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Saints comeback beats Dolphins, 46-34

The Dolphins hit the Saints in the mouth. They had a 68 yard touchdown run from Ricky Williams.They had two more Williams touchdowns after that.

The Dolphins were leading 24-3 in the second quarter.

And then reality hit.

The Saints got an interception return for a touchdown. Then Drew Brees woke up.

Then Brees realized the Dolphins cannot cover tight ends and started feeding Jeremy Shockey, who went for over 100 receiving yards.

And then there was another 54-yard interception return for a touchdown.

And that was the recipe for an upset-gone-bad.

The Dolphins held a 34-24 lead going into the fourth quarter. And the Saints whizzed by them like a Corvette passing a Pinto.

Final: Saints 46, Dolphins 34.

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Im just going to make my comment once, ted ginn needs to go...The pick 6 was his fault catch the balll...big momentum changer...Also, last drive we shot ourselves in the foot with all those dumb penalities, how can you win like that...Dolphins im sorry im a believer, but this was your chance to prove something big, how can you ever lose that game? I cmust walk around with my head down for the rest of the week because you cant finish games!

Saints shut the wild cat down in the 2nd half.
Henne did what he needed to do. Ginn and Anthony Fasano can't catch a ball to save our lives!

Things happened about like I thought they would. I had no doubt Miami's defense would blow any lead they had regardless what the score was. Call me critical but name me one game this year Miami has held a lead against a good team. Let alone the Saint's crazy offense. This defense is as soft of a defense I can remember the Dolphins having for a very long time. Sure they may play amazing for a quarter or two but for a whole game? Haven't seen it yet, not against a good team at least.

Any team that blows a 21 point lead is pretty much pathetic. Miami is a "OK" team. They are not bad, they are not good. They are just OK. This game proves that. Any time you have a game well at hand and you blow it, you aren't a very good football team. This game is a perfect example why I had no problem with New England putting up 59 points on the Titans last week. You should never let up till the final second ticks off. Miami went straight to "Wanny ball" when it was 24-3. And just like back then, once Miami turns it off, the whole team, defense included struggles to turn it back on. It's like it takes Miami a full week to turn it on. Game time comes they are ready, but if you shut them off during the game against good teams and they are needed again, 9 times out of 10 you sealed your fate.

-If Wilson is not cut or at least demoted tomorrow I will not watch another game till then. Every wannabe expert including myself sees that he is horrible. Why can't the coaches. I can't think of a worst tackler in the NFL. Is he really the best option we have? I could have sworn we have another safety being deactivated every week. Didn't he get really good reviews during the off-season and training camp?
-The Saints made the adjustments they needed to make and Miami did not. Miami was out coach in every single phase of the game.
-Porter is done, I am convinced of it. Yeah he had some pressure, got a sack but re-watch the game again. He is as slow as a 350 pounder, he is getting man handled on 99% of every snap. It is actually beginning to be pretty sad to watch.
-I said I was done with Ginn after the Colts game, nothing has changed there. He has yet to have back to back good games. Bust for sure. Cut him or demote him.
-I am just about done with Fasano. Too many key drops.
-Probably the worst offensive coaching I have seen all year. I don't care about the score. Or Ricky's 3 TDs. I am looking at the play calling when things needed to happen and when those plays were called. Running wildcat after wildcat when clearly the Saints had adjusted to it. You just don't call back to back wildcat plays when the first one fails. Miami had 4 wildcat plays in a row go for negative yards. Calling long passing plays when the Saints were constantly bring 5 and 6 defenders. You give your QB no time to wait for things to open.

I am really just embarrassed. Miami will win enough games this year to put them in the middle of the pack. Which is about where they are anyways. This team is just not ready yet to be elite or even very good. Still need some more pieces, while still having to rely on the fillers till we find them. Hope we at least win the next 2.

I'm no Dolfan but I do recognize a soft WR when I see one. Marvin Harrison is a small receiver as is Coles of Cincinatti. They take their lumps across the middle even though they may sometimes outrun their defenders. WTH is Ginn doing? He looks as if he hasn't been hit sicne Pop Warner Football & is afraid to take a hit!! U don't make millions that way & u shouldn't stay in the NFL if u can't produce b/c ur afraid!!

The blame on D is Crowder and Wilson that is it!!!!!!!

We can't continue to try and put the game in the hands of player that can't get it done and have not gottin it done (Ginn,Fasano) what the hell were they thinking!!!!!!

ginn does not deserve to be called Teddy - he has no b%%%%. Theresa you suck!!!!!

