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The DVR version of grades to the game

It was a late night for all of us Monday night and as a result the grades to the game did not make the Miami Herald's editions today. (It might have helped if I had done them faster.)

Anyway, I just got done watching the DVR version of the game so here are the grades to the game:

Running backs: The Dolphins ran 64 total offensive plays and Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown were involved in 39 of those, either in Wildcat, carrying the ball in the base offense, or as targetted receivers. These guys carried the team for most of the night, including the 2-yard winning TD run by Brown. By the way, fullback Lousaka Polite was an unsung hero. His blocking added to the physical nature of Miami's running game and he did convert a first down on one of his carries. The only negative here is that Patrick Cobbs tore the ACL in his left knee in the fourth quarter and he is out for the remainder of the year. Ricky Williams (ankle) is not a serious injury. GRADE: A.

Quarterback: The Dolphins coaching staff started out the night wanting to manage Chad Henne so as to avoid the game-costing mistake by the young quarterback. And then the Dolphins found themselves trailing in the fourth quarter, not once, but three times. And that called for an unleashing of the Henne. And Henne responded with a coming-out performance that undoubtedly boosts his confidence. Henne threw two fourth-quarter TD passes, got rid of the ball so as to avoid sacks, and made sure his passes were either completions or not -- no interceptions. Let me think for a second how one grades a player with a 130.4 QB rating ... OK, got it. GRADE: A.

Receivers: The Dolphins found players they had seemingly lost the first quarter of the season. Anthony Fasano, he of the four receptions the first four games, caught four passes and was targetted seven times. Embattled Ted Ginn Jr. actually showed his speed in getting behind the Jets secondary. It was the longest pass play the Jets allowed this season. And while Greg Camarillo and Davone Bess added only complementary plays, their blocking downfield was one reason the long screen pass broke out and a couple of bubble screens gained good yardage. Most importantly, no drops. GRADE: B.

Offensive line: First the bad news, which was that Jake Grove was called for a holding penalty and a false start. Now the good news, which was that the entire offensive line was more physical, more athletic and thereby more effective than the New York front. None of New York's different looks seemed to confuse the Miami front. And the linemen showed their versatility by blocking in tight spaces on runs, and blocking in space such as Miami's 59-yard screen pass. By the way, did you notice how much time Henne had to scan the field on the 53-yard pass to Ginn? It was a long time. GRADE: A. 

Defensive line: The Jets averaged 4.6 yards per rush despite some great play by nose tackle Jason Ferguson. Randy Starks applied good pressure and actually collected a sack and three quarterback pressures. Kendall Langford and Phillip Merling have played better in the past and need to play better in the future. GRADE: C.

Linebackers: As heroics go, this group showed it. Joey Porter played with a tweaked (still) hamstring. Jason Taylor played much of the fourth quarter with a shoulder injury. And Channing Crowder was everywhere in both run stopping and pass coverage. But, frankly, the results from this group were inconsistent. GRADE: C-minus.

Secondary: There were various penalties, some questionable, by players on the back end that cost the Dolphins. The pass interference by Yeremiah Bell, the personal foul by Gibril Wilson, the illegal contact penalty on Will Allen and the pass interference on Allen all made Miami's defensive assignment more difficult. Then there were those looong completions to Braylon Edwards (34 yards) and David Clowney (53 yards). It continues to boggle that rookies Sean Smith and Vontae Davis are playing the best in this group. GRADE: D.

Special teams: They gave up first downs on two fake punts. The first one, a 26-yard rush by the punter, set up New York's first touchdown. The second one, a direct snap to receiver Brad Smith on which he gained 12 yards, extended a drive that gave the Jets a field goal. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. The Dolphins also had a holding call on a a punt return. Jets coach Mike Westhoff schooled Miami's John Bonamego this night. GRADE: F.

Coaching: The Dolphins answered New York's various defensive fronts with a base Wildcat formation, a jumbo Wildcat formation, and a couple of passing Wildcat plays. The Dolphins made adjustments on defense, though they did not work. Great clock management on the final drive. Only question: Why put a cold Pat White in the game at a crucial time? It worked, but talk about gambling. GRADE: B-plus.

