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Jaws takes a bite out of Dolphins' Wildcat

There's been an on-going debate in the Monday Night Football booth this year about the Dolphins' Wildcat package. Former coach Jon Gruden loves it. Former quarterback Ron Jaworski hates it.

How much does Jaws hate the thing?

According to what he said today on ESPN radio, apparently a lot.

Asked if Wildcat can be relied upon heavily by a team that rides it to the Super Bowl, Jaworski said, "No, I don't believe so. I still believe it's a gimmick and a gadget."

"Clearly, no one does it better than the Miami Dolphins, but I really believe that at the end of the season they're going to have to find a way to get some explosive plays out of the passing game," Jaworski said. "It was crystal clear in the Colts' game, they controlled the ball 45 minutes but when you run the football that well you're not going to score a lot of points."

Wait a second, there Jaws. You rock buddy (and thanks for that free buffet breakfast you treated me to at your hotel in Philadelphia in 2001) but you got this all wrong.

The Dolphins just scored 21 points in the fourth quarter against the Jets using Wildcat. Those three touchdowns in one quarter are more points than the 14 points the Jets were allowing per game before Monday night.

And about that Colts game: The Dolphins didn't lose that game because of Wildcat. The Dolphins lost that game because Peyton Manning lit up the Miami defense that could not hold lead after lead after lead. Were it not for Wildcat that game would have been a blowout in favor of the Colts.

And as far as Wildcat being a gimmick and gadget, please consider the words of guard Justin Smiley, who told me this week, "In Wildcat, you have one or two plays that are kind of trick plays. But without going into specifics, we still have straight-ahead run plays out of that that those guys have to defend and until somebody stop us, that's going to be the deal."

Finally, to judge the Dolphins as a complete work is not fair. The team has a quarterback coming off only his second start. Maybe the Dolphins keep the collar on Chad Henne. But maybe not.

And if not, and Henne is what everyone expects, then what will the Dolphins offense have? A quarterback that can make all the throws and Wildcat.

Hard to stop.

[BLOG NOTE: I want to thank all of you for continuing to support this blog by, well, coming to this blog. This has been a record-breaking month with over 170,000 unique visitors and this has been a record-breaking week with over 100,000 page views. And we're not done yet! As the Dolphins continue to rise from the ashes of 0-3, I'm expecting interest will continue to increase and I'll be working to give you something informative, entertaining and thought-provoking every day. Thanks again.]

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I still can't believe that there are still people who think the wildcat is all gimick, it's not like we trick people when we use it, plus we have the #1 rushing offence, so it obviously works

I don't really care about what people think of our team, and the rest of you shouldn't either! they can call it a gimmick all day, we will still the run the ball down their throat game after game...

Henne is suprising me. I hope he keeps it up. have a big arm and pretty accurate so far is the perfect compliment to a bruising two headed monster running game...yeeeaahh boy. I think we got us a good team this year. crawling out of the hole...

its not like we're running the wishbone, hmm....

Henne will be the primary weapon in the near future so who carse what we use until then, whatever works.

What the F is jaws's problem ? He's a;ways against miami. Chad Henne blows a gigantic hole in jaws 's theory and like mando said miami scored 21 points in the 4rth quarter against the jets's so called vaunted d. again blowing a hole in jaws's theory not to mention miami huge OL .

And you forgot to add, the Dolphins lost because a catch-able pass was touched in the end zone by Ginn, and he didn't catch it.

I doubt Manning could have rescued the Colts if Ginn did make the catch.

NJ, would you agree Penny, blessed his kind sould, was holding this offense back now that we see what a strong arm can do with this offense?

not meant to bash, just saying feels good to see the ball going down the field...

Armando good point on the wildcat in the colts game. Can you imagine if Manning had the ball for 30 mins? Frightening. It works because of execution and preparation. The entire offense executes without hesitation when those plays are run. Jaws is just filling up air time

Jaws is a clown. His comments and his critique of Henne Monday night for the most part were way off base. Even on the first series when Henne checked down to a safer pass Jaws blasted him for not taking his shot down the field. Now with the camera footage of the game its hard for us at home to see who was or was not open but the bottom line is if Henne didn't feel comfortable throwing that pass then checking down and getting a first down is really not a bad throw.

im gettin a bit tired of the gimick also. a couple of the new formations in the wildcat in zero WR's, no QB, 3 RB's, and 3 TE's. that is a straight up running formation if i've ever seen one. how is that a gimick? what do they want the dolphins to do, hold up a sign that says which way they're going to run? jaws hates the wildcat bcuz he's a former QB and the WC typically eliminates the QB.