I will try and keep this as constructive and positive as I can. Just finished watching the Dolphins and Saints game. Miami up 24-10 at half, Henne is intercepted and the safety runs it to the goal line where he CLEARLY FUMBLES THE BALL over the goal line and out of bounds. Ref says, under review and it will be either a touchback for Miami or a TD. Well no matter how you look at it, it is a fumble and it goes over the goal line and then out of bounds. EVERY ANGLE SHOWED THIS!!! This is a game changing play once again in the NFL b/c of the horrible calls by these refs. In the SEC last week, they admitted there were errors in penalties and suspended the entire crew. I would like to see Roger step up, review this one of many errors from this game and do the same to this officiating crew. Why, now the score is 24-17 and momentum shifts. Miami was driving on that play and moving the ball well. Step up Goodell, I am 1 of many fans who are sick and tired of old men ruining this game

Trade ginn jr and defense gave The game up

well, it is cut Ginn because he SUCKS!!! Rant on Ricky? Hell no, he is a beast and is our TRUE best player! Henne's first interception was a direct result of the gifted hands of Ginn not holding the ball! Two blown calls that gave up 14 points, but we still had this game one without the drops.

we couldn't pay another team to play Ginn on their offense

Ginn gave them that Int!!!!

JaxPhinfan, I think the coaches know he sucks but they don't trust the next man in line (Jason Allen, I presume). Gibril Wilson is the defensive version of Teddy Ginn.

It's agreed that Ginn should be relegated to just kick-off/punt returns or just flat-out benched. He doesn't deserve to be a starter anymore...and shouldn't be relied upon to make anymore "big plays." His catch against the Jets was just a tease. His speed doesn't mean anything if he can't catch the ball. He goes down really easily to...never fights for yards. Go with Hartline or Turner. At least one of them will catch the damn ball. G. Wilson has been a big bust for the secondary. Miami might be better off replacing him with the rookie Clemson. Not like he could be any worse, right? I wasn't able to see the game today (luckily?) so I can't comment on much more than that.

Yeah, people, this one is going to hurt for a while. Well, the lesson that the dolphins should learn from this loss is "put the game away in the first half".This game does let you know how much the dolphins have improved though, considering how badly the saints beat up on the giants. All in all, we need a deep threat receiver who can will catch the ball most of the time. Good hands receivers is one of the things that made dan marino so great. Those marx brothers were not just fast, they could catch that ball, long and short passes.(youtube)

end of first half if that play is called right its 24-3, time runs out, they got a free timeout. then we give them one more. worst officiating of the year. was that ed hochuli? Clearly Bess didnt fumble, extra timeout, illegal forward pass? wtf ? then a false start? I could go on. the JP personal foul, how bout the last play, we snap the ball a Saint is in our backfield and we get penalized? Theres more that blown illegal contact on Hartline, yea it was past 20 yards. My god how do refs not get FINED!!!

what was the rush to score with over 3 min. left in the game. they had 2 timeouts and plenty of time yet they run no huddle and camarillo even tries to throw the ball out of bounds to stop the clock. Panic?

Mando any updates on the pending Ginn and Wilson cuts????

Are u blind? Did you not watch the game GInn is a joke period!
And so are u if you can't see that

Seriously, will Ginn ever even be good enough to become a backup. I was one of the naive idiots who has been saying for the last year "Give him time...he'll come good eventually". I honestly can't see this guy ever becoming a starting receiver once he leaves the fins. Professional footballers being paid that much shouldn't be that afraid of getting hit, it's just sad really. Start Hartline and Bess next week.

oh yea

that timeout that the dumb coach called




why the hell did he call timeout...

This game was lost again at wide receiver. Again the lost cause , Ted Ginn failed us. He was helped by D. Bess.
As much good as Parcells has done for this team, why does he seem to be so blind to the fact that this team has no hope untill we get a stand out wide receiver. Someone who can really help us in the most important times during a game.

Btw, Camarillo had a serious brain fart by trying to run out of bounds and then throwing it out of bounds as he was falling. There was plenty of time on the clock. He should have run up the field not towards the sidelines...

