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Oh, almost forgot, Allen played terrible Sunday

The blur of following the Chad Pennington injury, the Chad Henne promotion, a cross-country flight back to South Florida, the Tyler Thigpen trade, jet lag, and my Corvette going in for service got me a little sideways this week -- so much that I almost forgot something that must be shared with you.

Will Allen played terribly against San Diego last week.

It has been a popular pasttime among fans and radio pundits to rip Gibril Wilson for his struggles, but the depth of Miami's secondary struggles also has extended to the cornerback position. And, ironically, in a season the Dolphins drafted Vontae Davis and Sean Smith and are playing both rookies extensively, it is Allen, the veteran, that got picked on most last Sunday.

And it was Allen that didn't exactly step up to the challenge of getting picked on most.

San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers went after Allen no less than ten times in the last game.

And by the end of that workout, Allen was plain wore out as they say in Tennessee.

He gave up a 55-yard pass to Vincent Jackson on which he had help over the top but still couldn't make the play. He gave up another 15-yard completion to Jackson. He gave up an 8-yard completion to Jackson along the sideline. He played so far off Legadu Naanee on one play that Rivers simply took the center snap and tossed it to Naanee standing alone along the line of scrimmage and the play gained five yards. Allen had also fell down on a slant route thus giving up a 30-yard gain to Jackson. He was called for a personal foul horse collar tackle, which resulted in a first down. He was also called for a pass interference that turned a third down into another first down.

On the bright side, Allen had four passes defensed, including two in the end zone.

But when any cornerback costs his team 127 yards (including the two penalties) and six first downs (including the two penalties), it has not been a very good day.

And all this is particularly important when the next opponent is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills, you see, have two good receivers in Terrell Owens and Lee Evans.

One would have to be very naive to believe the Bills saw tape of the San Diego game and are thinking Will Allen should not be challenged time and time and time again this Sunday.

Last week he was. And he didn't answer the challenge.



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I'M FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it's only because I'm the greatest.

I never felt he was as good as many think he is....

I say let both rookies start, can it be any worse?

I completely agree. I've noticed Will Allen slipping a lot this year and the last half of last year. I don't know the reason, but it seems like every game, there is a play where the wr he's covering gets a 20+ yard play and he's picking himself off the ground to try to chase him down. I know statistically, he had a good year last year, and he's steadily improved since joining the team, but I don't understand the extension they signed him to. I don't think he'll be a starter next year if Smith and especially Davis improve this year, but he'll be making starter money.

The secondary is killing us seems that all passes thrown against them hit their target. WTF is up with them, can anyone make a tackle Manning exposed them and the word is out

Totally agree that the fins should try Davis and smith starting. During training camp I never understood why Allen was gaurenteed a spot as a starter and the rookies were fighting for the spot opposite him. He hasn't proved anything in the NFL so far he is always fallin down and always commits too many penalties. But all this secondary trouble comes right back to not gettin enough pressure on the QB. We need to start runnin some more creative blitz packages like overloading one side or creating confusion for the other team to who is actually blitzing and who is dropping into coverage.

can't wait for the Henne era to begin. dude is gonna be very good. best arm we've had since number 13 retired. granted it may take a few starts.


Great blog, but you gotta know that people from Tennessee are not 'plain wore out'.

We are livin high and grand on Rocky Top-and don't pick on us Southeners.

We have produced the likes of Peyton Manning, and yes the not late and still great Chad Pennington. And........

When my number one NCAA team isn't quite, well, number one down here in the Deep South, we DO NOT GET WORE OUT!!!!

We just say, "Roll Tide Baby"

Gotta love the Mando....yep it might be a Dolphin blog, but I get to have my two cents here for my two favorite college teams......

Go Rocky Top, and Roll Tide Roll!!!!!

South, u CAN NOT have two fav teams in the the same confrence!

How can you have 2 favorites in the SEC? I'm a cane fan for life, that would be like me doing the tomahawk chop for FSU or the Gator clap when my team is down. Are the Jets or Pats your second favorite in the NFL?

Will Allen played TERRIBLY. Not 'terrible.' You do this for a living right?

dolfan SF: Just because someone has a strong arm does not magically make them a good QB. Just 2 quick ones jump out are Jeff George and Ryan Leaf. The strong arm is very much over rated.

