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Saints comeback beats Dolphins, 46-34

The Dolphins hit the Saints in the mouth. They had a 68 yard touchdown run from Ricky Williams.They had two more Williams touchdowns after that.

The Dolphins were leading 24-3 in the second quarter.

And then reality hit.

The Saints got an interception return for a touchdown. Then Drew Brees woke up.

Then Brees realized the Dolphins cannot cover tight ends and started feeding Jeremy Shockey, who went for over 100 receiving yards.

And then there was another 54-yard interception return for a touchdown.

And that was the recipe for an upset-gone-bad.

The Dolphins held a 34-24 lead going into the fourth quarter. And the Saints whizzed by them like a Corvette passing a Pinto.

Final: Saints 46, Dolphins 34.

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broken heart. why call passing plays in the first two series of the 2nd half? we were dominating with the run?

Play calling helped create the momentum shift of this one. why change what was working? its just like the colts game.

dolphins cant finish.

Damn, that hurt big time....24-10 at half....we should have won that game...NOEXCUSES...That was a huge game to lose for us...Dissappointed big time...

At what point do we stop sacrificing wins in order to cover up for two glaring mistakes: 1) the continued disaster that is Ted Ginn (but he comes from a great family); 2) that this regime has massively overestimated and overpaid FS Gibril Wilson. Ted Ginn will never be a starting NFL receiver dropping passes like those, Henne will lose complete confidence in him. Two words describe Gibril Wilson: can't finish. Very disappointing loss...

I generally speak up for ginn, but this time I cannot. Wilson's missed tackle for the firstdown was crucial. Well, if it wasn't obvious, it should be now; we need a deep threat receiver NOW; (BOWE) if we are going to contend for the afc title. We have the jets and the patriots next.If we defeat them both, and we can, we will be right back in this thing. I think that the defense ran out of gas. Miami should have put the game out of reach in the first half. They needed to score at least one more time in the first half; especially since the referees were not on their side.

Listening to the post game in the locker room and it sounds like yea they wanted it more and we have to play better smarter....oh you got my check coach.........and we need to finish games...........is that my check.......

although i agree that the officials had a direct outcome in this game that still dosen't answer the question of why did the coaching staff abandon the running game in the second half? moving the ball well in first half and didn't even try in the 2nd half. also, ted ginn is not an nfl receiver. drops way too many passes.

How does Ginn look someone in the eye and collect a pay check! He does not belong in football and this lose along with several others hang on him. He is a practice squad receiver at best!

Can Ginn ever be a good reciever= Maybe

Can Ginn ever be a clutch reciever= Never

have some heart....punks

Tuna needs to speak up.....explain to us, that's rite, EXPLAIN TO US WHY GINN IS STILL ON OUR ROSTER!

Ginn WILL NOT be back next season. He has shown he is NOT a number one season. Like everyone else on here I'm disappointed in Wilson too. The man struggles in the open field and is a very poor tackler. Who knew we were getting that for that kind of money. Game played out exactly as we thought it would. We're just not there yet. On the positive side it was GREAT to see williams look like the Williams of old!!

why we lost:
1. ted ginn still sucks
2. fasano sucks
3. safeties suck
4. conservative playing calling at 24-3
5. see 4.

Dear FATASS Sparano,
Thank you for abandining the wildcat on the final drive.
Thank you for abandonuing the wildcat right before halftime.
Thank you for calling timeout when the Saints were settling for 3 and you gave them 7 instead.
Thank you for playing Tedd Ginn over and over again, depsite how badly he sucks.
I wonder how much money Sparano bet on the Saints. He should be fired immediately.


What crap play calling. Totally abandoned run and called two early 3rd wrt series with 3 passes and out. Play calling lost the game but yes Teddy has to go!!!

Wilson Crowder and Ginn! Other than that i like what I saw. Wilson should be let go Monday.

That should be "disgust", not "discuss"...

Theresa Ginn needs to be benched on offense and activate Patrick Turner. She sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to miss Cobb... that TE 81 Haynos blocking out of the wildcat can't block anybody he is the main reason we were stopped running the wild cat later in the game

How bad were some of the calls by the refs though? New orleans should have never been allowed torun any kind of play at the end of the first half. Colston was more than a yard short of the end zone, yet the clock is stopped to review the call. There should be a rule in that situation to have a 10 second runoff like there is for a penalty. That's not fair to the defense when they did the job on the play.

