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Oh, almost forgot, Allen played terrible Sunday

The blur of following the Chad Pennington injury, the Chad Henne promotion, a cross-country flight back to South Florida, the Tyler Thigpen trade, jet lag, and my Corvette going in for service got me a little sideways this week -- so much that I almost forgot something that must be shared with you.

Will Allen played terribly against San Diego last week.

It has been a popular pasttime among fans and radio pundits to rip Gibril Wilson for his struggles, but the depth of Miami's secondary struggles also has extended to the cornerback position. And, ironically, in a season the Dolphins drafted Vontae Davis and Sean Smith and are playing both rookies extensively, it is Allen, the veteran, that got picked on most last Sunday.

And it was Allen that didn't exactly step up to the challenge of getting picked on most.

San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers went after Allen no less than ten times in the last game.

And by the end of that workout, Allen was plain wore out as they say in Tennessee.

He gave up a 55-yard pass to Vincent Jackson on which he had help over the top but still couldn't make the play. He gave up another 15-yard completion to Jackson. He gave up an 8-yard completion to Jackson along the sideline. He played so far off Legadu Naanee on one play that Rivers simply took the center snap and tossed it to Naanee standing alone along the line of scrimmage and the play gained five yards. Allen had also fell down on a slant route thus giving up a 30-yard gain to Jackson. He was called for a personal foul horse collar tackle, which resulted in a first down. He was also called for a pass interference that turned a third down into another first down.

On the bright side, Allen had four passes defensed, including two in the end zone.

But when any cornerback costs his team 127 yards (including the two penalties) and six first downs (including the two penalties), it has not been a very good day.

And all this is particularly important when the next opponent is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills, you see, have two good receivers in Terrell Owens and Lee Evans.

One would have to be very naive to believe the Bills saw tape of the San Diego game and are thinking Will Allen should not be challenged time and time and time again this Sunday.

Last week he was. And he didn't answer the challenge.



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from where I sit Allen's been the problem all season. he's definitely slowed down, a lot! and for a cb with an already limited skill set that ain't good.

The fins biggest problem is the offensive play calling,3rd and 2.. we throw a 1 yard pass...what pu..ys.We play scared on offense ..If we played Baltimore again the results would be the same .A coaching staff should see what they did(blitz)and counter it...This staff hasn't done that .The Tuna was afraid to let dallas play aggressive on offense.We draft Turner and don't play him at the goal line????

The guy is not a great cornerback. He isn`t good at all. Lets stop rotating Smith and Davis and lets put them (both at the same time) as starters. Thats why we draft them so high. This could be the next Madison & Surtain combination

Roll Tide Baby?... redneck scum. Stick to Al blogs

How can you say roll tide on Dolphins blog. We don't like Nick Saban trash around here!

Oh my gosh...did anyone see the cheerleaders? They were way out of sink. Veronica was a step and half behind the others. They were cheering like a group of high school girls. I'm blamming Wanny recruiting. It's time to pick some free agents.


Maybe you should stick with being a T-ball fan.
I'm a true hardcore Dolfan forever. My favorite team has a 150 mil invested in it's O-line. If these guys weren't producing, I'm going ballistic!
As fans we have every right to criticize and/or embellish as we see fit. We can bash whomever we want.
When it comes to the Miami Dolphin's Cheerleader's I want to "BASH" everyone of them, TWO AT A TIME!

when odin says, "I'm going ballistic!" I'm imagining his bullet proof TV enclosure, lol.

Read an interesting AP article this AM about yesterday's practice.

Henne "spotted his target 25 yards downfield and threw a tight spiral on a line that hit Ted Ginn Jr in full stride over the middle".

Goose bumps baby !!! just saying. Sunday may be Funday again in Dolphinland.

oh I am sure the Gerbil was eating another popcicle and blew the coverage.............


the word HADCORE is the worst english word to be used attached your honorable name .

harricane, stop this dreaming about passes and say some thing useful to wake up these players .enough of the dreams that brought us back to be the joke of the nfl

mr cnbano...odin said "hardcore" not "hadcore"

as 4 me, just noting what i read. take a reading lesson dude.

sunday we will have one of two verdicts ;

1- if the team wins big,the confidence will be back to coach,players and fans .

2-if the result will be same as last 3 weeks .the firing of some coaches will start and gin will be trade sooner than later and the DL players will start selling under wares on their web sites.

harricane. i know he used the word hardcore and it always sound dirty .doesn't matter how you use it. you need a lesson in english writing .

i miss spelled the word hardcore at my post at 11;50,thanks harricne to point that out .

If we lose again sunday maybe I punch somebody in stadium parking lot. I wanted to do this after Colts game but I think to myself,

"You shouldn't do this, its just a football game and they almost win anyway. They still have chance if they win next week, its ok. Plus if you do this, maybe they take away your season tickets."

