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Is Ted Ginn Jr. on the trade block?

Despite the overwhelming opinion that the Dolphins need to upgrade their receivers, there are swirling rumors this evening that Ted Ginn Jr. is a player the Dolphins are taking calls about as the trade deadline looms at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Understand that midseason trades are rare.

Understand that coach Tony Sparano was asked about any potential moves Monday and responded with a cryptic, "I love my team. I like where we’re at.”

And understand that there is not a huge market for a player such as Ginn because, frankly, he hasn't proven himself to be invaluable to anyone. But ...

Ginn does still promise improvement. Ginn does still have elite speed. And Ginn is a rarity among receivers in that he has no ego and fits in just about anywhere because he is simply good people. And then you add one more fact and you have a full blown rumor.

That fact is the Baltimore Ravens are looking for receiver and cornerback help and former Dolphins coach Cam Cameron is the offensive coordinator in Baltimore. So there you have dots begging to be connected. and ProFootballWeekly made the connection as a possibility.

One thing to remember about Cameron being in Baltimore: Ginn would come into that system knowing the Baltimore offense so he would be able to play right away.

Baltimore general manager Ozzie Newsome told The National Football Post he has spoken with several teams about possible trades but added, "I've got nothing pending right now."

I know for a fact the Dolphins like Ginn. I also know for a fact the Dolphins don't love Ginn. He's available for the right price. 

The problem is what's the right price? Forget that Miami invested a No. 1 pick on the guy. That was another regime, another time. That has no affect on this regime.

The fact is, however, this regime doesn't want to simply give any player away. So would the Dolphins trade Ginn for a fourth-round pick? Probably not. For a second-rounder? Yes.

For a third-rounder? Or a conditional third that could turn into a second? That's debatable.

Remember, none of this means Ginn will be traded. It's all a rumor at this point and there is probably no smoke to this fire.

But you never know.

In other trade news, the Panthers got defensive tackle Tank Tyler from Kansas City this evening for a fifth round pick. I would not be surprised if the Chiefs continue to be active Tuesday.  


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Mark , here's another good reason. NO is 5-0 and are due for a loss . LOL !

Hhaha, I was thinking same as you. Thinking the Saints would be feeling very comfortable after all the Espn and NFL Network love they are going to get this week.

We should trade Ginn to the Niners for Crabtree and Patrick Willis. In that way we would be able to improve our linbacker corps and not loose too much at WR.

That would be one of Mr. Bungle's posts which I found hillarious. Even if most of you didn't like the guy.

The trade is Ted Ginn to the Rams for their 1st rdc in 2010.


Mark , just because scout's inc has kindle in the top 32 doesn't mean he's a first rounder . He dropped in many draft circles. Gresham is hurt and how he performs , if he does at all , in the scouting combine will determine where he goes, Miami picked at 25 last year . They won't be picking anywhere near that this year. If miami misses the playoffs , they'll be picking maybe 15-20. Buffalo doesn't need lbs and rolando mclain can be had at around 15 - 20.

I think, being that they are such a physical team now, they should just TAKE Calvin Johnson from the Detroit Lions, and dare the NFL to do anything about it.

I hate ginn so much but I would think twice bfo a trade,all he needs is 3 games in a row catching not dropping big catches,1down 2 to go

THERE'S NO WAY crabbtree ends up in mia,for ginn???

Ginn for Dawan Landry right now!

Sounds mo reasonablethan crabtree,?ever dat is.

That dude from Carolina ain't happy there,if we give sumtin up it should for him no doubt!!!!!

(Some of) you people are idjits. FORGET where Ginn was drafted, and how much he is getting paid. Is he helping or hurting the team, and upgradeable by someone on the roster? You wanna condemn somebody, try asking the same thing about Wilson.

Ship them both out + Roth in a package deal for Ed Reed

Duh Wilson should get the fok out too,it's jus easier to pick on ginn for many reasons.like I said,I'd think twice bout tradeing him anyways cuz I'm as greedy as Parcells.we wouldn't get sht fo him anyways,ooh!3rd round pick?fk it juz keep the man cuz he's a team playa.

