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Miami Dolphins respond to Calvin Pace

A couple of days ago I shared with you what Calvin Pace said about the Dolphins and their Wildcat package. If you don't recollect, the New York Jets linebacker said, "I can't respect that stuff," and he called Wildcat so much "nonsense."

"They nonsensed their ass all the way up and down the field," linebacker Channing Crowder responded today. "Nonsense, I love nonsense. They say gimmick, gimmick this, gimmick that. We've won games with the Wildcat. They ran two fake punts. So if you're going to say gimmicks, those are real gimmicks. Wildcat is an offensive formation, they run it for two years. They have thousands of plays on film about it, go stop it.

"Shut up about all the junk talking and whatever they're talking about they ain't going to give us no credit. We'll see them in three more weeks, we got to play them again, so the hell with them."   

Today you get the response from the Dolphins because it is the first day players are available to the media following a night game Monday and an off day Tuesday.

"What did Calvin Pace say?" nose tackle Jason Ferguson asked when I asked him if he heard what Pace had said. Then I told him.

"Wow, really?" Ferguson responded. "Who is this guy? What's his name again? Ain't he a rookie or something? Isn't that the rookie from Ohio State? Or you talking about the guy from Arizona? Yeah, ok, it's cool, if that's what he sees. It ain't nothing. That's how ya'll want to treat it, it's cool. You'll see it again in two weeks. No comments here. I'm good. I'll stay away from that one. He's fooling himself.

"I got nothing for Calvin. I don't even know that dude. I'll let him have his battle with the Wildcat. It looks like he lost already."

Ronnie Brown ran six times for 32 yards out of Wildcat against the Jets. he also completed a 21-yard pass to Anthony Fasano out of Wildcat. So what does Brown think of Pace's opinion?

"He has his own opinion and the biggest comment on that is we're all afraid of what we do not understand," Brown said with his patented smile. "I guess that's the situation there. It works for us. We enjoy it. We do it. It's part of our package. And if it's not broken don't fix it so we're not going out to try to change it because a guy isn't happy about what we're doing.

"Coming into the game we're watching how they blitz and we were like, 'OK we'll just sit back and play football then and let's see who has the tougher 11 people on the field.' "

That's a great point. Seems some people around the NFL think Wildcat is a gimmick, finesse thing used by a team that can't win blocking battles hand-to-hand. It is quite the opposite. It is a physical, in-your-face attack.  

"What I really think I'm not going to say, honestly, because we play in a couple of weeks," guard Justin Smiley said. "I have a lot of respect for Calvin Pace because I think he's a heck of a football player. But the one thing I am going to say is we have game upon games of game film to watch. People know what we run.

"We're not running Statue of Liberties out of Wildcat. We're running base and power. You have to stop it. You have to stop it, and until you stop it, nothing's going to change. That's the way we approach it. One-on-one, man-on-man, and whatever anybody wants to say about it, that's their opinion. But until you stop it, nothing's going to change." 

By the way, Channing Crowder (ankle) and Joey Porter (hamstring) did not practice today. Coach Tony Sparano said Porter played 52 plays and his hammy is sore. The coach plans to give various players practice time off this week.

Also, as I reported first on twitter (over there on the left hand side of this page) the Dolphins worked out former University of Miami and New Orleans Saints TE Buck Ortega today.



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Yo Armando buck Ortega is a TE not reciever.. But we need that too so it's all good lol

I'll be there, Like I said a few days ago. The jets are the jets, 41 years of failure and misery. I am calling the Bills to whip them too this week. Jets=Fail.

I'm hoping the disrespect from the stinking Jets and so-called football gurus can be used to motivate the team - to prove their critics wrong repeatedly with smash-mouth offense and defense. Hunger is a good influencer for any team. Likewise, hubris is also a major detractor. Let Rex and his team mouth off. I expect they'll fall gasping for air like a sprinter running a marathon towards the end of this grinding season.

Count me in Mando....what time is the game?

PS to all fins fans... Let's try to remember jets fans are stupid ppl by nature (y else would u root for ny's worst and most underachieving team for decades).. Not their fault let's try to b more sensative ;)

cocoajoe is a nice monkey name

Bring the old dolphins fight song back after TD's!!!!!!!!!


spread the word!!!! all for one, and one for all!!! :)

Cocoa Beach is surfing, diving and fishing...we don't have monkeys here except the zoo.

