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Saints comeback beats Dolphins, 46-34

The Dolphins hit the Saints in the mouth. They had a 68 yard touchdown run from Ricky Williams.They had two more Williams touchdowns after that.

The Dolphins were leading 24-3 in the second quarter.

And then reality hit.

The Saints got an interception return for a touchdown. Then Drew Brees woke up.

Then Brees realized the Dolphins cannot cover tight ends and started feeding Jeremy Shockey, who went for over 100 receiving yards.

And then there was another 54-yard interception return for a touchdown.

And that was the recipe for an upset-gone-bad.

The Dolphins held a 34-24 lead going into the fourth quarter. And the Saints whizzed by them like a Corvette passing a Pinto.

Final: Saints 46, Dolphins 34.

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What a joke!

Ted Ginn BETTER NOT be a Dolphin next year.


Zero point in 4th quarter.


F u Teddy softie

someone please get rid of Ginn i blame this loss on all his dropped passes!

G. Wilson and Ted Ginn and family happened! they all suck! Get rid of them BP!!!!

Why ginn

Post game observations.
Hartline should be a starter, Ginn need to either learn to catch or go. Ditto to fasano.
Wilson needs to learn to tackle or go.
The fins over used the wikdcat. Henne should be allowed to play more.

Ted Ginn sucks. The man can't catch for nothing.

We need to chant TED GINN SUCKS TED GINN SUCKS next time he drops a catch at Joe Robbie. He belongs upstate with fellow loser Sammie Smith.


what a friggin horror show....saints could be best in the league...loss is not as bad as it seems same as falcons game...non conference, non division...still shot at 10 6

start hartline, bench ginn...terrible terrible ted and what of our TE's...I knew David MArtin loss would be e huge blow...Fasano has Ted Ginn itis...he sux just as bad

Am I the only one that sees Camarillo and Hartline fighting for yadage and catching almost everything? Why not go to them more or instead of Ginn?

Can anyone tell my Ginn should play instead of Turner? I mean Ginn contributes nothing so how much worse can he be?

Ted Ginn is an offensive liability. The Dolphins should get rid of him.

Mando I know you expect G. Wilson to be cut this offseason but are you also expecting Ginn to be dumped too? I think BP & company need to find some real WR's and S's...

The saints were suppose to win can't u tell by the onesided officiating. Every call had huge questions the NFL made sure three teams went undefeadted through 7 weeks for first time.

Ginn once again was a Fin killer. A wide open drop that would have resulted in a first and kept the drive going. Instead softie drops it - must of heard somebody coming within 5 yds of 'em. The first int was a result of his bobbling as well - then to top of his trifecta of suck he lets a TD (although somewhat meaningless) drop through his hands.

Speed without hands = Ginn

seems like we were quick to get rid of david martin
Ginn is an embarrasment

I'm done with the Dolphins !

I think everyone in the world that follows the dolphins can agree on the following two points:

1. Ted Ginn will not be a Dolphin next year (at least)

2. Gibril Wilson will also not be a Dolphin next year

who agrees?

ted ginn and gibril wilson should be inactive next week and turner and clemons should be in there instead. The only bright side i can see is that Henne had a terrible terrible game and we still scored 34 and were in it till almost the end. hopefully we can build on it and learn from it.

G. Wilson is a flat out joke...and somebody please tell me why Ginn is still a Dolphin...Man I need some antacid after this one...GEESH!!!


what about turner at WR, got to be worth a shot

This game proves dolphins are not ready for prime time. they will make a living the buffalos and kansas cities of this world but they cant beat the elite team. hope they get better in the offseason

Ginn is beyond bust he flat out sucks and get ready of him now!! Wilson can go too. And while you're at it send Jake grove along w them

I like the foundation we have...needs fine tuning in offseason and with draft...Ginn should go..need WR help and more playmakers on Defense

Dave ypu act like we haven't been here before.....learn what you give up more points than you score is bad.....

harrison would be a great shout, as a player short term and a mentor longer term, a bit like penne with henne.

You cant turn the ball over against NO.... And add to the fact that they dont have that big play reciever of TE..... its a loss... a great game for a quarter and a half... then it was all NO and we couldnt answer...

the short bus must back up to our stadium weekly

14 points directly attributed to referees. Davon Bess clearly did not fumble in the first half and the Sharper touchdown should have been a touchback fumbled through the end zone. The Saints were GIVEN the Sharper touchdown on a bad call and should never have had the chance to the score the one in first half. That's the 14 points we lost by. The Phins are not good enough to overcome a 14-point spread from the refs.

refs suck, ginn sucks, we were screwed in this one.

Ted Ginn can't even catch the flu to miss a game so Hartline can take his place full time!

Ted Ginn + Gibril Wilson = The Usual Suspects. What a bunch of losers! The only loser who didn't make a contribution to this debacle was Jason Allen...

Thanks to Stephen Ross for negating the Dolphins homefield advantage. If that game started early, the Saints aren't so fresh for the second half.

When's the last time the Dolphins lost a 21 point lead at home with temperatures over 85 degrees? When's the last time the Dolphins collapsed in the 2nd half of a daytime, hot home game. The Dolphins lost, but at least Ross' 85 year old jewish lady friends weren't hot. Too bad the Saints weren't either.

It's official Ginn really does suck. He should be benched for a real receiver who can catch the ball!

the only bright thing I see is the dolphins have scored 30 or more points in all of henne's starts.

