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Live blogging Dolphins vs. Saints at 4:15 p.m.

As I just got done saying on my radio show for the last two hours, today's game is a defining one for the Dolphins.

Notice I did not say it is a must-win. It is not that.

But it is one that will tell us exactly what we have in these Dolphins. It will tell us if this team can successfully compete with the elite teams in the NFL -- which, in turn, will tell us how legitimate a playoff contender Miami is.

Or it will tell us that the Dolphins are what they have been the first five weeks of this NFL season -- a good team that can hang with elite teams, but cannot actually beat elite teams.

The 2-3 Dolphins are a on a two-game win streak and that's great. They are undefeated in the AFC East and that's great. And they hung with Indy and Atlanta earlier in the season. But ...

The teams Miami beat are a combined 5-7. At some point the Dolphins have to beat a really good team to convince everyone, including themselves, they are a legitimate playoff contender.

And what better time than today? The Dolphins are coming off a bye so they've had extra time to prepare. They're at home. They're playing a team that had an emotional game last week and has difficult division games the next two weeks after this one.

So the time is now. Today we find out about these Dolphins.

Today defines the Dolphins.

Join me in the comments section for the first quarter of the live blog.

Come strong so you can show the New Orleans trolls, whodatbeattheSaints.


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Colston drop averts another 6 yard gain.

Me come on fox

Nice tackle Bell!

Awesome tackle by yeremiah Bell on Thomas. Loss of 1 on a play that might have gone for 20 if Bell missed the tackle.

need link

any one got link??

JP, JT and Wake not on the field at the same time on third and long.

Hello All!

need a link big time !

Saints made Dolphins use a time out on special teams because they lined up in fake punt formation.

C'mon Fox!

we should be familiar with the fake punt by now.

And now the Dolphins plow the Saints.

Good D, now let's go offense, let's show NO our high power offense

who has a link?

1st time all season Aints havnt scored!! GREAT start!!!!

Go to a sports bar find a war

Omg fox still hasn't switched to the game. Commercials first. Such whores.

nice stop to get brees off the field now we can be the first team to be leading the saints.

Indeed, that was the first time all season Saints didn't score on their opening drive.

That's the fourth game this year the Dolphins have run their first play to get Ginn involved.

It's the boca - labelle game on Justin!

Back shoulder throw to Bess is complete for a first.

What a catch!!!!!!!

Wow !

Wow. We're 5 mins behind on the broadcast up here in Boston. Still saints 1st drive.

Do you have the link in justin?




Challenge this!

Link for game on radio or tv? Fox ny showing Dallas and canny stream 560??

play challenged. looks like bess was juggling maybe.

Boca labelle

Noticed Ginn run straight out of bounds?

Hey Florida natives. Any radio station bradcasting the game that I can get online?

fox sucks..they didn't show the replay? was it a catch?

no catch

Looks like ball came out.


thats the link

No catch...Ginn would have had it.


Whats going on with The Miami Herald football forum? Are the mods there going wack, or is almost every poster there getting banned, or is something wrong with the site. Can you check that out for us. I tried several times to email them about it and got no response.

Live stream here:


and replay equipment is not working therefor no review.


holy .... replay not working yes!!!!!! catch counts


holy crap..malfunction--wow we got lucky!


dolphins getting a lucky break

What a break


Former sec refs?

wow got away with one.

Dolphins running power play out of Wildcat.


Lol Kieth

Clock killers!

Dolphins third down conversion domination continues with Polite conversion.

ugh this feed sucks......doesnt catch the game action

We have the personel to run the WC all day

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