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Live blog of tonight's Dolphins-Jets HERE!

Another reason to dislike the Jets: I'm driving south on I-95 at 5:30 and suddenly the traffic just stopped cold, parking-lot style.

A Broward Sherrif's Office SUV had come up the ramps and parked in the middle of the expressway and stopped traffic so that the Jets -- in three chartered buses -- could plow ahead and get to the stadium.

And, of course, the maneuver stopped caused a jam that didn't clear for 25 minutes.

Anyway, the Dolphins and Jets are on the field warming up. The Dolphins will wear their orange jerseys and white pants, as I thought I made abundantly clear on the last post. The Jets are wearing their white jerseys and green pants.

The inactives for Miami are Chris Clemons, Shawn Murphy, Lionel Dotson, Patrick Turner, John Nalbone, Quentin Moses and Andrew Gardner. Jets reciever Jerricho Cotchery, who was questionable with a hamstring injury, is active for the Jets. Lito Sheppard is not active tonight. Dwight Lowry is expected to start in his place.

And the live blog begins in the comments section below.


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what's the weather like for game?

Thanks, but, I really don't need any more reasons to hate the Jets...

This is it. Let's show the nation that we are legit

Is Patrick Turner active for this game? The Dolphins need to surprise the Jets...a 5 WR set sure would be surprising :-)

Chris berman is an Idiot !

ESPN is saying how we almost traded ronnie brown for braylon edwards. Thank God it didn't happen!

Phinfaninne , that old news. and THANK GOD we didn't.

Use pat white as a true qb in the wildcat...that will catch the lets completly off guard!!!

ESPN just reported the Fins were talking trade w/Cleveland in the spring:

Ronnie Brown for Braylon Edwards.... trying to reunite Henne with Edwards. Didn't pan out though...

I remember hearing the rumor before. Thanks NJ PHIN though.

It is hot here. 86 degrees.

NFL Network reported on the possible trade w/Cleveland the day the Jets got Edwards. This is the first time I heard the parameters of the deal though.

Tommya, this is old news. They were talking about this the last 2 weeks leading up to the draft. Did you forget or something ? They weren't talking about this recently. Adam sheffter said right before te draft not now . LOL !

I dont know if you were able to see it on ESPN, but Adam Scheftler just reported that before the season that the dolphins were in active talks about trading Ronnie Brown for Braylon Edwards. If thats true, that either shows you that you may have been wrong and the dolphins think quite a bit about WR Braylon Edwards. Or it shows how little they thought of Ronnie Brown. That would've been a terrible trade! I dont even know why that was a discussion. It could be possible that it really wasn't much of a discussion at all. Did you ever hear about this?

Who gives a rats azzz about Chris Berman. I want the phins to play the football they are capable of playing. Good running, very good running and good defense. Don't give them any easy points, like in turnovers. GO PHINS!!!!

Inactives are up.

And I heard about the ESPN report and I'm being told it is not true.

Chase , mando had a blog about this before the draft. this isn't new . there were many debates about this on this blog. where have you been ?

I was hoping for a surprise too with Patrick Turner...........oh well guess he's still not ready.

Thanks mando.


It's been a LONG year so far... I can barely remember what happened in the NFL 6 weeks ago. W/ healthcare, bailouts, Iran, N. Korea, Peace Prizes, Car companies taken over by the gov., banks taken over as well, TARP... etc. My head's spinning!!!

these rumors were floating around the draft.

Too bad Patrick Turner is not active. Would have been nice to get another WR out there. Would help out in the red zone.

No Patrick Turner again....weird. Either they don't think he's ready or they're protecting him (maybe too much).

Hard to believe they'd not have him on the field over any of the active WRs if they felt he was ready.

Oh well....I don't care who plays. Just beat this team.

LOL@Tommya , I hear Ya ! You ready for tonight ?

Go Dolphins!!!
Im not gona sleep tonight to support Miami

Tommya you need to prioritize.........dolphins first, phins 2nd, dolphins 3rd.....lol.


Dolphins can run and stop the run.

Time for Ginn to step up big tonight. Its time, Teddy, its time.

I just got back from lifting and ready to smash sanchez's face MYSELF 1

They need to give Turner a chance. Come on man

Says a lot of how this team is being built that we are first in rushing and first vs the run. Let's hope that still stands after tonight. Thank you for doing it right, Mr. Parcells and company.

Phinfaninne. that's right. Remember building from the inside out ?

It's 86 degrees got love that!

I remember NJ. And it's nice to see they've stuck with their plan.

72- 6 Dolphins!!!! Win it!!! I want more than the "W" I want Jets Blood. Let the bodies hit the floor!!!Prepare For GLORY!!!

Armando, keep up the great work in keeping us finfans posted on the games events. Just remember your long wait when we beat the Jets, hopefully you will make it out before they do this time, if not yell "come back soon for another beating" have fun! Go Fins

How about 99-0 miami .

I taught my 2 yr. old daughter a simple Dolphins cheer... I've got to teach her when to cheer now... like not when the other team gets a turnover etc. LOL!

We gotta throw deep to back em off. The Jets are going to stack the box; 8 or 9 up front. Henne has to win this game for us. If he can connect deep we will have credibility and success tonight. Back em off Henne!!!

Stuart scott is an idiot. He just had to get a line in about Idol and BRO ! obama .

Hey Mando

Does Ginn have a chance against Revis? or does "the family" not show up? Can't remember when a guy and his fam have had 3 yrs to breakout.

also lookin for S.Smith to get first pick tonight! go phins

NJ Phin Fan,

Oh yeah I'm ready! I want to see smash mouth, bone crushing, football tonight.

holy crap is this monday night countdown or jets countdown. they are all over the jets
SH%$ and havent daid hardly anything about miami. This is B.S. I hope the fins just blow them up so they have to discuss us next time.

Tommya , that sounds cute. They have cute dolphin cheerleaders outfits on the dolphins store. You should hook her up with the outfit.

I think it's humorous that you think anyone on here cares that you work out, LMAO...

Have you seen Phillip Merling? Is he limping?

I work out!!! 40 hrs a wk.. Sometimes extra!

I find it even more humorous that anybody gives a shyt what you think is humerous. Are you disappointed that miami isn't wearing pink tutu's tonight. LMFAO !


espn is so not biased......

Someone needs a hug.

you'd swear they were real analysts

I know Dave. It's sick. All about the Jets, nothing about the Fins. Hope we crush em'

Thigpen will be involved in the wildcat tonight

I'm doing 12 oz curls.

A lot of insiders are saying the first three wins by the Jets was a fluke the last game vs Saints was the true nature of things to come Edwards or no Edwards.

Why all the hate b/c Miami has success with a particular formation, of which it only runs like 8 or nine times a game.

That's a tall boy curl.. Lol

Im so pumped for this game. hope the players are amped for it too. win this we are only one game back and going into the bye week with momentum.

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