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Pace backpedals before tonight's live blog

Calvin Pace hated on the Dolphins. Then the Dolphins, led by Channing Crowder, hated on Calvin Pace. And now Calvin Pace is backpedaling as if he's a Pro Bowl cornerback.

If you need to get caught up on what I'm talking about, simply scroll down to the post below this one. If you're up to date, you should know that today Pace kinda, sorta regretted he called out the Dolphins after they whupped Pace and his New York Jets teammates, 31-27 on Monday night.

Pace today was asked if he regretted calling Chad Henne a "second-year clown quarterback," and saying the Dolphins Wildcat package is "nonsense."

"That's how I feel," Pace said. "When you play defense, you would love to have someone just come out and run conventional stuff. It is a conventional offense just lined up a different way.

"I said some thing and I definitely should have thought about it and re-phrased it a little bit. I respect the Dolphins. They beat us. It's not like they went out there and stole the game from us. They were efficient. They ran the ball and they made plays when they had to.

"I tip my hat to them. But we've got another chance to play them and hopefully the outcome is going to be different."

I know this outcome won't change. And that's the beauty of tonight's live blog of the NFL Network's re-air of the Dolphins vs. Jets. I predict the Dolphins will win. I predict we'll have fun discussing the plays as they happen -- again.

I predict I'll have a couple of cold beverages as I watch and type, which could get kind of interesting if you know what I mean.

Again, the game is on NFL Network. And it, plus the live blog here, start at 8 p.m.


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Armando, would you say the dolphins have the best run blocking offensive line in the NFL?

Turd is absolutely correct. Henne just gave you this feeling that it was going to be OK. He didn't seem overwhelmed.

He was soo much not like John Beck.

er, and some drunk guy from the stands doing it to.

Ginn made the play but needs to repeat a coulpe of time to earn my repect back but a big catch by Ginn very happy he stepped up and toke it to the house.

Cleared cap room would be the only plus in that trade I think. Regardless of whether Hagan and Booker were picked by another regime or not, the point is that you don't know what you are getting, especially in the third round. This years third rounder can't even make the team on game days. And you lose Porter's experience and sack production. I would be all over that trade if I'm another team in need of a pass rusher. Think someone like the Patriots or Chargers can use Porter for a third rounder?

That didn't even look bad. But that was the blown ACL play.

I noticed that dance to Steve. Both times ronnie points to somebody on the sideline, then starts jumping. Def needs a new dance. What was wrong with the superman pose?

I hope Henne can be the QB of the future. I've been waiting 10 years for this. I just want to see Henne play like this on the road late in the year!

Chase, yes.

No doubt about it.

If the Dolphins can find a consistent WR to make plays on third down, to be Henne's security blanket, that offense would be capable of some major damage.

Henne is calm, cool, and Hero

who hit sanchez that play??

From what I've seen, we've already lost Porter's sack production.

BS call!!!

See how Taylor was handled 1 on 1 by a TE??


That poor call is still crapy! It was NOT Pass Interference!

OMG! It's amazing what these refs are calling. Can you say colusion?

They can dance how ever they want as long as they keep doing it!!!

Glad I get to see this on TV, really bad call by refs...gotta let them play

One of the guys on Around the Horn made a good comment on this interference call:

He said Edwards would have been crying for a flag if Will Allen had interfered on that play. For Edwards not to complain tells you everything you need to know about that call.

armando i say the dolphins finish 10-6 or 11-5 you?

My opinion on the Porter trade:

If someone gives a fourth I do it immediately.

His best years are behind him. His worth is not going to get higher but rather will start decreasing.

And as NJPHINFAN notes every blog post, the 2010 draft is loaded.

I see the hand fighting on every long pass with good coverage in the NFL. Your supposed to look back for the ball or it's pass interference. If you don't reach out and feel the receiver, and end up running him over...it's pass interference. That last play is the only way to do it.

I'm not a Ginn fan, but let's be honest. If ginn is playing for the colts, saints....ect he's prob a top 10 WR b/c of the numbers he'd put up

I think the Pats have three second-round picks next year. Dolphins need to add some, too.

i never heard what pace did to get the unsportsman like penalty on the ginn td. anyone know what happened?

Its a shame how close we are to 4-1 this year. If only we had a better redzone offense against the Colts and Chargers. I believe we had the ball on the five or closer against the chargers and came out with six points. No way that happens anymore.

Hate to say this but Edward is a great pickup for them even thou he droped that one


Yes, but NJ very wrong about me being Cuban Menace, so can we really trust his prediction?

I'm thinking 9-7, Bryan.

Wake needs to change up his technique. The RT played his bull rush every time. He needs to learn the Reggie White move where he started out like he was going wide then once the tackle was moving that way used his right arm to put him on his bottom and charge inside. There was a name for that but I can't remember.

If we cant get some Ref home cooking at home, how bad is it going to be in NY? We better not have a close one or it's gonna be tough.

Ricky and Ronnie got so many little yards here and there. That really helps out at the end of the night.

please armando don't tell nj i am not the cuban menace

I guess that was a nonsense block!

armando any chance at getting cribbs?

I thought this was a disaster waiting to happen with White.

Pat White, this where I'm poopin my pants on monday night!

This draft IS loaded

i think that using pat white confused the jets defense as much as it did dolphin fans

I hope you guys know that Alberto Riveron the ref in this game is from Miami. You guys know that, right?

How about Porter to the Chargers for Merriman?

I hated putting Pat White in the game at this point. Terrible. Terrible, Terrible.

guts would have been to let White throw it..

If Pat would of fumbled there....I would have puked!

I was at the Senior Bowl and sat right behind Henne/Flaco. Henne looked better than Flaco that day. I was a bit bothered when we didn't draft Flaco but was satisfied with Henne. Good pick up. Henne will catch up to Flaco real soon!
Go to a Senior Bowl if you have a chance.. Lots of FUN!

Yes sad

Uh, no.

Did you not read what Armando wrote about Parcells and Merriman??

Is he married to a jets fan?

How is Ricky's ankle anyway??

why i say 10-11 wins we play buffalo carolina tampa bay jacksonville tennessee and houston all games we should win split with the pats beating the jets again thats 10 other 2 games we may split saints and steelers i still say we win the east again!

That was the pass of the game

Merriman will never play for the Dolphins if Parcells is running the team. Doesn't like the guy.

Had a chance to draft him coming out of Maryland and picked DeMarcus Ware instead.

What a catch!

second best pass by henne for the game

What throw!

One reason i believe the wilcat is so successful with the dolphins, besides there beast O line is that Ronnie and Ricky are so capable of making the first guy miss or atleast fall forward a couple of yards making a 2 yard gain into a 4 or 5 yard gain. Other teams that run the wildcat try using small elusive people who once get touched get thrown back. Polite is being a beast as well rite now. He did almost cost us though 2 plays before the game winning TD. He completely wiffed on rhodes preventing Ronnie from the easy score.

I know they practice this, but I can't believe Henne can stay in such good rythm coming out of the game in the middle of a series so often.


What a gun!

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