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If winds are biting, pick Henne over Sanchez

NEW YORK -- Outlined against a slate gray sky my plane landed in Gotham (Grantland Rice started flowing through my fingers) and I was reminded that a game in the Meadowlands lurks for Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez.

If you are a daily reader of this blog, you might vaguely remember that on Oct. 18, during Miami's bye weekend, I blogged about Sanchez before he began a nightmare performance against Buffalo. If you remember or check out the archives, you'll know I predicted Sanchez would have a horrible game because the winds were swirling at the Meadowlands and I have been told by three NFL personnel people that Sanchez simply won't be that good, in the short-term anyway, in those type of conditions.

The personnel folks told me being a Southern California kid who hasn't really experienced either cold weather or swirling wind conditions, it will take Sanchez a while to figure out how to handle the Meadowlands because the winds are so unpredictable.

Well, Sanchez that day threw five interceptions and had a defining outing in that the offense has since been taken out of his hands and put in the hands of the New York running backs. Anyway, Sundays game against the Dolphins is the first for Sanchez in the Jets back in the Meadowlands since that disaster game on Oct. 18.

Not surprisingly, the issue of weather and swirling winds came up this week, in part because I brought it up, and offensive coordinator Dan Henning seems to agree with my NFL sources, at least in part, about Sanchez and the Meadowlands.

"Yes, I think Sanchez might have some problems," Henning said only half-kiddingly this week.

If the winds are biting, absolutely. Remember, it's not necessarily about cold temperatures, although that can also be a factor. The weather Sunday is expected to be in the 50s so that really isn't frigid. But the winds, the winds are the big factor.

“It’s important to get a good grip on the ball and practice in those elements, but it’s one of those things where it’s football, you just have to play," Sanchez said. "Trust your instincts, body guys up in the rain, you have to make sure they’re not jumping and tipping balls up in the air and it slips through their hands, and you just have to be even more accurate and more conscious about the football and ball security.

"We will for sure go through that playing here in the Meadowlands, and we just need to be ready to play in it.”

I contend that if the winds are kicking on Sunday, it is the Dolphins, quarterbacked by Chad Henne, that will have an advantage getting the ball out and to their intended targets. Henne has a better arm than Sanchez and has more experience playing in difficult climates than Sanchez. Henne played at Michigan while Sanchez played at USC.

“I think sits going to be difficult for all of us to adjust to the climate," Henne said. "Obviously we’re down here in warm whether all the time, we haven’t played in a cold weather game yet, so we’re going to have to adjust to the climate, adjust to the winds.

"I’m kind of accustomed to that with college being in the north and adjusting to the cold weather and the wind. I don’t think that should be a factor to me, and hopefully we can just adjust to it.”

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Al...u R finally out of your coma?

if i were a nurse, i would not touch u, insurance or not

that's how the VICKING KINGS LIVED ,


mellow dude, nothing good to say....


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I am ready to recover from a very bad weekend this week.


I know 60 degrees not cold for you, but I'm like rest of Miami, at 60 degrees I am bundle up to prevent frost bite.

Go Hurricanes!

Go Dolphins!

Henne the Hero!

Ronnie the Rabid Beast!

Ricky the Rhino!

Can the real Dolphins D, please stand up?

Carlito - my a/c's on 60, I live in Miami. Mans that's no where near cold!

I can't wait to see Rex Ryan fat face after lose the game tomorrow and see what he have to see for himself...


Thanks. Peace, love and happiness.

That's what it's all about my brother!!!!

That is...........until kickoff at Meadowlands.

Loot, pillage and plunder.

Sanchez is going under!!!!!

carlito my brother

i am with ya....below 70 i need sweatpants...

but... i am not all jacked up like a Hurricane getting ready to fight Wake...

Speaking of Wake...hope san cheese has watched film...porter is gonna mix with cameron wake...Torbor ...Wake gets two sacks before 24 hours go by

harricane aka odinseye, the vickings killed my people and you call them WARRIORS ?

