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Much roster adjusting for Dolphins on Sat.

NEW YORK -- The Dolphins are in Gotham, well, on the New Jersey outskirts across the river, and they are busy.

They have downgraded ILB Channing Crowder to out for Sunday's game against the Jets. Reggie Torbor is expected to start in Crowder's place on Sunday. Crowder is nursing a left shoulder injury and missed the entire week of practice.

The Dolphins thus have an open spot on the active game day roster and that is likely to be taken up by LB Matt Roth, who was activated onto the active roster on Saturday. To make room for Roth on the 53-man roster, the club waived TE John Nalbone.

Nalbone will now go through the waiver process. It is possible if another team doesn't claim him, he could be signed to Miami's practice squad next week.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if Roth, who has not played this season while he was on the non-football injury list, is used on special teams, as an outside linebacker or even gets snaps at inside linebacker. It is possible he will do all three.

Roth, you should remember, suffered a mysterious groin injury just prior to the opening of training camp. He missed all of training camp as a result and was placed on NFI as a result. He became eligible to start practicing against after the sixth week of the NFL season, and after missing some more time with a tweaked ankle, he returned to practice and worked all of this past week.

Roth was Miami's starting strongside linebacker in 2008, the job Jason Taylor has won this year.


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Crowder has shown this season that he is more bark than bite. let him stay on the sidelines!
Time to whoop butt on the New Jersey Gliders and Oscar Mayer Sanchez! Ole!!!

bruce....good one

i call him sanz cheese....did he have any cheese on that hotdog? or just baloney?

Crowder partied too much early this week, so he can't play today. I wonder if that would be the case if he got paid by game instead of a sum for the whole season. I have thought for a while that he missed his calling. He should have been a comedian and a party animal, but not a football player. I'll be so happy when I see him go with Ginn, Fasano and other dead wood.

2-4 definitely sucks. Just the same we've shown that we can compete with the best teams in the league.
TWO steps forward one step back. We lost Penny for the season. Henne comes in and suddenly we have an offense. Were actually scoring points. Truly a blessing in disguise.
Now that Will Allen is out I'm believing our rookie corners step up and it's addition by subtraction.
I don't wish injury upon anyone. I'm just hoping someone on our roster will step up at ILB and safety to help continue our march of TWO steps forward, ONE step back.
If this team is really where I thinks it is, we should have no problem storm trooping the Meadowlands. I expect nothing less than a solid blowout!!!!

amen odin....lets go nutz on these pets....now is the time

rain and 59 degrees...we will run like bullz

what color jersey do i wear aqua?

I'm wearing white JT. ... Like Nike Said, Just Do It!!!

Miami must bring tha Pain. It will destroy the jets and they will Fall like the Turd that hotdog made after dirtysanchez ate it.

i say JFDI

Thatta work too.

I'm pumped. Idont care we r 2-4. I got two Fins magnets on side of my suv, sticker on bck window, two flags flying, Fins tag plate, living in J ville. Bring on the stinking jets.


U da man!!! we may be 2-4 but are 2-0 in AFC East where it counts.....3-0 by 4:10 PM

who else hates late games?

Finatic's represent-in Dawg!

Flags flying!

I do care about 2-4. I'm not worried about it. It's simple, we blowout the Jets this week the Pats next week.

At 4-4 everyone on our schedule will wish they weren't!!!!

Odin....Man of the Hour

Get your brooms out...

and then bring them to new blog

Lol I can hear the broom sweepin already. The mop their ass with bleach. Nothing left!!!

odinseye good post!

Torbor should have been starting over Chowder all year - can't wait to see how he does in this game.

lets have quich updates since I'm stuck with Bronco football out here hopefully this time the second half is just like the first coaches need to step up as usual Chris Berman showing his bias

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