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Ryan: Braylon Edwards starts vs. Dolphins

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is on a conference call with the Miami media and he just said newly acquired receiver Braylon Edwards will start against the Dolphins Monday night.

"We expect him to be in the starting lineup Monday night," he said. "We're fortunate he's played in similar systems so we'll get him up to speed. And if we have to have a wristband [for the plays] with him then we will."

Ryan said the Jets gave up good players for Edwards but what the receiver does is prevent teams from stacking the box or disrespect New York's ability to go downfield.

"I think we get a receiver who draws a team's attention," Ryan said. "It's almost about what the defenses can't do to us anymore."

Interestingly, the Dolphins laid out their game plan and put it in place prior to this trade expecting Chansi Stuckey, not Edwards to be in the lineup. Said another way, the Dolphins wrote their game plan before this trade. They are practicing already. What do they do now?

As they say in the newspaper business, get me rewrite!

[Update: Well, coach Tony Sparano disagrees with me. He just said the Miami preparations don't change one iota with Edwards joining the Jets.

"No," he said. "Yesterday they had a pretty good lineup before the got Edwards. It doesn't change it at all. I think you prepare every week for good skill players. Stuckey is a pretty good player. We thought he was a pretty good player. From our end, it's just another weapon out there. You know how many weapons the team last week had? We sat here and talked about it. And the team the week before that? So every week there's a bunch of weapons out there and you have to prepare for them. From our end, the preparation really won't change."

Wow. I am shocked. And I do not agree.]

Anyhoo, Ryan said "Ronnie Brown ... is the best back we've faced," and the Dolphins are "the most physical team we've faced so far this season." But he added, "We're the most physical team they've faced."

Ryan, who interviewed for the Dolphins coaching job before Tony Sparano was hired, said he has no animosity toward the Dolphins for not hiring him.

"I went in there not really thinking I had a legitimate ... I wasn't sure about the process," Ryan said. "I got a lot more out of the interview than they did. I spent several hours with Bill Parcells ... I've approached some of the things in building football teams and all that and I've tried to do that here. I've taken some of those ideas with me."

Ryan, by the way, also said if he had one thing he could do over, it would be how he handled the Channing Crowder offseason diatribe.

"I was joking about the whole thing," Ryan said before adding jokingly, "Look, one thing I'd tell you guys is I'm not going to be hard to find out there. I'll be wearing a white jersey with a 77 on it."

No. 77 for the Jets is 360-pound nose tackle Kris Jenkins.



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i will cheer for rex ryan if he wears number 77

The Fins shouldn't change their game plan too much. I swear, if they go back to using the, "Wilson and Crowder help the rookie CB's cover WR's defense," again I'm gonna scream!!!

That crap doesn't work. They need to take it to the Jets. Let the rookie CB's do their jobs without Crowder and Gibril Wilson having to babysit every play!!!!!

the rookies are doinf more than fine. Basically the veterans were playing awful. Like Nate Jones, Wilson, Yeremeiah and Allen, they were just a step behind everytime, maybe it was dead leags from TC or just comunication.

Vontae Davis and Sean Smith !!!!

I'd like to see a formation with JT, Porter (if healthy), and Wake on the field at the same time...

They can put Porter at DE, Wake at LB behind him, and JT on the other side bringing the heat at the same time. That could be a special defense on passing downs.

We know that the Jets are going to bring the blitz and get to Henne a few times, so we need to return the favor and hopefully cause Sanchez to turn the ball over a couple times (2 INT's, 1 fumble).

We need this win, so get it done Sparano!!

What Rex Ryan doesn't know is that Ronnie and Ricky is going to run all over 77.

Ryan said "Ronnie Brown ... is the best back we've faced," and the Dolphins are "the most physical team we've faced so far this season."

I got to give Ryan credit for this. He's the first one I've heard publicly commenting on the new "idenity" Miami has found.

Parcell's and Co are on the right track. Top run game, top run D. Two crucial areas to be dominant in. We've got depth and were being recognized as a physical team.

Basically a season removed from being 1-15. I've never been more optimistic over a 1-3 Dolphin team. I'm loving it!

Braylon who?

Rex Ryan and Armando, obviously as south park would say....butt buddies. Ask Cinci how scary Edwards was sunday, he caught zero passes.


They can put Porter at DE, Wake at LB behind him, and JT on the other side bringing the heat at the same time. That could be a special defense on passing downs.

I'm with ya on this. I posted the same thing right after we signed Wake. Except I had Taylor a RDE.
I would use these three EVERYTIME it's third and 8 or more.

If I didn't HATE the Jets so much, I would actually like Ryan's way of doing things. He's funny, a defensive genius, and obviously connects with the players and gets them to perform.

But the Fins have something good going on too, and Edwards is just another challenge on the way to the top!

I watched Braylon his entire career at Michigan. I thought he might make it in the NFL but never a true No. 1 reciever. He was a reach in the draft.

I know how important this game will be. Think what you want. Knowing that Edwards starts, I start Smith and Davis!