CUT Ginn!!

That's just the stupidest play calling by the coach. We had the lead, best running game in the league. Our running game brought us to the lead. It's only the quarterback's 3rd game. So, fourth quarter and up by 3, against probably the best offense in the league, what do you do?

Only an idiot would have our team throw 6 consecutive passes. We should have run 6 consecutive run plays and ground their defense to the ground.

Worst play calling I've ever seen. We should have won that game, but the coaching staff blew it!!!!!

fasano should be cut tomorrow, pass from ronnie brown was in his hands and he drops the ball, what a joke. ginn should be demoted until he proves he is deserving of being a number one wide receiver in this league, i dont care where you were drafted and what you might do in practice, he doesnt deserve to be in the starting lineup, give camarillo and hartline a shot, they have better hands and more toughness, oh yeah and sparano stop calling timeouts before a field goal, turning point of the game.

Dropped passes killed the Fins. And I am not at all suprised when Ginn drops passes (I expect him too). Gibril Wilson is the biggest dissappointment since the Dolphins 1-15 season. Get rid of Wilson any way possible and make Ginn the waterboy.

ginn is the most worthless piece of s$%t on the planet....can you imagine being that bad at your job and still keeping it????? He should die in front of his family...donate his check to charity.....a pet rock has more heart!!!!!

25 rush attempts. Should have had 45 or 50 the way Ronnie and Ricky were running

EVEN THE IDIOTS ON ESPN ARE CALLING OUT GINN FOR BEING SOFT! Not sure what the Fins front office see im him.

Gerbil Wilson got PUNKED in the wide-open field for all to see. He is not a safety but merely a speedbump for opposing teams to run around or through. What an ungodly acquisition Gerbil Wilson was by Parcells. You shoulda paid the safety you had - he was better.

This is the second home game (Indy being the first) where we executed the gameplan perfectly going in and still lost. It also exposed our major weaknesses - the lack of a true no. 1 receiver to take pressure off Henne and the liability in coverage that our safeties present. Against more talented teams, we can't afford that! Hopefully, we will let the youngsters evolve into playmakers.

WhyTF did we stop running the ball?
Number 1 rushing team in the league
decides to pass on every down in the
fourth quarter?
Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ginn and Channing Crowder must go. Ginn is plain horrible. He runs out of bounds more than any player I have ever seen. He is scared to take a NFL hit. Crowder makes little contribution to the defense.

I miss Zach and Chambers!!!

Maybe if Sparano spent less time jumping around, fist pumping, and acting like an all around jack ass he would wake and realize:

1) His OC is a fucking retard. Stinky fish were all pass in the 2nd half. Slow the game down. Rest your D. Do what you do best, but no - get into a shoot-out with the Saint? Total FUCKING MORONS running this team.

2) Ginn drops too many balls. Start developing and playing the other guys. Hartline should be on the field every down.

3) Fagril Wilson is a liability. Can't cover. Can't tackle.

Wake up Tony. Stop celebrating and start coaching. Fucking cheerleader douche bag.

Ouch....unfortunate, indeed! If it's up to Ted Ginn we're never gonna make it...still a diehard, but again...OUCH

Gave that one away...Should give Ginn and Wilson away as well!!! Play Turner in Ginn's place and see what he is worth! Wake up Parcells...you and company have to be the only ones that don't realize we have NO Receiving threat...And those of you saying Henne played poor didn't watch same game I did...only last interception his fault. And he shouldn't have even been in that position. Sharper's return was a result of the wonder effort and great hands of Ginn!

No mention of the refs, Mando? How can any objective account of this game not start with the God-awful calls? Granted, we did as much to kill our chances as the refs did, for sure, but the refs' impact on this game cannot be dismissed!!! Where is your outrage, Mando?


I would really like for you to ask the coaching staff a question. Why, when we have a lead and are facing one of the most explosive(if not most) offenses in the league, do we go pass the second half?

We didnt go to our bread and butter the second half to nurse a lead and eat some clock. Why are we paying the O-line all that money? Why not try to do what we did to Indy when we have a huge lead? Why try to pass all half with a 3rd game rookie QB?

Why was TE another weak spot and do they have anyone at all that can cover good TEs? When does falling forward and losing the ball become a forward pass? Oh, wait, that one was for the Refs.

I agree that if we would have run the ball with the saints having a three point lead and 8 minutes left we would have soaked up the clock and at least scored a FG to tie it to end the regular time.

Please Armando Salguero write a post sometime soon, when you have nothing else to do, about how much Ginn sucks. We shouldn't forget this, we need to remember how bad he is and why he shouldn't be in the league, let alone a dolphin.

I've never talked bad about a Dolphins player. Today i have to start first with Ginn. How can you play in this league and not catch a ball.

crowder should die to, no game changing plays in career.....except for personal fouls

That fourth quarter pretty much says it all. Stop me if you've heard this one before, but the Dolphins #1 need is an impact wide receiver. Ted Ginn caught a long one against the Jets but he was bigtime butterfingers today. For all the good things they have shown they are still 2-4. If they go to 2-6 that's the season. If they can split the next two and get to 3-5, they still have a chance. Who's going to outscore New Orleans? Their remaining schedule is bigtime easy with Atlanta (twice), New England & Dallas left to challenge them. They could be this year's threat at a perfect season.

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