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Jaws takes a bite out of Dolphins' Wildcat

There's been an on-going debate in the Monday Night Football booth this year about the Dolphins' Wildcat package. Former coach Jon Gruden loves it. Former quarterback Ron Jaworski hates it.

How much does Jaws hate the thing?

According to what he said today on ESPN radio, apparently a lot.

Asked if Wildcat can be relied upon heavily by a team that rides it to the Super Bowl, Jaworski said, "No, I don't believe so. I still believe it's a gimmick and a gadget."

"Clearly, no one does it better than the Miami Dolphins, but I really believe that at the end of the season they're going to have to find a way to get some explosive plays out of the passing game," Jaworski said. "It was crystal clear in the Colts' game, they controlled the ball 45 minutes but when you run the football that well you're not going to score a lot of points."

Wait a second, there Jaws. You rock buddy (and thanks for that free buffet breakfast you treated me to at your hotel in Philadelphia in 2001) but you got this all wrong.

The Dolphins just scored 21 points in the fourth quarter against the Jets using Wildcat. Those three touchdowns in one quarter are more points than the 14 points the Jets were allowing per game before Monday night.

And about that Colts game: The Dolphins didn't lose that game because of Wildcat. The Dolphins lost that game because Peyton Manning lit up the Miami defense that could not hold lead after lead after lead. Were it not for Wildcat that game would have been a blowout in favor of the Colts.

And as far as Wildcat being a gimmick and gadget, please consider the words of guard Justin Smiley, who told me this week, "In Wildcat, you have one or two plays that are kind of trick plays. But without going into specifics, we still have straight-ahead run plays out of that that those guys have to defend and until somebody stop us, that's going to be the deal."

Finally, to judge the Dolphins as a complete work is not fair. The team has a quarterback coming off only his second start. Maybe the Dolphins keep the collar on Chad Henne. But maybe not.

And if not, and Henne is what everyone expects, then what will the Dolphins offense have? A quarterback that can make all the throws and Wildcat.

Hard to stop.

[BLOG NOTE: I want to thank all of you for continuing to support this blog by, well, coming to this blog. This has been a record-breaking month with over 170,000 unique visitors and this has been a record-breaking week with over 100,000 page views. And we're not done yet! As the Dolphins continue to rise from the ashes of 0-3, I'm expecting interest will continue to increase and I'll be working to give you something informative, entertaining and thought-provoking every day. Thanks again.]

Meanwhile ...


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Carlito from golfito,

We gave him that nickname because just like cogniac, monday night he was so sweet and smooth moving the team up and down the field. Also just like cogniac in the end the jets D were all focked up.

Thanks to Mr. Cogniac Henne-ssy.


I'm not trying to cut on you. If I had to be labeled, it would be as an Independent.

However, in light of your statement to NJ:
If you WERE an independant you would dislike both parties equally or at least have a bad thing to say once and a while about conservatives.

Smacks of the very bipartisanship that you accuse him of practicing.

PS: I come to this blog to get a break from the sorry state of American politics. Please guys feel free to do the same.

great post odinseye

Keep up the "good" work, NJ. If anyone manages to turn this country socialist, it will be clowns like you making it appear to youngsters to be a viable alternative to nutters like yourself. If you knew anything about the Punahou school and what it gets out of its students, you would know Obama's sympathies aren't likely to be with slackers (or "flippers" in the housing market). But if needing to get a lot of people - and banks - back on their feet to keep the economy from tripping over too many of them is a necessary "evil", I for one hope he succeeds in it. To assume that he was community organizing to take away private enterprise - and got into government to do likewise - instead of to make it work for more people is sheer "Chicken Little". And then if a real Hitler comes along, telling you what you want to hear, no one will think the sky is falling. (Wish I could reason with you as if you were a functional adult... but hey, at least you're reasonable in your choice of football teams.)

Armando's blog rocks!!


Completely aside from whether or not he becomes an NFL owner, I have to agree with you on Limp Bizkit.


only support rush and conservative and only bash liberals or "left wing loonies" like he always call them

Dying Breed

Thank you!!!!