The Future is Now!


We just faced TO and what did he do? Caught 3 balls for like 60 yards. BUT, he didn't score and he didn't help his team score. Braylon will be braying like a mule after we punk his sorry backside.

Having him on the field is actually going to be good for us, because I bet you he's going to miss at least 2, maybe 3 assignments, or more, and that means we get some picks from that!! Or some sacks!

Edwards can't catch a cold

Two draft picks and two players? Not worth it, the Dolphins of old would have probaly done it and it would have set us back more years...Good non pick up for us. Put Sean Smith on Edwards and he wil be a non factor this game. Go Fins

gaylon wetward

im wit yall on the jp, wake and jt thing, but y do u say put jp at end, what! put JT at end thats where he made his name at and JP and wake at LB and wake line up behind JT thats unstopable dolphins

OK! Now we are talking. Hey put to bed the whole He said, Crap! Lets play some ball. Rex is right, Miami is the most physical and we proved that with the TOP Rushing O and the TOP Run STOPPING D!!! We can't forget Edwards. He has something to prove and is on a high right now. Put Smith on him and stuff him!


Regardless if Braylon played in a similar system, there is no way in hell that he can be effective in half a week of preparation with a new QB.

The rhythm, the timing, lack of knowing the plays, the assignments, the snap counts, all are going to be off for him.

The big hint was mentioned subliminally in Bubba Rex's quote about teams hopefully not stacking the box anymore and fearing the downfield play threat of a speedy Braylon.
Problem is that Braylon isn't gonna be nowhere ready for this Monday Night Game, nor can he even consistently catch the ball when he is fully ready.

I say we should definitely stack the box, shut down Jones & Greene, as well as attack Sackchez early n often!

Be very aggressive Sparano & Paul P.

El mexicano is gonna get punked this weekend !
We obviously need another good day from the O-line run blocking .


The rookie CB's were being babied. This is what Peyton Manning said after playing us,
"Not to take anything away from the rookie corner out there but he got help from the safety on every play and even had help from the LB on top of help from the safety on a lot of plays."

That's why the veteran players were always a step behind, because they had to babysit the rookies before they could do anything else.

They didn't play that way against Buffalo as much. But if they go back to that garbage I'm going to blow a gasket!!!!

mando, any truth that rex ryan and bill parcells will meet over at shula steak house and challange each other to see who can consume the most steak??

Don't forget that Wake played DE in the CFL...so you could also go the route of Wake on the DE and leave Porter and Taylor where they are. Either way having those 3 rushing one of the most over rated QB's from this years draft would be nice. I have faith in Sparano and DC Pasqualoni. Pasqualoni, has been a interval part in using the talent that Bill and Jeff have brought in to play for us on Defense. As we said before...IN BILL WE TRUST...how bout now...IN PASQUALONI WE TRUST! I have a feeling he'll be dialing up some nice and interesting pressure packages and will make minor corrections to take into account for when Edwards is on the Field.

Put my money on the fat guy..

Ok guys the Cuban is on the web..


I put Porter at DE, because he plays it sometimes anyways and he is the most productive on the weakside, while JT has done
his damage from the strongside.

You can put Porter at DE, with Wake behind him, JT at the other DE, with Anderson coming in behind him.

We need to bring the pressure and put some hits on Sanchez early to get him rattled... He has not played a primetime game on the road yet.

Isn't that from where Porter struggled so much in 07

I thought Porter spoke extensively about how uncomfortable he was

Chad Henne put Braylon Edwards and three other receivers into the NFL: Mario Manningham, Steve Breaston & Arrington.

Tommya , i'm going to say this one more time. The poor play of the IlB's and safties have NOTHING to do with the rookis CB'S. The cb's are not responsible for the rb's and te's going out on pass patterns . Also the poor tackling by the ILB'S and safties are because of poor technique and bad angles . No babying involved. :)

Edawrds is garbage and will not have enough time to catch up to speed for monday's game. I don't care if the browns offense is similar. He will be used as a decoy.

I can see how Sparano wouldn't change his game plan much. Leon Washington is the guy you got to stop. Edwards may eventually be a good receiver for the Jets, but you really don't fear a rookie QB and a new WR just dominating the game. They don't figure to have much chemistry in their 1st outing.

Did Rex Ryan eat Ted Ginn?

How many drops will edwards have monday nite??

Clemons not Wilson-let him play and suffer a few rough ones and we will benefit for years to come

Here's something fascinating in rex ryan's news conference that armando omitted. Ryan said that he thought Chad Henne was the best qb coming out of the 2008 draft from all the film he watched. Ryan did say he didn't watch film on Matt Ryan because he only watched film of qb's who could be taken where the ravens were picking. Yes , that means he thought henne was a better qb than Flacco. HMMmm! We know fa

we know flacco is good , but taking ryan's words he also thinks henne is a good one.


