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Jaws takes a bite out of Dolphins' Wildcat

There's been an on-going debate in the Monday Night Football booth this year about the Dolphins' Wildcat package. Former coach Jon Gruden loves it. Former quarterback Ron Jaworski hates it.

How much does Jaws hate the thing?

According to what he said today on ESPN radio, apparently a lot.

Asked if Wildcat can be relied upon heavily by a team that rides it to the Super Bowl, Jaworski said, "No, I don't believe so. I still believe it's a gimmick and a gadget."

"Clearly, no one does it better than the Miami Dolphins, but I really believe that at the end of the season they're going to have to find a way to get some explosive plays out of the passing game," Jaworski said. "It was crystal clear in the Colts' game, they controlled the ball 45 minutes but when you run the football that well you're not going to score a lot of points."

Wait a second, there Jaws. You rock buddy (and thanks for that free buffet breakfast you treated me to at your hotel in Philadelphia in 2001) but you got this all wrong.

The Dolphins just scored 21 points in the fourth quarter against the Jets using Wildcat. Those three touchdowns in one quarter are more points than the 14 points the Jets were allowing per game before Monday night.

And about that Colts game: The Dolphins didn't lose that game because of Wildcat. The Dolphins lost that game because Peyton Manning lit up the Miami defense that could not hold lead after lead after lead. Were it not for Wildcat that game would have been a blowout in favor of the Colts.

And as far as Wildcat being a gimmick and gadget, please consider the words of guard Justin Smiley, who told me this week, "In Wildcat, you have one or two plays that are kind of trick plays. But without going into specifics, we still have straight-ahead run plays out of that that those guys have to defend and until somebody stop us, that's going to be the deal."

Finally, to judge the Dolphins as a complete work is not fair. The team has a quarterback coming off only his second start. Maybe the Dolphins keep the collar on Chad Henne. But maybe not.

And if not, and Henne is what everyone expects, then what will the Dolphins offense have? A quarterback that can make all the throws and Wildcat.

Hard to stop.

[BLOG NOTE: I want to thank all of you for continuing to support this blog by, well, coming to this blog. This has been a record-breaking month with over 170,000 unique visitors and this has been a record-breaking week with over 100,000 page views. And we're not done yet! As the Dolphins continue to rise from the ashes of 0-3, I'm expecting interest will continue to increase and I'll be working to give you something informative, entertaining and thought-provoking every day. Thanks again.]

Meanwhile ...


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I'm loving the videos after the blog that I can watch on my iPhone

Downer12 , just read the rest of your Post. You are a women ! Like my previous post says i'm impressed ! Did i tell you , I Love you ! :)

Nj Phin looking for love on computer blog, what a buffoon!

Only one more politic comment, and then done. NJ says this administration running this country in ground, but where he been for last 8 years????? This country been run so far underground we almost arrive to pay china all the money we owe!

Also NJ cannot stand taste of defeat in know that I am not Cuban Menace. This almost how Calvin Pace, Rex Ryan, and Jaws feel after be prove wrong by "gimmicks"

potentially this wildcat thing can actually create more oppurtunities for the QB when he comes back in. Mixing it with regurlar offense is what is keeping it relevant IMO. The defense is trying to adapt to the cat and then we go back to traditional and henne throws down field and picks them apart. Then they try to adapt to that and we go back to the run or wildcat run. That puts lots of pressure on the defense. Jaws really should get over it for that reason alone. It makes a QB like Henne more dangersous when he comes back in. Its just too much to defend. Personaly though i would like for the offense to be more traditional for most of the game and then the wildcat used to protect a lead and punish the defense into submission in the 4th QTR.

Poor , poor , carlito . He's so , so sad that he's being ignored , he has to resort to name calling. Bufoon ? Pot meet kettle . When you learn how to speak english i might take you and your ignorant political views seriously. But until then keep crying about being ingnored . So sad , so PATHETIC !

NJ, just ignore because he can't admit he wrong. Some of NJ(state) is rub off on you and the Jets

I find it hard to call it a gimmick when it is being run week in and week out by the Fins. It has started to carry over to other teams so I will assume that they also see it as more than a gimmick. The fact is that teams have had a whole season to view film on the formation and if after that they still can't defend it it has to be a formation that creates match up problems.

Gimmick or not I agree with the old "we will run it until you can stop it" approach.

I just want to know how long it is going to be before the Dolphins earn a little respect around this league. We proved our diligence quite well last year (and into this year as well), and still most in the NFL (inc. ref's) hate us. They are ALWAYS against us. I guess thhat makes it that much more exciting, though. I admit it has taken a very long time to get back to where we can win games and actually compete, but give the Phins some kind of respect. Stop trying to kill the 'Cat. It still has all 9 lives.