Mando I wanna know who the offensive captan is gonna be now that Chad is done. I still think it should be Ronnie Brown. Who do you guys think it should be?

i personaly dont think it matters who is in the secondary. when a qb has no pressure and has all day to throw damage will get done. as far as i can see through the first three games all very winnable games its the d-line that is doing nothing, no pressure at all. very dissapointing.


Does anyone know why we are not using Cameron Wake, we need the pass rush and he had a great pre season.

One thing to add is, if we actually had a pass rush the secondary wouldn't be so bad.

Smith on TO, Davis on Evans. Allen as the nickel

What happened to churning the roster this regime was so high on? Bench Ginn, Allen, Wilson, and send them a message.... Step it up!!

Let's see what the rest of our roster has to offer: Turner, Wake, Clemmons. They can't do any worse than what's been happening on the field so far. Why wait until 2010 to see if the rest of the guys on the roster suck just as bad in starting situations and go through this all over again?

No pressure on the QB is going to make this a very long season.

Love the 'Phins and always will.... One game at a time.

Go 'Phins !!!!!

Awww damn... I was trying to forget how bad Will Allen played last week, but you had to remind me. Thanks Armando!!!

Not exactly breaking news there Armando. He has sucked since week one. Anyway, can't wait to see what Henne has in the next few weeks. I why not play all the rooks? or young guys? this is a lost season and the quicker we realize that the faster we'll see what we need.

Bench Ginn, Wilson, and Crowder. Throw in Vantae Davis, Cameron Wake, and the rookie safety. Time to shuffle this roster Sporano. Find out who wants to play and who is collecting a paycheck.

i think we should throw all of our secondary rookies...put allen in nickel coverage and start davis and smith, also put in clemons and bench wilson...i guarantee that would make a difference and mando would agree with me, he loves clemons

scalzo,agree with you,but,let's see what ginn can do to go long.Bess-n-cam on the outside ginn in the slot.Could change things up and even the field.

Will Allen has definitely lost a half-step. He was never an elite CB, but he was consistently pretty good for the Giants and with the Fins up until this season. I don't doubt maybe age is a factor, as the skill position players usually decline the quickest with age. I wouldn't be surprised to see Vontae Davis starting alongside Sean Smith at some point this year, especially if Allen continues to struggle.

This is a rebuilding year, period. Throwing Sean Smith and Vontae Davis into the fire could pay huge dividends for next season, where a presumably more favorable schedule combined with the added experience could turn both Smith and Davis into a formidable CB tandem the Dolphins can rely on for the next several years.

Themy is right about the pass rush ... dismal. (I know Porter was in and out last game and isn't 100%). Funny that before the season people were worried about JT and JP being weak against the run and great pass rushers and we've seen the opposite in 3 games.

That said there are defensive scheme and execution issues, but the lack of rush is the prime problem. Only a few corners can keep up with their man while the QB sits back for 5 to 10 seconds leisurely scanning the field.

Pass Rush and Pass Coverage do go hand in hand and it is interesting that there are issues with both right now.

Also interesting is there are 2 rookie CB's, 2 promising young Safteys (one of whom is a rookie) and 2/3 promising OLB's (Anderson, Moses and Wake)

Should we loose 3 of the next 5 games and sit at 2-6 at the mid way stage, it will be quite a picture to watch develop if they just let this young talent go to see what they have.

With the exception of ILB and NT, if these positions pan out it could be one of the most athletic and fast defenses out there.. ILB/NT to be sorted in next draft.

Porter and Taylor have maybe 2 decent years left, we all know they are rebuilding so lets rebuild.

You may see the same on offense with Lex Hilliard and Pat Cobbs getting more action.

Interesting times ahead and none more so than the Henne debate.

And while we are on the subject of the South... GO Coastal Carolina!!! (I used to live in Myrtle Beach and went to Coastal for a symester)

All these guys have to do is start tackling. They also seem to play small. I think the secondary is pretty bad. We are dumping on lack of sacks but there has been a lot of pressure on most passing plays. There hasn't been a lot of running against us.
To me, it is the middle and the back end of the defensive field. Middle linebacker and safeties.
Sometimes I think they have the coverage figured out before they snap the ball. I watched Rivers and Manning stare the ball to the receiver. They didn't even look off. That is bad.