Don't know about Edwards but I do have a prediction.
Sanchez gets indecisive trying to avoid another pick six.
Holds the ball way to long. Bruised and battered, he's finally knocked out of the game during the third quarter.
Remember, you heard it here FIRST!

edwards won't do squat. his new qb doesn't have the arm to take advantage of his speed. and edwards drops CRUCIAL catches. game changer's momentum turners 3rd down everything! only thing he catches consitantly is a paycheck!

Hopefully the air breathers can get a 10 to 17 pt lead and make sanchez throw, should be fun watching Wake get his 4,5,6th sack of the year, Fear the fins if they get a lead, Odin, yeah i can see him go down with a injury..

Go!! Anybody get the reference?

Whats up Odinseye? longtime and such my friend. how did ya like that win gainst da bills? i'm heading out the door but will check back later. i can't wait for monday night!


Why would Armando omit this????

I think you just "stepped on his toes". This was the topic for his next Blog. Now he'll either delete your post or re-write his article!

PS: OMG! I just had a thought? Maybe you ARE him and you're just teasing us?

Just sux that the Jets have what looks to be one of the easiest schedules in the NFL...they only play one real team.... the PHINS!!


Seriously, with regards to Henne. Who are you going to believe. Personel types like Parcell's, Ireland, Henning, Ryan, or Isralezion and the idiot league here on the blog?

Lmfao@ODINSEYE . You're right . Maybe it was armando's next blog topic and maybe i'm armando. LOL !


Thanks for the concern.
The 0-3 start took me all the way back to step one of this 13 step program I've been working on!
The victory against the Bills helped me decide to give up the program altogether.

I PARTIED like a Rock Star!!!!

Could not help myself:

Last comment on the Orange Jersey issue: my 1972 World Champion-Undefeated Season Pennant is ORANGE (no and not for sale)

bought it the next year at old Tulane stadium when the fins beat the Saints 21-0.

Odinseye , and don't forget to add that other idiot Shawn " the sanchez lover " to that idiot league of know it alls. Besides our guys raving about henne , you tend to listen to a great DC like ryan's views o henne.

The Fins TOTALLY screwed the pooch on this Edwards thing. Even with his drops he's already light years better than any of our receivers.

Wake up Tuna . . . the parade is passibg us by!

Ryan is a gas bag because he is a Jet. If he coached the Phins he could be number one.

I just hope they don't fall for the great guy crap. Henne is great etc etc etc. They are just trying to calm everyone down on the Phins. Aw Shucks Ryan likes me so I don't have to play too hard.

Kick the Jets butts.

Odi, i don't think Porter would be on the line with wake behind him. I would like to see it dont get me wrong but i think JT on the line is a stronger force

Speaking of Nate Jones... why is he still playing?
I would like to see Vontae get more work on Will Allen's side,... and I'd like to see W. Allen move over to the Nickle Spot.

The best 11 should always be on the field,...
also I was impressed with R.Torber last week, I'd like to see more of him this week on passing downs.

This is the weekend where Mr. Jake Groves earns his money...
3 of the 4 teams we have faced run a 4-3
The 1 (San Diego) was playing a back-up nose.
Jenkins is one of the best in the league, we need Groves to temper his advance...

Thats why we signed him

Oh,... and who cares about Edwards,... thats why we have Sean Smith. If he can't catch the ball when he's open, what then if he has Smith all over him.

Keep those feet moving Smith, they'll be looking for you!

EmoFinFan. " PASSING ".

Kindry , No offense , but that had to be one of the dumbest posts i've ever read. " Because ryan likes me , i won't play that hard ". Are you f'n kidding Me. LMFAO ! :)


The Indianapolis Colts are the new leaders of the ESPN.com NFL Power Rankings, followed by the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints and New York Jets in slots Nos. 2-5, respectively.

5 (6) Jets 3-1-0 Even though Mark Sanchez played like a rookie against the Saints' blitz, the Jets proved they can compete on the road. (Clayton)

21 (24) Dolphins 1-3-0 The Chad Henne era got off to a good running start, but they might have trouble if asked to win games through the air. (Clayton)

Can somebody please get this up on the bulletin board in the Dolphins lockeroom!


Touche; good for the goose & all that.

But you're wrong in discounting Edwards: first, check out his versus Fins stats on Omar's blog; second, maybe all he needed is a change of scenery; third, he would have had instant chemistry w/ Henne.

We are not being aggressive enough pursuing a quality wide receiver.

Mark my words.

I have no problem with Miami leaving Sean Smith out on an island with Edwards. I don't think this changes our gameplan at all. Even with Edwards in the mix, this combination of receivers isn't as good as most of the ones we have faced so far.

EmoFinFan , i'm just busting you chops after correcting me the other day. Besides the jets giving away a pretty good player and draft picks for edward , they have to pay him alot of money for him at the end of the season. To Steep a price , buddy.

During training camps, Pas said he made a couple of packages with JT, Porter, and Wake


The other poster was saying put porter on the line.
I'm with you, I was telling him Taylor would be better at RDE.
Unless I typo'ed.


Your right about who Hennie put in the NfL, but it is acutally four-- Jason Aviant!

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