Go Phins! F*** the rest!


Super Bowl my friend, when Miami win another super bowl.

Go Dolphins!

Henne the Hero!

Ronnie the Rabid Beast!

NYScott I agree that there are bad in both parties but I must disagree on your saying someone is too conservative to be an independant. I am a Independent (Like G. Washington I do not believe in party system in our government)and I am far to conservative to be a republican or at least what claims that title these days.

Joe , AMEN !

Whatever. If the Wildcat is only a gimmick then why are 31 other teams using it? Even the Jets did on Monday night.When the Dolphins run it everyone calls it a fad but other teams do it and it's genius.I don't think we care who likes the Cat, it works for us and if they think it's a fad then why can't they stop it?We don't play for approval from Jaws and the media.I hope the Fins enjoy the bye and run the Wildcat against the Saints and especially the Jets. Go Phins!

Armondo ... Love your blog and been reading for a while. Hate your piece on Limbaugh and dont think it belongs here, but that's your decision. I think it was real inaccurate in the examples you used. Now to the haters on BigTrav ... if Mondo can say how he feels, why cant BigTrav? This is a sports blog and he can expect to read about sports so understandably upset. Allow the man to voice his opinion. I will continue to read the blog because it is the best Phins source around, by far. Keep doing your thing Mondo, we don't have to agree on everything, except for the fact Jaws is a complete idiot!!!

Armondo, do you think the phins will resign ronnie brown to an extension? I know BP usually does not pay high money for his RB's but Ronnie is more than just a RB. What do you think?

Nuagephins , fine but BigTrav1 wanted armando fired or demoted . What is this the former soviet union , cuba , N. korea or venezuala ? jaws is an idiot !

What can u say? Jaws is ignorant.

Folks, I as much as anyone, will defend your right to say whatever you wish (within reason) and post it on the blog.

But there is a time and place for everything.

If you have a comment about the Limbaugh blog, freakin' post it under the Limbaugh blog. The comment section is open there.

This is the Jaworski post.

If you agree with me about Limbaugh, great, post it there. If you disagree, great, post it there.

And by the way, I said very clearly at the top of that Limbaugh post that it contained political, racial and social commentary along with football. So if you read it and didn't like that it contained political or social commentary, blame yourself.

Now, what's that song? Ain't no stopping us now ... we're on the move, we got the groove.

Isn't it a great week?? No Jests blowhards on the blog all week. PRICELESS. !!!!!! Though I must admit, I got on the NY Post blog and aggravated them today. Felt good!!!

The shotgun was considered a gimmick too...Everything was better in the old days... Blah blah blah. Jaworski needs to move into the future

Armondo, when in the absence of news you still find a way to keep it interesting without resorting to headlines like "What do you think..., "Will the old lady still safely cross the street if it rains? Keep it up. When the next news breaks we trust you to be there. If you don't get the scoope, I for one will be eager to catch your perspective.

As for the wild cat being some new gimmick thrown in the face of purests, it's a fact that throughout history all scientific progress has been made by a minority proving the majority was wrong. Sometime the idea is new. Sometimes the idea works because someone finally comes along who can see the light.

The technology behind the stealth bomber was German innovation that wasted away in an air museum since the end of WWII until someone figured out what to do with it.

The wildcat is a thing of beauty. To work well you need well selected talent, tailored to the job, not mediocre has-beens with reworked riffling.

One of these years we will go to the big one. And if we lose, even 31 to 30, some fool will scream "see, I told you it would never work." Why, because I could never do it.

Nice blog numbers mando.

Just keep the politics to yourself.

This is football not Fox News.

Enough of the WC, it can speak for itself. On to the the next step.

What are we going to do to get at least a middle of the road pass defense?

Someone please tell me, did the two fake punts get charged against ST or the defense? I'll wait to make a bigger fool of myself until I have the answer.

Wrong, Hate, this is whatever I say it is. And it ain't the USSR.

Jaws' dislike for the Dolphins stems back from his days in Miami, where he got no playing time behind Marino.

Right on Armando, it's called the First Amendment and you have that right!!!

If Buf, NE, Ind or the NYJ were running the WC as successfully as Miami is, Burman, Jaws, Young and others would be all over it and advertising it as exciting and fresh. The fact that they are all wrong and that their egos prevent them from acknowledging it as legitimate is embarrassing. BTW, I love Gruden on MNF. He is way more entertaining and informative than the other two clowns.

Stirred up a hornets’ nest a Mando.

This too shall pass.