Mando, im curious as to how many times they have attempted to pass out of the WC in the 100 plus times they've run it.

Mando, I really do not wont to know the political views of my local sports writers. I will continue to read the Miami Herald but I will never look at the rest of the blogs you write the same. I think the Miami Herald should let Jeff Darlington take over your duties. I dont think this is the appropriate platform for you to discuss your politics. You should be demoted.

I know exactly why Jaws hates the wildcat and it's this simple, HE IS A FORMER QB. Anytime a QB sees another QB have to sit on the sideline while the RB takes the snaps he's going to lose it. Jaws was the leader of his offense and would've been pissed if they took him off of the field during an important drive. He's old school, too much so because he's starting to come off like one of those crusty crabby old men who hate progress and/or change. He sounds like the same guys who scoffed at the notion of passing the football instead of running the whole game. "Throwing the football?,,HAHAHAHA,what a fad,,it won't last".


Mando is awesome. And where/when did he talk politics. You don't like it don't read his blog.

All these so called experts are missing a very important point.
The Wild-cat is strictly a power run base offense...they run on 98% of the plays, and to this point no has been able to stop it...the other teams can called what they want, there is nothing gimmicki about shovin the ball down your throat...

Can we start calling it the Wildphin? We're the only one that does it right, the Dolphin way. Let's make it happen!

I live in the Philly area and Jaws is an idiot. He isn't even respected here. He kisses McNabb's butt because he plays for the Eagles. IF anything the Eagles everyone go out for a pass is a gimmick. They blow out poor teams and lose to tough teams that can cover all that BS they do. I hate watching them play year after year. That's why I got the Sunday ticket so I'm not subjected to watching the homers think they are going to the Super Bowl after blowing out the Buccaneers!

Give Jaws a break. He is a QB homer and hates the Wildcat formations where the QB is completely removed. Hopefully, Miami will unveil a WildPat passing play or two before the end of the season and make Jaws happy again.

Preach on brother, preach on!

I agree with calling it WildPhin! Hear that amando? Make it happen!

"A gimmick and a gadget"? WTF!? Is Jaworski f***ing senile? HEY JAWS, IT'S A RUNNING PLAY JACKASS! They snap the ball deirectly to the rb who runs behind the o-line. Having a back run across before the snap is play action dummy. Same as if the QB hiked the ball and faked a handoff to the back. Only difference is you don't have a qb standing 10 yds in the backfield picking his nose while everyone else is beating eachother up. That gives them an extra blocker up front. It's a straight out running play with the threat of a throw accept it's not the QB executing it but for your purposes why don't you just assume ronnie is a qb. Maybe you won't get your panties in a bunch over it if you just call the rb a qb. I'm so sick of this guy and his old school mentality. And while I'm on the subject Tirrico has to go. Did anyone hear him giggling during the Colts game with Jaworski making fun of the Dolphins? They were acting like 10 year olds making fun of the new kid in school. It was completly unprofessional. Chucky's the man though and love his commentary.

Always enjoy the blog!!!! The wildcat is a formation like any other. People are just hacked off because a) they can't stop it and b) when they try it themselves they can't run it as well as we can.

I've been consistent in my message in this blog since training camp 2008:
1. Chad Henne won the QB competition in the summer of 2008 according to Mando in this blog.
2. The Phins turned to the wildcat after game 2 in 2008 when it became apparent that the opposing teams safeties were going to play at high school depth because of Penny's arm.

Now we've done it so much and we have players that are proficient at it and it works.
But It Is Still Backdoor Football.

We would be 3-2 if not for ginn dropping that pass in the end zone against the colts.

go somewhere else then big trav...mando the king!

Mando, I really do not wont to know the political views of my local sports writers. I will continue to read the Miami Herald but I will never look at the rest of the blogs you write the same. I think the Miami Herald should let Jeff Darlington take over your duties. I dont think this is the appropriate platform for you to discuss your politics. You should be demoted.