Overall: On a night that Miami's stars were out, when the Dolphins were on the national stage, the team responded with an electric fourth-quarter comeback victory. But be not fooled, the Dolphins remain a lunch pail, blue collar group that can get results against even the most hyped team in the NFL. GRADE: A.


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Ronnie Brown is a beast. J-E-T-S suck.... Suck ...... Suck .... Suck. Who's laughing now Rex? I love beating up those classless New Jersey Jets. Go back to stinkin ass Jersey byotches.

Right on. Special Team, LB & Secondary big weakness with Safety position biggest concern. When you are in a cover 2 zone, no way should a fade route be completed, it shows a lack of speed with our safeties. Get Chris Clemons back there for Gibril Wilson. He has great speed.

Great game, but our defense is PATHETIC! I'm STILL shocked they extended Will Allen, he's been a non-factor since he was brought here...He and Goodman had fairytale seasons last year, but were still very inconsistent! D-line, Lb's, CB's, Safties, all receive an F, save maybe a few heroic plays by Ferg and Crowder, overall, poor tackling, poor coverage, poor persuit...

Why is it when Porter and Taylor are in the game together the can never get any pressure?

I'll concede that the Jets have a really good O-line. Every bit as good as ours.

Given your grades Armando, I'll definitely agree to all. The O-line is why we won that game last night.

Time to fire Bonamego. Paul P also job also should be under the microscope. Gambling calls by our offensive staff, and execution won the day there.

Man does our offense need a big reliable target. Not necessarily a burner, but a guy that can win that 50:50 ball, i.e. like an Edwards last night (and probably only last night).

This game was AMAZING - one of the best all year I've seen.

I couldn't believe how well Chad Henne held himself - this is what I've been waiting for. This guy is the real deal... the Jets' D was one of the best going into tonights game and he lit em up for almost 250 yards and 2 scores. No turnovers was the biggest thing to note, as that kept Miami in the entire game.

The Jets played well too - contrary to Rex Ryan's press conference (seriously what a douche). Miami has gimmick plays? That's funny - those plays embarrassed their Defense and kept Miami on the field. I dont care how it gets done, as long as they get it done! Their offense is one of a kind - and they're playing like champs. 0-3 or not - bad start or not - Miami is for real. This might not be their year (and it might be) but they're going in the right direction. They have their QB of the future, they have the wildcat which was just blazing yesterday and used effectively, and they have a decent D. Their biggest problems? Special teams and their weak secondary. Im a bit worried about the Saints - but if they run like they did against the Jets/Colts, it won't matter. Take the ball away from Brees, score lots of points - they can win, they can win it all!


Why is it everytime we play the jets there are a minimum of 2-3 b*lls*ht penalties? It makes me sick. Everytime we play the jets they need help from BS flags to keep the game close. Rex Ryan is a perfect fit for that classless organization. At least now I don't have to hear about the jets going to the super bowl anymore. Lmfao. Go Dolphins! jets crash & burn!

I wonder why people still call the "Wildcat" a gimmick, when in fact, it is a throwback to the 1940's and the then-popular single wing offense.

I remember Paul Zimmerman (SI's Dr. Z) imploring the Atlanta coaches to use it years back.

Armando Strikes Again! He says:

" And while Greg Camarillo and Davone Bess added only complementary plays,"

Camarillo did catch only 3 passes in this game, but Fasano only caught 4 and Ginn just 2. Camarillo's catches were all in the 4th quarter on the final two touchdown drives and all for first downs.

On the game-winning drive, Camarillo caught 2 passes on two third downs to keep that drive alive.

But I guess that doesn't count much in Armando's fantasy world.

I'm really suprised the team marketing dept hasn't pounced all over this "Wildcat" thing. Ross needs better advisors...Put in a word for me Mandy

You guys heard Ryan's excuse that his defense was not prepared? If I was a Jets player I would be embarrassed of such a lame excuse when all week long he was saying he had too stop Miami's running game and put the game in Henne's hands.

did they fire DL coach yet ?

