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Pace backpedals before tonight's live blog

Calvin Pace hated on the Dolphins. Then the Dolphins, led by Channing Crowder, hated on Calvin Pace. And now Calvin Pace is backpedaling as if he's a Pro Bowl cornerback.

If you need to get caught up on what I'm talking about, simply scroll down to the post below this one. If you're up to date, you should know that today Pace kinda, sorta regretted he called out the Dolphins after they whupped Pace and his New York Jets teammates, 31-27 on Monday night.

Pace today was asked if he regretted calling Chad Henne a "second-year clown quarterback," and saying the Dolphins Wildcat package is "nonsense."

"That's how I feel," Pace said. "When you play defense, you would love to have someone just come out and run conventional stuff. It is a conventional offense just lined up a different way.

"I said some thing and I definitely should have thought about it and re-phrased it a little bit. I respect the Dolphins. They beat us. It's not like they went out there and stole the game from us. They were efficient. They ran the ball and they made plays when they had to.

"I tip my hat to them. But we've got another chance to play them and hopefully the outcome is going to be different."

I know this outcome won't change. And that's the beauty of tonight's live blog of the NFL Network's re-air of the Dolphins vs. Jets. I predict the Dolphins will win. I predict we'll have fun discussing the plays as they happen -- again.

I predict I'll have a couple of cold beverages as I watch and type, which could get kind of interesting if you know what I mean.

Again, the game is on NFL Network. And it, plus the live blog here, start at 8 p.m.


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go henne go blue!

nice, tight spiral

Dan!!! I mean Chad!!!!

Henne is so calm and controlled. It will be great having a QB who plays better under pressure. This guy is AWESOME!!!


That first pass to Camarillo all finesse.

The second, BANG, all power!

What I want to know is why we led the league in fewest penalties last year and no restraint this year, bad red calls or not we need to tighten up in that area. When you play a team with the same caliber and in the end the team that makes the least mistakes will win.

you know if gruden goes to washington as reported he will bring the wildcat there he just loves it!

The only block Lou missed all night

If Smiley doesn't stumble on first down, Ronnie scores on that first Wildcat run.

This is where Turner on the field would be nice


TD MIAMI!!!!!!

We Win Again!! I won the bet! Yeaa Baby..

I'm still silly happy!

I'm so curious what the broncos were asking for Brandon Marshall. He is looking great right now. Dolphins would be set if they had a player like him as long as he kept his head straight.

go ronnie go go ronnie be good touchdown dolphins look at the jets coach looks like he lost his lunch lol

Fins to the left, Fins to the, oh never mind.

What a great game even as I watch it the fourth time through.

Too bad dirty sanchez

with that dance.... are they trying to look like Dolphins standing on thier tails?????


Turd, the thing about Henne coming in and out is he is so young and doesn't know anything else.

He never played for any other NFL coach or team, so he does what these guys say and LIKES it.

Thanks Mando

maybe riveron was worried about appearing biased and overcompensated by making some calls for the jets

Thanks Mando.

IM out, you guys have a night. See you all in two weeks when we celebrate the Saints Win!

Thanks for being here tonight, everyone. Love you all. God bless. Good night.

broncos unis nauseating

can't wait till nov.1st when swe kick there ass again!

Oh great we get to watch the Pats get punked!

Thanks Mando, this was fun!

Armando, do you think the dolphins will incorporate the wildcat that the broncos used. They would have Orton out wide and then motion him to the center and back into their base offense. Forcing the D to readjust at the last second.

Thanks mando

Mando remind him of the Dolphin creed if it is still on the wall in Davie, "what you say and what you do is what you will become"

armando who we going to trade for??????

I hate that Comcast doesn't include NFL Network with their standard package. But I'm still hung up on that hot chick who was sitting next to Ross in his box. I need a name here, fellas. And maybe a phone number.


no cable co has nfl in their standard package.just pay 4.99 a month .

How come the live blog didn't happen?

Sanchize! Ryan!! Pace!!! Edwards!!!!

