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Pace backs away from "nonsense" controversy [updated]

It's Jets week.

So get over the Saint hangover. And get ready for an interesting week of great Rex Ryan quotes, some Jets fans trolling this blog, some trash talking from both sides and the usual Wildcat disrespect from Calvin Pace ... oops. Hold that thought.

Seems Pace, the Jets linebacker who called the Wildcat "nonsense" after Miami's 31-27 victory Oct 12, isn't going to be in the mood to relaunch his campaign against the offense he "can't respect."

“I’m not doing any talking about what I said earlier,” Pace said via conference call with New York writers earlier this week. “I said it. I meant it. But I really feel like what Channing Crowder said, about, ‘If you don’t like it, stop it,’ was true. That was a true comment. We don’t like it, we’ve got to go out there and stop it. And that’s what we have to do.”

You will remember that there was a little post-game back and forth between the Jets and Dolphins -- not to mention the pregame back and forth -- when Pace made his "nonsense" comment and Crowder responded with the clarity of a renaissance philosopher.

“We ‘nonsensed’ their [butts] all the way up and down the field,” Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder replied. “Wildcat is an offensive formation .. They have thousands of plays on film about it ... Go stop it.”


Pace, by the way, also ran away from calling Chad Henne a "clown quarterback," another comment he made after the first game.

“I think their running game, and their ability to establish that, helped him,” Pace said when asked about Henne. “Any time you’ve got two backs getting 5-, 6-yards here and there, and they’re doing that, and you have a quarterback where he’s just got to make smart throws, it’s making his job easier.

"Like I said the past couple weeks, we have to get to a situation where we’re making it third-and-9, third-and-10, where Henne has to beat us, instead of just giving him a quick checkdown where a guy can just fall for it for a first down. That’s really going to have to be our main focus for the week, to eliminate the running game, and then make Chad Henne go out there and try to pick us apart.”

Well, you've not heard the last of this stuff. Ryan will talk to the Miami media at 2:35 p.m. today. Mark Sanchez will call in at 5 p.m. and hopefully wait until the call is over before having a hot dog or something for dinner.

The Dolphins practice at 11 a.m. and their locker room opens at 2:15 p.m. [Update: Channing Crowder, nursing an undisclosed left arm/shoulder injury, is not practicing today. Linebacker Matt Roth, who missed practice late last week because of an ankle injury, is back to practicing today.

By the way, coach Tony Sparano was riding some receivers hard during the portion of practice open to the media. After Brian Hartline and Ted Ginn Jr. dropped passes after getting behind the defender, Sparano yelled to the next receiver, imploring him to, "go get the (expletive) football."

As expected, Ginn did not take his snaps with the first-team offense.]

Check back here often today for more updates. I'll have a locker room update, a Ryan update, a Sparano update and a Sanchez update. It should be a full, full day.



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Phinatic , you must be talking to the menace who's posting as njphin champ. I'm in blue so not to be impersonated, If you anything else it's the cuban menace .

i didn't try to lower my standers and come down to your level of trash talk which i don't believe in . fish fans when they come here ,we lock our doors and windows to not smell your natural offensive odor .

On Sunday the fans of the Jets will have thier faces urinated on...again.

fu,,,h you nj phin

x = njphin champ = cuban menace = F'N LOSER !

Please help me. It is dark here, and there is tremendous weight crushing me.

Just wondering if Sparano will be running up and down the sidelines like a cheerleader with his man breasts slapping him and everyone around him in the face all game ... or will he actually coach this week and maybe not call timeouts when the other team is getting ready for a FG on the 1?

Just wondering if Wilson will cover or tackle. Will Ginn and Anthony actually catch what is thrown to them? Will Camarillo try to fumble the ball out of bounds?

Will Henning throw all day just because the Jets show some more color at the LOS? Will the Fish Special Teams not suck for one game since the "TRIFECTA" has arrived? Will Crowder actually play 1/2 as much as he talks just for once?

Yep should be a HUGE margin of victory for the Dolphins.

Just a few facts about this mornings practice. Brian hartline was in with the first team as was reggie torbor . Crowder had is arm is a sling and did only warmups and sprints. Crowder might be out for sunday. So yes the jets will be missing jenkins and washington , but will allen is out and crowder might be.

I guess Crowder can focus on something he is actually good at all week like trash talking.

also taylor was wearing a compression sleeve on his leg , roth returned to practice and miami picked up cb nate ness for the PS and cut de derrick jones,

So, Sparano is "riding some WRs hard"? Maybe he should have done that 2 or 3 months ago. What's next, riding Crowder or Wilson hard?

Sparano, get a clue or someone might be riding you.....out of town.

Sorry but we deserve better.

"jets fans trolling this blog", hilarious. who's got that kind of time. barely got time to keep up with my own team.

Jets fans smell like combination of malt liquor, spicy mustard, garlic, pastrami, vinegar, sweat, and defeat.


Only an idiot would call for firing of Sparano. The last thing this team need is another coaching change. Its ok, I'll bet you'll be back on bandwagon win team is 4-4, and I wont call you out. I'll just think to myself, this guy Joe from backwoods swamp of Cocoa is something else.

what spicy mustard ? normal mustard helps you fart but spicy mustard makes you an official dolphin fan .