Oh yeah, Jets SUCK!

itg's not easy for a sport writer to take on a subjecta as ownership in the nfl ,latley we see many sport writers taking on many not so easy topics and the reason is i think that a person like armando feels that his writing and ideas are way more and richer than just writing only about footall which is very understandable but by doing so he benfit by giving himself the chance to be more than a football writer and at the same time make some posters upset at him for not seeing him the way they like to .
bottom line as they say in NH ( live and let live ).

it's not easy

F Jaws. Name one defense anywhere that wants a piece of this offense

Why was fergie of the black eye peas granted ownership ? She mentions that in her songs that the CIA are bunch of terrorists. The same terrorists that keep her wanna be black butt safe. Talk about hypocrocy !

A gimmick is a one shot deal that works by surprise. The Wildcat is a strategic innovation taking advantage of a systematic weakness of opponents. As football has evolved over the last 20 years to a speed oriented, passing game, defenses have gotten lighter but faster. They take advantage of the 11 on 10 situation situation with blitzing, double teams and overloads. The Wildcat converts the game into 11 on 11 with an added complexity to the running offense while still maintaining a passing risk. Combine the advantage on an additional offensive player making contact with a big strong line and the fact that the RB who gets the hike has perhaps an extra 0.3 seconds and you create a much higher probability of a penetration and a run. Further, the fact that Miami runs the play constantly while defenses don't see it much from other teams (yet) provides the same type of systematic advantage that the 49ers had when they first introduced the west coast short-passing offense that Walsh worked out at Stanford. (Kind of like being left handed - you have experience being left handed all the time but competitors are used to playing right handers 90% of the time). Miami has the big OL, the talented running back and a coach and offensive coordinator with the stones to innovate. Gotta love it. SIngle wing forever!



** In 1992, on his now-defunct TV show, Limbaugh expressed his ire when Spike Lee urged that black schoolchildren get off from school to see his film Malcolm X: "Spike, if you're going to do that, let's complete the education experience. You should tell them that they should loot the theater, and then blow it up on their way out." (TV show, 10/29/92; transcript archived on Nexis)

** Limbaugh admitted to Newsday's Richard Gehr (10/8/90) that as a DJ in Pittsburgh in the 1970s he had once dismissed a black caller by saying, "Take that bone out of your nose and call me back."

** "Have you ever noticed how all newspaper composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?" (Newsday, 10/8/90)

** Discussing a Chicago inner-city schoolteacher punished for using a math question that focused on the price of prostitution and cocaine habits, Limbaugh suggested that the teacher should be credited for "understanding the culture these kids come from." The math question began: "Rufus is pimping three girls." (TV show, 5/24/94; transcript archived on Nexis)


**Arguing during the 2008 campaign that no one is permitted to criticize Barack Obama: "You can't criticize the little black man-child. You just can't do it, 'cause it's just not right. It's not fair. He's such a victim." (Radio, 8/20/08; audio available at Media Matters, 8/20/08)

** "We are being told that we have to hope he succeeds, that we have to bend over, grab the ankles, bend over forward, backward, whichever, because his father was black, because this is the first black president." (Hannity, 1/21/09, archived on Nexis; video available at Media Matters, 1/22/09)

** Reacting to a report of black students assaulting a white student on a bus (an incident that police determined was not racially motivated), Limbaugh brought in Barack Obama: "In Obama's America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering, 'right on, right on, right on.'" (Media Matters, 9/15/09)


** On learning from a caller to his show that St. Louis was extending a light rail system into East St. Louis--a community of some 40,000 residents, almost all of whom are black (radio, 6/27/94): "They got a light rail system to East St. Louis where nobody goes?"

** "Look it, let me put it to you this way. The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it." Limbaugh (10/14/09) admitted making this remark, but claimed it was a response to the actions of one player who was penalized for taunting an opponent. Limbaugh admitted that his language "makes it look racial, the way I chose to describe it. I could have perhaps chosen a different term."

** Limbaugh praised former segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond for calling a gay soldier "not normal": "He's not encumbered by being politically correct.... If you want to know what America used to be--and a lot of people wish it still were--then you listen to Strom Thurmond." (TV show, 9/1/93, transcript archived on Nexis) In the America that "used to be," Thurmond was one of the country's leading racists, running for president in 1948 on the Dixiecrat ticket, with a platform that opposed federal anti-lynching laws and boasted the slogan, "Segregation Forever!"