I dont know what I going to do if Dolphins lose to Bills and go 0-4. Hopefully I have good sense and class again, but I can not promise anything.

mr cnbano or cubano whoever u r today,

i have a masters degree and do not need a lesson in writing in english.

at least i didn't write "always sound dirty" like u did. it's "sounds dirty". just saying..

Gloom, despair, and agony on me
Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all
Gloom, despair, and agony on me

This isnt a dick measuring contest guys. Give it a rest.


Read an interesting AP article this AM about yesterday's practice.

Henne "spotted his target 25 yards downfield and threw a tight spiral on a line that hit Ted Ginn Jr in full stride over the middle".

The suspense is killing me.......did he catch it(lol)?

when odin says, "I'm going ballistic!" I'm imagining his bullet proof TV enclosure, lol.

Thanks for the reminder, after last weeks game I find I'm running low on ammo!

odin, yea, that is what the writer meant by "hit TG Jr" in other words....connected with....

i want some of dat & some YAC too !!

Why dont they start Sean Smith and Vontae Davis and let Will Allen play in the Nickel? It would allow him to be better rested and allow the rookies to get the work they need. They have both played well so far this season.

i second that jared. looks like crowder has been resting as well.....

we keep hearing good news only when it comes to practices and when game time comes we we only see fumbles and no wilson tackles and crowder sleeping and bla bla bla .

i smell victory in a big way next sundy w/ TO CRYING .


I agree with you. I followed Davis's career at Illinois he's a baller. When Smith turned it on right out of the gate, I realized these two picks alone made our draft.
I also seriously believe Clemons should be in the game AT LEAST on passing downs!
Just the same, the Trifecta is still trying to salvage the season. Their not quite ready to throw caution to the wind.

Cubano, don't steal my T.O. crying prediction!

Kevin , you mentioned if some people are " SERIOUS " about Charlie anderson. Maybe he's not the answer but then ypu said eric walden is going to " BE A BEAST ". LMFAO ! ARE YOU SERIOUS ?

while we are talking about the secondary, I think we should mention that Yerimiah Bell is playing NOWHERE close to where he was last year when he was trying to impress for a BIG contract extention, he seams slower and much less aggressive..... thoughts?

NJ always LHFAO at someone

Moses, baby, Moses!

"This isnt a dick measuring contest guys. Give it a rest."

Posted by: yosh_mane | October 01, 2009 at 12:20 PM

Mine is 7 inches...
Folded in two.

But on to more serious things. I find it interesting that in Buffalo they consider the Dolphins their arch enemy, their #1 rival. The Jets and the Pats don't come close.

But I would venture to guess that in Miami, the Bills are considered the 3rd biggest rival of Miami after the Jets and the Pats.

Its definately true that Allen has become a problem, not only with his lack of coverage but all the penalties. Clemons should be in the game more cause that guy was a beast in preseason, do they not think he can do it during the season?

And again I must address the recieving corps, Has anyone seen Patrick Turner? Y did we waste that high of a pick on a reciever that hasn't dressed for one single game yet? hmmmm and how come last week against the chargers we didnt throw to TE's? No faith in Fasano anymore? no faith in Haynos or Nalbone? TE is a very important part in the throwing game, it is usually your ultimate miss match but for us it doesn't work in that way. Our TE's make plays for the opposing teams.

Sr. Nathaniel Dodsworth

You are correct sir about difference in rivalry between Bills and Dolphin. However, I still get angry at Bills when think back to 1992 when Bills beat Marino, Sammie Smith, Marks Brothers, Offerdahl, Louis Oliver, and the great Miami Dolphins in AFC Championship game. This is closest our glorious franchise has sniffed super bowl and Bills took this away from Dolphins.

This enough to make Dolphin fan not like Bills like Jets and Pats?

I like Nate Jones at nickel he good db with experience and smart thinking

Per Mike Florio, PFT; 9/30/09:

"The 2008 Dolphins grossly overachieved, and now they're experiencing a correction.

The Dolphins, then, should not be panicking. It's already over for them."

Read it and weep, fin fans. LMAOLOLOMG

Carlito, I don't mean to be a stickler but Sammie Smith was not on the 11-5 1992 Miami Dolphin team that lost to the Bills in the January, 1993 AFC Championship Game. (Played in Miami.)

Smith played for the Dolphins between 1989 and 1991. Longtime readers of this blog will know of my disgust for Smith. He was a bigger bust than Ted Ginn. Smith would wait forever for a perfect hole to open up (which seldom happens), and only then would he dare to plough ahead. He had all the tools to be a great running back (size and speed), but none of the instinct or toughness.