Rex Ryan "Dolphins use gimmick plays" lmfao really??? We use gimmick plays??? What about two fake punts? That was the only reason jets were even in this game. I thought i heard pregame that Rex had all the answers for the wildcat. Guess we changed the question lmfao. Rex is perfect face for that franchise. Makes me hate them even more (didn't think that was even possible).

always good to beat the over hyped Jets... but penalties were not good... always room for improvement... I still think the leash needs to be held a little tight on Henne until he gets all the young QB jitters out of his system...

overall the defense was okay minus the penalties..

Brown remains a beast and should be headed to Hawaii.. i mean Miami for another ProBowl....

a sigh of relief to see Miami win 2 in a row.. the next few games will prove to be more challenging though...

Curt, seriously dude? Writer's can't sit there and think about every scenario that might hurt a fan's feelings. If you re-read it, he says they got Fasano going, which he had not been, and Bess and Camarillo had complimentary roles. Complimentary does not equal zero, or inconsequential. Nothing wrong with what Armando wrote, they did have a complimentary role, and they did a perfect job with the opportunities when they came their way.

I thought for sure that ball was going to rocket off Cam's shoulder pads, but what a throw, and a nice catch! Props to all Dolphins who made plays, and thanks for the write-up 'Manod. You can't please everyone...

As for special teams, Cobbs looks tentative and non-explosive. I guess it's a mute point now in that he appears to be seriously injured. It will be interesting to see Lex Hilliard now...three bruising backs in the backfield could be interesting. Ginn appears to be reading the blog comments and has a chip on his shoulder. That's a good thing.

What's the deal with Allen and Wilson?? Maybe it's time to phase in the rookie safety. Hell, even Bell looked a step slow.

The real exciting thing is, both lines looked good, and that is the foundation of the team. It's no coincidence that the great teams in Miami history have started with great lines.

Mando, agree with most grades except the secondary...I actually thought they played pretty well, take away some terrible officiating calls against them and they were solid...the call on Allen at the goal line, inexcusable awful...and Gibrils hit, how are you supposed to stop that kund of momentum if your a player? And it wasn't a helmet to helmet shot that the rule is supposed to discourage...this is the third game this week I've seen a safety lower his shoulder into a reciever and seen that flag...NFL is discouraging great CLEAN hits or the refs need to learn how to call that penalty properly..To bad you didn't rate the officiating, which was definitly a D rating at best...

None of those long passes get completed if we had pressure on the QB. 3rd and 22 and sanchez has all day to throw. Same thing on 3rd and 11. Bring the blitz to protect our weak link our secondary. That's how the giants beat the pats. That's how the jets beat the pats. Basically out defense gave up the lead twice in the fourth quarter to a team that got stymied by a recently good N.O. Same thing happened to us against Indy and we all said, "oh, well, Peyton manning beat us." well mark "I have 4 starts in the NFL" almost did the same thing. If we had scored quick, the jets prob would have marched down on us a scored in 1 minute. Happy for our offense! Scared to death cuz of our poorly coached defense. GO FINS FOREVER!!!!!!!!


doesn't matter how many catches a WR catches as long it counts on the course of the game .look at Ted GIN w/only 2 catches but he gave the game to dolphins while he caught many catches in colts game and lost b/c he didn't catch the one it matters .

"The Jets played well too - contrary to Rex Ryan's press conference (seriously what a douche). Miami has gimmick plays? That's funny - those plays embarrassed their Defense and kept Miami on the field. I dont care how it gets done, as long as they get it done! "

I agree with yo here....that's why we ran the ball up your gut in the first series, and specifically the first touchdown without the Wildcat for the most part. I thought that first touchdown was a statement!

Talk about gimmick plays...they ouldn't have even been in the game if not for two fake punts. Credit them for executing them (and Porter for missing a tackle), but how is that any different then the Wildcat?? It's part of the game.