I do not want for discuss politics. I do not come to rush blog, but am force to talk about it in response to comments.

Lets talk football

go dolphin

Henne the Hero
Ronnie the Rabid Beast

I don't understand how people can call the wildcat a gimmick.

Doug Flutie's Drop kick is a gimmick
Patriots spying on Jets is a gimmick
Bill signing T.O. is a gimmick

People don't want to give us the respect we desire. Look at the espn powerrankings and see how low we are rated, and pull up the total offense and total defense, and compare. How can we be rank so low. and look at the Jets stats. We beat them in all stats. and how can they be rank so high.

People need to get off the jet's nuts!!!

NJ is just a prime ezample of what happens when you watch to much FOx news. The fact that they advertise it as "ENTERTAINMENT NEWS" should give even the most feeble minded a clue.

Im neither liberal, conservative, or independant. Im just of the party of truth not agendas.

The Wildcat consists of mostly snapping the ball to Ronnie or Ricky, and they run it...how is that a gimmick or gadget??? I call that smash mouth, hardnosed football and it's great!!!! Jaws, loved u as a player but your a little old and confused about the Wildcat




Mando, love the updates/blogs! I'm a first time poster although I've been following this blog for some time. I grew up in Miami (live in Las Vegas now) Nd remember the glory years, and, in my opinion, I see those days returning - awesome! Quick question, any more news in the Cribbs deal?

Also, one more thing. In my humble opinion, if it were not for the two fake punts (both of which we should/could have stopped) and the ridiculous "pass interference" and "defenseless reciever" calls, we would have beaten the jets by at least two touchdowns....easy!

Anyway, love the blogs and dialouges!!

Matt in Vegas

Armando, i just read the live blog and in regards to your opinion on joey porter being worth a fourth rd pick... Are you crazy? Joey Porter had how many sacks just last yr? just bcuz of a slow start you dog the man? The teams defensive captain along w Jason Taylor both in their 30's. just becuz their best times are behind them doesn't mean they are crucial pieces to the championship puzzle... anyone who rules out a chance at winning this year already or next year is a fraud their presence alone w/o sacks is worth a 2nd rounder atleast and I still would think hard on that offer too

meant to say doesn't mean they Aren't crucial double negatives throwing me off my bad

Nyscott, What the hell are you talking up ?first , i was sticking up for armando after being attacked by a poster for stating his political view . This is what the lunacy of the left wing radical liberal party does . That and call you a racist. The people in office right now are no democrats ( jfk would turn in his grave ) , they're a bunch of Far left wing radicals. Sure , i'm an independent buy i don't agree with these left wing nuts and their agenda. believing in life , liberty and the pursuit and happyness makes me a right wing or conservative ? Are you , and the rest of you questioning me . f'n kidding me ?Wake up people before it's to late . Then you'll know what i'm talking about.


Did Jaws not call that game the other night? I mean, I like jaws and all, I played golf at one his awesome courses this past summer and he's a great guy- but as his MNF counterparts would say- C'MON MAN!! This is bufoonery from Jaws here.

Also NYSCOTT , i should question YOU if you're an indepentent. The only time you come on here is when i have something to say about the far left nut jobs and either asking about how about both parties or asking why i don't question the right or the conservatives. Areyou kidding me ? Who the fuch is running our country into the ground at the moment ? Hint : it's not the republicans or conservatives that's for sure . LMFAO ! When they were in i had my share of disagreenents. Who are you to question if i'm a independent or not. My registration card proves it. So give me a break. Otherwise i have no problem with you. :)

I do respect armando trying to enlarge his appeal for new tv job since the news papers days are numbered .

ps.carlito not only a football mind but he has a smart brain to voice his views toward the idiot haters .

The Dolphins had an easy schedule. The Wildcats a fad. Henne's inexperienced. I love it.
It ain't a bad thing people, were earning our respect the old school way. Were beating it out of people.
Were the best 2-3 team in the NFL. Don't believe for one second that the remaining teams on our schedule aren't concerned.
Regardless of what idiots like Pace and Jaws say, teams will be STUDYING film of the WILDCAT!

