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Live blogging Dolphins vs. Saints at 4:15 p.m.

As I just got done saying on my radio show for the last two hours, today's game is a defining one for the Dolphins.

Notice I did not say it is a must-win. It is not that.

But it is one that will tell us exactly what we have in these Dolphins. It will tell us if this team can successfully compete with the elite teams in the NFL -- which, in turn, will tell us how legitimate a playoff contender Miami is.

Or it will tell us that the Dolphins are what they have been the first five weeks of this NFL season -- a good team that can hang with elite teams, but cannot actually beat elite teams.

The 2-3 Dolphins are a on a two-game win streak and that's great. They are undefeated in the AFC East and that's great. And they hung with Indy and Atlanta earlier in the season. But ...

The teams Miami beat are a combined 5-7. At some point the Dolphins have to beat a really good team to convince everyone, including themselves, they are a legitimate playoff contender.

And what better time than today? The Dolphins are coming off a bye so they've had extra time to prepare. They're at home. They're playing a team that had an emotional game last week and has difficult division games the next two weeks after this one.

So the time is now. Today we find out about these Dolphins.

Today defines the Dolphins.

Join me in the comments section for the first quarter of the live blog.

Come strong so you can show the New Orleans trolls, whodatbeattheSaints.


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Dolphins link please!!!!!

Anyway I can watch the game online?
I'm in the UK and I'm a huge Fins fan.

big save by the dolphins defense.....we still got the momentum going.......now lets get ted ginn back on kickoffs so we can get good field position too

need to answer with a time consuming drive here

Special teams as always can still suck a big one.

Let's keep it going.


D has to play tough today..

Saints behind end of first; that is proof positive. Go D. Come on now Henning, keep it on the ground and keep Brees cooled off.

Wtill cheap points, this can not for us to win. Every point scored will be crucial.

Another TD drive will be a major statement.

Coach B should have lost his job during the bye.

Special teams is a joke

now the offense has to help the D with another score keep the pressure off a bit

Give p white the return

Saints fan in front me stopped his talk real quick haha

nice return by ginn.......got his head in there and picked up a few yards


that 68 yard run is a career long for Ricky Williams.

WOOOOWWWWWWW...so much for tiime consuming drive

Great play from the d so far !!! Pressure nearly every play.


Ricky is blowing up yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Run Ricky run!!!



wow @ this.........are my eyes deceiving me?


Loooooovvveeeee POLITE!!!!!

OMG! how many time can ricky f-up the saints?!!!!

Run Ricky Run???


Ricky is FAST!!

I love polite.. Easily my favorite player... What a block!!!



I don't want to say I called it on the Dolphins running game but ...

man if our defense plays like this everyweek and the offense can score points to give them a cushion......we might do some things this year


Game on


I still think ricky is the best back on the phins :)

SOiled :)

Polite with an amazing block! What a run!

What speed

Mando . so did i.


Wish I could be there - awesome run Ricky.

It's cold back here in Scotland

One stop. Lets go miami D. One stop.

Ricky still has the gas


Longest rush of his career

Oh yeah Baby!!!!

Thank you Carpenter, do that everytime!!

that's a kickoff!!! This team is here to play.

D I saw that block too, go Ricky Go!

Run Ricky run!!!!!

good kickoff...........i know the saints are shell shocked right now......we need to keep the foot on their neck

keep the pedal to the metal

why does the streaming change


Please hide Will Allen on third down.

Thank you soiled bottom

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