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Live blogging Dolphins vs. Saints at 4:15 p.m.

As I just got done saying on my radio show for the last two hours, today's game is a defining one for the Dolphins.

Notice I did not say it is a must-win. It is not that.

But it is one that will tell us exactly what we have in these Dolphins. It will tell us if this team can successfully compete with the elite teams in the NFL -- which, in turn, will tell us how legitimate a playoff contender Miami is.

Or it will tell us that the Dolphins are what they have been the first five weeks of this NFL season -- a good team that can hang with elite teams, but cannot actually beat elite teams.

The 2-3 Dolphins are a on a two-game win streak and that's great. They are undefeated in the AFC East and that's great. And they hung with Indy and Atlanta earlier in the season. But ...

The teams Miami beat are a combined 5-7. At some point the Dolphins have to beat a really good team to convince everyone, including themselves, they are a legitimate playoff contender.

And what better time than today? The Dolphins are coming off a bye so they've had extra time to prepare. They're at home. They're playing a team that had an emotional game last week and has difficult division games the next two weeks after this one.

So the time is now. Today we find out about these Dolphins.

Today defines the Dolphins.

Join me in the comments section for the first quarter of the live blog.

Come strong so you can show the New Orleans trolls, whodatbeattheSaints.


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Omar Kelly just ripped Ronnie Brown...that means Brown goes off today.

What'd he say?

What channel on Justin can I find this on?

Things like he is not a premier back until he proves it for another season. He is not Adrian Peterson. The other guys are the set are basing their views on one season...

whose inactive?

Yeah Wayne, that's just typical. You can't argue with what we've watched on the field, bottom line

The opposite of whatever Omar says ALWAYS happens. He has the worst insight in South Florida.

The only thing I can say for him is he is not like Darlington of the Herald saying Sean Smith and Jason Allen had the Swine Flue

Lol. Omar does seem a little clueless at times. Mando said it best: Miami will run, and run well


RB Kory Sheets, QB Tyler Thigpen, OT Andrew Gardner, DE Lionel Dotson, WR Pat Turner, TE John Nalbone, LB Quentin Moses, and OT Lydon Murtha

How about the Omar wants the guy from the Black Eyed Peas to have a tryout with the Dolphins?

Didn't hear that. In that case, I want whatever Omar's smokin'


If you want to type that in, you can hear his "idea"...

Thank goodness for Mando.

Just read it. Deadlines were probably looming on that one. Pretty dumb

Why can't I find wilbur23 on Justin tv?

Cris Clemons getting some playing time at safety maybe...adds some speed back there and he can tackle

Omar also said that Jonathan Vilma is not very physical.

I thought the team re-building was going to take three years. We're in year two.

Have this conversation regarding can we "beat the elite" next year when the three years are up.

Let's go Fins!!!!!! I have the faith we are going to win today....Have faith boys!

Just helping a brother out Armando..

Heres the list of inactives of the dolphins and saints from www.profootballtalk.com

"For the Dolphins today against the New Orleans Saints, per NFL.com, the inactive players are running back Kory Sheets, tackle Andrew Gardner, defensive end Lionel Dotson, tackle Lydon Murtha, tight end John Nalbone, wide receiver Patrick Turner and linebacker Quentin Moses. Tyler Thigpen is the third quarterback.

For the Saints, the inactives are kicker Garrett Hartley, defensive back Leigh Torrence, cornerback Malcolm Jenkins, running back Lynell Hamilton, linebacker Scott Fujita, center Nick Leckey and nose tackle Kendrick Clancy. Chase Daniel is the third quarterback."

Clemons has great ball skills. Should be somewhat of an upgrade against a pass happy Saints club

Official weather is 89 degrees and no winds to speak of 2 MPH.

Kansas City is awful

Any rain in the forecast?

Harvin just ran one back for Minn. Did we have a chance to move up and get him? Good luck Dolphins!

Dolphins wearing all white. Saints in black jerseys.

Miami 34 NO 31!!

Thanks for the help on the inactives, guys.

I was STARVING after the radio show and headed straight to the free buffett.

chicken cordon bleu, rice and a lemon tart for dessert.

Tampa to be first franchise with 2 winless seasons. The Yucks R Back.

Anybody have a link to watch the game? Am stuck up here in Carolina Panther-land.

play hard boys GO DOLPHINS

Scott Fujita is inactive for New Orleans. That really is the only significant inactive today.

In Nebraska stuck with Bears and Bengals no point letting my wife watch syfy keep track on pc

Guys. Get the NFL Redzone on cable. Amazing.


How has Paul Solai been doing this year?? I haven't heard him mentioned much, which I think is a good thing.

I hate the all white. Shoulda went orange again...

totally agree on Soliai not making news is good news, Matt.

He's improved over last year. And yet, he's not nearly as good as 35-year-old Jason Ferguson, who just played his best game of the season.

Put another way, it's good Ferguson is around.

Traditional 4pm all white at home works.

man you can watch game on channel surfing net. jus scroll down to dolphins saints

Ronnies going to own today!

Is there a radio broadcast I could listen to online? Appreciate it

Yeah, go to NFL.com and buy the league pass for like 10 bucks.

need a video stream

I just hope that miami's D give them a chance in this game. Lets go Sean Gibril Yeremiah Vonte and Allen


Great radio show today!

Where's Matt from Connecticut? Good call in today!

thank you tommmy!

Fins 27
NO 24

Let's go Fins Nation!!

Hi, UK fan here just watched NE destroy TB, thanks for bringing it over here!

Need a stream!

come on lets start!!!!

ARMANDO - whats your prediction for todays game?

Release the hounds let go'

89 degrees and wearing BLACK!! I like it!! Hope humidity is high!!! Let's go FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone streaming?

anyone have any feeds for the game?

Dolphins open in base defense.



still got commercials here damnit

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