Sharper's int was a touchback by the way, the ball was coming out like it was on bess' "fumble".

My Christmas Wish List:

1) Ted Ginn Jr living in Siberia

2) Gibril Wilson playing cards with Ted Ginn Jr in Siberia

3.) Ted Ginn's parents get slapped for giving birth to a terrible excuse for a football player

4.) Winning lottery numbers

5.) 1 Super Bowl

joke joke joke joke>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> D is awful , j taylor is copperfield when it matters , wilson is worse than we thought Hill was , SOS......another lost yr.

Football?................More interested in the celebrity ownership angle and the red carpet......as long as idiots pay for this crap it will remain crap

This team is what it is. Its a average football team. Elite teams makes the catches when they count, elite teams calls the right plays, elite teams don't panic and go away from the game plan, elite teams don't make dumb fouls, elite teams don't blow 21 point leads and elite teams make tackles.

Also, Anthony Fasano sucks. Need a new TE.

AWFUL!!!!!! Why can't the D make a decent tackle and quit leaving guys open, and why can't Ginn and Fasano catch the damn ball?!?! This is so frustrating!!!!

Terrible 2nd half play-calling + the worst game from a WR I've ever seen = Miami blowing a dominating 1st half against the best team in the NFC...WTF

That was such a tough loss to swallow... Today proves even more that Ginn is NOT going to become a big time WR dropping passes like he did and like he has. He should have been gone at the trade deadline. Gibril Wilson? The fins NEED to get a TRUE #1 WR and take the loss on Wilson and go after an elite safety.... This guy keeps screwing up in some way in each game! How do you let Reggie Bush get away from you in such a crucial situation????

Two legit pro bowl running backs surronded by incompetence

DEFENSE cost us the game people. This D was a top ten D on paper, But..... They suck bad. Might be the worst defense I have seen in a while for the Dolphins. Gibril has not had a good game through 6 games! The Raiders let him go for goodness sakes!! Chunks of yardage given up at will by this D. If it's not one thing it's another.

I feel so bad for Camarillo, Hartline, and especially Devone Bess. These guys play their guts out, while Ginn and Fasano cost us games, and Fatass Sparano refuses to bench anyone. Ginn has done it yet again, but I'm sure Coach Fatass will continue to fall for the cruel joke that Scam Maeron perpetrated on us and the whole Ginn family. Sadly, coach Fatass is the only one who still doesn't realize Ginn is a joke.

The Saints are out of time-outs. The call on the field, with five seconds left in the first half, is touchdown. After further review it’s obvious that there was no touchdown. If the call had been made properly the first time the 5 seconds would have rolled off the clock, end of half, Dolphins lead 24-3.

Second half; Henne is picked off. The defender runs towards the goal line and fumbles BEFORE scoring. The call on field, touchdown. Had the call been made properly it would have given Miami the ball on their own 20 yard line.

It’s tough to win games when bad calls are giving the opponent 14 points. Had this nt happened, New Orleans last touchdown would have never happened either. Miami would have punted on forth down.

Excuse me, I have to make a call to 1-800- BULL****!

Release Ginn, what a waste of a first round!

Theresa you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listening to the post game wants to make me vomit......oops just did....losers

Miami's defense has always let them down going all the way back to when Marino was playing. Die hard fan but disgusted. Should be 4-2 (Indy) now this one.

There is no one to blame but ourselves...Terrible game 2nd half!!! I can't make any EXCUSES for that game...

Ted Ginn is the biggest waste of a first round pick since Ryan Leaf.

no ones fault but the coaching staff! Right before the half they should have run the ball and come out in the second half and shoved the ball down the their throat. 14 points in 1:03 min of play is all on the coaches shoulders. This loss could have been avoided. How very positive they traded blows with the most complete team in the NFL.

I am terribly disappointed!!! How did this happen??

You all need to give Crowder some credit for this loss. This was NOT a bad loss, we are just missing a few pieces of the puzzle. Think if we had Zach, this would of been a win.

