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An update on Patrick Turner's progress

Many of you have asked how Patrick Turner is progressing and why it is he hasn't been able to get active on game day, much less catch a pass. (Yes, I'm back on the receivers). Anyway, there are several reasons when the Dolphins take four receivers to the game why Turner hasn't been one of them.

The first reason is Turner hasn't been active is Miami's pecking order has been, as of the last game, Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo, Ted Ginn Jr. and Brian Hartline. And while Hartline is every bit as much a rookie as Turner, he's learned the Dolphins offense faster and can actually play all three receiver spots in a pinch.

"To Brian's credit, he knows all three positions and that is the difference," coach Tony Sparano said. "I think you talk about how he has progressed ... this guy knows all three positions. He can go into the game at any one of those at any moment in the game and handle the workload."

Turner, meanwhile, is not yet ready to play all three spots.

He also has not yet shown coaches he is better on special teams than some other special teams player. Turner tells me he is working at punt, punt return, kickoff and kick return in practice so the Dolphins are trying to get him special teams ready, but obviously he hasn't gotten there until now.

That doesn't mean Turner is a waste. (He is a rookie, folks). The fact is Sparano said Turner had perhaps his best practice day of the season on Thursday. I talked to Turner Saturday to try to understand what it was he did that was so impressive on Thursday and, frankly, I failed miserably at coming away with a good answer.

"I think I'm doing a pretty good job," Turner said. "I'm going out there and making plays and that's what they want me to do. I've been playing pretty consistent (in practice). That day I probably made a couple of good plays back to back and that's what stood out. When they bring in a guy, that's what they expect from him."

I asked Turner what specifically coaches are telling him he needs to improve upon to make himself activation worthy, and again, I failed miserably at getting you a specific answer.

"Just be a difference maker, really," he said. "That's what they tell me."

I asked Turner if he's been given any indication that he is on the verge of getting active, and this is the best answer I got:

"I'm not sure," he said. "That's up to them. I can't really think about that. All I can do is take care of what I can do in the present time and better myself so I can get on the field."

I hope Turner becomes a better receiver than he is an interview. You should remain hopeful that can happen at some point because I asked Turner what fans will see from him when he finally gets on the field for the first time in the regular season.

"That I'm a complete receiver," he said confidently. "That I make plays."


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Back in april he compared himself to colston-n-keyshawn HA.Can't get off the practice team because he is not very good.Kiper said back then (Ya I said Kiper)he was not good and did not get it done at usc.Maybe a waste of a 3rd round pick?

I met turners mom at the atl game. She was a wonderful woman. I hope Pat does well!

Play turners what do we have to lose he either steps up or not and if not he's wasting a roster spot

The faster we go through this the better I hope a WRs on this roster steps up but I think that's me being optimistic but we can still be surprised if not trade or FA soon before it's to late for this season

I think Brian Hartline will be the next Wes Welker.He seems to have good hands and quickness.I say we get rid of Ginn and let Turner play.....it can't be any worse.

Monday night we will know what direction the team need's to go.If were 1-4 time to take stock and give all the rookies playing time.If 2-3 then maybe we can trust the trifecta one more week.Atleast till wed or thurs.lol

I'm praying the Dolphins don't wear those horrid black cleats again.

I have really been hoping that we would play Turner soon. I'm much more optimistic about Ted Ginn's potential than most, but even so.. If Ted Ginn performs as poorly as he has the past few weeks, then I say we bench ginn (or at least give him less playing time) and see what Turner can do.

Oh and by the way, Mel Kiper is an idiot. So.. that's what I think about that one.

Agree,kiper not always right and hope he's wrong about turner.Maybe put ginn on the practice team this week and see 6'5" turner out there,maybe he would have held onto the ball in the end zone.