Armando, I think you'll find that the Jets' 4.6 yard rushing average was distorted by those two "rushes" off punts.

Nevertheless, I'm so happy with the Dolphins' victory that I will give THIS article a definite A+!!!

Dave: Agree that Cobs looked a little tentative but wouldn't you when you run 5 yards and there is a wall of white in front of you... There is ZERO blocking on punt and kickoff returns... The special teams have been, and are currently, a disaster!!! When are they going to get rid of Bonamego... They jettison players for non performance. This unit has been a disgrace from day one with him yet it's excuse after excuse... This is going to cost them dearly at some point this year... The offside last week and both fake punts led to 10 of the Jets 27 points last night... Something has to be done...

Definition of a DOUCHEBAG = Calvin Pace

Said Jets LB Calvin Pace, "I'm going to be honest, I can't respect that stuff. All that Wildcat. Because we're in the NFL, man. If you're out there running that nonsense, it's crap. They got us today but we'll see them again and we'll have something for them. I guess you have to give them credit but the defense lost the game."

A note to Calvin...that so called "nonsense" just whipped your behind. Thank you.


Out of the four or so pass interference / illegal contact calls, 2 of them were total B.S. That latino Ref must have eyes for Dirty Sanchez.

Not Sure How You Calculate An Overall of An "A"... Esp When Your Average is About a "C to C+"... No Point In Grading If You Just Ignore What You Put Down And Give Whatever Grade You Want Overall... At Least Weigh Each Category As A Justification

Henne has some serious zip on the ball and I like how they use his mobility to move the pocket...I think its funny how every analyst calls the wildcat a gimmick offense before and after games, but during the game there on the band wagon...Gimmick plays are something you only do every once in awhile pretty sure we could drive the field with the wildcat...Offensive play calling was the best I've seen in years loved how they use Ronnie and Ricky in various ways...were going to be a tough team down the stretch I bet there are a lot of good teams wishing they didn't have to play us very physical last night...best game I've seen in a long time


Secondary a D? I think you are a little kind on that one. I'd give an F. Too many big plays kept the Jets in the game.

Refs: Grade F. Is the NFL getting their refs from Craig's list or the classified ads? Terrible call on Will Allen (pass interference) and on Gabril Wilson (leading with helmet personal foul.

I understand that the league wants to protect players from serious injuries but it shouldn't be that difficult distinguish between a clean and a dirty hit. Also, roughing the passer calls are also out of control.

Great game though all around. Go Dolphins!

my grades
DL..............................JOKE .........CC_

You know what's really great? There's not one Stinkin Jets fan on here talkin crap...WOW!!I guess their mouths are full of crow and humble pie right now...Eat up, Rex, the diet ain't working!!

Some Observations:

1) Marge Simpson will be posing for Playboy but, frankly, she can't hold a candle to the sexy body of Lois Griffin.

2) I once saw a documentary on PBS about the amazing dexterity of birds. Obstacles were deliberately set up to interfere with their flight path, and they navigated through them with amazing precision. Ronnie Brown, operating out of the Wildcat, reminds me of those birds. He has the perfect blend of patience and aggressiveness in penetrating holes, big and small.

3) On the old Superman television show, Superman would proudly stick his chest out and let bullets bounce off it. Superman was invincible. Why, then, when the bad guy ran out of bullets and would throw his gun at Superman, did Superman feel the need to duck to avoid the pistol?

4) Except for "Ring of Fire," I found the versions of Johnny Cash's songs more enjoyable in the movie, "Walk The Line," than in Cash's actual recordings.

Ted Ginn bashers - step up to the mic and come strong or don't come at all. If you cant see the difference between Ted standing with defender waiting for a desparation check at the end of the Colts game and Ted running behind three (3) defenders last night then you will never get it. Pennington doesn't make that throw, Henne does. Ladies and gentlemen meet Ted Ginn - your #2 receiver. You actually need one of those, too. Yeah I get it... he was drafted at #9 in the 1st round by Cam Cam. Oh, I'm sorry- he missed two balls in an 11 catch (7 for 1st downs) 100+ yard game? I'm sorry he isnt high maintenance like #85 or T.O. and he just shuts up and improves. Yea I get it we don't have Larry Fitz, Andre Johnson or Calvin J or a 6'4 4.4 receiver- I get it - really. You want that toy that the other kid has so you are going to bawl and squeal right...?

