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Reggie Bush a matchup problem for Miami

This blog has broken down all sorts of statistics and matchups this week as the Dolphins have been preparing for the Saints. Some of the statistics favor Miami as do some of the matchups.

But one matchup has me sort of worried -- well, not really worried because it's not actually my butt on the line, but it has me interested. Yeah, interested is more correct.

Reggie Bush vs. whomever is going to cover him.

We all know that Bush has been the scout team Wildcat triggerman for the Saints this week. We know he's no longer the team's top running back and so he's not the Saints big run threat.

But he still gets his touches and I don't see anyone on the Dolphins defense that matches up too well against him. On passing downs, you're not going to put a cornerback or nickel back on the dude because, well, he's a running back coming out of the backfield.

Most teams deal with RBs coming out of the backfield with an OLB or a safety or with an ILB or some sort of zone coverage featuring all of the above. The Dolphins defer a lot to the zone coverage option because their linebackers typically are very big and not built for running step-for-step with running backs, much less those that run 4.3s as Bush supposedly does.

The problem is teams that think they can play zone successfully against the Saints passing game must also think they can jump in a pool and not get wet. It's not a good idea. Drew Brees carves up zones like they were cake.

So what to do with Bush? Do you let Jason Taylor or Akin Ayodele or Joey Porter or Channing Crowder try to stay with him? Do you enlist free safety Gibril Wilson as his shadow?

I don't know. But the point is which of the above stated possibilities sounds good? I don't think any of them sound too good.

Bush has caught 14 passes so far this year for 121 yards. That's only an 8.6 yard per catch average, with his longest reception stretching 29 yards. So he's done only minimal damage so far.

The interest here is whether the Dolphins can keep that damage from Bush to a minimum. Tell me your thoughts after you watch the video.


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Waiting for it...

We have no choice. miami has to live or die with G wilson . UGH ! we just have to hope we put some pressure on brees not giving him time to find bush.

I like the thought of Wilson shadowing him, because he sure can't cover or give help on the long ball. Let him come up and see if he can tackle or put some big hits on Bush. You know, the reason we brought him to Miami.

half of those "highlights" were like 10 yard plays...which are not highlights of a career

I haven't found Bush in three years. Doubt the Dolphins will on Sunday.

Bush will run free through the field. Many men will try to takle it and dominate it.

Should it rain on Sunday, Bush will be very wet.

In the end, we only think we can catch Bush.

So what....
Put up Ted Ginn You tube video highlights....looks great
Put up a Chad Henne You Tube video
Put up a Ronnie Brown You tube highlights....looks better than Bush..
Put up a Ricky Williams You Tube highlightgs....looks better than Bush...
Highlights.....looks great....
point is he is stopable
Our D can stop him....
Miami 24
Aints 20

Bush does not scare me. I think we should worry about Colston getting big plays like all the other WR's against us. If you remember th saints backups tore our defense apart in preseason but Smith got an INT in that game and is ready to get a regular season INT as well. Saints 24 Miami 31. Heard here first

Opps meant to say
Henne looks great too on You Tube...

I say anytime Bush comes in the game insert Jason Allen for Crowder since he probably tackles as well and has better cover skills, let him shadow Bush the whole game... Statistcally the Saints probably throw the ball 80% of the time when Bush is in the game now. See that isn't so hard to match up with Bush...


You play a zone and knock the crap out of Bush when he catches the ball.

This game should be played the way Parcells' Giants played against the Bills offense in the Super Bowl years ago:

You allow them to catch anything as long as they don't get behind the defense. And after they catch the ball you destroy them. This has to be the most physical game the Fins defense has played all year. The sheer physicality will force turnovers and mistakes by the Saints offense.

That's the only way the Fins win. IMO.


I'm with you on that.

For every yard they get, we have to make them pay!!!!

Reggie Bush is averaging less than 25 yards per game receiving this season and the Saints have played lesser defenses that the Dolphins. Granted, the Dolphins linebackers can't cover anyone, but Bush isn't going to dominate the game as a receiver. If Brees is checking down to Bush, that's a good thing. It means the corners are covering. The only Bush play that would worry me would be some kind of isolation deep pass (I think the Cardinals successfully ran one last year against the Dolphins). Bush is the least of the Dolphins' defensive concerns.