Is anyone else surprised that besides the Atlanta game pat white hasn't thrown the ball? Because if they really don't think he can, let's bring in thigpen, because he can run the wildcat, and he can throw. Like that pickup. Like Josh cribbs or Marvin Harrison even better. Why not both. Why has everyone given up on Matt jones? If we want steals, he's one of them.

Mando if u are ever awake please give us an update on Matt Roth....have the brain trust realized his problem isn't a physical one?

Aloco you should talk. you so cheap always talking about cheap gifts


I thought all Thigpen lovers would crawl back into they holes after Henne the Hero silence all critics. Were you one of guys claiming that Thigpen would be start after bye week when Henne lose 2 games? Yeah right! Thigpen was 3rd string qb for one of worst teams in league, he is serviceable at best and will only see game time if someone injured.


did you see how tuna looked happy in tv in his own box wearing rich people cloth, now back to me and my girl friend who wants me to buy no more veg oil cooking .she wants only extra virgin olive oil for cooking .she says it's good for heart .i think i am going to keep paying the veg oil than adding a food color to make look like x.v.oil.her father is a plumber ,where the hell she knows of x.v.oil?

carlito, give it a rest about henne and thigpen.
Q..tell me the best cooked meal in costa rica or golfito .

Pace's hurtful words disqualify him from buying the Rams.

I hope you guys know that Alberto Riveron the ref in this game is from Miami. You guys know that, right?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 14, 2009 at 09:22 PM

Yes, but not the line judge, nor THE BACK JUDGE.
Betcha the BJ is from New york/New Jersey. lol

Did every one see Rex's face, after Henne threw that laser to Camarillo, at the 4 yard line, for a first down, with 55 seconds to go? Pure panic! I didn't see loud mouth Rex walk over anyone on his way to this fight.

We Need safeties
We Need safeties
We Need safeties
We Need safeties
We Need safeties
We Need safeties

Can somebody hear me!!!

KillerDolphins , go to sleep already.


I hear ya I'll be up all night playing poker. Work third shift so a all nighter for me. BTW did the dolphins win tonight? Wwwwooooooottttt!!!

Hahahaha silly jets wins are for Dolphins!!!!!! lol wwwoooohhhooo

We aren't trading for Shawn Merriman Miamithunder we just signed Channing to a contract extension and we are number 2 against the run. We don't need him we need a safety Gibril still sucks no matter what and well as much as I hate to say it Bell won't be around too much longer.

Where are the apologies from all the cry babies that:

Wanted to trade Henne before he ever started a game?

Wanted to throw Ginne under the buss before we ever got a QB that could let him show is stuff?

Wanted to trade Ronnie Brown? He's getting old, is on the decline.

Wanted to burn Williams at the stake because he chose to live rather than die playing for that miserable Wannie.

Wanted to trade Long, our first round bust?

Wanted Brady Quin, an insufferable igo flop.

Yes, we still have some holes but I trust the trifecta to know where they are and at what price to fill them.

Now maybe there will be more room on the blogs for real fans and less space taken by foot stomping children who think strident screeming is a substitue knowledge.

O.K., we're fans and fans have their rights. But let's all try to smarten up at least a little.

Unless the totally unexpected happens in the search to strengthen our receivers we need:

to take the players we have and vastly improve our pass defense; and

to get some special teams coaching that does'nt always appear to be at least one game behind the learning curve. God I miss Westhoff.

Still think we need a vet WR to help the young guy's.Marvin?Of our WR's who has the most time in the league?Ginn?Anyone answer that ?

I honestly think we are so close to having a championship team. I mean the year before last we lost most of our games by 7 points or less. Last year we began to gel even more and without the turnovers this year we lead the division. If our O-line can continue to protect Hene and our safties start to improve we have a legitimate shot at the divsion again. I say run the wildcat until someone can prove they can stop it and Ronnie keep it up damn he is reading those blocks perfectly.

I have to wonder where the knucklehead Jets fans are that where on here shooting there mouths off a few weeks ago...Typical Jet fans...No class

Armando, I probably told you this before if not here it is again: I am such a crazy phin fan, that I am not able to watch a game live. I worry too much about fumbles, etc. etc.

Dude, I feel your pain I'm the same way!!!

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