Wildcat is not a gimmick and Jaws is probably paid by the word, so he has to talk alot, even if it doesn't make any sense.

Point A - The shotgun formation was probably considered a gimmick too, in 1960. http://www.profootballhof.com/history/

Point B - The Dolphins aren't trying to hide the formation. It's not like a flee-flicker or a fake punt.

Williams had very interesting comments on the Wildcat:

"The Wildcat is dead," Williams said. "It's evolved. It's different now. It's called our regular offense basically. I don't think it should have a name. When people get in the I-formation it doesn't have a name. It's just the I-formation.

"There's all this talk aobut the Wildcat basically as a trick play. But we've done it so much. And there's so much on film. You can't call it that any more," Williams said.

Jaws hates the WC because it takes the ball out of the QB's hands. He spent two entire broadcasts knocking it as a 'gimmick' or 'gadget'. The only time he stopped dismissing the WC as a gimmick is when he was tripping all over himself praising the Jets for running two fake punts. No, Jaws, that's not a gadget...

Dying breed , First of all FUCH OFF ! i don't need fox news or any other news program to tell me what or how to think . I have a mind of my own and from what i've seen and heard , i don't like it one bit. Is that a problem ? It should for you . what's going on RIGHT NOW ! is a f'n disgrace !


Ditka picked Miami as well.

He made a tongue in cheek reference to how good Miami is/was(against the 85 Bears)on Monday nights.

Odinseye , thanks for backing me up. If you labeling yourself an independent then let me ask you a question. Do you like what's going on at the moment with this Far left admin ?. This is my point , nothing else. They're the one's running ( i say that loosly ) country right now so that's who i critisize.

Can you please go someplace else to talk about politics? It has nothing at all do to with this topic. Noone cares how far right or left you lean.


I remember a time when everything wasnt classified far left or right. Conservative or liberal. I remember when it was all about having good morals and trying to be loyal to the truth.

The truth is fast fading and being replaced by what is right or wrong according to the moral agenda. The truth never has and will never be an agenda. For it was the truth that established the foundations of thw world. Not a manmade agenda.


You're welcome.

I hate to speak of negatives, so this will be tough.

The current administration has done nothing that gives me any encouragement.
To the contrary, I believe they have committed at least three major blunders!

That's just my honest opinion.

Dying Breed , I also remember that time and i coudn't agree with you anymore ! This is what we have for the moment and i'm going to let them have it . Now lets talk football. BENN ? LOL !

time for my meatball sub .

I'm also hungry.

"That and call you a racist. The people in office right now are no democrats ( jfk would turn in his grave ) , they're a bunch of Far left wing radicals. Sure , i'm an independent buy i don't agree with these left wing nuts and their agenda. believing in life , liberty and the pursuit and happyness makes me a right wing or conservative ?"

Please WAKEUP! it is not about Repubs vs Dems or Black vs White our society and govt is a CLASS warfare. haves vs have nots, rich vs the rest of us. the SAME corporations are behind both parties, dem and repub. your representatives are not working for you they are working for large corporations and lobbyists. Obama staff, advisors, are made up of wall street executives. first pile of money when Obama took office went to banks and wall street firms. coincendence, NO!

so stop allowing them to divide us b/w red and blue. govt does not care about the people it simply has become a vehicle for the rich, corps, to do their biding around the world...WAKEUP dammitt.

Life Libery and the Pursuit of Happiness, is all RELATIVE!

carlito from golfito, did your mother drop you on your head? Or is it some chronic brain disorder? Whatever it is, get some help....you sound like a mental patient.

Obama's actions do not reflect a 'far left wing radical' he is more in line with Bush. continuance of two huge wars, the patriot act, escalation of troops in Afhani and a corporate slave. Obama = Bush = figureheads for corporations.


Inside job

Mando stuck his chest out good for you.
But it was WEAK!