Ginn, Wilson, and Roth for Ed Reed.

Plus,if ginn is barely worth a 3rd round,?bout Wilson?yo dat nigga sux da big one.he's f'n garbage.he ain't worth Jack sht!!c'mon man!

I know it's a wet dream but you take my dream from me!!


Yo I don't see my Roth comment up so,again,don't trade Roth he the real one no doubt!

Let a man have dreams brother!

I like my wet dreams so I won't take yours,hey it sounds nice I wouldn't lie!

Lol god we need a safety

i'm pretty happy with not changing our offense at all. maybe another quick guy for when we're in a 2 minute drill and we need a 3 receiver set, otherwise, i like the 11 guys we have.

but if ginn could get us some defensive help, then maybe we need to consider that. yes, if we can trade ginn and a 7th rounder for ed reed and a 1st rounder and the right to hit cam cameron upside the head with a five dollar foot long sub from subway, i'd take that.

I'm tryin to dream wit Roselyn sanchez,so go fins,god bless America,go Yankees(hate the jets)n goodnight from sauce the barber,anyone need a haircut???peace!!!!

Steve smith is very unhappy in Carolina, how sick would that be to bring him to Miami he is like ginn but 10 times better. It would be niceto make an offer for Dwayne Bowe too. But if not I like where at except for the secondary.

We should trade Ginn for Vonnie Holiday and Reynaldo Hill.

The talent we "give away" is better than the one we keep.

Denver should send us a fruit basket from the Super Bowl. How ironic that they are 6-0 partky beacuase of the guys we would not keep.

Going to sleep sucks!I wish I could never sleep till I die.Jehovah god help our secondary against breed.Now goodnight fo real yo!!

Those of you that want to trade Ginn for another WR or a draft pick need to stop smoking the pipe.

He is the only deep threat that we have. He would not fetch anything more than a No#3 pick. Besides, we have seen what the trifecta has done with high draft picks: #2 Pat White (still laughing at that one). #3 Patrick Turner (scouts had him rated as a #6-7 round pick - presently inactive) and #3 Hartline - another slot WR just like Bess and Caramillo - like we needed one more.

Why woud any team trade their No#1 WR for Ginn? Just to make us happy?

Trifecta the jet fan , Go to sleep .

F All Jet fans,o.k.,goodnite fo real doe,realreal...

If I was a Jets fan, I'd be talking myself into Bron joining the Knicks right about now. I'd be done with football. Then again, if I were a Jets fan, I would probably be immune to all logic anyway.

They called dat
Man a jet fan!ouch fo real hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, if we can trade ginn and a 7th rounder for ed reed and a 1st rounder and the right to hit cam cameron upside the head with a five dollar foot long sub from subway, i'd take that.
Posted by: mmmtravis | October 20, 2009 at 01:41 AM

That's just too funny LMFAO. But who gets to hit him with the footlong? Maybe subway can sponsor this and everyone in Miami can get a swing? That would be great, but yeah, not going to happen. I'm with the coach on this one "I love our team, I'm happy with where we are at"
PS we CAN beat the 'aints.

Holy st!ya'll don't let me sleep!hey yo,that man felt the need to defend himself,god that's helariouse,haHAHaHA!!

A man call me a jet fan,I funna find his residance n all dat,juz playin,peace out to the 305 no doubt f the world

I would be very suprised if Ginn goes anywhere...If we were 0-5 or 1-4 it would b a different story BUT were not and giving up Ginn would make it look like we are giving up this year...plus we need to look at what Henne can do with Teddy...my opinion

I don't think Ted Ginn is being traded but I have been hearing some rumors that the rest of his family could be on the move, possibly back to Ohio and the Browns for a couple of Josh Cribbs cousins.

On another note maybe Dwayne Bowe should legally change his name to Dwayne "the Rain" Bowe?
just sayin'

Baltimore sends Kansas City a 3rd & 7th round pick by way of Miami.