Dude if you dont like the column go somewhere else. Your computer is not forcing you to come here. I for one look for forward to Armandos opinions and stories. Armondo from one fanatic to another you keep up the great work and ignore these brainless remarks!!

Anybody want to remind me - How many rings does "Jaws" have ?

Mando, im curious as to how many times they have attempted to pass out of the WC in the 100 plus times they've run it.

My caount is 2 times once last year agaist NE and the Monday. Corrections are welcomed

Jaws and bigtrav1 should go off together and live bitterly ever after.

Darlington replace Mando? Like Fiedler replacing Marino.

Keep up the great work, mi amigo. I just scanned the other blogs and .... nothing. No news. No opinion. No nothing.

Continue to do your excellent work.

Jaws get the hate out of your blood

honestly, I got bored of the blog subject matter yesterday regarding Limbaugh. but write what you want armando, i suppose thats what keeps things fresh.

omG, what is wrong with people hating these days?

First the limbaugh haters, then the mando haters, now the wildcat haters?

Look people, Limbaugh is going to be around until he decides. Mando is going to be around until he decides. And Wildcat is going to be around until Tuna decides.


Hold on, I thought Jaws was beginning to submit to Gruden?

I'm pretty sure I heard/read somewhere that the Wildcat was beginning to really appeal to Jaws.

The people have spoken///.......it's called WildCat! Stick with the name that's caught on folks.

A local radio guy here tried to get WildPhin to catch on last year, and it fizzled. Jets call their's Seminole for Leon W; Cards call theirs 'Pahokee' for Anquan Boldin.

We call ours WildCat. End of Story.

What's more important, style or substance? Seems that substance is what is winning games, not style. Actually, though, the style in which the Dolphins are winning those games is pretty impressive.

People often dislike what they don't understand. Someone go over to Jaws and explain the Wildcat to him. Maybe then he'll stop criticizing it. But even if he doesn't, who cares.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: for the last two years, the Dolphins have been fun to watch again.

Majority of the Superbowls were won by teams who run the ball well. All the Wildcat is is adding another blocker by taking the QB out of the play. The ball still needs to be snap and more so the defense knows what is coming so there is no trickery and if there was trickery so what? It has been working. The Steelers are known for running trick plays you hear anyone down grading them for it? People are afraid of change and I think maybe Jaws is threatened by the wildcat. I think it challenges his football I.Q. and his ego.

So far as Jaws is concerned...Why do you think he's called Jaws?
Told you sir...fan base increasing...good job!

Let's look at the meaning of gimmick as defined by The Free Online Dictionary:

1.a. A device employed to cheat, deceive, or trick, especially a mechanism for the secret and dishonest control of gambling apparatus. b. An innovative or unusual mechanical contrivance; a gadget.
2.a. An innovative stratagem or scheme employed especially to promote a project (e.g. an advertising gimmick). b. A significant feature that is obscured, misrepresented, or not readily evident (i.e.a catch).
3. A small object whose name does not come readily to mind.

Due to the fact that 'The Wildcat' is a known commodity at this point, I can not see how any of this applies to WC plays after the NE game last year.

Hey Ericatl:

There was at least 2 more wildcat pass attempts by Ronnie Brown: Last year against the Rams (completed to Martin) and last year against the Jets (Missed Martin on what would have been a TD).

The man is entitled to his opinion. What is going to help the wildcat is the new found pass protection. They are slowly and quietly developing into one of the best o-lines in the league. They now have the wildcat, a conventional running game, and a passing game that is just now warming up to Chad Henne. We haven't seen the last of Ginn and Fasano. The game against the jets, a very good defense, was just a small dose of things to come. Sooooo, let Ron keep flapping his jaws.

U guys gotta remember he works for ESPN and they all hate on the Phins!

Jaws hates the Dolphins because Dolphins are about the only creature in the sea that a shark doesn't scare. Remember Flipper bonking the shark in the soft-white underbelly and killing it to save the boy? (Get it?, Jaws-shark?) Also, he's a former Dolphin but I barely remember him. He must have gotten shafted at the end of his career. Like Mike Golic. He never speaks of his time as a Dolphin except being on the field for the Leon Lett ball touch in the snow.