I get doctors and lawyers.....jet fantasy but I know what they are. But what is a "high diploma"?

I'm guessing that NJ and NY kids were high on spray paint and hallucinated themselves graduating from trade school. Or maybe from minimum to maximum security.

Will Sanchez throw another 5 picks in a game at home? Vintage Mark Sanchez. Go back to school!!!

Oh God, I can't breathe.

Ronnie and Ricky are going to run all over Sponge Rex Fat Pant's defense again this Sunday. Step away from the buffet Lumpy!!!

carlitto, I've been a fan for over 30 years and I don't need some illiterate 3rd world illegal alien telling me anything. And as for swamp? Let me take you for a tour in my boat. Just me and you, I'll even show you how to tread water.

I hope Miami can move on and let the Saints game go.We have a JETS game to win. I don't really care what Pace has to say anymore...he doesn't even show up on sundays...I didn't hear his name one time unless he was getting ran over.

I can't wait to go watch the game at the Viking in California...it will be fun to WIN and see all the Jets fans faces ha

I think the Jets will do everything they can to stop the Wildcat...the last thing they want to do is let us run all over them again.I look forward to see how Henne answers back to everything...I think this game will really let us know if we have our stud QB of the future.

much love Phin Fans...get ready for another big game.I'm ready ha ha Lets do this Miami!!!!

Scary, who cares about your backs. Your QB can't play in anything but perfect weather. Another 5 pick performance coming for Sangina.

just in.......jets lowered ticket prices starting this week end .
sorry fish fans .the place will be full .

Hi , downer12. :)


All empty threats and racism aside, an intelligent and informed person simply cannot argue against the fact that the Miami Dolphins are a much better team than they were a year and a half ago because of the efforts of Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano. It is a fact, there is no debate. If you would like to, please go ahead and tell me how the Miami Dolphins of 04-07 were better than this team is now?

What do you have to say for yourself? I'm listening...


All empty threats and racism aside, an intelligent and informed person simply cannot argue against the fact that the Miami Dolphins are a much better team than they were a year and a half ago because of the efforts of Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano. It is a fact, there is no debate. If you would like to, please go ahead and tell me how the Miami Dolphins of 04-07 were better than this team is now?

What do you have to say for yourself? I'm listening...

NJPHIN champ the only way your beloved JETS could sell out a game is to lower prices so much for the glitz and glamor of NY. Bunch of scrubadubs if you ask me. The dolphins will run and throw all over you guys come sunday. You better believe that there going to be Hungry and Pissed off after what happened this past sunday.

@ Cocoajoe: You just got Rickrolled by Carlito some 3rd world immigrant know's more about football and common sense then you do!

--Sorry just had too it was just set up way to easily--

How to stop the gimmick wildcat...

Defensively, coordinator Gregg Williams had a masterful game plan against the Dolphins' famed Wildcat offense. Whenever running back Ronnie Brown went into the shotgun formation, the Saints blitzed defensive backs, often sending cornerbacks Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter off the edge. This strategy caused major problems for the Dolphins' blocking scheme, who had not accounted for the "corner fires" and the Dolphins never adjusted. Surprisingly, the Dolphins only tried to counter this strategy once, by having Brown pass downfield.

The result was perhaps the most effective Wildcat defense the league has seen all season. Miami, which entered the game averaging 7.1 yards on 47 Wildcat plays, was held to 27 yards on 14 snaps from the formation. Their longest play was an 8-yard run. The Saints' blitz tactics resulted in four tackles for losses.

Rise up Fin Nation, riiiiise up!!!!!!
Hallelujah!!!! We iz gonna be da damn Jeyats!!!!
Riiiise up!!!!

I am concerned about the success NO had in the 2nd half stopping the run by bringing guys up into the box. A real QB (with receivers able to adjust) would make a defense pay for that strategy. Marino used to love being blitzed. We need to have a legitimate passing threat out of the Wildcat, and I'm not sure we have one yet. We've seen 2 passes that I remember--both to Fasano, but they seemed dangerously pickable.

Why doesn't Pat White throw out of the wildcat? I'm tired of seeing him run for a couple of yards, fall down like a girl and go back to the sideline? You don't need Pat White to hand off the ball, anyone can do that.

PATRICK TURNER GIVE THE ROOKIE A CHANCE!! What's the worse that can happen??!?

OK carlito, you got me. Sparano is better than Cameron. Jeeze, you must have been the president of the debating team.

Listen up moron, we're 2-4, have to play the jets in NY, play the pats not once but twice and let's not forget about pitt.

The idea is to become what we once were, a championship caliber team. A team that other top tier teams hated to play. I say other but that's not correct. We are middle of the pact and not getting any better.

Parcells was supposed to take us back to our rightful place. But he seems to be more interested in MLB and horse racing. Sparano? After a year and a half, he still doesn't get it and is too gutless to make changes. Here's a Sparano quote during camp: "I like this team".

Still with me carlito? Go back before Cameron and after Shula and you'll see we were middle of the pack then as well.

