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Orange you glad you root for the Dolphins?

The Dolphins will be wearing their, um, different orange uniforms against the Jets on Monday Night Football.

They will don the orange jersey and socks and white pants, according to the team. It will be the first time since 2004 (what a year) since the team pulls the orange out of mothballs, and only the third time in history.Orange uni

Of course, this decision means the Dolphins will win the game by one point. The other two times the Dolphins wore orange in primetime was in a 24-23 victory over Washinton in 2003 and then again in a 29-28 victory over New England in 2004.

When Nick Saban came to town in 2005 he pretty much killed the orange uni idea.

I'm not a big fan of the orange uniform. Fact is, I'm a pretty traditional guy. I like the old fight song. I like the traditional white or aqua uniforms. I like the current helmet.

Jimmy Buffett's fins left, fins right song? Nope.

T-Pain's version of the fight song? Nope.

The orange uniform? What is this, halloween?

To me, one of the special things this franchise can boast about is its history. This is the only franchise that ever put a perfect team on the field. This is the franchise that sent Don Shula to a historic victories total. This is the franchise that Dan Marino raised to passing renown.

Orange uniforms? Recall Miami's record in 2004 and that should tell you what I think of that idea.


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Buffalo game was the first time out to Landhark this year for me. I cannot stand the new fight song. It so freaking stupid I can hardly stand it. Hope they go back.

I can deal with the orange Jersey. Prefer the Dark blue as an alternate though.

better then pink..

We don't wear blue. It's AQUA and orange. Now if you mean all aqua, I tend to like that too. I could care less about the jersey color. Just win the game, and win it big!

I prefer the aqua on aqua the team wore against the Bears on Monday night.

Orange..Aqua..White...It's all Dolphins. Who cares? Just Win the game. Pummel the rookie. Out scheme Rex Ryan. Get it done in the trenches. Get a W against a division opponent. Go Dolphins

Who cares about the colors? This isn't 04 Satan isn't at the realm a much better team as a whole suits up now! They have 100% of my support! As for for 1-3 well don't think for a second the 3 will get much bigger, it won't they are a pretty good team...

yea there is an alterante dark blue jersey, i have a rickey williams one, its almost black i have been waiting for them to use it in a game. Orange is alright its miami... people come on.

i L-O-V-E the orange uniforms. i dont like that we played in the acqua vs the colts.

i like the white and i like the orange.
the acqua looks a little lame

who cares.. they win in orange.

If Jets wear they titan throw back uniform this could go down as ugliest game in NFL history.

Just kidding, I like orange jersey and think they good luck for dolphin.

I love the orange jerseys but I'd love it if they wore the aqua pants with it once.

I hate the "fight" song. Sounds more like a party song for drunken teens at a beach get-together.

Love the helmets, but would actually be ok with a mean looking dolphin head on them.

I hate freakin hate those orange uniforms, but hell we are 2-0 in them so I wont b!tch about them at this time.

I like these orange uniforms. Much better than the girly looking teal with orange. The cheerleaders look very nice in teal and orange. Football players do not look good in teal and orange.

Those teal socks on the standard uniforms look quite feminine. I would like to see blue used on the overall color, with the aqua and orange numbers and logo.

The Dolphins easily have the most sissy looking uniforms in the NFL. They should really look at coming up with a new design with tougher? looking colors.

MIchael Shields,

Drunken teens? Jimmy Buffet is sound track for 50 year old white people that grow up with trust fund and don't do anything ever but take drink.

side note

nothing against 50 year olds or white people (or drunks), this just JImmy Buffet demographic


You're wrong. Nick Saban didn't kill the Orange uni idea, the Dolphins were so bad in 2004, that the league didn't schedule the Dolphins for a prime time home game in 2005, before Saban flew the coop to go to Alabama. There was not a opportunity to wear the orange jersey with the exception of the 2006 Christmas Night game against the Jets, and the Dolphins were completely out of the playoff picture at that time and playing out the string, so they were not going to bring it out for that game. I'm a traditionalist too, and agree with you Armando on everything you say about the uniforms except one thing. I like the orange jersey, I think it spices things up, the fans come to the game all pumped up it seems when they wear them, and it adds some excitement which the Dolphins haven't provided us with much since Marino left. The Orange is fun, lighten up a bit and have some fun. It's football, you're not covering doctors saving lives or soliders in Afghanistan or Iraq faced with life and death every day. It's not that important!...Go Orange.

