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Live blogging Dolphins vs. Saints at 4:15 p.m.

As I just got done saying on my radio show for the last two hours, today's game is a defining one for the Dolphins.

Notice I did not say it is a must-win. It is not that.

But it is one that will tell us exactly what we have in these Dolphins. It will tell us if this team can successfully compete with the elite teams in the NFL -- which, in turn, will tell us how legitimate a playoff contender Miami is.

Or it will tell us that the Dolphins are what they have been the first five weeks of this NFL season -- a good team that can hang with elite teams, but cannot actually beat elite teams.

The 2-3 Dolphins are a on a two-game win streak and that's great. They are undefeated in the AFC East and that's great. And they hung with Indy and Atlanta earlier in the season. But ...

The teams Miami beat are a combined 5-7. At some point the Dolphins have to beat a really good team to convince everyone, including themselves, they are a legitimate playoff contender.

And what better time than today? The Dolphins are coming off a bye so they've had extra time to prepare. They're at home. They're playing a team that had an emotional game last week and has difficult division games the next two weeks after this one.

So the time is now. Today we find out about these Dolphins.

Today defines the Dolphins.

Join me in the comments section for the first quarter of the live blog.

Come strong so you can show the New Orleans trolls, whodatbeattheSaints.


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Be Polite!!

How bout them Dolphins!

Two walk-in TDs what??

Who fey?

LMAO, I was thinking same thing

Who Dey?

I love it.

The Aints ran into a BUZZSAW in MIA!

This is a statement game to the AFC !!!

Ok what time does the Dolphins play today?

keep pouring it on


Our line is nasty !!!!!! Go fins

No seriously, Who Dey?


I'm good

Armando what do you think about our young DBS today ?

Missed! WhooDat?


Where's Drew Breezzzeeeeeeee!



Mando.......I cant find the link to the new live blog

What a great game! Shula is smiling on the sidelines!


Awesome game so far! Go Fins!

The Aints are dropping like flies! The Dolphins are playing smash-mouth football today!


Way to go Bell

Sparano's an idiot; if he hadn't called the TO, they were going for a FG. What an idiot!

Sparano calling a time out after New Orleans had elected to kick was a dum move. He gave NO the chance to think about it. Four points weighing on Sparano's shoulder.

I WISH they were playing the Dolphin's game where I live (Cali). Instead they are playing a crap game...Carolina vs. Buffalo. Complete bullsh*t!!!

you can watch it here


This will be a huge call for us. We either win the game or lose it with this call.

The special teams has been playing outstanding. What a game. The defense needs to protect this lead.

Ronnie just needs to throw that one away

Just like that Miami is up by ten again. Great play Hartline

Where did the first-half defense go?

So, does color announcer on Fox have sexual relations with the Saints on a daily or weekly basis. That guy is so slanted its disgusting....

In addition, the phins better start beating some teams, because these crappy ref's are starting to drive me crazy. They miss every damn thing. How many reviews in this game?

Wow how do u loose a 24-3 lead! WTF can someone tell me where the 1at half D-fense went?

Here are the four points that Sparano gave up, coming back to haunt him.

seriously, that fox announcer must have money on the game for the saints to win, is either personally related to a player, a super NO fan, or as previously mentioned, the sexual relations possibility with player/s.

hahahah, fox announcer on brees with a simple throw......Take a look at a "super" quarterback.
I hope a fox exec fires his butt.

Can anyone explain to me why we've completely stopped trying to run the ball? 3 passes then punt? Really???

What made the Orange Bowl great was the S Fl climate. The Fins and Canes were used to it. It seems the We are losing home games in the 4th quarter seems simple are guys ain`t tough enough. Thats pretty sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ginn is a joke!

I want to go on record, the refs in this game were horrible. The back judge was neglegent. And an illegal shift and center false start on 4th down....sounds an awful lot like someone had a bet on the game.

there is nobody that can tell me that Ginn is a NFL starter. no way!

g. wilson and T. Ginn should be cut on the spot those two guys SUCK

Dolphins blew it in the 2nd half. Bad play-calling, poor tackling, terrible secondary, stupid penalties. All this combined with the fact that we are just OUT-MATCHED by the Saints. Oh well, good effort...Dolphins just not "good enough" to play an elite team yet.

Pathetic, just pathetic. Fins are just not ready for prime time. Ginn has gone from a joke to an absolute liability. Refs aside, who may have had bets on the game, terrible pressure performance. I love the wildcat, but tough to ask your young QB to win a game in the 4th when he has only thrown about 10-15 passes all game.

tedd ginn and his clutch plays keep coming

ted ginn caught the most overrated catch of the whole f..... night

what are the excuses now ? the whole team quit on us today .

I like this team, but Ginn has to go. More often, he has cost the dolphins with dropped passes and inability to get open. Top draft pick or not, he needs to go.

ted ginn sucks he dropped another one
NOT a big time receiver

Ginn again drops a pass that any NFL reciever would catch

wasn't able to watch a whole lot of the game til the 4th quarter, just in time to watch junior drop another pass. Let me guess, Saints torched our secondary in the second half.

Part of me can't help but wonder if this team came into the season a little overconfident, thinking they'd just automatically win the division and get to the AFC title game. They still can, but they're gonna have to play all 4 quarters. Did it against the Jets 2 weeks ago. Not this week.

Trade Ginn and bolster the secondary.

i know ginn is on this team just to strech the field but he is holding back hartline and even turner. let hartling start with bess and cammy...what do we have to lose?

Not with the Ginn Family...Cameron drfated this guy... ENOUGH said..... Get rid of him RIGHT NOW......... HE SUCKS

Typical dolphin loss Ginn and Fasano can't catch and Wilson can't tackle. Wow do we need a safety in a bad way.

what happened to accoutability with this team? bench wilson and ginn!! please. and what the heck happened to fasano this year? he cant catch the flu.

2-4. No Super Bowl this year !

Chad Henne doesn't look like the next Dan Marino to me.

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