David....horrid black cleats?... are you freakin kidding me... this is football not some a&e make over show....
Miami needs to WIN... to hell with all that "we will see where we need to go"... No, Miami need to win in their building... they need to either squeak it out or blow um out... it don't make a difference... Miami and Sparano need to go show that 156 Mil. was well spent on the O-line. Gibril needs to get it all together and get it done... Henne needs to have a Matt Ryan type Break out game. Brown, Williams, Cobbs, Polite and Hillard Need to pound their heads. I do not care how, when or what they have to do... This is a Game we want to win... Period, I know you guys don;t want to listen to WETS fans for ever about losing. We may not take the game in Jersey... This ones a must... Have I said.. "Miami Needs to friggin WIN" ENOUGH??? Well They do need to win... and WIN BIG!!!!

By the way David... They are wearing the Orange Uniforms on Monday Night...

This is a BIG game for Ginny!! I've defended him long enough from the school bully (Mando), but te jets will stack the line and blitz like crazy ALL day!! He's going against prob the best cover corner in the league, but he's gotta use his speed to separate from Rivas in a few bombs.. Otherwise, I'm wit Mando--not quite as EVIL though..

oh puh-leeze....an inarticulate jock?!? Never heard of such a thing.


What do you expect Turner to say? Give you a decent line or something to work with?...Come on now, he has been inactive on game day his first four games of his career, you want him to embelish what he did on a Thursday practice that made coaches notice and praise? lol
I truely believe that by the end of the season Turner will get his chance and make some plays. The coaches are making him earn his way onto the field and that, because, you are the most highly recruited High School reciever, then a star WR at a great school with a great tradition in football at USC, doesn't mean you automatically have the right to play football and start, not on this team. You have to earn playing time and getting on that field and suiting up the Dolphin uni is a privalage not a right.

That being said when Turner does get on the field and earns his spot, it will be worth the wait, hes gonna be good.

Sorry typos
Good nite Dolphins Nation
Go Dolphins!

If one of those WRs don't cut it I hope they take a look at Briscoe from Kansas , love to watch him play. Think he's gonna be great in the NFL.

Seriously who was the last WR to come out of USC and make it big as a pro? Keyshawn? I live in LA and guys like Mike Williams and even Dwayne Jarrett got more press before they came out. I was STUNNED when the Dolphins took him. Even more so when they passed on opportunities to take guys like Hakeem Nicks (taken 4 picks after Vontae) and Ramses Barden (taken 2 spots ahead of Patrick Turner).

Other rookie WRs who were all drafted after Hartline and have already had a bigger impact Austin Collie, Louis Murphy, and Johnny Knox.

What's that saying Parcells likes to use so much.... "if they don't bite when they're puppies...."




Patrick turner isn't playing simply because it seems he doesn't know the playbook. What good is a player put there running circles? I think that's why he's not playing

He has had a lot of time to learn the playbook. Is he mentally challenged?

Ginn can't run routes? WTF. three years and he doesn't know to turn around, cut right or left and look for a brown thing ooming near him, adjust and put his hands around the brown thing. How hard is that?

Maybe instead of speed they should draft someone with the ability to do their times tables. Where do they find these tards?

T. Martin, Hartline is biting. Miami dose not throw like INdy dose nore dose Miami has a Payton Manning. I think he is the real deal. The other thing you forgot is that Parcells also dose not like starting rookies.

I also like to say that Kiper is wrong more times than he is right. Specially when it comes too the Dolphins. He slammed Quinn right before it was Miami's turn too pick and than he turns around and slams Miami for not taking him. Miami still made the wrong pick but dose it matter at this point? While he said Miami should have taken Ryan but I really don't think Ryan wold have been the same QB with Miami that he is with Atlanta and he is having a pretty average season at this point but he also slammed Miami for taking Henne instead of Brohm. Brohm is on the practice squad for the Packers, free for anyone too pick up and no one is biting. In short Kiper sucks!

Trifecta doesnt give rookies free passes. Just like Ernest and Julio Gallows they will serve no wine until its time. When we finally see Turner on the field expect big things. For the wine has aged, chilled and is ready to be served.

Turner will be a good WR when his turn comes. Maybe it starts Monday.

This is not to defend Kiper, but most personal departments are wrong more often then they are right. There is no way to accurately measure heart and desire. See Zach Thomas drafted in the 5th round. Tom Brady the 6th. Just the way it is folks.


