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Orange you glad you root for the Dolphins?

The Dolphins will be wearing their, um, different orange uniforms against the Jets on Monday Night Football.

They will don the orange jersey and socks and white pants, according to the team. It will be the first time since 2004 (what a year) since the team pulls the orange out of mothballs, and only the third time in history.Orange uni

Of course, this decision means the Dolphins will win the game by one point. The other two times the Dolphins wore orange in primetime was in a 24-23 victory over Washinton in 2003 and then again in a 29-28 victory over New England in 2004.

When Nick Saban came to town in 2005 he pretty much killed the orange uni idea.

I'm not a big fan of the orange uniform. Fact is, I'm a pretty traditional guy. I like the old fight song. I like the traditional white or aqua uniforms. I like the current helmet.

Jimmy Buffett's fins left, fins right song? Nope.

T-Pain's version of the fight song? Nope.

The orange uniform? What is this, halloween?

To me, one of the special things this franchise can boast about is its history. This is the only franchise that ever put a perfect team on the field. This is the franchise that sent Don Shula to a historic victories total. This is the franchise that Dan Marino raised to passing renown.

Orange uniforms? Recall Miami's record in 2004 and that should tell you what I think of that idea.