. Limbaugh himself - and deride other people (like, say, Clinton for getting a freakin' blowie) when you've got quite a few skeletons in your own closet.


You should also learn some grammar, son.


Great post Armando...couldn't have said it better myself.


You're perfectly entitled to lean right and, obviously, the media does not agree with you, but I am a huge Obama supporter and, by every definition, a liberal. I vehemently oppose what Limbaugh says. I do believe he is entitled to make an attempt at ownership. Here are a few things to consider, though.

1. What is Limbaugh's most famous comment on the NFL? He criticized Donovan McNabb by calling him overrated due to the fact that he is black. This is unavoidable: Tom Jackson said on television that there is indeed a problem with what Limbaugh said. If your only real experience with the league is as a commentator and you are forced to resign due to a clearly uncalled for and polarizing comment, you will have a problem being accepted into that league, this much is obvious.

2. When you make polarizing comments, you have to be willing to take the heat. Rush says controversial things: he called for Barack Obama to fail, he called Obama a racist, he smears liberals daily in what can only be considered a Shock Jock program nationwide. These are the facts. So, if you say things that alienate people, the consequence is often self-alienation. He understands this and makes that sacrifice daily. More power to him but the alienation of liberals and moderates alike could come back to bite him.

Again, as a strong liberal, I do not necessarily oppose him, but he will not be a good fit for the Rams because he brings controversy. Vick payed his debt to society and black players like Ferguson are part of a culture. People like Cable deserve to be chucked out and polarizing political figures like Sharpton and Jackson have no room to speak on this issue. The NFL is not a battleground and, unfortunately, that may lead an antagonizer like Limbaugh away from what he truly wants to do. Maybe he should take the time to clean up his image. I'm sure he would be happier in life and I wish that liberals like Sharpton would do the same.

I don't know if Limbough is racist but I do know he is a divider in a divided nation. He is a liar and a druggie too. I don't care if he owns a football team but it should be on another planet. He should be sent there too. He should take the morons that support him with him to his new planet. Just pick a planet, it doesn't have to support human life, they will do just fine.

I don't agree that Limbaugh should be excluded from being an owner just because he's racist (he is) but I question his motives.

Limbaugh has now become a martyr. He is free to yell his lungs out on his radio show and will make millions off this controversy.

He knew there'd be a backlash, and he got his wish. That said, the 'N' word analogy doesn't play here. Horrible example.

The league that has a team called the (Redskins) won't let Rush in because of false perceived racism. Classic.

I have never been anywhere close to being a fan or yours and have always been one of your worst critics, but this is one of the best peices of writing I have ever seen come from you or the Herald.

Great Work!!!

RORO Kid, you might be referring to the "Out Of Africa" theory which may or may not be true. It is a THEORY.

As far you comparing Ghana or Mali to the Greeks or any other civilization (I think your words were pre-civilization, whatever that means) you have bats in your belfry.

It is you that needs to read up on history.

I lean left and I thought your column was well presented and a fair point of view without all the ubiquitous emotion. But if you can hear things like the McNabb comments and "Barack the Magic Negro" and still deny Limbaugh's racism, then perhaps you're not as well thought out as you believe.

"I have no issues with certain drug use. I never said I did."

Clown....Then why did you even bring it up? Learn how to communicate, and form a rational argument. Son, I could think and write circles around you. You ought to give up while you can.

Hey Henry, may as well get your fat ass off the porch, spit out yer cud and work on getting that militia started that you've been dreaming about.

You crazy extremist basterd...

Armando's first line on this post was that it contains racial and political content and if you don't like that, don't read it.

If you're complaining about the political content my question to you would be why did you read it?

Get a clue.

Very good, Armando. Great to have somebody with moral clarity.

"He knew there'd be a backlash, and he got his wish. That said, the 'N' word analogy doesn't play here. Horrible example."

Um, no. Great analogy, double standards at play. I wonder if some of you even passed sixth grade.

Spike lee can put out a movie called White men can't jump, Think he would be allowed in the NFL? You betcha. Think a white director who had a movie called Black men can't "whatever" be excluded? You betcha. Double standard.

The bottom line is these comments by Rush were fabricated, if he were truly racist he would' and should' be off the radio in a heartbeat.

I do not agree with your polotical leanings, Armando, but I respect the fact you told us where you stand and then you outted EVERYBODY!

That is what journalism should be about.

Shaggy you're dumber than a box of donut holes if you don't see why Limpbag should never be an owner of an NFL franchise. So is Armando.

Do some research Armando. wtf... Idiots.

I'm out of here. Henry, maybe you can sign up Shaggy for your militia.

Ha, anyone that disagrees with whatever is a Militia member, typical leftist loon.

Some idiot writer on TV the other day said Rush Limbaugh would never hire a black coach. He immediately lost all credibility because what the media doesn't know or won't tell you is that Rush's right hand man, a man named James Golden, is black.

He's been with Rush for years. And that must drive the people that want to paint Rush as a racist absolutely crazy.

Excellent article, Mando! This might be the best one I have ever read from you, and I have to admit I am a little surprised. Thanks for digging into this issue and keep up the good work. Maybe you should think about taking up political journalism instead of football. Not that you aren't good at the football stuff, but this article is amazing. You really have your own agenda that strays from the left run media and challenges it very well. It is a nice change of pace on the everyday liberal media reporting.
Excellent, excellent job!

Keep it up!
ONLY in America!!!!!

“White folks was in caves while we was building empires.... We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it

The NFL is not supposed to be biased but you, as a so-called professional journalist are allowed to be biased? And you speak of hypocrisy? Ironic. Also, I am not a registered Democrat but it's called the "Democratic" Party, not "Democrat" Party. At least show that you can think for yourself instead of spouting others cliches'. You might actually earn respect as a professional journalist that way....well...except for the biased writing.

Some of your points have merit. But black athletes use of the 'N' word thing is something you, & I, are not qualified to frown upon. Their ancestors endured over 100 years of emotional scarring to last an eternity. If they want to be able to use that word, & not allow anyone else to, then LET THEM HAVE IT! It's the very least they deserve!

Yea and I believe Fidel Castro should own part of the team too!!!!!!!

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