Since I'm in Syracuse and I'm the biggest dolphins fan, I conclude they are doing it for me. Thank you dolphins, I appreciate it

As long as they lose those BLACK CLEATS. They look like they're in slow motion with those things.

Please go back to cool-white cleats.

Too bad the Fins couldn't wear a 1970's throwback uni for this game.

Miami's uniform, in general, is really soft. The all-white is a decent road uniform. I like the orange better than the teal/aqua/green/puke/whatever jersey. The green/aqua/orange combo gives Miami the ugliest look in football. I've been a fan for 32 years & can count on 1-hand the number of Dolphins items i've bought. That is what it's all about isn't it?
I'm surprised Parcell's hasn't made a change there yet. Remeber how ugly the Jets uni's were before he switched back to the Namath look?

Think the orange Looks great. I have a ronnie brown orange jersey.

Coach Shula sound a bit senile. They weren't in the playoff race in 2004 either, if you remember and still used the pumpkin orange uniform.

Being in the playoff hunt has nothing to do with it. Being poor fashionistas and selling more merchandise has EVERYTHING to do with it.

Honestly, I would love it if something were done with the uniforms. Please remove teal/aqua as the dominant color. I don't think orange for the overall dominant color is best either, but it beats what they have now.
I think they really could pull off a dark blue with the aqua and orange as 2nd and 3rd colors. Just the numbers and logos done with the orange and aqua.
I don't know about other people but I certainly would by more Dolphins apparel if the colors weren't so damn sissified.

Miami is 2-0 in orange, but will be 2-1 after Monday nite.

And when they peel off those jersey's they'll all be black and blue from the butt whipping.

I like them, just don't get any ideas about messing with the logo any more.

I agree completely, Armando. The team has a rich tradition, and for most of the last decade that's all we've had - tradition. Why force these orange jerseys down our throats, especially in a year when old AFL teams are wearing throwbacks? Would've been so much better to come out wearing the old aqua jerseys circa 1966-86, with the old dolphin logo as well.

I am with Mando...

The Fins have the most unique colors in pro sports.

Rupert, cuz they look like girls. The lingerie football league loves colors like the Dolphins wear.

It's time for a change. Not all orange (even though it is an improvement), but colors that are more conducive to a mans' football league.

I only own one hat, because these colors suck so bad. I can't believe Miami didn't make a change a long time go to sell more apparel.

As I said above, make the uniforms with a medium to dark blue, with the logo left as is and some other aqua and orange here and there. But make the dominant color blue or some other color that isn't so damn wimpy looking.

There's the idea that if you change uniforms you get better more animated. This has proven true with various teams; however good recruiting helped. My guess the players themselves lobbied for the orange uniforms in order to make a point that they are excited and feel they turned the corner. Tome Bills were not the best barometer but if you look at Colts and the Ravens they did not lose for lack of skilled players (as some many here expouse) but for lack of communication. so many new faces so many new looks - so why not bust out orange - orange by the way is tradition, it is the prevalent color and symbolism of Miami and State. Go Fins ground those jets and Henne please protect the ball for that swarming Jets secondary and bull rush. Jake Long please show up to play.

The Aqua and Orange go well together!!! I love it!!

Armando - address the black cleat issue.

The orange jerseys are all about marketing. Different jerseys, mean more jersey sales. They a fine for one or two games a season, not for a permanent change. Honestly, it adds a little spice. I'm tired of white tops with white pants which the team has been wearing a lot at home the past few seasons. I wouldn't even mind a black/aqua/orange jersey.


I echo your sentiments exactly on the uniforms, colors, and tradition.

Long live the Magnificent House of Shula!!

It's something new and exciting for the fans, man. Once a year is a great idea.

Drbullis, the reason they wear the white all the time is because the color jerseys are sissified.
Trust me, the players want the white jerseys and pants because the color unis are sissified looking. The only sissy looking unis in the league.

black/aqua/orange would work. All orange does not work, but still better than the usual color unis that they really dont' want to wear.

Miami could sell so much more apparel if they changed the colors to something you aren't ashamed to wear in public.

No changing uniforms! You people crazy!

Orange is good change of pace and are good luck for team. Also make fan excite and sell some jersey for make money for fins.

I reserve my HATE for the J-E-T-S!
The FINS can play neked as long as they de-pants "Gang Green"......

Has anyone ever thought the orange jerseys will make the players stand out more to Henne when making his reads, not that it should really matter but it can't hurt!!