With ARRELLIOS BENN we will rock! He's still flying under the radar somewhat because Illinois qb really sucks. Kind of like Boldin was a hidden gem at FSU when thier qb suck. ARRELLIOUS BENN is going to absolute domihate with a good qb on the pro level.

Just hope he stay relatively obscure so he falls to us. Dont believe Parcellie would pass on this kid in rd1. He's 6'3 225lbs sub 4.5 40, and has a great pair of hands. He is parcells type of reciever all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fellas relax...let's just talk some football ha NJ is a cool guy...he actually was the first one on the blog to show me some luv, so he's one of my favorites on this blog.I got love for all my Miami Phin Fans.Let's stop fighting, and talk sh*t about the JETS ha

I think Gruden is great for MNF...he cracks me up the whole night.What a cool dude.I really don't care if people like the Wildcat or hate on it...it works for us, and we run it with power.We pancake a lot of guys ha Gotta love our OL.

I just want to point out that I'm a GIRL from California...people keep saying I'm a cool dude ha Someday I will fly over to Miami, and watch my first Miami game at Land Shark...love my Dolphins.

Miami has thrown the all three times out of Wildcat. Seems everybody forgets about Ronnie taking the snap and handing off to Ricky who them lateraled back to Penny, who threw for six to a wide open Patrick Cobbs. All three passes from Wildcat were for more than 20 yeards and two of them were for touchdowns.

Go Phins!

Downer12 -
Your first name isn't Debbie, is it? LOL

Glad to see a GIRL from Cali on these blogs. Love them lady football fans! The true way to a mans heart!

Go Phins!!!

And the Wildcat "gimmick" lives on! Whatever you call it, call it successful!

carlito, Dr. Phil doesn't speak for me or the Oprah show. I will fly you here and get English lessons for you free of charge. The only thing I ask in return is, that fabulous low carb monkey diet.

Armando is quietly a socialist sensitizer. He knew his political blog would stir upheavel. Hes sitting back laugh right now praying we'll take up arms.

When we do he'll quietly sneak the rest of Ted Ginns family safely accross I-95.

Its always the ignorant ones that are inflexible to change.
I remember when they NFL hated the idea of the AFL merging with them...look at the league today.
If they can STOP it, then its a gimmick.
Last I checked it's 11 guys trying to stop 11 guys from moving a piece of cowhide down a field. Don't care how you do it, just stop em' if you can...haa haa JETS LOSE!


When you think about it, it's almost comical how certain individuals (especially defenses that get burned by it) call the wildcat nonsense or gimmick. It's like the British in the American Revolutionary War complaining about the revolutionaries' style of warfare; they didn't march in straight lines and maintain formation like the proper British armies.

Guess what? War has changed. Guess what? Football probably will too.

Cognac doesn't have an "i" in it. Like the name though.

guess cogniac just looks better with an i

CarltheChamp thinks its funny when they call it a gimmick, but part of him still takes offense for some reason. Jaws is a 2 faced ass clown, he was saying Monday night how is coming
around, now he changes his mind and acts like its silly. Gruden is terrible about flip flopping back and forth about practically everything he talks about, but this is absurd, Jaws is in the dog house......

There's probably a reason Jaws isn't in the front office or coaching for anyone -- old school thinking, old school analysis.

I'm sick of hearing its a gimmick when its not and the fins do great so the hell with all these idiots.

If the Wildcat is a gimmick, then just stop it. That all a defense has to do….

Congratulations on the success of the Blog Mando!

Jaws is an idiot for saying its a gimmick and for the record chucky light him up on monday night broadcast pointing out more insightful stuff than him mr. Q.B.

Super Dolphins Super Bowl

bigtrav, see ya later then, mando showed a lot of guts. If you limp wristed libs can't handle it then too bad.

Downer12 , thanks for the kind words. Are you a woman like nmdolphan says ? If so that makes it even more impressive that you're a woman dolphin fan having the guts to come on a blog like this one. Some people are downright mean on the blog. Me ? I'm a teddy bear . LOL !

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