The Dolphins were completely outclassed in that AFC Championship game. As they were in 1995 when the Bills defeated the Dolphins again in the playoffs (Shula's last game). I guess what goes around comes around since the Dolphins were a PERFECT 20-0 against the Bills in the 1970s. I'm pretty sure no other team has ever exhibited that level of dominance over a division rival in a single decade.

carlito, i was honoring you by repeating it carlito.

you all rights reserved .

Wow, I'm actually starting to believe you're beginning to know a little bit about football Armando

OK, thank you my friend. What you think T.O. cry about?

1. His Qb real bad
2. His Defense get shred by Henne
3. He miss catches
4. He can't even beat Gerbil
5. He get hit real hard
6. Channing Crowder better talker and funnier to him
7. All of above

As a fan I would like to see Haynos, Hartline, Nalbone and Fasano out there more..These are hungry-ass players who want to "PLAY". Ginn, "Oops I did it again" (must be listening to old Britney songs!) Get him off the field and put others who aren't afraid of getting hit...any of the 4 above have no problem with it.


I didn't know Smith was no on that team. Who was running back? You right though, he was first round draft pick suposed to take Marino back to super bowl, but he never do anything.

Mando, thanks for the customary update and good info.I have to admit--I thought that was Tim Allen out there attempting to play DB on a goof! And,by the way,I also believe the other slacker's name is actually Gerbil Wilson-you know--harmless!

Kevin , clemons played good against 2 and 3 teamers. There's alot to playing saftey besides physical attributes. Communication and reading offense's are two of them . clemon's hassome work to do on both beore just throwing him out there. Clemon's needs to work with the 1st teamers in practice first. As for the te's , they've been asked to help the OL ( especially jake long ) in the passing game. The Ol's blocking in the passing game hasn't been very good , thus the help. Turner just isn't ready , which is said about many rookie WR'S . i hope that helps. :)

Ginn is not ready and its been three years any response?

what the hell does turner have to do with ginn ? Santonio holmes , roddy white , vincent jackson , etc weren't ready in the their 1st year and look at them now. ANY RESPONSE ?

but they played, they were thrown out their and shined, GInn be out their three years and hasn't shined. The reason im talking about GInn is that u said Turner is not ready, Ginn hasnt been rdy and is in his third season. If Ginn is out there y not Turner. It can't get worse, can it?

And as for Clemons, they need to get him reps in practice so he can get game ready.

With the TE's blocking and the backs blocking also(assuming) than that only leaves 2 or 3 options down field, how can we get a good passing game going with only 2-3 options to throw to, with 8 blocking for ur QB (assuming the backs are blocking also).

Kevin, stop being an idiot. Your initial question involved clemons , the te's and TURNER and Not ginn . I gave you an answer. Jackson , white and holmes DID NOT shine when they were in there. As for ginn , he's played alot and has had his moments. Did you read my post? I said the clemons needs reps in practice with the 1ST TEAM.

fasano got to stop fumbling the football so our season won't in the trash can very soon

here goes NJ, calling someone idiot again. Next to come LMFAO. Watch out Kevin

NJ PHIN speaks the truth .he's a red neck .

Kevin, Exactly ! You answered your own question about the te's and the passing game.. Right now , until the ol gets better in pass blocking , the te will be asked to help. That's why the passing game has suffered. The RB's have been involved in the pssing game. What games have you been watching ? Miami has been dinking and dunking to the rb's and wr's.

Lol I know what the initial question was, but if your read what I wrote I talked about it all. Ginn has had his moments? what moments. The TD catch over the two defenders in the endzone last year? That one catch? I hope after 3 season's that their is at least that one catch. Ginn is a waste of time to keep talking about. Turner needs to just get thrown out there and make his damn paycheck!

Nj Phin Fan,

9/11 was an inside job

I've said it before and I'll say it again - have to go 13-3 or 3-13 in this league.
If you keep going 9-7 and 8-8 or having to go on the road on the playoffs - the team never gets impact players - unless they get real lucky - if you are going to suck - suck bad and get a high draft pick. Obviiusly 13-3 ain't happening so.......
Glad we get to see Henne so we will know if they need to worry about QB in the draft next year or not.

hey kevin with a lower case k, thats just stupid to say.

other newspaper reporting that Ted Ginn Jr practicing like rabid beast running fast, cathing passes, and fighting for balls with db.

Maybe he was saving best effort for Henne? Maybe he see the season going like 2007 and he want to make change with big game over Bills? Maybe the writer just writing things and Ted Ginn still butterfingers?

I did't know there are red necks in jersey .

And NJPhinFan, do u kno what assuming means? assuming the backs are blocking( that is a hypothetical situation u jackass!)

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