I don't know, but Jaworski may be a child molestor.

The Wildcat may be a gimmick...but winning games is no gimmick. The Fish should be 4-1, and certainly at least 3-2 because they should have beaten the Colts--the way the Fins' defense was getting Peytoned in the Colts game, it was a GODSEND that the Wildcat was working well! A look at the remaining 11 game schedule shows the Fish could win 6-8 of those games the way they have played the last two weeks...which means they could still post a winning 2009 record--it is within reach. Miami is #1 rushing, and the Saints are #2--we'll see what will happen when they meet.

Armando, you have the best Dolphin blog out there!! Thank you for all your VERY HARD work and dedication!!!

Glad to hear it sounds like Matt Roth is coming back!!!

BIGTRAV1 is another left wing liberal nut job who doesn't like view's other than his lunacy radical views, What's next calling armando a racist because he doesn't agree with you. LMFAO !

Jaworski is a jackass! The dolphins have clearly proven that they can excite the wildcat formation and execute it ver well! And what was with gruden praising sanchez?!?! He is a few games into his pro career... He has done.. OK... He's not big Ben that's for
sure... Get off the nuts dude..

Jaws will never win a super bowl.

Rush will never own football team.

hate on haters

Pace calls it nonsense. Jaws calls it a gimmick. Big deal. I love it. You'll notice as the Wildcat improves, the crying gets louder! Whine on all you haters.

FACT: The WILDCAT has produced the No. 1 ground game in the NFL!

LOL... I almost married a girl Jaws dated back in 81. Let's just say I got the ball alot deeper then he did. LOL

NYScott is on point. Jaws is a former QB. Just the thought of him having to wait while a RB takes the snap makes him upset. He is not looking at this objectively. In the other hand Gruden, he IS still a coach, and a good one, and he said "I don't care what formation they're running, Miami is pushing people around and are the best team in the nation running the ball". As a coach, winning games is all that matters.

Armando, I'm glad to support you and your blog in anyway that I can (continued participation)...

You go well beyond the call, reporting at all hours of the night. Thank You

NJ is another right wing conservative that doesn't like any views except for his lunacy conservative views.


you're post at 1:50 is hypocrisy at its best... lmfao! I not saying either way is right, but to act like this is just close mind.

Jersey I thought you were an independant like me. That's what you told me so I'm just wondering why you constantly bring up bad points about the liberal Democratic party but never say a bad thing about the conservative Republicans. If you WERE an independant you would dislike both parties equally or at least have a bad thing to say once and a while about conservatives. I'm sick of hearing people turn the word LIBERTY into a bad word. As in "liberal nut job". Please stop associating liberty and being liberal with the wussy democratic party. Jersey, be truthful with yourself, you're way too conservative to be an independant. You may want to re-think your loyalties ;)

I'm a huge dolphins fan...and don't get me wrong when I say this, because I thought the dolphins offense was spectacular and near-perfect. But lets not forget how bad the dolphins defense was! The front 4 were mediocre, the linebackers we're less than average, and the secondary was horrible. They pulled out a win, but it's easy to forget the bad spots when you win like they did on Monday.

NJ always have hidden agenda and anyone who believe different or disagree is idiot or cuban menace

I like the "the Dolphins continue to rise from the ashes" (Armando Salguero) and "Wildphin" (DC Dolfan). That resumes what the season is so far


I have a really cool nickname for Chad Henne. My friends and I now nickname him Cogniac Henne-ssy. BTW if Jaws' still talking about Colts game obviously he missed the Monday nighter. We turned the jets so-called kryptonite into PacMan power pills.

Dying Breed,

Nickname has already been confirmed on this blog as Henne the Hero.

If you in need of motivate, just remember this phrase,

Henne thing is possible.


Whether or not I agree with Armando, I respect the fact that he has the courage of his convictions.
Considering all the things that he puts up with here, I feel he should be allowed to speak his mind(ONCE IN A WHILE-LOL).

So if Armando needs to get something off his chest, I say jam on my Brother!!!!

I agree Odinseye, even when he's backing a nutjob like Limbaugh.

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