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Is Ted Ginn Jr. on the trade block?

Despite the overwhelming opinion that the Dolphins need to upgrade their receivers, there are swirling rumors this evening that Ted Ginn Jr. is a player the Dolphins are taking calls about as the trade deadline looms at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Understand that midseason trades are rare.

Understand that coach Tony Sparano was asked about any potential moves Monday and responded with a cryptic, "I love my team. I like where we’re at.”

And understand that there is not a huge market for a player such as Ginn because, frankly, he hasn't proven himself to be invaluable to anyone. But ...

Ginn does still promise improvement. Ginn does still have elite speed. And Ginn is a rarity among receivers in that he has no ego and fits in just about anywhere because he is simply good people. And then you add one more fact and you have a full blown rumor.

That fact is the Baltimore Ravens are looking for receiver and cornerback help and former Dolphins coach Cam Cameron is the offensive coordinator in Baltimore. So there you have dots begging to be connected. and ProFootballWeekly made the connection as a possibility.

One thing to remember about Cameron being in Baltimore: Ginn would come into that system knowing the Baltimore offense so he would be able to play right away.

Baltimore general manager Ozzie Newsome told The National Football Post he has spoken with several teams about possible trades but added, "I've got nothing pending right now."

I know for a fact the Dolphins like Ginn. I also know for a fact the Dolphins don't love Ginn. He's available for the right price. 

The problem is what's the right price? Forget that Miami invested a No. 1 pick on the guy. That was another regime, another time. That has no affect on this regime.

The fact is, however, this regime doesn't want to simply give any player away. So would the Dolphins trade Ginn for a fourth-round pick? Probably not. For a second-rounder? Yes.

For a third-rounder? Or a conditional third that could turn into a second? That's debatable.

Remember, none of this means Ginn will be traded. It's all a rumor at this point and there is probably no smoke to this fire.

But you never know.

In other trade news, the Panthers got defensive tackle Tank Tyler from Kansas City this evening for a fifth round pick. I would not be surprised if the Chiefs continue to be active Tuesday.  


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thanks shaggy. my bad.

@bobbyd12: EXACTLY

next season:
- Porter i believe he has 1 season as a full time starter left + 1 as a pass rush specialist
- Roth many more years + upside in the pass rush, remember what he was able to do @ OLB with a DE body, i expect him to be a little lighter + faster
- Wake: sky is the limit, Porters future replacement
- Anderson: not so sure, disappears = NOT good
- Walden: like this guy he hits hard but must have some holes in his game as he doesnt find ways to get on the field (except special teams)
- Moses: will be gone next summer at latest

trading Roth = we need to burn a high pick on a OLB

keeping Roth = chance we can land ILB Spikes or a playmaker in the middle + time to progress a later round OLB talent or time to get one with a high pick in 2011

@ david bond

agree wouldnt wanna give up more then a 3rd for Bowe either, compare Bowe's physics with Patrick Turner's and there is a chance we alread got our Bowe.

@David again :) i loved Chambers and was sad that we traded him away but i wouldnt burn a draft pick for him as he is hitting FA at the end of the year.

the only player i would be willing to pay big time and giving up high draft picks is Vincent Jackson

Go get Steve smith Miami he has shown his displeasure in carliona and he is a elite reciver.....S.S.

How about we trade Roth, any one of our WRs and say a 3rd or 4th for Bowe then all of a sudden Miami goes from a receiver corp that doesn't scare anyone to one of the better ones in the league... Seem to make sense to me!!!

Quinn is a better receiver than Ginn.

for the first time last week (in the last several years) the Fins put together a couple of guys who can make the long pass happen. Ted Guinn is half of the formula. The fins need his speed and I believe would be regrettable to trade him just when he has other teams going - Miami has a long ball threat now so we have to prepare for that. No way.

For all you people who think we should trade Ginn,why not ask Mr. Parcell who i think knows a lot more about NFL talent than we do. So stop complaining be patient and give the kid a chance.

Trade him. The guy will never be any good. Trade him and his family to Baltimore, so they can reunite with CaMoron.

Leave ted ginn alone, he hadnt had a deep threat QB until now so idk why people are on his back. get the f***k off of him and let him play. Maybe if fans didnt pressure him so much and so many articles were written about him maybe he would do better

pancanfinfan you are correct. For all you Ginn haters we could have Quinn out there playing QB, I would much rather have an athlete on the field who can give us something other than a pretty boy on the bench to the worst team in the NFL (Cleveland Browns). Ted Ginn is here to stay he has shown that he can play he just has to be more consistent give him time with Henne and then we will not be having this conversation.

as far as ginn goes, true we have not seen much of him since since he has been in the league, a disappointment maybe, but not a catastrophy as some people are thinking here, he has spread the defenses, but with cp10 defenses needed to be stretched maybe 25 yrds from the line of scrimmage, with henne that is going to change and the options will be twofold concerning spreading the defenses further and can u really see some big runs out of the wildcat by r@r if the defenses get spread more than 25 yrds from line of scrimmage, god cant wait for sunday now, ginns staying and i am glad !!!!!!!

Trade Ted Ginn? WTF??? I mean this in the nicest way because we're all Dolphins brothers and sisters here....at least I think so. Anyway, what the h3ll are you smoking? If he wasn't a blazer I would agree that we should get rid of him. But..come on man! The guy can fly! He's a threat on every play that the defense has to account for. Now that we have a QB that can actually get the ball to him down the field, why would you trade him? Who would our DEEP threat be? True, he isn't a number 1 and doesn't do much after the catch unless he's running deep, but most teams don't have a deep threat like TG. He elongates the field and spreads out the defense like no one else in the league. Moss, Fitz, Johnson, etc are all elite number one receivers that generally catch short to medium range balls and then get massive YAC. We still need one of those guys. But TG requires DEEP DEEP help from safties. This is a huge advantage for our underneath passing game and our run game. Trifecta is alot smarter than any of us armchair quarterbacks that spend our time in our mom's basement bashing every decision that goes wrong and I think they know what they have. TG isn't so much a weapon, but he's threat that helps everyone else on the field.

Note to people that don't live in Charlotte. Steve Smith is not unhappy. He acts like that all the time, it's his personality. He's not going anywhere,

Just like I said, no major trades, no giving up draft picks, no other teams castoff receivers...Parcells in charge!!!

About the worst thread of posts I've ever been associated with. Trade deadline just past...No major moves, Ted's still with us like I said he would be. Read the newswire folks -this regime isn't going to change direction midstream. Be happy that you have a group of leaders running this show not the pretenders we suffered through for 10 years!

If they traded him he would be like another chris chambers that we never should of traded to any one we all need to give Ted Ginn a chance to prove himself not give up on him that easy

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