FINS 23456
JETS 0000

AL...odin & I respect each other...i don't have time to switch back and forth with a fake screen name....i am blue u r not...go figure

Rex is right now practicing what he will say after another loss, I think we might see tears this time, I would advice him to keep his hallowween costume on.

and i have not killed anyone much less a "people" i respect life...no colour barrier here


that is not a chin costume? did you hear his latest comments? what an insult to his father


Apparently your "people" were wussies.

If you couldn't manage your land and natural resources somebody had to show you how.

We actually did you a favor by enslaving your people, and conquering your land. Waste not want not.

Survival of the fittest. It is natural law. The law of the Gods!!!!

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I was so surprise when not so good Clemson upset Miami last week, they caught them sleeping and I hope they take Wake Forest serious.

As for Cameron Wake, I was watching him when he was in vs N.O. and I really saw his burst off the line, this guy is right on the edge to become something special

Duuuuuuust in the wind


I was on porch with rizzla. Go Canes!

Go sanchez
Go jets
Fins sucks

I thought this was a dolphins only blog, what all this Viking and other talk. We should be talking how points the Dolphins will win by tomorrow, I say 17. I want the game over by the start of the 4th quarter, don't need a heart attack at such a young age, lol

NJ so u r as old as me...lol

carlito- canes and fins somehow always either play good together or lose together...is it fixed? why do neither get respect...

from dust to dust... i think Jesus said that

I think the point here is that Henne started for 4 years in the rain, snow and winds at Ann Arbor. Sanchez started 1 year in sunny SoCal. So when it's all said and done, I'll take the big boy who's been to wars and won before. I want Henne on my team over Sanchez.

jet fans have no class. this is a fin blog...low class idiots.... eat crap u girly boyz


Posting in between my sets. Heading for the Jacuzzi at the Hotel where a couple of my friends are staying. Trying to make it by kickoff.

Soon as I get there, It's PARTY ON !!!!

Right on Bryan

NJ Phin Chimp

San-choke the turnover machine is no threat to any team except he own with all the int he like to throw. Vontae Davis and Sean Smith going to have feeding frenzy on his lame duck passes after Joey Porter, JT, and Wake pressure and hit him every time.

I meant Brian

my man odin,

i wont tell the wife....she loves camping out in a hotel...

but we have a jazz here at our home

no worries eddy. it's all good.

odin, BTW

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I don't live in a Trailer Park

Lost in the Ted Ginn hoopla this week is the fact that we've scored 103 points in the last 3 games. When was the last time that happened? I had to go back to the 1994 team, who scored 104 points in games 13-15 (including the fake spike game against the Jets). Could we have found our offense? Albeit one without a #1 WR?



but i visit the AC/DC guy at his vacation spot on our keys. name him.....

You guys are going to party together in the jacuzzi ? HMMMMMM! :)


take a breath and get a drink

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carlito, the playbook too

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Go! Dolphins nothing better than Jets week I hope it's on my TV out here in desolate Nebraska as for playing in the weather watched all of Henne;s games while living Michigan no problem just think back to Marino carving up Greenbay in a blizzard it's natural for Dolphins QBS!

Wind or no wind, the fast coward should be returning kickoffs or standing on the sidelines. Nothing else!

Don't car about Ginn anymore I think he is put in a position where he has to earn the right to play agian more worried about defense collapse agian to many good players to have this happen

defense collapse ? You mean Wilson's collapse!

and Taylor and porter and the defensive coordinater can't say his name makes me sick by the way odinseye I have a beautiful wife too not viking but indian long black hair and good with a butcher knife no liquer allowed in house only light beer

Its hard to watch Miami Vs. Wake and Florida Vs. Georgia at the same time... I need to move my other T.V. from bedroom down to living room next to this one.

Harricane , my post was aimed at odinseye and his friends at the hotel. Guilty conscience ? HMMMM!

Carlito do like my little brother he stacks all his small tvs on his big tv and watches three or games at once lucky tramp

keep posting I probably won't get the game lastr week was fun reading you guys for awhile then just pissed again I believe I have seen every way to lose a game thisyear and years past not something to brag about GO! DOlphins

Has anyone noticed most the trifecta favors cold weather state guys? If not take a look at the states guys are from they brought in on our roster. Hmm....maybe the road to nfl championships lead to the north?

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