I am irritated and sad and I can't wait for next week. I hope we take our anger out on the Jets.I was so excited when Miami led 24-3 at the half cause all week we heard about how great the Saints are & how they haven't trailed all year etc etc.We should have kept up the momentum in the second half.The final killer was the 2nd interception for the score after we held NO to a feild goal.Those penalties and dropped passes by Ginn & Williams didn't help.So now I have to ignore ESPNews so I don't have to suffer through highlights. And as I type this the game is being shown on Football night in America.Plus we are in last place in the division.Buffalo has a better record!But at least the game is finally over.We better beat the Jets next week.

I have 3 Comments.

1 ) Channing Crowder has not made a big play all year. He misses tackles, and over persues every play. It would not be that bad but he talks all week long and backs nothing up. He needs to go

2) Ted Ginn needs to be benched and let Turner play. After the season we should get whatever we can for him and move forward.

3) Gabril Wilson should be cut immediately! He goes against everything Parcells and Sparano stands for. Not only can he not tackle but he is a liabilty in the secondary.

Just my Honest Opinion.. What do you think Phin Fans?

This game validates what I have felt all year. The defense is the problem. This team is not ready to compete this year. They get a lead and they give up a big play.

Against the Jets, the deep play to Clowney. 3rd & 22 play to Edwards on the sideline? Against the colts? The Clark play, the Garcon screen. With the gamne on the line?!?!?!?! Inexcusable. Again today to Shockey? They NEVER step up.

I understand its rebuilding, so rebuild. End the Ginn, Fasano, Wilson experiment. Get rid of Taylor & Porter at the end of the year. Let young guys play. Let Nalbone, Clemons & Turner play. They can't be worse than whats on the field now.

The team showed some positive things. I thought Vontae's play on special teams is encouraging. Our 2 gunners are former #1 CB's, GREAT DRAFTING!

Wish list to make a run next year between Free agency & the draft. It shouldn't be that hard:


Cut: Ginn, Wilson, Ayodle

Don't resign Fasano, but resign Ronnie ASAP. I'm sickened by the loss but I knew this wasn't gonna be the year. I'm looking for the young guys to get some experience, the time is now.

Still probably a year away, but hey... win your division games (still 2-0 in afc east w/ Jets and Pats on the road next) and you might - might - just get in the playoffs. Once you are in anything can happen. Its a long season - things can change. I'm not at all upset or shedding tears... the team played decently and Henne played well despite his #s. Don't start on Ginn w/out calling out Ricky on the subsequent drop, or the bonhead play by Camarillo or Grove's false start on the critical drive...

Still need the interior D and receiver in the next draft

Here is my take:

Miami's identity should not be the wildcat. Henne needs to be on the field at all times taking the snap (He is our future). He needs to have a rythm with play calling. There's always max protection for him, which needs to switch from max to 4 wide. Look at the Saints. Brees will go down the field from from I-formation, single back, spread. This opens up the plays. The wildcat doesn't have the big play capabilities. Henne needs to stay in sync with the receivers. Pat white should not be on the field (bad pick). Play Turner to see what we have. This wasn't the defenses fault, it was the conservative playcalling on offense after the 24-3 lead.

While I am upset about this game and Ginn's performance, he is the only receiver we have that can stretch the field. In the 2nd half, you saw the Saints stack the box with 8 defenders. Without Ginn, there is no homerun threat. I certainly want a change but unfortunately we can't address it until the offseason. We just have to hope Ginn finally steps up!

Is there anyway we can start a movement to get Ginn cut, like the Bills fans did when they paid for the billboard saying for Jauron to be sacked?

This was a devastating loss. Just when I felt we were proving that we deserve to be among the top rated. First the positive. Ricky and Ronnie were incredible (as usual), the O-line looked dominant, proud of Henne and his decision making, and impressed with the pass rush (first half). The negative. The secondary was depressing (2nd half), Gibril missed a key tackle in the 2nd half, Ginn missed ANOTHER key grab, and more questionable play calls in the last minutes. I only hope the play calling is a growing pain issue with Sparano but I feel it's time to consider cutting ties with Ginn. Until we address key weakness' we will only be the East's 2nd best team.

Our "Team” looked good Just a few missing pieces. We competed!!! We were in the game more so than the Giants. Next draft IMB, FS and #1 WR.

two important things we learned today:

Not surprised by the loss; what's disappointing and disheartening is that Miami seemed to have this game in control. But as shown in the Colts game, the fins can't hang with the big dogs quite yet. This is at best a mediocore team....someone said 10-6??? This is a .500 or sub .500 team at best. The only positive to look forward to...this is a young team that will grow together and in a year or two or three, they'll be able to win games like this.
And yes Gibril Wilson has to go!! My jury is out on Ted Ginn-I thought working w/Henne would help but by the comments I've read, I guess not. He probably won't be around next year-Fins need to look for a go to receiver.