I've looked at this game six ways from sunday. The stats, the match ups and all the variables.
The Saints will be favoured. The Dolphins and their No 1 running game cannot be overlooked.
To me, this game looks like it will come down to turnovers.
At the risk of sounding mundane, the team that commits the fewest mistakes, wins the game.

I don't think so the running game will be the problem , the air game is the problem

Hi...well I'd put Jason Taylor on the man,he is so athletic!it's our best d for Reggie Bush.Second,I rather get beat buy him then carved up by Brees!Bush would have to try hard,Brees would pick us apart wit dat zuker a@$,poor xcuse of a Wilson we got.I'll take every bad thing I've said bout him back if he plays well.I'm terrible!

Goodluck fins god bless America peace!


Last I checked no D coordinators have yet to start game planning around Reggie Bush. Its not like he's Roger Craig. He's averaging 3 rec pg at 8.5yds per clip. Hardly anything to game plan around.

Is Reggie a big trash talker or something. It seems there was about 10 guys in that clip that wanted to pummel him... Predicting Reggie and some dolphin get into it this game. Fins are going to go into this game trying to be enforcers. I just dont think saints have a chance to match their physicality.

Let's take a poll as to which ACF East team will win the division.

Everyone says the New York Jets!!!!!!!!!!!

Settled. That means that this game is completely meaningless.

Ps. All Dolphin Fans should switch loyalty to the new power house of the east. The Jets!!! What do we say Fins fans:



If the Saints are dumping down to Reggie you have to run to ball as a team, but its good if they do dump pass to Bush so long as he does not get a first down.
now when they line him up at reciever which they sometimes do or wheel route out of the backfield Vontae Davis, for a corner back matches up well with Bush. He physical and can run with reggie.

But Bush is not a focal point of this attack so when they option out to Bush, usally thats a sign of good coverage down field. I also think Sean Smith will do well against Colston. He matches up well against Colston and might pick one off watch.


But one matchup has me sort of worried -- well, not really worried because it's not actually my butt on the line, but it has me interested. Yeah, interested is more correct.

Your butt is not on the line but you could show more passion for the team you cover, sorry Armando, but sometimes it seems like your just here to do a job with that kind of comment. guess I just love my team...


Good nite

what about chris clemons??? he's a pretty fast dude

Jet fan you need worry about Oakland not what's going here
Oak-13 Yets-6

Bush is good, but I'd take Ronnie Brown all day over Bush.

mando, this video shows nothing but short screen passes. taylor, wake, porter, channing and ayodele are more than capable of containing that. cmon. btw, meadowlands next week, bus lot, come hang with me before the game buddy!

What's tomorrow's blog? Jeremy Shocky a match up problem for Dolphins. Because that is the real debate with the same issue. To me that is the match up problem. Look at are last games, we stopped all players like Bush. Adai, Sproles, Washington. All those players have the same role as Bush. Meanwhile every TE we faced has given us headachs. Gongzales, Gates, and Clark. Now what are we gonna do about Shockey? Not Bush.

LMAO @ jets fan...Funny Yes, short memory loss yes, tool yes, knows anything about football, obviously not.

Gerbil is our only answer. sad.

What strikes me about his highlights is that none of them seem to involve using blocks cleverly, the way Pat White sure did in college, and nobody is a superior enough athlete in the NFL to consistently be a running threat without that ability.

I'm not trash talking in any way, but all u guys can hope for is to win the coin toss cuz if the Saints get the ball first not only will they score 1st it might get ugly by the end of the 1st quarter. If u need proof go ask a Lions, Jets, or Giants fan. I'm not the biggest Reggie fan but he is due for a big play and Sunday might be that day. I do think that this will be by far the toughest game my Saints will play all season and I really mean that. I can't wait it should be a great game

Cmon the Lions! The Jets! and the Giants were missing 5 starters on D. The Saints are a good offensive team, no doubt about it, but if you think Miami is Scared and looking for praise your in the wrong spot

Shocking News Just In: espn's Chris Berman just pick the Dolphin 24 Saints 23. WOW!!!

Great deduction Mondo, reggie bush does present a big threat to the dolphins D.....
Wait a minute, Drew Brees also presents Miamis Defense with a big problem, oh wait so does marcus colsten, pierre thomas,devery henderson,jeremy shockey, and oh yea the whole entire saints OFFENSE.