Will amen brother. Mando poor poor mando, the chipmunks xmas special is on tv

Jaws can BITE me! F a bunch of haters!
Miami has turned this wildcat into a brutal rushing,and soon to be a monster passing game.
It's going to be fun watching all these "experts" EAT THEIR WORDS!
GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Armando you totally rock and keep up the outstanding journalism it's people like you that make mr proud to be a true Floridian. (I hope your from Fla. By the way) and I guess it will be a great thing to see jaws eat crow as the dolphins as you say rise from the 0-3 ashes. Keep ip the good work man!


who cares what the experts think,everybody that lives in my town(las vegas)love what they did on monday night, calling it one of the greatest game they ever seen, boy was it fun watching it.

Jaws can go pound sand.....Miami's Offense has been great, especially having to break in a new QB....Ginn missed two potential TD's vs Colts.....Miami's power running, wildcat or not will only help the play action passing game and Ginn is only good for getting deep behind a Def. and running scared, so he'll most likely be good with Henne's ability to be accurate deep......Miami's secondary is the true problem spot right now....two promising rookies will be good in time, but Gibril Wilson from the Raiders looks like a bust so far. The Phins need imporvement from their DB's moving on......

Pennington was a warrior and I loved what he did for the franchise last season....But I was very impressed with Henne who made some big time throws in pressure moments Monday night vs Jets, for all Dolphin fans, I hope that was the begiining on something special....

hater keep hating, another person that getting on my nerve is Dion Sander, have u guys been hearing those hating remarks his been taking about, when are u gonna give as props were leading the league in rushing partner.

Jawz was hatin on the phinz all game on monday night. Everytime sanchez made a play, jawz was like oooooo my, look at this kid! Well i guess they will all wake up when we beat new orleans

if Henne was good without a number one receiver imagine him with one, boy oh boy what he could become.

Jaws doesn't like The Wildcat because when Buddy Ryan became coach of the Eagles he used to pull an aging Jaworski out on third downs and put a rookie named Randall Cunningham as a gimmick third down playmaker. It's personal with him.

Yeah this was a good blog. The one about rush limbaugh...may be one of the worst I've ever read. Mando, I love the dolphins info, but that showed you as a plain old....I don't even want to say it. What I love about it, is how rush has jokes about me and mando and a bunch more of us on here, include the words 'work outdoors' and 'lazy' and those are the nice ones. How many more Hispanics want to be for a group that wants no part of them. Joke. Stop being a joke, fellow Latinos! Oh, and I really want Josh cribbs as a dolphin.

Anything named "fake" is a gimmick. Fake punt, fake field goal, flee flicker, reverse. These are gimmicks. The wildcat or single wing as some call it can be a sophisticated offense to run, plus you have to have the right people to run it effeciently.

Let me see now, liberals fought for and got us Social Security, Medicare, Veterans benefits and Medicade. Republicans fought for and got us hmmmmm oh yeah NOTHING!




say what you want until they take all our freedom away just look at it likethis your out for a beer with your buddies everybody disagrees but you still like them and call it all good. Go! Dolphins!

Jaws is generally a solid analyst. His take on the Wildcat is clearly flawed. The Dolphins are the number 1 rushing offense in the NFL after 5 games. You don't accomplish that with a gimmick. The fins have more yards out of the formation than the rest of the league combined. It is a viable formation.

the wildcat is not only here to stay, it will be expanded on. all you need to do is look at the draft and this jets game to see that. how many time has ricky QB'ed the wildcat before the jets game? not many. he did it about 5 times. pat white was drafted to run the wilcat or wildpat as it's been called. henne has shown he can be our QB, but i don't see that changing the teams offensive plans. he'll get around 20-25 pass plays, there will be around 17-25 regular run plays, 10-12 wildcat plays and 4-5 wildpat plays. that is what works. the thing i see expanding a little bit are the pat white snaps and the shots down the field. now there is a true speedster in sheets. if he can be brought up to speed quickly, he will and another dimension to the offense. cobbs will be missed most in his value to the passing game. while i hope sheets can do as good a job, i also hope cobbs recovers successfully and can be a fin next year.

I think jaworski is a gimmick!

The iPhone app makes it much easier to keep up. That was a great idea. Keep expanding it!

I hope we can expand the wildcat with pat white, sky is the limit with this wild cat HATER!

Here's a debate for all of you bloggers. Who has a worse body ? Bill Parcells or Rex Ryan ? Discuss.

Ha No my first name isn't Debbie...that's funny.

NJ yes I'm a woman from california and a true Miami Dolphin fan...I love football period ha I love to post here because we have some true Phin Fans on this site.Everyone has been pretty nice...plus I'm a girl who knows her football:)

I will someday go watch my first Miami game at Land Shark...Can't wait.

its not a gimmick, gimmicks are unexpected plays. its a gimmick when other teams try it 1 or 2 times a year.

The dolphins use it as a formation instead of a gimmick, they execute the play well, starting with solid offensive line play. Obviously the game has passed Jaws by.

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