Every now and then I get my little man caught in the zip. Thank God that doesnt happen on a regular basis either. Probably about as often as finding a Brady or Thomas in late rounds.

Speaking of late and of Thomas, It took well over a decade to find another late great Thomas in the draft. Oh yeah, this Thomas goes by the first name of Donald.

If he doesnt get seperation or fight for the ball or run the right route on the fade route in endzone. He wont make it. Its that simple.

The Best thing I have seen him do is get the bubble screen and go ten yards. He has good size for that to break tackles.

His work ethic and intelligence will determine if he gets on the field. Thats why Hartline is.

Seems Turner was awesome in OTA'S. Had a bad camp,(hitting began). We already know that Bess and Camarillo will take a hit. Hartline hasn't shown any fear as of yet. While I believe that Hartline may be a faster learner, he's very likely showing more grit as well. Time will tell.

Some Observations:

1) Sorry, Cuban Menace. I nominated you for the Nobel Peace Prize, but I guess the committee didn't get the nomination in time. You're MUCH more deserving than our feckless President.

2) If the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League don't win the Grey Cup this year, I'm really going to be pissed. The Tiger-Cats are the only North American professional team that has won at least one championship in every decade since the 1950s, and 2009 is their last chance for this decade.

3) When Dustin Hoffman was filming "Marathon Man," the annoyingly self-absorbed "method actor" was delaying filming because he wasn't "feeling the part." Incessantly debating with himself aloud what approach he should take for the next scene, impatient co-star Laurence Olivier finally blurted out, "You could try ACTING!"

I suspect The Trifecta often feel like Laurence Olivier when dealing with Ted Ginn. "You could try CATCHING the ball! And, hey, how about running after the catch instead of burrowing into the earth like you're panning for gold!"

4) I have a trampoline in my backyard that I'd like to get rid of if anyone is interested.

5) I think I dislike Nick Saban more than Aaron Burr disliked Alexander Hamilton.

6) I think I dislike Nick Saban less than Alexander Hamilton disliked Nick Saban.

7) I have an authentic Channing Crowder Miami Dolphins jersey signed by the linebacker that I'd be willing to throw in to anyone who's willing to take the trampoline off my hands. (I really have one.)

8) I buy "Star Magazine" for my wife, and I like to flip through the pictures. I don't know who Kristin Cavalieri is but, if a picture tells a thousand words, then this is a woman completely obsessed with her fame, whose sole purpose in life upon walking outside is to pose for photographers and get her picture in the magazines. She believes that fame and undeserved adulation can make up for the emptiness of her pointless, purposeless and Godless existence. Kristin - it can't. Can I tell all that just by looking at a picture? I think so.

The grass (prescription turf) isn't always greener. I am, as most are, frustrated and dissapointed with Ted Ginn's progression as a pro. And I would have to say that at best, he can't handle the pressure of being a number 1 receiver.
That being said, Chad Henne is our most important project at the moment. The current Chad needs to have the most quarterback friendly receivers in the lineup. He needs to have receivers that can find the gaps in the defense, come back to him when he's in trouble and play defense when necessary on a poorly thrown pass.
I am not saying this can't be Turner, but the fact that Hartline has become so versatile, speaks to him being a consumate pro that already knows how to be a playmaker.
As for Ginn, he's a couple of years ahead of Turner. I think that experience makes the difference right now. The Turner project will have to wait until Chad II has proven that he is good enough to make all the reads and throws or we waive the white flag (not to be confused with the hankie).

Just because Hartline is white it does not make him a Wes Welker. He does seem scrappy and elusive, maybe with time he will be of the same mold.Those are awefully big shoes to fill.

i just had breakfast and thank the lord i finished it before seeing Nathaniel's post.


The reason why Turner isn't active is the one downside of double drafting a position. Only one can dress on game day.

The exception being the two corners because otherwise that position totally sucks for the Dolphins. They are already the two best corners they have.


go pick that thing of nathaniel back yard .

the trick w/ nathaniel is he most of the time stats the obvious but to most people w/ low IQ on this blog it's like candy .

Is anyone else getting the feeling that Braylon will haunt us Monday?


