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Is Ted Ginn Jr. on the trade block?

Despite the overwhelming opinion that the Dolphins need to upgrade their receivers, there are swirling rumors this evening that Ted Ginn Jr. is a player the Dolphins are taking calls about as the trade deadline looms at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Understand that midseason trades are rare.

Understand that coach Tony Sparano was asked about any potential moves Monday and responded with a cryptic, "I love my team. I like where we’re at.”

And understand that there is not a huge market for a player such as Ginn because, frankly, he hasn't proven himself to be invaluable to anyone. But ...

Ginn does still promise improvement. Ginn does still have elite speed. And Ginn is a rarity among receivers in that he has no ego and fits in just about anywhere because he is simply good people. And then you add one more fact and you have a full blown rumor.

That fact is the Baltimore Ravens are looking for receiver and cornerback help and former Dolphins coach Cam Cameron is the offensive coordinator in Baltimore. So there you have dots begging to be connected. and ProFootballWeekly made the connection as a possibility.

One thing to remember about Cameron being in Baltimore: Ginn would come into that system knowing the Baltimore offense so he would be able to play right away.

Baltimore general manager Ozzie Newsome told The National Football Post he has spoken with several teams about possible trades but added, "I've got nothing pending right now."

I know for a fact the Dolphins like Ginn. I also know for a fact the Dolphins don't love Ginn. He's available for the right price. 

The problem is what's the right price? Forget that Miami invested a No. 1 pick on the guy. That was another regime, another time. That has no affect on this regime.

The fact is, however, this regime doesn't want to simply give any player away. So would the Dolphins trade Ginn for a fourth-round pick? Probably not. For a second-rounder? Yes.

For a third-rounder? Or a conditional third that could turn into a second? That's debatable.

Remember, none of this means Ginn will be traded. It's all a rumor at this point and there is probably no smoke to this fire.

But you never know.

In other trade news, the Panthers got defensive tackle Tank Tyler from Kansas City this evening for a fifth round pick. I would not be surprised if the Chiefs continue to be active Tuesday.  


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Don't see this one happening

If the dolphins did trade Ted Ginn, their biggest threat downfield is would be Brian Hartline..... The dolphins have absolutely no speed besides Ginn. They simply can't afford to trade him. It's not going to happen.

Get him the fxxx out of here.

If Ginn doesn't beat Revis and make that catch I could see it, but there is some potential with Henne and Ginn. He is the ONLY player that could stretch the field and keep safeties off the line a little. So by trading Ginn you not only give away your only deep option but you hinder the running game as well in the process. Don't see it.

i think ted ginn will be traded since he's not happy here .

ted ginn will never be loved in miami .he knows that and he can be moved easily now since he had a TD last week .

would be a mistake to trade him this year...we finally get the chance to get some balls to him with a stronger armed more confident qb, and we get rid of him? would be a mistake and he might thrive elsewhere,

jenkins out for the year and sanchez remains the starter i see the fish going in to the smelly swamp in two weeks to stillbirth the nyets season with its fifth loss in a row and third in the division....

Not gonna happen for anything less than a second round pick. Who is gonna give us a second round pick for Ginn?.... Not gonna happen.

Unfortunately Ozzie Newsome wouldn't permit Cam Cam Moron to trade for Teddy Wetty, Junior.
Too bad. That idiot (Cammoron) deserves this pusswah (Ginn).

Doesn't make sense to me right now, so that means it probably will happen. Until we upgrade our wr corps I think we need him.

Mando & Fans........what u think? It's "All in the Family" if we trade D. Bowe for Ginn (and maybe a pick)??? Perfect fit...Bowe's from Miami, I'm sure he'd love to come home and we know what he can do.

dont see it happening the dolphins receiver corp is average defenitely not an elite group.ginn the best receiver we got right now and our only deep threat his inconsistent at times but good at others.A work in progress ginn will stay with thid team we need to add an elite receiver to start with ginn

Will the trade involve his clip board holding daddy,his cousin the human blocking dummie rufus, and teddy's little sister tednisha???

Keep him for what he is. A deep threat and kick returner, not a possision recover

Bowe. Cribbs. Parrish. Someone, please. Have y'all seen the return game in the chargers-broncs tonite.....sick.

Nobody and the MENACE MEANS NOBODY will give anything for Ted( Where's the sideline) Ginn and his family...

Maybe we can trade him to the french...

trade ginn right now for what? a draft pick they cant use till next year makes no sense. lets see how he works out with henne you can trade him later if it doesnt but to give him all that time with penny and then trade him after two games with henne i dont see that happening

I could see Ted Ginn and our 3rd or 4th round and maybe a late round pick being shipped to KC for Dwayne Bowe and Glenn Dorsey.

We need depth at DT (although Dorsey is better suited for the 4-3) and Dwayne Bowe can still stretch the field.

Bowe fits the mold of the WR that the Dolphins office is looking for.

These guys would have to come over with long-term contracts, otherwise it would hurt the team with the free agency issues coming up in the next couple years (potentially no cap, etc).

Personally, I would hold steady. Keep Ginn, draft a top WR and a DT at the next draft and see where that takes you. That way you'll end up with two good receivers and a top DT.

only trade him if we get eliminated from the playoff race him and henne might develop together in to something special

I believe trading him would be downright stupid. He hasnt received the chance to prove himself yet. He's been limited by a QB that can't throw the ball downfield. What others are willing to give us won't be worth his potential. He made a lotta big plays. I believe he had a 175 yard game last year, two running TD's, an amazing catch on a flee flicker against the Seahawks, a 100 yard 11 catch performance earlier this year as well. In the first three games this year he was open downfield a handful of times but was missed by penny. The only reason people bash him is because how early he was picked. If he was a 2nd round pick, few of ya'll would want rid of him so bad. Give the kid a chance.

get rid of the bum!