Coach my check bounced..........yea i know i missed 6 tackles......but my check

Ok ok ok let's go get the Jets

Will you fans please stop asking the team to trade or bench Ted Ginn? Don't you all realize that Sparano doesn't have the balls to bench anyone? He is a world class BUM of a receiver, yet he starts ahead of Camarillo, Hartline and Bess, 3 guys who play their hearts out. Coach Fatass cost us yet ANOTHER game becuase he refuses to rish the ball. Time for Parcells to step in and fire Sparano. We will still have a fatass coach, but a different fatass will be a welcome change

Your Thoughts?

Sorry mando but you're wrong on this one, the Dolphins did this to themselves
1- they got away from doing what they do best ( running the ball )
Note the last 4 posessions they passed almost every down.
2- Is anyone not convinced yet that Jr is NEVER gonna be a good WR in this league?
3- penalties in critical situations
Enough said

I thought if the defense played well we would have won...I was wrong!

I am so frustrated with this team. We are good enough to beat good teams yet we just beat ourselves all the time. Even with the Refs screwing it up, the Dolphins should have won this game.

Why pass the ball 6 consecutive times when you are the best running team in the league? All you needed to do was run run run?? Ugh I hate being one of those teams that always seem to f&** it up when it matters. Make stupid penalties, can't hold onto balls, make stupid plays ala Camarillo with that shovel toss (which btw was probaby a non call by the refs- i mean how do you know if that was what he meant to do?)

These Dolphins can only blame themselves- they could be among the better teams in at 4-2 but now they are 2-4 with the Jets and Pats looking to smoke them. I'm exhausted...!

Can you say 2-7

In case you all forgot, Ted Ginn sucks major. I will be back in a few days when everyone forgot, to remind. If the dolphins cut ginn tomorrow I will consider their record, in my mind, 3-4 instead of 2-4.

Players that just didnt play today..


engouh said

The whole dolphins defense really SUX !!!!

Ginn - Fasano probably eating pocpcorn and of course they forgot to wash their hands, it was full of butter !!! they can not catch C.R.A.P.

Coaches lost this for us. We ran exactly 7 times in the second half, one for a touchdown. We ran for 120 yards the first half! That is all on the rotten coaching. We lost our other games the same way when we abandoned the run. Sparano says its because we were behind. Well that is not the excuse today so all it is is poooor coaching! The best rushing team in the NFL decides to beat the undefeated saints by throwing the ball in the second half with our new qb. Great plan. Nothing changes til the coaching changes. I like sparano but this happens week after week. If the coaches are that fooled we have no hope


We had them!! and we let them get away, by going away from what got us the lead and worked the last two games RUN!!!! RUN!!!!! RUN!!!!!! THE BALL!!!!!

Not to mention some of the WORST officiating I have seen in a long time

NO WAY the Saints should have gotten any points before the final minutes of the second Q

Does anyone down there on the air criticize the team or is it all ...hey lets get them next time....no one seems accountable.... haven't heard from Sparano

I dont get how this loss turn into a Ginn hate fest. After what we just watched the best you guys have is to blame Ginn for all of that bullcrap. What aabout the dumb play by camarillo throwing the ball to the sideline. What about ricky williams dropping a pass right after Ginn...cut him too right? We lost 14 points to bad reffing, the coach who calls a boneheaded timeout...a tightend that cant catch when wide open...a Saftey...a safety that for the life of me I cant understand why he is in the starting lineup which gors back to coaching....and after all that its cut Ginn. Wow

That's exactly the way I see it Ironside. You going to give NO 14 bonuse points? They don't need the help.

Thank you and Goond Night.

You are right drsamii. Cut ALL of them.

ted ginn = softy, 1/2 man, cry baby. we dont want you with the dolphins. U r a bust and a complete JOKE!!! and please bench gebril wilson.
LOUSY OFFENSIVE PLAY CALLING 4th quarter especially.

referees have to be reprimanded. 21 points given to the Saints. They conference for 5 minutes to see how to give the ball to the saints for a first down. Illegal forward pass on a fumble? he tripped for gosh sake and the ball came out. Come on! We were on a roll to score yet again when that happened and stopped us. Unbelievable

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