Bill Parcells: "You want me to give you Ronnie Brown for Braylon Edwards?"
Eric Mangini: "Yes Bill, that seems reasonable doesn't it"
Bill Parcells: Click.
Eric Mangini: Hello... Bill? Hello?

This was a big MNF and Rex was coming to town with the same blitz scheme his daddy Buddy brought on MNF in 85. Remember how Shula cracked it? All night he rolled Marino and the whole pocked out to the week side of the 46 defense to escape the rush and attack what is left of the coverage behind the blitz. When they had to have it on 3rd down on the final drive and Ryan brought the house on 3rd and 10, Henning called the rollout and Henne and the offensive line sprint right and he throws the 12 yd pass to Camarillo. That play was a beautifully executed play in all facets. Henne said in the postgame that was the most important pass of the game. Hard to argue, then or now.

They took the cover off the #7 car, and he looked ok. He made all the throws, and looked like the best thing back there in the pocket since... no... I'm not going to say it. This kid is playing the Parcells way and I'm hopeful this is the start of a beautiful friendship between the youngster and us fans. Here's looking at you kid.

I think the strength of this team has shifted to the offense - the line is playing better, the rbs are studs and the kid looks like he might have 'it'. We need a #1 wr, but thats what the rooks are competing for, and if they arent the answer we'll know by January. Give Henning credit for calling a game according to what he's got in the gun. Good teams make do when they are thin... the pats won SBs thin at WR and at cb... heck they even had a wr playing db (Troy Brown) one year.

Watching this team play defense is like sitting on the stove. The front seven is a draft and free agancy period away from being respectable. The defensive front got pushed around pretty bad Teams that consistently win in this league are already thinking of ways of replacing players like Porter and Taylor. They played ok, & I understand Porter was hurt and Taylor tweaked a shoulder too in the game, but thats what happens to older guys.

-Can you say Gerbil? - ughhh.
-Will Allen is painful to watch - he is a gamer, but he's going against superioir players.
- This is why Parcells drafted Davis and Smith this year and will get his Safety and NT next year. Rook CBs take a year of getting burned, hurt pride, and just plain toughening up against smarter receivers. Next year these two won't be so pleasant to deal with.
- I expect Bill will introduce Teshawn Prince (I mean Sean Smith) to the weight room this offseason.

Hype and all- its a win. Its what you are supposed to do. We need lots more, 1 at a time. I've been pouring this Koolaid since the dreaded schedule came out, but here have another drink: Take care of your own division and you are probably in the playoffs, where anything can happen.

Dolphin fans... if any Jet fans talk smack on this site this week, remember - this is your house - defend it well. Let them talk, cry, what if, console each other, and attempt to demean the very team that beat them thus further repudiating their own case. Then, and only then, simply address them (Dear [expletive]) and reply with one word:
"Scoreboard" .

Let me think for a second how one grades a player with a 130.4 QB rating ... OK, got it. GRADE: A.

Armando You are the bomb!!! This blog is such a pleasure to read. Its nice to see someone as obsessed as I am about the fins. You keep on doing what you do. Great Job!!

Overall A?????? Polite was amazing, as was every else for the offense, but this defense was very dissapointing. Drew Brees is going to embarasse us if we don't make some adjustments.

personally, my overall grade is B-.

Another "classic" Jets vs Dolphins game for the archives.

Congrats to the entire offense for dominating the Jets "D" pretty much the whole night. It was great to see their D shaking their heads in dis-belief at what was being done to them. The push the O-Line got was impressive - several pancake blocks on the JETS DL.

