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Live blogging Dolphins vs. Saints at 4:15 p.m.

As I just got done saying on my radio show for the last two hours, today's game is a defining one for the Dolphins.

Notice I did not say it is a must-win. It is not that.

But it is one that will tell us exactly what we have in these Dolphins. It will tell us if this team can successfully compete with the elite teams in the NFL -- which, in turn, will tell us how legitimate a playoff contender Miami is.

Or it will tell us that the Dolphins are what they have been the first five weeks of this NFL season -- a good team that can hang with elite teams, but cannot actually beat elite teams.

The 2-3 Dolphins are a on a two-game win streak and that's great. They are undefeated in the AFC East and that's great. And they hung with Indy and Atlanta earlier in the season. But ...

The teams Miami beat are a combined 5-7. At some point the Dolphins have to beat a really good team to convince everyone, including themselves, they are a legitimate playoff contender.

And what better time than today? The Dolphins are coming off a bye so they've had extra time to prepare. They're at home. They're playing a team that had an emotional game last week and has difficult division games the next two weeks after this one.

So the time is now. Today we find out about these Dolphins.

Today defines the Dolphins.

Join me in the comments section for the first quarter of the live blog.

Come strong so you can show the New Orleans trolls, whodatbeattheSaints.


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wow did you look at the push by jake grove!

Henne looked deep to Ginn but he waas not open on the seam route.

It seemed like Henne had a deep pass play there

Let's get on the board!!!

Bess incomplete. time to punt.

Won't get lucky twice


Bess is fighting the ball today. What is the issue?

Solid punt!

Nice punt

need a link to a feed? tbat last one freezes

k we run 3 times and its a first down. We pass 3 times in a row and its a punt. Try to stop doing that....

So the first drive didnt look to good?

need a better feed this one is too choppy

That would not have a easy catch, and they gave us the first one, we are looking good today, I love henne is throwing, this will give the running game a huge boast

Question. Is this the first game this season, that the Saints haven't scored on their opening drive?

yeah get the run going then go to the play action when it scares them. we have to make the most of each possesion


It looks like the Saints are biting hard on the play action. I can't believe no one's open in the middle of the field!! I can't tell on tv though... what are u seeing there on the play action?

Run run run, Coaches are calling all over the place

Hennes throws today have been a little off the mark. Hopefully he'll settle down and make the throws later.

Game on


Soiled :)

Of interest to Dolphins fans: Leon Washington of the Jets carted off the field of jets vs. Oakland.

Justin.tv click sports, click labelle vs boca or something close to that

Lets go D !!!!!!!!!!

They are giving away a piece of KFC chicken tomorrow...um..um..uum

False start on Saints.

saints look a little jittery

Taylor looks like he's 24!


We shook em. I'm about30 seconds behind

D scheme looks good so far

And now delay againt Saints. The vaunted offense headed in wrong direction.


Our D is in their O's head it seems so far.


As the crowd goes WILD


That was pass interference on Wilson.

Gibril Wilson!!!???!!!

JT got a piece of it though

ball was tipped by taylor so no

Tyrone Culver with the INT and out at the 4 yard line.

Ball was tipped armando


Yea baby

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's go fins!!!!!!!

thats a touchdown


QUESTION:Is this the first game this season, that the Saints haven't scored on their opening drive?

Posted by: perspective | October 25, 2009 at 04:34 PM

GREAT interception !!!

I love it!!!!!

ugh never mind..................thats allright big interception

Wildcat TD for Ricky Williams!

ricky 5 yard td run

Go fins!!!!!

That wAs to easy

Oohhh Sh&"

touchdown !!!!! allright what a good start so far


Run Ricky.run!!!

NICE! damn jimmy buffet song is killing me though

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