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Pace backpedals before tonight's live blog

Calvin Pace hated on the Dolphins. Then the Dolphins, led by Channing Crowder, hated on Calvin Pace. And now Calvin Pace is backpedaling as if he's a Pro Bowl cornerback.

If you need to get caught up on what I'm talking about, simply scroll down to the post below this one. If you're up to date, you should know that today Pace kinda, sorta regretted he called out the Dolphins after they whupped Pace and his New York Jets teammates, 31-27 on Monday night.

Pace today was asked if he regretted calling Chad Henne a "second-year clown quarterback," and saying the Dolphins Wildcat package is "nonsense."

"That's how I feel," Pace said. "When you play defense, you would love to have someone just come out and run conventional stuff. It is a conventional offense just lined up a different way.

"I said some thing and I definitely should have thought about it and re-phrased it a little bit. I respect the Dolphins. They beat us. It's not like they went out there and stole the game from us. They were efficient. They ran the ball and they made plays when they had to.

"I tip my hat to them. But we've got another chance to play them and hopefully the outcome is going to be different."

I know this outcome won't change. And that's the beauty of tonight's live blog of the NFL Network's re-air of the Dolphins vs. Jets. I predict the Dolphins will win. I predict we'll have fun discussing the plays as they happen -- again.

I predict I'll have a couple of cold beverages as I watch and type, which could get kind of interesting if you know what I mean.

Again, the game is on NFL Network. And it, plus the live blog here, start at 8 p.m.


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Roth report

No offense Mando

Dolphins practices are only open for the first 30 minutes now. So I don't know how Pat White is doing against the defense these days. I do know he isn't ready to be the team's QB if Henne is hurt.

If Henne gets hurt, it will be a competition for the starting job with Thigpen.

TE's gonna have 200+ yards against Miami in 2 weeks. They know our weakness.

armando what about my parcells question?

anyone know the story on Roth? Any chance hell play this year???

Last four 3rd round picks are Patrick Turner, Kendall Langford, Lorenzo Booker and Derek Hagan. I don't like those odds. Joey Porter for Derek Hagan? Child pleeze!

Those of you who would make that trade are trading away a proven, premiere all-pro pass rushing LB for an unproven question mark and most likely someone to sit on the bench or eventually get cut. Stick to your day jobs.

I can't believe $30 dollars to park your car now. And they can't the fight song. Not cool

Good to see fans in the stands again!!!

Take your sack like a man.

Roth was in the locker room today and told reporters he's feeling "good" and is eager to play.

any chance we pick up hart who was released from san diego and chad johnson vincent jackson are free agents this offseason chances one lands in miami?


The good thing about Henne:

for him to miss a game due to injury, the injury would have to be so serious no one could play with it. Heene is tough man.

Vontae Davis had perfect coverage! Great catch by Edwards and B.S. call by refs!!!! If he had dropped that and they got the flag, that would be absolute b.s.

That is the most impressive catch I've seen in the NFL this year.

Nice knee to the face

Thanks Armando! The only thing I miss from Miami is all you other dolphin fans.

Oh, I'm not offended Po. Only an egomaniac would believe himself the only source of information in this day and age.


I would trade Porter for that 3rd rounder not necessarily for the pick, but because we could unload the guarantee'd heavy contract he has in the waning years of his career.

Think of the cap space that would clear up to bring in, uhm, a wide receiver. Especially since we apparently have LB's on the roster who could take his place.

Booker & Hagan were picks by other regimes.

mando, what do you think about about trading for cribbs from the browns, how much would it cost?

parcells........ armando here in 2010?

Armando, how are the cold ones?

Wilson.... what a wuss. He could have forced edwards out while he was in the air and with the new rule that catch would have been ruled out of bounds and Wilson wuss'ed out. I don't like that guy. Time for Culver to replace this bum!

Bryan, Ross said what he HAD to say. I think the decision whether to stay or go will be made by Parcells after consulting with ... Parcells.

And that decision is not yet made. And that decision won't be made until after the season.

question for everyone... Why can we sack the QBs? Last year porter was a sacking machine. Now with taylor he struggles. WHY?

Watching this 4th quarter is sooo sweet. The NFL network has been playing the "Greatest 4th Quarters" and I keep seeing that Jumbo Elliot catch on that heartbreaker that kept me up till 2 in the morning.

I think we catch a pretty good break with the Giants playing the Saints this week...It will be physical game and New Orleans may have a "let down" game after a huge game for them against the Giants...any thoughts????

Would Miami consider bringing in T. Owens. Armando do parcells and him have a good relationship. I don't like Owens but he his a upgrade

Roman, had wine with dinner. Wife is baking some sort of dessert. I can smell it in the oven. yum!

Mary lokkin Good!!

My knee hurt watching Troy P.

Here we go again.


Niether Porter nor Taylor have the physical ability they used to. They both are regularly blocked 1 on 1 now.

good point bobby. Mabye the giants will knock them up pretty good for us. We have momentioum now. Mabye the giants will take some of theirs.

I remember that game. It ended around 1:15 am. What a nightmare in so many ways.

Teddy time!!!

but armando i got to think parcells wants to finish the job and get the miami dolphins to a championship level super bowl worthy dont you? and if he leaves early would it be seen as a failure?

The Bills are not likely to trade Owens. And the Dolphins weren't interested when Owens was FREE as a free agent, so why do you think they'd be interested now giving something up for him?

I was up till 2 in depression and then I think I had nightmares.


Its nice to be able to appcireate Ginn for once. WAY TO GO ON THAT ONE

Do it aGinn!

considering our luck the past years i swore that flag was on us

I still can't believe Ginn caught it.. About time!!


What great blocking. What a great throw. And what a nice play by Ginn.

He was still sooooo happy in the locker room today.

Henne's pocket presence and decision making were awesome this game. He never looked undecisive or confused.

Revis had Ginns back. LOL.

Beautiful play! Henne the Hero!

michigan to ohio state=TD GO GINN GO!

StickUm.. What a wonderful thing!

Yeah, the Fins are more likely to stay put and not make a trade if you ask me.

Mando, whats the best way to get autographs from our guys?

Excellent point by Bobby on the Saints and Giants.

Also, do the Saints suffer a letdown?

Also, do the Dolphins come out smokin' after the bye week?


Who's the most likeable Dolphin player in the locker room, you know, someone you talk to and walk away genuinely saying "that's one helluva good guy?"

Now Ginn can take a cb & safety deep while Hartline & Camarillo run deep outs in the evacuated areas.

I like Ginn. He's still a work in progress but he needs to have great football career. He definitely isn't going to land a job commentating after this is over. His interviews are almost undecipherable.


Ginn must have felt like an uncaged tiger after being able to catch that bomb from Henne.

Anybody notice the new Dolphin dance .... Both Ronnie and Ginn are doing some sort of "pogo" dance in place. Whatd'ya think?

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