Special Teams coach needs to be fired - you never ever give up two fake punts in a game. I was waiting for the Jets to do a surprise onside kick - which we would have lost - as I seen most our guys just peel back in coverage even before the ball was kicked.

Glad to see Henne quiet all the nay-sayers that have posted here - the guy has a strong, accurate, quick release arm, which will help loosen up defenses and keep them from stacking the box against dink passes and running game.

We're still short on quality DL's, DB's, and WR's. But this is only year 2 in the rebuilding process......the train is moving in the right direction. Don't give away draft picks.

Take it to the JETS in NJ as well!!!!

Henne played like a pro bowler last night. I could not believe how well he was playing. wow!!

My Grades , RYAN F for fat crybaby , PACE B for biatch crybaby and SCOTT D for d*ck crybaby.

The defensive line didn't allow 4.6 yards per carry. Take away the runs allowed from the two fake punts by the special teams unit and the Jets ran for 100 yards with a 3.5 yards per carry average. Solid job.

The trifecta needs to go ahead and lock up Ronnie Brown with a nice contract!!!!

This victory was SWEEEEET! I am so happy that we beat, of all teams, the Jets! But still, typical Jets can't admit that they got punched in the mouth. You have guys like Pace,Scott, and Rhodes who still talk crap! Rex at least gave some props to the Fins, but I still don't like him. Was Crowder interviewed at all? Just curious if he had anything to say


Coaching was an A....Offense A++....D Line B....D middle C+...D secondary D.....and your comments on the WR's...lame! the catches Cam made were game breakers...the Wr's actually looked good last night! Ginn looked surpiresed that he caught the long ball but he had not choice...Henne couldn't have passed it better if he'd of ran down there and handed it to him! Not to mention, the bullets Henne was throwing....they had to catch the ball, either than or get the wind knocked out of them! Polite was great! The R&R show was great! The O-Line was amazing....our secondary needs to tighten up and catch up with the talent of the rest of the team.

Can we PLEASE replace Wilson with somebody, Anybody...Clemons needs to start he couldn't do any worse than Wilson....

I say if Miami sweeps the season series against the Jets then Armando gets to kick fireman Ed in the head and knock him off the shoulders of that Donkey that carries him around at the Jets games.

I can't believe how much disrespect the Phins still get from Rex Ryan. He was right in taking all of the blame for that loss because he came into the game confident that his current defense was as good the Ravens defense he used to have. Not even! Kudos to him for making the Jets believe that! Goes to show how much he really doesn't know.

Again, Mando - not even a metion of Pat White on the last drive. Why do you hate on Pat White?

Agree with all your grades, Mando. Excellent stuff. Thanks for breaking it down.

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I was in four plays, I gained six yards. I do not deserve crap. I suck so far.

Nuts! to the Jets.

Nice summation Mando. Keep up the good work.


I like the blog too. I had to work last night after halftime. This was like my play by play. Why can't you get the games on the Internet radio? Weird

fins are trash
jets are class by themselves .
you got lucky bastards last night and i am still up .
the hell with you all dirty fans .

Rex Ryan, 2nd Tier coach with a third tier team and a bottom tier fan base...Dolphins punched his team in the mouth yet he says they won on "gimmicks" How is snapping directly to a running back and having him run up the heart of your defense a "gimmick" How about two fake punts, the real gimmick???? Screw the Jets, they suck, suck, suck LMAO

Hey can any one answer a few questions for me first I never wanted to buy a jersey b4 because never knew who was gonna stay or go but I want to buy a Henne home jersey can any one tell me where I can get one. Second I belive Ricky has one more year on his contract and think brown is up on his after this year are we gonna keep these guys around for a few more years? Because they are bring life to the dolphins and bow that we have a qb that can throw down the field we have alot of potentel can any one help me out i'm a dolphin fan for 19 years and I live in Ny I won $200 on bets I made with co workers phins for life!!!

You've got to think were only a few pieces away from a serious Superbowl contending team....a ball hawking free safety and a Tony Gonzalez like pass catching tight end could put us over the top...I see Sean Smith and Vontae Davis turning into Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain in their prime. Tighten up that secondary and were scary. Big plays are the only thing that kept the Jets and Colts in it. The day fireman jets fan gets punched in the face will be a great day!!!!!

