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If winds are biting, pick Henne over Sanchez

NEW YORK -- Outlined against a slate gray sky my plane landed in Gotham (Grantland Rice started flowing through my fingers) and I was reminded that a game in the Meadowlands lurks for Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez.

If you are a daily reader of this blog, you might vaguely remember that on Oct. 18, during Miami's bye weekend, I blogged about Sanchez before he began a nightmare performance against Buffalo. If you remember or check out the archives, you'll know I predicted Sanchez would have a horrible game because the winds were swirling at the Meadowlands and I have been told by three NFL personnel people that Sanchez simply won't be that good, in the short-term anyway, in those type of conditions.

The personnel folks told me being a Southern California kid who hasn't really experienced either cold weather or swirling wind conditions, it will take Sanchez a while to figure out how to handle the Meadowlands because the winds are so unpredictable.

Well, Sanchez that day threw five interceptions and had a defining outing in that the offense has since been taken out of his hands and put in the hands of the New York running backs. Anyway, Sundays game against the Dolphins is the first for Sanchez in the Jets back in the Meadowlands since that disaster game on Oct. 18.

Not surprisingly, the issue of weather and swirling winds came up this week, in part because I brought it up, and offensive coordinator Dan Henning seems to agree with my NFL sources, at least in part, about Sanchez and the Meadowlands.

"Yes, I think Sanchez might have some problems," Henning said only half-kiddingly this week.

If the winds are biting, absolutely. Remember, it's not necessarily about cold temperatures, although that can also be a factor. The weather Sunday is expected to be in the 50s so that really isn't frigid. But the winds, the winds are the big factor.

“It’s important to get a good grip on the ball and practice in those elements, but it’s one of those things where it’s football, you just have to play," Sanchez said. "Trust your instincts, body guys up in the rain, you have to make sure they’re not jumping and tipping balls up in the air and it slips through their hands, and you just have to be even more accurate and more conscious about the football and ball security.

"We will for sure go through that playing here in the Meadowlands, and we just need to be ready to play in it.”

I contend that if the winds are kicking on Sunday, it is the Dolphins, quarterbacked by Chad Henne, that will have an advantage getting the ball out and to their intended targets. Henne has a better arm than Sanchez and has more experience playing in difficult climates than Sanchez. Henne played at Michigan while Sanchez played at USC.

“I think sits going to be difficult for all of us to adjust to the climate," Henne said. "Obviously we’re down here in warm whether all the time, we haven’t played in a cold weather game yet, so we’re going to have to adjust to the climate, adjust to the winds.

"I’m kind of accustomed to that with college being in the north and adjusting to the cold weather and the wind. I don’t think that should be a factor to me, and hopefully we can just adjust to it.”

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Great stuff, as always.


Always wanted to do that.

Honestly, I'm rooting for sleet and hail because I read your first blog back in October and it was uncanny how Sanchez was a fish out of water. He had no idea how to deal with the elements.

Come on crap weather!

Doesn't matter anyway, cuz we're gonna run the ball right down their throat.

Blow me, yeah everyone knows Sanchez will never become elite, because Mexicans, cannot stand frigid weather, and alot of his games, will be in frigid weather, should have stuck with soccer, or volleyball.

TRICK OR TREAT ! I hate to burst your bubble , but i live about 10-15 minutes from the meadowlands and the forecast is about 58-60 degrees sunny with some clouds with winds about 8 miles an hour. Miami is just going to have to go out there and give them an old fashioned AS* kicking. On the ground and in the air. :)

As a matter a fact , it's 68 degrees right now.

If the winds are anywhere above 5 MPH, this is a big deal because inside the stadium it swirls like a mini tornado. Don't know why, just does.

Who cares if the weather's good or bad? Sanchez will only complete 50% of his passes, anyway. Way overated. If we are to win, it will be up to our secondary and offensive line.


Your last blog was right on the money. If we're talking 3rd grade kickball.
This is the NFL you numb nut!!!!
Linebackers are a different breed. Quarterbacks are destined for annihilation!!!!

Dick Butkis

What about Henne? It's not like he's going to be immune to the elements. This isn't Michigan.


Apparently you haven't spent much time in Michigan. The weather that comes through Michigan almost ALWAYS hits Buffalo and New York City(the Meadowlands).
Henne will out play Sanchez in general. In inclement weather even more so!


Could you check for any weather updates?
I'm bit farther north near the US Canadian border. We had a lights out wind and rain storm and it's heading east.
One of the best Devils Nights I've ever had.

PS: My back up generator ran out of gas. We were drinking Rum by candle light into the wee hours!!!!

Michigan weather is hell in the winter. I'm in central NY and the cold front that's supposed to be hitting NJ tomorrow is hitting here. Knocking all the leaves off the trees.. It's VERY windy right now, not so cold in the 60s but it will get colder after the front passes by tomorrow for the game.