You guys are simply ridiculous. Why the heck would we trade TG Jr when we saw what he can do on Monday night? He just needed an arm to throw it deep to him, that's all. The guy has blazing speed guys, and that's hard to find in the nfl. We just need to draft a true #1 receiver because TG isn't it. The sooner we recognize it the sooner we'll get over it.



I read the profootballweekly article and the only thing they say is that Ginn might "pique" the interest of the Ravens. They dont even have any sources, it is just a theory of theirs. For you to take that and write that there are "rumors" that Ted Ginn could be traded is intellectually dishonest journalism. A very rare misleading blog post by you.
But I still love you.

With Ginn's $14 million guaranteed contract, wouldn't the cap hit to trade him be over $6 million?

For a good laugh, read ESPN's assessment of him coming out of college: "While he's swift, Ginn has been criticized for running poor routes, dropping too many passes and struggling to get off the line." Sound familiar to the Ted Ginn we know and love?


yeah lets trade ginn im sure we could re-sign derek hagan or brandon london to take his spot. wake up people!

I think Ginn stay here in Miami. Like you say, he is no diva receiva, parcells like this and we have yet to see what he can do with strong arm qb to open it up with his speed. We had sneak peek on last monday, but we need to see more. If he is traded, maybe it is smarter to do after the season.

You need at least a 2nd rounder and something else

Not gonna happen! Go Teddy Go!

One could only hope that camoron would still have enough of a hard on for ginn for a trade. Wishful thinking on our part.

Lets get over this ted (I fall down)Ginn being traded,i am not a seer or cannot see the future, but for the rest of this year, we will see teddy bumbling around falling down,looking for the ground before a D-back lowers the boom on him,.running to the sidelines,dropping balls, and just being a 3 year waste that we could all thank Cam Cammoron for such a great pick(Though i have no proof of this but i think cam camoron is french.. another reason to hate the french and cammoron

fake, don't over react.have some herbal tea .

as they say, cheaper to keep her

Even if Ginn is no catching passes and you send him on deep route, this open up the field a little because someone have to follow him and leave less defenders to deal with Ronnie the Rabid Beast and Henne the Hero.


I will not even respond to your outrageous claims, because everybody on this blog know this not true. Plus, I think you just try to mess with me and its pretty funny. Haha, I am good sport, just don't get mad when I send something funny in your direction.

Ginn is a GREAT#2, we get a great #1 we will have what we need. Do not get rid of Ginn for any thing less than a number 1 pick.

If we can get a very good Safety, very good WR that's big with hands trade Ginn and Roth if not don't trade.

Ted's Here to stay! Deal with it. He's finally got someone who can get the ball long to him. He'll never be you underneath guy but with the right QB (Henne) and another reciever on the other side of the field he could be phenomenal. PS-no one can make the arguement that we shoulda drafted Quinn. Ginn has clearly provided more to his team the Quinn.

I heard Dwayne Bowe is a little light in the loafers, not that there anything wrong with that, but I don't think this is parcells type of guy. The tuna don't like wr who pee sitting down.


the first time i saw yhese words ( HENNE THE HERO ) WERE WRITTEN BY PHINFAN 1975 NOT CARLITO FROM CAFITO

Carlito, Aloco, Gopats? Hmmmmm?

With henne now miami's qb and his arm strength , it makes a ginn trade unlikley and for the guy who said trade ginn and a 3rd or 4 rth with a late round pick for bowe and dorsey , PLEASE PUT THE PIPE DOWN !

TIK, no cap hit for a trade the accepting team takes on the contract. Now, if we cut him then yeah, we take a hit.

Aloco, you no fooling anybody

NJ, I'm starting to ?

just saw rex ryan on tv dudes got three more chins than he had yesterday dam rexy mix in a salad for god sakes

carlito from golfito, I would love to hear you talk. You probably have a cuban accento, judging by the way you write. You so fonny!!!

Off the subject for a second.. has anyone seen what Vonnie Holiday is doing ? He sacked and forced a fumble on Brady in the Broncos last game agaist the Patriots that won the game for Denver.. Tonight he did the same think while sacking Rivers...Although the Game is not over yet.. I hope the Chargers win because the Broncos will be 6-0 if they win...

Don't trade ginn yet if he can't shine wit henne he should just retire

Ya Holiday and Goodman are having good games

Ginn and Wilson and a second for Ed Reed! Get it done Ireland. LOL Seriously, I could see us trading Ginn for a defensive player from Baltimore who is stacked on defense. We need someone to help us stop people on defense. Or we trade him for a pick and then use that pick to get someone else in a multi player deal. That's the only way I see Ginn being traded at this point. It wouldn't hurt my feelings too much to trade Ginn if it was for a decent player or a second round pick


I don't have a cuban accent. I never been to cuba, but I hear the hotel and doctor are nice

Come on guys,

We all know (or should know) the only person that might be trade is Matt the caveman Roth.

all i got to say is dolphins are coming i got one word parcells.

Chase had the right comment. No other speed AT ALL in the other phin receivers. Stretching the field is very important to the running game and keeping other defences honest. Would not trade Ginn right now even for a 2nd pick.

I've been to Cuba, beautiful beaches and women. You Americans are missing out.

Can we trade Obama for McCain?Please!

Ginn is a lousy receiver with hands of stone. I'd give him away for next to nothing. At least we wouldn't be tempted to waste plays on him.

theres beautiful women here in america mark you canadians are missing out.

can we trade 54thdolphin for someone who wont start political debate on football blog, maybe harricane, he is good phin fan

jerryct= cuban menace

hands of stone = dead give away

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