But hey "cat", I'm at the Beach Shack or Coconuts on Minuteman Causeway almost every afternoon....wanna dance? I'm not hard to find.

count me in for the live reblog. i wanna make sure ginn really caught that td

Phinfan 1975 thank you for showing some love to me, but you said "your the MAN"...actually I'm a 25 yr old GIRL from california ha So next time just say "your the GIRL" ha

I think the loss of Cobbs is a big deal for our wildcat.Cobbs is important to our wildcat because of his blocking.The dude can just lay people out.Cobbs is also important on 3rd and short and special teams...so he will be missed.We are all cheering for a healthy return Cobbs...we wish you the best.

As far as Pace goes...this guy is a joke.The only MAN on the jets is Jenkins.Rex has already said that the next game against Miami will be different...that what happen in Miami won't happen again ha ha I can't wait for game 2...we will be all in that a** again.They are lucky fake punts and the refs kept them in the first one.Our Dolphins better be ready for a war!!

Does anyone think we should trade Joey P?

also some of us fans were talking about the draft...we need a WR or S and some other areas as well...I really love Taylor Mays from USC...this guy is a freak in all the right ways ha


Even with my lack of taste and class, I appreciate the venue your blog provides for us. If I don’t have to go to the lousy sports bar to watch the game, I enjoy reading the many different opinions all the great Phinfans here espouse before, during and after the game. Your blog is one of first sites I hit. Thanks and keep a thick skin.

cocoajoe want to dance with other guys

carlito are you going to the game tonight ?

It's amazing how the Jets players are still crying about how they should have won despite the fact that the referees gift wrapped over 14 points for them. I'm sure someone can come up with the numbers. The game shouldn't have been that close in the first place!

What I don't get about the Wildcat critics is two-fold:

First, how is it a finesse offense when it is almost all running and all those out of power blocking schemes with guys mauling other guys? When it works, it's because our guys physically whipped the other guys. When it doesn't, it's because they physically whipped us. That's no different than any run game in NFL history. You win up front, you win, you don't, you won't.

The second part, it isn't a gimmick if it's out there, there's tons of footage, and everyone has seen it AND run it themselves. There's no more trickery in it than in running a counter trey, or in running a reverse, running a draw play or in throwing a screen pass. Play action passing involves more trickery and no one whines about that. All of those force defenses to press pause on their initial quickness and instinctive reaction lest they be beaten the other direction. This is no different.

And seriously, how can it be a gimmick when it is based upon the principles of Single Wing, Double Wing, Wishbone, and triple option plays which have all been bread and butter for football for the last 100 years? 100 years people!!!

Anytime someone says it's a gimmick, right away I know they don't know anything about football or football history. Anytime they say it's about finesse, they prove they know even less. And for an actual player to say these things is absurd because it's a man who doesn't have the stones to admit when he got his ass handed to him. That's no man, that's just a whiny child.

we should stay with our strength which is running the football either out of the wildcat or conventional I new we could pound the ball on them they kept talking rex ryan stop the wildcat last year well that was the ravens and the jets are not the ravens.Chad Henne was a nice surprise the defense needs some work if we could be a top 10 d we could go a long way not too many teams are going to be able to stop the dolphins run game when you can do that you always have a chance to win scott from delaware

so.. I see a Wets fan on here saying Miami got "Lucky" and that Rex is a Better coach. I am interested in knowing what he considers luck? The two touchdown that NY scored after BS pass interference calls? The two gimmick fake punts? Or The beautiful strike Henne through Ted down the middle of the field? Was it luck that allowed Miami to just viciously pound runners Rick and Ronnie against that candy ass, overblown, over rated, zero dimensional defense that even the talking heads were dissing after the game. Both Young and the other Guy said they came to see New York's "great offense" and they were not one bit impressed... they said that comparing it to a real defense like Baltimore was just now accurate. See, New York sore losers... this is why we love it so much when we beat you. I have to say beating you once that put you out of the play-offs last year and then again in front of a national audience was a total Gasser... I think your team pulls a 2008 Buffalo from here... they were 5-0 when they showed up down here last year... we beat them and they never got back up. This is why you are treated like crap when you go down to the games... all of this from a bunch of people who believe the slime hole that they live in places them above everyone else in the Nation... truth is... with exception to the REAL New Yorker who know what happened last night was Miami just getting all over their club.... New York and its fans can go straight to hell... problem is... its just like where you live now and you'll likely enjoy it.

Live blog tonight- I'm there

Armando, how do you think we're going to do against the Saints? Do you think our secondary could hold up? Drew Brees is lighting it up!!!

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