So, you go ahead and drink the koolaid...taste like sh*t to me.

White overthrew by a mile a huge pass to a wide-open Ginn against Atlanta. But it wasn't technically a Wildcat formation. It was just White at QB. Isn't that true?

I can't believe some of the so called Dolphins fans on here talking about being scared and thinking about the Saints game. The Dolphins did more to hurt the Saints than any other team so far this year. Even the Saints players stated that Miami is the toughest and best team in their division and deserve a tremendous amount of respect.

We are still 2-0 in our own division, soon to be 3-0 after we wipe the field with the putrid Wet's. Anyone with any sense knows that the Dolphins are for real and are building even greater things to come. The Wet's will falter again this year and be even worse next year since they traded away thier draft picks on a "get-rich" scheme that never pans out in the NFL.

By the end of the first half this Sunday, Sanjizz will look as disoriented and shocked as he did when he played the Jill's. The have,are now, and always will suck. After all, they are "the same old jets", just like thier fans....LOSERS.

CocoaJoe complain about everything!


This team is already better than even the division champ team of last year! Dolphins are more solid than last year on both o-line and d-line, the backs are performing better than ever, and Henne looks like a solid qb. This team has been victim to a brutal schedule this year, and every team they lost to is a legit super bowl contender.

With the trifecta, this team gets much stronger every year, and even though things have not worked out as best as they could have, remember this is just year 2 and the dolphins are poised to be serious contender next year.

If you knew anything about football and didn't have the patience and memory of a goldfish you could see this clearly. I hope I helped out.

After Dolphins beat the Jets and be 3-4 you'll be right back, you people kill me.

Cesar, the correct spelling of your name is, Caesar as in Julius Caesar. Jeeze, no wonder why you left whatever craphole you came from.

ALl of you Miami fans are losers. I'll be back laughing at you come 1600 Sunday after the fishfry


You just proved your level of intelligence coincides (which means is equal to) with other fans of the jests. Miami will be 2-6? Losing to that pathetic team SHOULD count as two (2) losses, but actually it's only one (1). Now please go find a dictionary and calculator so you can read this and do the math. The Miami Dolphins are 2-4 currently. One (1) more loss will make the record 2-5.

Stop sweating and drink some water....I know this thinking thing hurts you some but you'll be better off in the long run in you can add 1 to 4 and come out with an answer of 6. See? Dolphins fans can be philanthropists as well!!! (That means we can give to charity) IDIOT!


cocoajoe, you're a fan and I hear what you're saying. This is a much better team than it was though. Keep in mind here, this team now getting younger and are getting on the job experience. I don't think anyone can take a 1-15 team to a super bowl in 2 years. Last year was part miracle, part Parcells. Everyone overachieved against equal or lesser talented teams. This year they're going against better talent. The chinks in the armor are being exposed.
Now, in your defense, I will say, I have seen a few idiotic things Sparano has done this season. He is as his players are, still learning. If he keeps making the same mistakes, then I'll agree with you. Right now, I'm just throwing tomatoes at the T.V. screen when he makes the occasional mistake.
But, this is in fact, a Parcells team. Keep the faith man.

"ALl of you Miami fans are losers. I'll be back laughing at you come 1600 Sunday after the fishfry"

Posted by: scary | October 28, 2009 at 04:09 PM

I seriously doubt you will be back after Maimi beats the Wet's on Sunday, after all, your a typical Wet fan....all talk and no action.

@ Cocoajoe : Actually my name is César as is in César Alierta. You might want to make an effort in knowing about other peoples cultures and also knowing where the name Caesar actually comes from and what it stands for. Just some more knowledge you don't know or have coming from some 3rd world immigrant.

Anyways Go Dolphins! Beat dem stinkin Jets!

perspective, thanks for an intelligent reply. And I can tell you know something about football. But I didn't expect SB or even division champs this year. What I did expect was a well disciplined, well coached team. I expected to see a team ready to take it to the next level. But I don't see that. I see an up and down erratic team. I see bad personnel decisions, lack of discipline and crazy play calls/game plans.

I want Sparano to succeed but this is result oriented business, and the clock is ticking.

Cesar, I feel jur pain. Mine mama could no spell either. She did not know about the great warrior and king of Rome from 2000 years ago. He name is Julius Caesar.

How were we to sabe? Him great man while we were eating berries and roots.

Waffle boy strikes again. Only a few of us seem to recall all the way back to yesterday when you called for Ginn to be benched and deactivated. Stick with one position willya?
My guess is Parcells' people called the Herald brass. Thus the crow-eating reversal.

used to be a great rivalry teams line up fight it out to the bitter end now? players talking trash on both sides that can't back it up. Coach that doesn't understand his place. Rex didn't beat the Dolphins in the playoffs it was Suggs ALLPRO REED and Superman Lewis God it would be nice to have a linebacker like him. So just shut up and play best team wins no trick plays just smash mouthfootball start to finish.

The jets and their fans are pathetic, they don't have a stadium and are the 2nd best team in that cess pool called Jersey! NJ jets
You guys suck!

What I find funny about the Jets not respecting the wildcat is: They run it? So they don't respect an offense they run during the game... Only in New York??

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