I been layin low with a bad case of spastic colon, but I just wanted to share some love on here. Mama McNabb been thinkin on it all night lookin at the ceilin thinkin Chad Henne jus' plain sick good.

Now dat said, everyone over to my house for a nice bowl of (US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture) Campbell's® Chunky™ Fully Loaded Beef and Bean Chilli. Ultra satisfying soup inspired by the heartiest meals, and loaded with extreme amounts of succulent tender meat and rich fiberous beans. Campbell's Chunky Fully Loaded soup will feed the heartiest of hard-hitting hungers.

Don't you chil'n worry - I be makin a new recipe for Rex Ryan involvin some crow meat.
My boy Donovan out in the yard chasin a crow down now, just like he be runnin and throwin td passes yesterday like a wild deer that drank a bottle of Mama's maddog 20/20 and be out on the interstate runnin the wrong way in traffic wit his head on fire. Dat boy crazy.

I think the way we should use Pat White in the Wild cat is to pass more and let White scramble while letting him have the freedom if he wants to pass or run.

Gracias Dolphins. Desde Mexico los aficionados de los Delfines agradecemos la victoria sobre los odiados Jets.

Y al parecer por fin tendremos Quarterback. La espera ha terminado Henne es el elegido sucesor del gran Marino.

Saludos desde Mexico donde el partido se vivio con extrema felicidad.

Playoff teams make personel ADJUSTMENTS!!!!

(1) Replace the Girbil (Wilson) with Clemens at Safety and give the rooks some time TOGETHER at CB in place of Will Allen.

(2) Where was Cameron Wake???? after Defensive Player of the week performance with 3 sacks last week against Buffalo!!! Porter and Taylor are OLD and average at best. Bring WAKE in full time on EVERY passing down. He is your best pass rusher.

(3) Blitz on 3rd and long every time!!!! Sanchez had all day to pass the deep ball on 3rd down. Don't care who is in the secondary. No defender can maintain coverage forever.

(4) Fire special teams coach. Two successful fake punts? No return yards for us. The guy is a bum.

(5) Unleash Henne. His QB rating was the result of a number of safety valve dink passes. Needs to go deep more and take some chances. Just one deep ball all day to Ginn??? Should have at least tried 3-4 deep passes. Look at Sanchez and the pass intereference calls against us.

NEXT 3 GAMES (potential for 0-3)
Nice win against average team. We could be 2-6 if we don't correct personel mistakes. YIKES.

I don't know about y'all, but the Jets far surpass the Patriots as the team I hate the most. Even more so now that Rex is the coach...

There was a NJ paper that had predicted a 27-3 Jets win. They mocked at the notion the Henne would win the game. Just as Chris BermASS did yesterday on ESPN before the game. How sweet it is, uh?

Obviously, Henne had a heck of a game. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine if they would've unleashed him throughout the entire game. But I guess it worked well this way because the Jets were not expecting Henne to masterfully "manage" the 4th quarter.

Of course, the Wildcat caught the Jets by surprise...............sad. Sad that Rex Hippo Ryan had to say that he didn't prepare his team well enough for it. Sad that he believes hiw own BS.

You are right Phinatic. I didn't think it was possible to hate the Jets even more. But now that Hippo Ryan is at the helm, nothing is impossible. Imagine if we stick it to them in NY in 3 weeks? Oh boy. That would do it.

The offensive line is showing is worth its steep price.

Rex Hippo Ryan is so frustrated because regardless of the promising talent he's got on his defense, is not even close to what he had in Baltimore, as a team. Starting with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. He's got good players, but not with the same edge and swagger. Let them cry and complain about gimmicks and their inability to stop Brown, Williams, the OL, and Henne. They now know the AFC East still runs though Miami, and they will get a chance to experience this impotence in 3 weeks, again.

wish we could go against jets D every week

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