Its not exactly aqua either. It's teal.

I HATE those orange uniforms.

I think it would be pretty slick to see them wear all aqua...I do it when I play Madden all the time...

A couple of time I matched the Orange Jersey with the Aqua pants...that would cause some controversy!

tu papi . miami doesn't have a dark blue alternative jersey . Miami has NEVER worn and doesn't have them . They were just for store sales. :]

Like the uniforms or not, we need to win. I hope Henne plays solid on Monday Night. He is building up some confidence now. He can smell blood.

It was about time to unleash Wake. Let him loose again.

How 'bout unleashing Turner, as well? Please?

Orange is awesome. I wish they'd wear these at all home games. Just like New England needs to go back to the old white helmet and red jerseys.

anyone else miss Pennington? NOT!

All Aqua??? Ugh!

They did that once, I think.

No, Mando is right here. Stick with tradition.

Wasn't the current owner involved with the NY Islanders ownership group that changed to the Gorton's Fisherman logo? The fans hated those uni's and threw fishsticks on the ice.

I fear with all his glitz and celeb that he'll mess with our uni's. Frankly, I'd like to see us go back to the 70's style numbers and stripes and keep the current logo.

In fact, the ENTIRE NFL should got back to the 70's uniforms and stay there. We live in the dark ages of NFL uniforms. There are some disgusting looks out there...Seattle..WTF? The all-black Saints? The all-red Cardinals? What have the Lions done to their uniforms with the black trim and bad striping.

The monochrome, all one color thing's gotta go. Hideous!

Look at the Niners. They turned back the clock. They look the way they should.

the color orange is good for gas station workers

SHAWN , I know that's you . stop hiding behind that bullshyt Screenname ( 9/11 inside job ). How your boy GARBAGE SANCHEZ ? LMFAO ! He's garbage ! 6 int's and leading the league . Only a fool would take sanchez after 4 games over penny. SNCHEZ NOT ! :)

How about a throw back jersey from the 90's? I miss those. We did it against Dallas a few years back on Thanksgiving. I liked the helmets better before the altered the Dolphin. My vote would be to make those the full time unis. (I also liked the Vikings from the 90's they wore last night)

I like the orange. Aren't the "official" colors aquamarine and coral though?

SANCHEZ NOT ! I didn't even mention the fumble in the end zone for a td. LOL !


in your last post you forgot to say HENNE THE HERO .

Let the lucky orange jerseys do their thing!!! Oohh yea!!

Any news on Chad P.'s surgery and prognosis on extent of damage to shoulder?

The Dolphins unis are among the best in the NFL. Like a martini, a seersucker suit, or a hot chick with big títs and nice àss in my April 1975 issue of Hustler, classic never goes out of style.

did the dolphins wear orange when they went 17-0? Did they wear orange when they won Super Bowl 8?

No. Enough said.


The Seahawks single color uniforms look like a division II school that you would see in the Aerosolized Cheese Whiz Bowl a month after the holidays on the ESPN2 at 4:30 in the morning playing in Wyoming.

Hate is a strong word, but sometimes not strong enough. For instance, I despise the Bills, but what I have for the Jets is hate ... at least till someone comes up with a stronger, more negative emotion.

Another thing I hate (h-a-t-e) is NFL teams wearing monochromatic uniforms (besides all-whites). When the Dolphins wore the monochromatic aqua-on-aquas in that MNF game vs. the Bears, I wanted to puke, such was my hatred of that uniform. As Nunzio said, the dark monochrome Seattle, Arizona and New Orleans combos are hideous. I dislike our aqua pants and the orange shirts ... and some of you monochrome fans (younger fans than me, I suspect) would probably want to see the team in the all-orange pumpkin combo I've seen Clemson and the Browns wear.

I vote for the all-whites for home day games -- it's not just fashion, it's forcing the opponent to wear dark, heat-absorbing shirts in the hot sun -- and wear the aqua shirts with white pants whenever the opponent wears dark jerseys.

As for throwbacks, I like the 1971 aqua jersey (with fewer arm stripes than subsequent unis) and I like the 1994 unis with the bold, outlined numbers. I hate -- truly hate -- the drop-shadows (graphic arts term) we've had around our uniform numbers for some years now.

I am glad we haven't gone to the Nike-inspired unis Atlanta and others wear.

DId Will Billingsly wear orange when he go to jail?

Yes. Enough say

Henne the Hero

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