Miami sends Kansas City a 6th round pick

Balitimore gets Ginn

Miami gets Bowe

I don't know if anyone covered this but, Steve Smith in carolina isn't happy with his situation. I'm sure Carolina would like to get younger at that position. That would be a fair swap. But I would still try to get a fourth rounder from Carolina just to compensate the difference in age and Smith's injury history.

trading Ginn would kill the Running Game
- as he is the only reason why opponents shouldnt/cant load the box with 8/9 men all our other Receivers are possession/slot receivers. So trading him for a 3rd makes absolutly no sense to me as we figured out will deliver a Patrick Turner talent.

Nothing against Turner but these kind of players take time - they need 1-2 season to get on the field and another 2-3 to live up to their potential.

So trading Ginn for less then a 1st rounder wouldnt pay off in my mind. and i doubt anybody is willing to pay that. which i dont regret, i like Ginn and he got tons of potential. Ginn to me is 1/2 piece to the next Mark Brothers duo.

forgett the No. 1 talk - Gill will never be that but Ginn will fear the DEFs, stretch the field and he will be your Lee Evans Top No. 2 WR type of guy.

I like the idea of trading for Bowe - but i wouldnt do it now as they might be Vincent Jackson, Brandon Marshall top calibre WR on the next FA market. So i would wait and if Bowe doesnt get tradet he would still be an option for a draft day trade if we are not able to add that piece.

+ there will be a Miles Austin i like for years with big play potential.

so patience and lets just play out the season - i dont see us going to the playoffs this year not a bad thing as i believe with mid rund draft picks we can become a force again.

Testing,1 2 3.

Dwayne Bowe, Are you kidding me? He was dropping every other pass thrown his way last weekend. He has not shown much, actually less, with better QBs than Ginn has had. I would say no to that trade.

Cam Cameroon can have Ginn Jr and his whole family too.

There are some funny opinions in here! Man Dorsey and Bowe for Ginn and a pick? Ginn for Bowe? Why not call the colts and see if we could send Lou polite for Peyton and then call Houston and get Andre Johnson for The Rookie TE Nalbone? Maybe you could package Ginn and Roth and get something decent otherwise 3rd or 4th round pick is max.

Dont see Ginn going anywhere, losing him would totally kill and real down field threat, unless they got a burner in return.

Armando, you have been riding this get rid of Ginn wagon since he was drafted. You like many others wanted Quinn so bad you can't get over it, or did he steal your girlfriend or do your sister. Armando, Ginn is a Dolphin and a good receiver so get on board or shut up.

OK... Here's my two cents guys.

I think everyones perspective has alot to do with this possible decision.
Is yours a short term or long term view?? I agree with the comments that Ginn has the sprinter speed needed to keep defenses honest to stay competetive "this year." But I also think he is not the long term solution unless he is kept to be a #2 or #3 receiver. The problem with short term as a #1 receiver is, because of his build and lack of strength and tuffness, opposing defenses can slow or shut him down by jamming him at the line with a cover 2 up top just in case. But if your thinking long term... such as trying to trade him for a talented, powerful and respectfully fast receiver like Dwayne Bowe (the kind BP loves), we wouldn't have that problem. It would give us our long term #1 solution. Remember...its much harder to get a very big, talented, true #1 receiver, than to get a speedster with average catching skills to stretch the field. Thats why I think the Tuna should speed dial his brother in law again to see if they can work something out! What will we give up aside from Ginn you ask?? I wouldn't worry to much. ...I don't think BP is going to get hoodwinked on any deal.

We trade Ginn to a team who already has a true #1 receiver and Ginn Jerseys will stay sold out and his new team will be all world because the blueprint for an unstoppable passing game is a #1 on one side and a Ginn type on the other.

trade ginn when he is expendable, not now when he's needed, and that goes for any player.

they won't trade ginn unless it betters the teams chances this year.
ginn gets a couple of deep catches and then he becomes at the least a people gather.
I mean if he starts sprinting down field he will start gathering defenders around him, that opens other avenues for other players.

so unless they get a guy that can do that for the team through the trade for another player, then ginn stays with miami.

I just can't imagine the Dolphins moving Ginn at this point; he is our only real deep threat and hasn't had a chance to bloom with Henne at QB. Like it or not if he goes our only real threat downfield goes and then it could alter how teams defend the run. If they trade, even for a 2nd rounder then that tells me they are content to write off the season. Ginn had a career catch in the last game after Henne only starting his second game, so let them continue to work their craft.