Don't worry bout shockey folks.. He'll be pretty hung over

Shocking News Just In: espn's Chris Berman just pick the Dolphin 24 Saints 23. WOW!!!

Posted by: DyingBreed | October 24, 2009 at 02:51 AM
yea, but isn't this the guy that picks buffalo to go to the Super Bowl almost every year...i think he picked san diego and philly this year so u cant really feel good about that.

are u fuckin serious? reggie bush? only thing that worries me about him is a reality tv series with him and kim kardashian chronicling the discontent of his knee troubles and ray j's big ol weiner beating up kim.

sunday countdown, they all picked miami, except for cris carter.. nuff said.

need u on this one medieval, indy is showin bs games.

$5000.00 bounty on Shockey, for calling Tuna Homo!! Who gets the money???

I think you activate Chris Clemons or Jason Allen as situational safeties assigned to Bush. Both have corner-like speed and have had some good recent practices and pre-season games as far as coverage ability is concerned, and both can hit well too.

An OLB or Wilson and Bell are not the answer for someone with the speed and maneuverability as Bush. They have been good for run-support only, but forget about pass coverage.

Come to think of it, at this juncture Clemons would be an upgrade over Wilson or Bell at FS on a permanent bases, with either one of those two playing SS only. I heard Clemons can hit too.

What do you think Armando?

Hungover?Hungover?Is yous I think I'm drunk isn as tink i an?is yous?

I don't need to see any highlights of Reggie Bush. He was overrated when he was drafted and still is. The best draft pick of the last ten years was the Texans taking Mario Williams over Reggie Bush. What a great pick!

JT will be covering Shockey.

It was great feeling to beat the jets on that Monday night. But to take down one of the underfeated teams is Special. SHhh.. Don't tell any saints fans,cuz they don't see it coming yet! Here it is 42-28. Fins win.... Sshhh....

Kory Sheets...

Watched some of his highlights, and believe he may be a very capable replacement... strong runner, both quick and fast... I'm looking forward to seeing him in action. Kory may be around town for a while...

Berman picked us to win on ESPN that means we will get destroyed by 30 points...

There is only one key to win this game: Pass rush. Got to get to Bress early and often. Problem is, we haven't been too good at it this year.

Hopefully, we'll see some improvement from Porter now that he's recovered from the hammy. But really, all the D.....everyone of them, have to play like their hair is on fire at least for one day.

Dimwits, it's not Bush you need to worry about, it's Shockey and Lance Moore, who are going to beat you like a drum.


so what's your point Mando??

I don't like it whennppl pick us to win, I would rather be the underdog, makes the win that much more pleasureable!!!

Even Chris Berman notorious dolphins hater going with glorious fins this weekend

What the heck is Chris Clemons doing on the sideline?
That kid has got speed to burn 4.3/40 as a safety.....and Gibril starts ahead of him?
What has Gibril shown in the past few weeks?

Tommya: "This game should be played the way Parcells' Giants played against the Bills offense in the Super Bowl years ago: You allow them to catch anything as long as they don't get behind the defense. And after they catch the ball you destroy them"

...and then cleverly allow the Saints to miss a chip shot field goal for the win?

Reggie Bush? Containing Brees and the WR more important to contain Reggie Bush the bust.

Finfantoronto: gibril has shown that he is amazing at betting for the other team. Ohh and by the way dolphins fans, that 'minimal' yardage per play bush has, Chad pennington average yards per completion to ALL receivers was below that. Said it before, he was holding us back.

Ohh, and I would like to see us let Cameron wake loose...pass rush is what we need, and he will bring it.

the smartest thing we can do is play the dime, defend the pass. let them have the short yardage. the theme for the defensive front should be to KNOCK DOWN as many passes as possible or(bat down balls)! if our linemen could focus and make this their theme not only would it force breese to float the under passes but it will also give breese extra pressure and cause some jerk decisions in the passing game. DEFENSIVE BACKS should also be informed that breese usually throws the instant the defender shows breese his back side. keeping the recievers in front of the defenders might deny breese these situational passing windows he is looking for, disrupt his timing, and cause him to hold on to the ball a little longer as well.

Dolphins need to punch the saints in their mouth. Dolphins the most physical team in football

Legarratte Blount style!

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