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Pace backpedals before tonight's live blog

Calvin Pace hated on the Dolphins. Then the Dolphins, led by Channing Crowder, hated on Calvin Pace. And now Calvin Pace is backpedaling as if he's a Pro Bowl cornerback.

If you need to get caught up on what I'm talking about, simply scroll down to the post below this one. If you're up to date, you should know that today Pace kinda, sorta regretted he called out the Dolphins after they whupped Pace and his New York Jets teammates, 31-27 on Monday night.

Pace today was asked if he regretted calling Chad Henne a "second-year clown quarterback," and saying the Dolphins Wildcat package is "nonsense."

"That's how I feel," Pace said. "When you play defense, you would love to have someone just come out and run conventional stuff. It is a conventional offense just lined up a different way.

"I said some thing and I definitely should have thought about it and re-phrased it a little bit. I respect the Dolphins. They beat us. It's not like they went out there and stole the game from us. They were efficient. They ran the ball and they made plays when they had to.

"I tip my hat to them. But we've got another chance to play them and hopefully the outcome is going to be different."

I know this outcome won't change. And that's the beauty of tonight's live blog of the NFL Network's re-air of the Dolphins vs. Jets. I predict the Dolphins will win. I predict we'll have fun discussing the plays as they happen -- again.

I predict I'll have a couple of cold beverages as I watch and type, which could get kind of interesting if you know what I mean.

Again, the game is on NFL Network. And it, plus the live blog here, start at 8 p.m.


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Do you think we could be starting both rookie cornerbacks by the end of this year. It just seems like they play so much better and consistent the the veteran.


Its ok, Trent Dilfer was on Henne's jock on ESPN the next day!

Henne was one cool mofo for his second start; let the man get comfortable in his new roll and then we shall see what he is truly about.

hey mando ... do you think they might show an interest in derrick johnson (kc)or shaun rogers (brn)...johnson played lolb when he first came into the league and kc switched him up to mlb and now he is 2nd string i could see that happening then maybe shop porter round for a third

Armando, any word on Roth? I know 6 weeks is coming up

If the Jets don't make the Braylon Edwards trade, the Dolphins win this game 27-7 or something like that.

How about if we start mix things up some overload one side of the line have one LB roaming around the line confusing the line and QB

there are some playmakers on Defense backfield we just need to hang on to the ball as I've seen G-Will drop 3 ints and Allen 2 this season. Sean Smith and Davis are playmakers, we just need more from the pass rush.

Wilson is such a liablity

Mando, Right right

another BS call. If he catches it a Gibril makes him fumble or drop, its a non call!

play the rooks.

Jaybo, if Allen continues to get picked on and continues to keep the other team in the game, I wouldn't doubt you'll see the two rooks.

Good play by Sean Smith!

WHo says JT can't play the run?!?!?!?

I would jump at 3,4 or 5 for Porter. He just doesn't seem to be into it this year. JT plays much better on that side and I'll take my chances with Wake or GroinBoy on the strong side. It is very unlikely that Porter is going to get better...

yes more blitzing. wake, taylor, porter, even moses are all pash rusher, but farely quiet, no?

I agree about the CB's. I believe we have a long future with Davis and Smith. Both great players

Just like that last play. The rooks are looking ready to take over

polite was nasty this game

No it would still have been close 'cause the Jets would have converted 2 more fake punts and an on-side kick. you know, that nonsense stuff.

I am concerned the Saints watched this game and the San Diego game and the Indy game and they're going to throw 55 passes.

If we can't beat anybody with one on one base let play with their head their bond to make a mental mistake and we cash on it!

Since they are the future too, if we find ourselves out of the hunt, I hope we start Vontae and Smith sooner reather than later regardless.


Do you agree that Saints wr are nowhere near as good as Indy and SD and maybe even NYJ with Edwards?

Not if we control 35 minutes of the clock.

Chucky is right: Dan Henning called a great game -- until he brought Pat White in the game on that last drive.

mando, i think its safe to say the pass run ratio for the saints will be a bit skewed towards pass like 70-20%

We really need to run the ball well against the saints. It will keep Brees of the field. If not it's going to be a long game


They can't throw the ball 55 times if the Fins keep their offense off the field. I see a replica Indy game... the defense just has to get key stops to win the game.


That game against Orleans is good because I bet one of the rookies gets a int and what wont kill you will only make you stronger!

70-20, Cesar? Bro, the only person worse at math than you is me.

White coming in made me sick until he picked up the 1st down.

They were slurping Revis all night like they do Favre

Do you guys think maybe Davis or Allen can play safeties better than the one there now

we are going to have tp keep the saints offense off the field.


Just how is Pat White doing in the practices you have seen?

How about the newly-arrived Tyler Thigpen?

Beautiful Ricky

Ricky the Rhino!

Yeah and no one is playing as good as Peyton Manning, we ran into a buzz saw with that guy.

Nice block Ted

ummm..... i was counting 10% special teams

The Saints have good enough WR. They have Colston and the kid from LSU. And Reggie Bush and Shockey worry me.

They can throw the rock, no doubt in my mind.

Armando, any update on Roth. I know 6 weeks is coming up.

I am for two rookie corners starting and let Will Allen sit for a while. We have GOT to get better in the backfield! Brees will pick us apart just like Manning did.. What ya think?


Why can't we be as creative on the Defensive side?

Henne the Hero to Fasano the Former Fumbler!!!!!!

Rex can't believe it

Bout time Fasano! What a letdown after last year. But..the season is still young

Welcome back from the coma, Anthony Fasano!

And man do I hate that fins left fins right song. Yuck!


Just how is Pat White doing in the practices you have seen?

How about the newly-arrived Tyler Thigpen?


The last 2 home games they played the old fight song only once and never after a touchdown, but every time they play it the crowd goes wild!!!! PLease bring back old fight song! Even T-pain version is better than fins to left fins to right!

armando i believe stephen ross when he says bill parcells is coming back next season i believe he is he must finish the job and get us those playmakers on both sides of the ball especially at wr this draft is the strongest in years your thoughts? also if new england can get randy moss for a 4th what about us getting javon walker for the same?

There's nobody on our team that has proven he can match up an elite TE Shockey is to me the bigest threat!

We'll control the ball and clock and keep Brees off the field and if we can get some presure and sacks we should be alright.

I won't go back to another game until ownership changes Buffets song. Please bring our old traditional song back after each score. It's tradition!

Javon Walker isn't that good anymore, Bryan. If he's traded, it would be a for a 7th.

dolphins beat jets best defensive players one on one several times this game, fasano beat bart scott on TD, ronnie broke revis ankles on run, and teddy beat revis again on long TD

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