The only trade that would make sense would be a 4th. or 5th. rd. pick for Cribbs. Special teams needs him. Ginn is in a precarious situation. I just don't see him going anywhere. He's finally got the quarterback with the arm to complement his speed. Ginn gets the rest of this season to prove his value.

"he is simply good people." Is the bad grammar a reference to the family?

trade ginn to ravens for a 3rd or 4th. then turn around and offer that pick and matt roth to chiefs for dwayne bowe. Even offer a condtional to the chiefs! 6'2 220 bowe would make this offense puuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
bowe camrillo bess and hartline? are you kidding me? Henne would be sick with that oline and running game. make it happen billy boy!

Sparano will not trade an offensive player with all the knowledge of the Wildcat plays put in this year. They will wait until offseason. Especially not to another AFC team or someone we play this year. That's why Sparano cut so many players early during camp, so they would not be there during the installation of the new Wildcat formations.

@ SWAMMY thank god you are not the GM a 3rd or 4th for Ginn????

ok thats the deal
GINN + PENNINGTON = a Ferrari in the Desert

give him time to develope and build chemistry with Henne. Does he deserve that time? hell yeah he is vital to our running game and we only have posession receiver on the roster.

If you wanna trade someone - trade Camarillo
wouldnt do it cause he is worth more to us then to others.

I dont see us trading anybody.

and Everybody who is calling for Matt Roth getting traded listen

our Defensive Backfield gets all the blame but the ONE game we were able to rush the passer they had a fabolous game and made plays (vs Bills) all other games the pass rush is not existing.

To me the Porter+Taylor duo is not working

So, Matt Roth is one bad ass against the runa nd provides even more pass rush then taylor.

Use Roth+Porter (!!!if healthy - shouldnt have played vs the J-E-S-T-S !!!) on 1st Dwns and obious run situations and use a fresh Taylor as pass rusher. If he still cant rush the passer - sorry JT Cameron Wake. i dont care if he cant dropp back i know he got speed and thats what we lack.

I also blame Paaqualoni for vanilla and predictable play calling BY the way Paul - your zone defense IS NOT WORKING!!!! if we play that vs the Saints Brees is going to throw for 600 Yds.

Our pass coverage from the nickel spot is sooo shakey what happend to the successfull CB Nickel blitzes???


1st/2nd: Porter + Roth
3rd: Porter + Taylor OR
3rd: Porter + Taylor + Wake OR
3rd: Porter + Wake

The Dolphins made the right decision not to pick Brady Quinn at #9. The debate is should they have picked a DE instead of Ginn. Of what was available, Ginn looks like the right choice. After the Henne/Ginn touchdown they will not trade the deep threat.

1) Brady Quinn = Garbage
Mando, stop hating Ginn

2) trading Roth? JT 300 years old, Porter 31
Roth is still young and playing good ball. Trading him results in drafting early a pass rusher = NO THANKS other needs

3) last year was everything going in our way lets just play good ball get as many wins as necessarly and stop thinking about we are going to the super bowl this season.

if we have 1-2 other good drafts we ll be contender for many years to come. everybody who still screams Boldin, trade Ginn, trade Roth = there is a shitty Club called New Jersey JESTS, they work that way, feel free to buy a green jersey.

Keep Ginn, trade some lesser talents in a package.

Right on Marco, an intelligent fan!!! Everyone thinks that a GM is gonna trade for an injured player (Matt Roth) and give the Dolphins anything they want...believe me, if Parcells didn't LOVE Matt Roth, he would have cut his ass for what Roth pulled at training camp...Belive me Parcells hates a player that causes drama and lies...Roth must have tremendous upside and is in the Fins long term plans...believe me, Taylor and Porter are NOT the future of this team, they are holding spots till we get some young, big studs in there...This team is building to be a great team for many years, not a one and out team...

Dont trade Roth for Bowe!!!!

Bowe at best would develop into a very good #2 receiver...We just drafted two WR's that will likely be of that caliber as well..We don't gain anything with that deal.


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