Braylon not going to do squat because he can't catch and sanchito will be on his back all game. Please stop be all whiny and emo.

P.S. Those skinny jean on emo guys fad need to stop . Emofanfin, you can please see something to do about this?

i have the feeling that ted gin will be re born again and win it for us .

What does Hartline being white have to do with anything ?

Aloco what kind of meat you like in meatball sub?


If you define a "play", as not a catch but something better... then the answer is fine.

By better, I mean TD catch, broken tackle(ie stiff arm), juke a guy to pick up extra yards.

Now I'm not seeing that kind of play from any of our receivers.

I like Turner more than Hartline and Ginn for that matter. He is the guy that stole the roster spot from Wilford and Brandon London. Time to get him on the field, and see if he can make a "Big Play", as defined above.

Henne the Hero!

Ted Ginn is like an Oreo...think about it!

I think the coaches keep people on the bench longer than they have to. They kept Henne on the bench too much last season, and he didn't develop as fast because of it. They took a long time to bring in Wake. Hartline, I understand he is pretty good so they want him out there, but who is Miami throwing to in the end zone? Fasano and Ginn, both of which are getting out muscled or out of position. I think they've thrown to Hartline but he's not impressing in the red zone so far. So what's the harm in putting Turner out there? He can drop passes as well as the rest, but the difference with Turner is he's got the size and hands, and we have a real chance of getting that ball in the EZ. He just needs some work out there and he'll start catching on.

People who keep saying put this player in, or that player in because what do we have to loose are idiots. Coaches get payed to win. They play the players who give the team the best chance to win. There is no experimenting during the regular season. Experimenting costs coaches their jobs. That why Turner isn't in.

Let me set some light in the patrick Turner issue that mando didn't get into. From all the reports that i've read , turner has finally started working on the little things to be a good wr in this league , I.E . studying film , studying db's tendencies , re-fining his routes and getting tougher at going after balls. There were alot of times , during preseason , when turner was pulling up at catches when feeling the db getting ready to lay a lick on him. He's finally started to stay after practie for more work , including taking catches for jugs machine.

I am developing an iPhone app that lets you track Patrick Turner's progress in real time on the go.

Jackie, I believe it's best to let the coaches decide when to bring someone off the bench...Your point of getting them reps is well taken, but your talking about possibly destroying someones confidence and maybe career by putting a kid out there that is just not properly prepared...Everyone is different and it's takes some rookies longer then others...when the coaches fell Turner is ready, he will be out there

Bobbyd12 , That's right.

I believe Parcells told Keyshawn he was too slow to do an end around. So I hope Turner is nothing like Keyshawn.

To all Dolphan,

small words of encourage:

"Henne thing is possible..."

even a monkey in my ear ? EEH ! EEH !

You guys see the way Cedric Benson is playing today? First 100yd rusher allowed by Ravens; running hard & smart.

Remember when he "sucked," just like you think Braylon Edwards sucks? Sometimes a guy just needs to grow up & get a change of scenery.....just like Edwards.

Watch out tomorrow. I'm VERY concerned.

Carson Palmer throws a pretty pass, no? Bullets.

EmofiFinFan , what the hell are you talking about ? What does edwards have to do with benson ? LMFAO ! Edwards drops passes and is a wanna be prima donna who just got in trouble off the field . Benson , who far from a wanna be diva , has been on the bengals since last year. Edwards just joined the jets a couple a days and will have to learn the play book. How don't care who you are , that takes time.

TyPo : I don't

Al Carlito el monitole le gusta bailar un pouquito i meterse en Los culitos de Los machitos ie Tom Brady, Richard Gere, Mark "dirty" Sanchez etc...

Emo , if you need to worry about something , worry how the ol and henne pick up the jets blit packages and NOT edwards. JEEZ ! LOL !

MUY GRANDE MEATBALL !. MI GUSTO MEATBALLS ! MMMM , i want to eat myself . Oh Yeah , and monkeys in my ear.

Lol little A*s Monkey I see you out of Brady A*s just in time for the game!

Mr Gere is looking for you!

Curious George is looking for me and my ear. I prefer king kong in my ear.

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