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Oh, almost forgot, Allen played terrible Sunday

The blur of following the Chad Pennington injury, the Chad Henne promotion, a cross-country flight back to South Florida, the Tyler Thigpen trade, jet lag, and my Corvette going in for service got me a little sideways this week -- so much that I almost forgot something that must be shared with you.

Will Allen played terribly against San Diego last week.

It has been a popular pasttime among fans and radio pundits to rip Gibril Wilson for his struggles, but the depth of Miami's secondary struggles also has extended to the cornerback position. And, ironically, in a season the Dolphins drafted Vontae Davis and Sean Smith and are playing both rookies extensively, it is Allen, the veteran, that got picked on most last Sunday.

And it was Allen that didn't exactly step up to the challenge of getting picked on most.

San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers went after Allen no less than ten times in the last game.

And by the end of that workout, Allen was plain wore out as they say in Tennessee.

He gave up a 55-yard pass to Vincent Jackson on which he had help over the top but still couldn't make the play. He gave up another 15-yard completion to Jackson. He gave up an 8-yard completion to Jackson along the sideline. He played so far off Legadu Naanee on one play that Rivers simply took the center snap and tossed it to Naanee standing alone along the line of scrimmage and the play gained five yards. Allen had also fell down on a slant route thus giving up a 30-yard gain to Jackson. He was called for a personal foul horse collar tackle, which resulted in a first down. He was also called for a pass interference that turned a third down into another first down.

On the bright side, Allen had four passes defensed, including two in the end zone.

But when any cornerback costs his team 127 yards (including the two penalties) and six first downs (including the two penalties), it has not been a very good day.

And all this is particularly important when the next opponent is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills, you see, have two good receivers in Terrell Owens and Lee Evans.

One would have to be very naive to believe the Bills saw tape of the San Diego game and are thinking Will Allen should not be challenged time and time and time again this Sunday.

Last week he was. And he didn't answer the challenge.