And the Miami Dolphins are on the clock for the No#1 draft pick in the first round!! Miami selects Charlie Chicapopolis RT from Yukon St.

I am starting to figure this thing out. As I watch replays of other teams I observed the following: the quarterback throws the ball in the air and somebody from the same team catches it. Is that what the Dolphins are supposed to do also? When I see them play the same pattern doesn't emerge. Hmmmmm, methinks something is wrong!!! Am I smart or what?



TOO many things are wrong with them.




This team doesn't even look like a pro team. How can you reach this level and not be able to catch the ball, or tackle? Its has to be coaching. Other teams pick up new players and they perform.

Tesm wasn't very good last year. Ditto....this year. Too much hype about this management staff. OVER RATED!!

I'm giving this team until the bye week to see where we stand. We have played 3 games against playoff teams from a year ago. All with all pro QB's and 2 with all pro DE's. I wanna see how we play within are conference playing at home, and then we have are bye week. If this team doesn't show Improvemnt by then, it's over!

People that keep blaming the completions on a poor pass rush need to watch the games more. Every game the D line has applied pressure and caused hurried passes but the receivers are always open. If the QBs had to take the checkdown or look for a second option he would get sacked but that hasn't been the case.

Something to keep in mind is the coverage is being rolled, most of the time, to support the rookie Smith... That leaves Allen man on man in single coverage a lot. Good QBs like Manning and Rivers are going to attak the single coverage every time. Allen had some help on a few plays but for the most part he was in man. Every team needs a shut down corner and though Allen is good he is not a shut down guy. If we rotate the coverage to Smith it will leave the kid exposed and I don't think they are ready to do that yet.

Is this a place where Dolphin fans go to post?

You people are not fans any more then a food critic goes out to eat for pleasure.

If you don't like the players, management team, strategies, or ownership please go root for another team. The only thing not being bashed is the cheerleaders.

Will Allen not only can't defend, HE FREAKIN CAN'T CATCH!!! This is why the Gints got rid of him. HELLLOOOO, people!! Put Smith and Davis in their. Put GERBIL WILSON on the PINE and put Clemmons or Culver in there.


what do you want us to say about players getting paid in millions and sucked on all three games .if they play for few thousands i will be the first to cut them some slack .CROWDER has a big mouth,he picked a fight w/rex ryan in the sumer and when game time started he's silent in actions and words .
ps.. the cheerleaders also need improvements like need more burnet among them.

Oh, and please send Ginn on a go route on each of the first 3 plays on Sunday. If the bills secondary is in schambles, utilize this cupcake so he won't have to run out of bounds. If I remember last year, Ted did eat up the bills. At least utilize him to stretch the field and send a message that you can't have that extra safety in the box. COME ON HENNING, THROW IT DOWNFIELD!!!!

Lastly, if Channing "Wiff" Crowder won't stay in his lane, put Torbor in there!!! You don't start for the Super Bowl champs and not make your mark. So tell me////How is Torbor not starting in place of WIFF????

I love my Dolphins and I love the fact that we have a forum where we can voice our opinion. Good or bad comments just mean that we are paying attention. Thank you Dolphins fans for the interesting and sometime funny views.

angry fin fan has many great points .

my foot seems to be broken after you dropped that Corvette on me... you could have just said 'my car had problems'

im just giving you a hard time, keep up the good work!

(if i had a vette i would have said vette too probably)

Maybe this off-season, we need a new name for the trifecta since the tuna won't be here, we can find a sucker to un-load WIFF, CUPCAKE, and GERBIL!!! What do you think Mando "who drives a corvette to hide various physical insufficiencies" Salguero???????

Can someone help me with a nickname for will "can't catch-defend-cover" allen?

We better beat the freakin bills this week!!I can't take another loss this early in the season. Our D Line needs to step up in a big way. Where the hell is Taylor?? Porter won't play, so Moses et al needs to step up and hit somebody in the mouth!! Tuna, please make an appearance at this Friday and Saturday's practice and fire these guys up!!!!

...sounds more like an angry feminist.


It's obvious that our safeties and cb's are terrible with a long field. They give up huge plays with a lot of grass behind them and then tighten up in the red zone. It's been the story since the preseason. I have a bad feeling about what T.O and Evans are gonna do to them this weekend. Hopefully Edwards stinks it up.