The temps won't be a factor at all it's the wind for sure

NJ's right--

I've checked long-range NYC forecast, and it looks like a marvelous fall afternoon for football.....we'll just have to beat them the old-fashioned way, w/o relying on weather.

Odindseye , I just gave you the forcast on my above post. I'm shorts a t shirt right now. It's almost 70 degress and cloudy. Light rain.

The 2nd stone cold beatdown that we put on Peter TRex Griffin and the Cropdusters will "Chill" the shyt out of that lousy excuse of a franchise.
Run it right through Barf Scott!

how bout a swirling wind of cam wake?

Mando , since you're in the area , maybe we can hook up for a beer and talk fins. Where are you ataying ? Seacacus , newark , jersey city ? There's some nice places to eat in the area including hoboken , edgewater and the above areas i mentioned. :)

Typo : Staying



Hopefully what were getting will miss you guys. Itr really don't matter. Either way we're gonna kill the Wets!!!!


rum in the dark last night...wifey liked it....lol

NJ, your take....mine is 24-13 Dolphins

or 27 fins

i need to load the cooler....Hurricanes & Fins wim this weekend

win, lol

miami 24-20.

Sachez is pennington reincarnated with a noodle arm...so that bodes well for us for years to come


No wifey. I got a young hottie that can actually hang.
She puts up with me, keeps coming back, and watches the games with me.
What more can a Viking warrior ask for?

Harricane , sounds like you already " LOADED " the cooler. Get It ? :)

another nail biter...we have been cardiac kids 4 too long... i thought the NO game we would break out.

NJ did U see the pic of ginny making a Touchback with that hit on the ball at the 1.5 yard line? SI did. did a 2 page spread ....just saying


my wifey is a viking as well...blonde, blue eyed euro...puts up with my crap....likes gold rum...what else can we ask for?

ok, i do the laundry...i admit

Harricane , yeah i saw it , don't remind me : (


Wifey is working...i am "prepping" for Canes game...so my buddy "Bud" is here....so....

I have to be a "good guy" ya know.....

Cane , we did beat buffalo ina blowout 38-10.

Didn't Pat White line up at receiver in college? Just saying, why not try it out?


I know man, I have no fear of the Yets/Pets/Jests we will rule them for years with Master Henne. Why are most of the good NFL QBs single? Manning....Manning...Rivers....Henne?

Just asking...i think odin knows.....

Ya they are single because they want to keep their money


Being single I've always done my own laundry. No shame there. Being cleans a good thing.

PS: Don't take this the wrong way, but your wife sounds like my kind of woman!!!!

note ...i did not include Ryan or whats his name in baltimore...what is it flat tire? flap jack?


i lied, she has green eyes.. with a lil gold too....and no offense taken...everyone likes her....great lady and 12 yrs younger....nice....lol

did i say she likes rum.....gold rum


R U watching the Canes today?

where is carlito when ya need a drinking buddy

My "young in" is a green eyed blonde. Tall, just beautiful.

As the great Warrior Chief Crazy Horse said: Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky.

As Odin says: Until then....I'm all in!!!!

damn odin

mine is only 5'7" LOL

but.....if they watch football damn man...and like rum...who is the Chief? answer...both of us


R U in MN? my business partner is moving from MN


Absolutely on the Canes.

its on ABC here at 3:30 eastern time

don't forget to re-set your clock tonight.....

PS...dont re-set the clock when on top of the wife/girlfriend....they dont like that

Ok love all the blogging all week, but now we less then 24 hours away from the game, I am not much who has the advantage. We need our Dolphins to go into that stadium tomorrow and just kick some jets ass, we would love to see the sucky jets crying in the locker room again. GO DOLPHINS


let's replay the Buffalo beatdown

how does a hurricane handle a wake?

we blow them away and flood them with pressure.

my QB against yours... for fins...no worries vs san cheese (on my hotdog)


I'm in the upper penisula of Michigan. I live right on the edge of the Hiawatha National Forest.

...who is the Chief? answer...both of us

Women are to be Worshipped and held in high esteem.
However, Viking Warriors are King!

vicking women are cold and most of the look like men ,that why most men live there are open minded .


we had a LB from the Upper P. Remember his name?

Oh and yea, gotta have a hot woman when you are a real man....and if I don't respect my woman ...wow...i let her beat on me ( a lil bit)

odinseye...... always makes me laugh .
harricane....... the nurse makes me think of soiled bottom .
cuban.....makes me think of my meatball sub .
nj phin.......... makes me think of talking to my self .

I wonder how sanchez will eat a hotdog this week on his back with Taylor, porter, Wake and the rest of the defense on him

Anyone watching this potential Indiana upset at Iowa on the Worldwide Leader? Refs are trying their damndest to give it to Iowa!

Weather should be a non-factor, we live in the lightning, wind, rain and hurricane capital in the USA. Only benefits us if it rains with our superior running game.

Hell let it snow, our record stands for itself we maybe 2-4, but we're 2-0 in our division.

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