Wasn't the 55 yard play to Jackson the one that Tony Dungee broke down on the Sunday Night Football Pregame show? The play where Bell bit on the play action fake and thus was out of position to give 'over the top' help?

In cover 2 man the corner plays a trail technique ( he trails the WR and the QB has to throw it 'over the top' to the WR to complete it ). If the ball is thrown 'over the top' then the safety is supposed to be there, that is the SAFETIES ASSIGNMENT. So since Bell bit on the Play Action he was not there to make the play, and thus the 55 yard completion. It was Bell's fault, but lets hang that on Allen... nice work Salgero.

I think it is going to be a long day for any NFL cornerback if Phillip Rivers targets you 10 times. Four PBU out of ten is actually pretty dang good. He did get beat a few times though. I certainly wouldn't call it a terrible day with 4 PBU.

Ok Ok Ok Mando you definately hit a good subject just like some of these fellows have been saying, Will Allen is not that good and we are finally seeing it. I think Vontae and Will are very good at tackling but when it comes to coverage they both are mediocre but Vontae has much more promise. If we started some rookies and let them see what they got and start playing clemons a lil bit, it could get exciting real quick. Henne is going to be a sight to see as long as he doesn't throw to Teddy(cant hold on to anything if life depended on it)Ginn.

It is Week 4 and I still havent seen anything to stop TE's. Now we face some average TE's so hopefully we can stop them. I saw some guy talking about LB's and one of them was Charlie Anderson, Charlie Anderson! r u serious? That guy is absolutely awful! Wake definately needs to play and walden will be a beast one day.

Buffalo secondary is def. hurting so the Henne era should start with a bang. My prediction Play action bomb on first play of game.

The bad news: Allen is getting beaten like an egg. The good news: Apparently, Smith and Davis are playing well enough as rookies to have the QB looking to the other side of the field to make a big play. Hopefully, this is a good sign going forward when - perhaps by year's end - both are starting opposite each other. We may look back at this draft as the draft we found two very solid corners for years to come!

totally agree dolfanTom

I agree with some of you, let the 2 rookies start, it can't get worse, you never know what good things might happen, it predictable with Allen. Let's make a change

Allen had a bad day vs SD, but he is still a (just) above average DB.

But once again, why did we give an extension to a just above average DB on the wrong side of the 30's? Just like Y. Bell, his performance level can only go down.

Once again, a huge mistake by the Trifecta.

I agree with Joevette on pass rush and I don't think Angry Fin Fan is off on the pass rush issue. Certainly the scak numbers are not good for the phins. However, I agree that "Every game the D line has applied pressure and caused hurried passes but the receivers are always open." Watching short cut of SD game I was amazed at just how wide open the receivers were and how many times Rivers got the pass off just before getting hit. I would like some secondary changes, including one of the two safetys for Wilson. The young guy (is that Clemons) could be awesone. Jason Allen may even be better than Wilson. Culver also has looked good. I am very upset that Crowder is playing so poorly. I thought the D would rock and O would suck. In the last two games our O has been very good and parts of the D have been gawd aweful.

Here's what I want to know-knowing that T.O. is a huge threat, do we have a-n-y-b-o-dy who can given him trouble back there? Whether it be starter or rookie? Sometimes we think rookies can't get it done, but they are hungry to perform out there and get a chance-besides a rookie may not know his full potential until given the job...let's give these guys some playing time...love to see Haynos, Hartline and Nalbone out there too. Mix it all up and see what happens...can't get worse than watching Ginn and the dropsies!

For years Dolphins have even worse cb on other side of Will Allen. He use to not being target all game for years. Now Dolphins have two stud switching time on other side in Smith and Davis and qb's start to look to Will Allen and he not use to it and maybe don't remember how for play too good.

I say rotate Davis with Will Allen so he learn other side. Sean Smith doing good where he at maybe in couple weeks Davis take over other side.

Alot af angry fans out there - maybe it'll transfer and get a fire under the Dolphin's collective defensive butts. Let's face it - Vincent Jackson is an awesome and slightly under-rated receiver - Allen, was overmatched...

And please don't bench Ginn, he lit these guys up last year and is starting for the 1st time on my FF team :) Let the Henne to Ginn reign begin!!!

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