Next week? I don't like our chances at this point and that team is not that much better than we are...at least we beat them so we get a split.

What Henne play welll.. oliver rubber you cant put that on Henne when people are not catching the ball..lets be real now

Ginn couldn't catch a cold if someone with the H1N1 virus sneezed in his face!!

Everybody breathe, we are not:

San Francisco
Tampa Bay
St. Louis
Kansas City

But not too long ago we were, and soon everyone will be looking up our arses.

sparano says we accidentally didnt run. awesome interview. we had plays that could be pass or run and we passed. just couldnt help not running. why do we let anything dictate whether we run our number one running game. idiot

Relax phin fans this schedule is the best thing for our team in year two. It is showing the weaknesses and the trifecta will correct them in a year or two. It is not the secondary as much as people would like too think. we have no consistant passr rush, Not one of our defensive lineman can beat one on one blocking. That is the key to a 3-4 defense. Hopefully we pick in the top five and grab that kid from Nebraska and sign Merriman and you will see the defense change. You have to be excited about scoring 30+ in three straight games.

The Tuna owes us some sort of explanation for all the holes that still exist on this team

It's so strange that we ran so little in the second half. I don't understand, it's so obvious to run the ball and win. That was not dolphins football, I mean I hate to sound crazy, but this type of weird crap makes people starting thinking up conspiracy theories

ps ginna is a terrible wr

RealPhinFan, Ya got it! Those are our problem children.

"get this team to a place they've never been, in the 4th quarter" Sparano. Yeah, you sure did that. You got them to come back from a 21-point deficit.
Great job!
Sparano is to blame for this loss. There is no other way to explain blowing a 21 point lead. Coaching, period!!! No excuses guys.

What everyone keeps seeming to forget is how come tight ends give our defense such problems.....we are getting killed by tight ends... Dallas Clark.... Tony Gonzales. .. Antonio Gates.... Jeremy Shockey... Major issue.


I don't think it is Jason Allen. But I would take him any day of the week. Say what you want about Allen, but he is a baller. He made not be the sharpest tool in the shed which is what I think has hurt him during his career, but he can straight up play ball. Watch him on Special Teams.

get rid of ginn.

oliver rubber, You are WRONG! Henne did nothing wrong. Go home with that crap.

You better wake up because you are dreaming. It doesn't matter if HE DOESN'T CATCH THE BALL!!

I think it's time to get rid of Ginn he is no #1 especially in crunch time

Ashley Farrington, you got it brother!!! Some idiots think the QB catches as well as passes.I think we have a jettrash on this blog!

ginn could be a good reciver as just a deep threat if we had a number 1 to depend on thats not him.

you know, i can stomach the passing in the second half... but against a constant 8-9 man front, and they hardly throw any drags and slants??? they were blitzing and playing man to man! have to exploit that!!!! not to mention the formations also.... call pass with 2 te sets (both te's slow) and the patterns were going downfield! i was baffled! i have totally given up on ginn! i was a supporter but no more! need someone in the passing game to compliment henne! offensive flat out choked in the 2nd half! loss falls at everyones feet!

I just don't get the timeout call in the seconds before the half! The obvious decline I'm pressure on brees in the 2nd half! The play calling and the norm by our WR with dropping the passes! I just dnt know how we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot!

How could you blame Henne fir dropped passes and rookie wide receivers running the wrong route (end of game play). Henne played as good as he was allowed to play. His first interception was Ginns fault. One mistake I saw Henne make was that sometimes he held on to the ball too long and got sacked. That's a rookie mistake. If you think this is Henne's fault, then your an idiot and shouldn't be allowed to post in this blog.

No I'm not blind dolphin. I see clearly and I see the fault with all of the problems i noted up front and more. As hands on as Bess is he dropped a number of balls, and oh yes...that ball was fumbled..it moved before he hit the ground. So he is to blame just like everyone...Ginn included.


It's not about going away from the fun and going to the pass. When it was running, they were losing yardage in the 2nd half. It's the playbook, or Henne's lack of seeing defenses. It is his first year, so he will learn. But the dolphins were picking blitzes and the WRs were running deep. Ginn needs to be going on slants and Bess should not be doing 20 yard slants (too small). The only people who should be doing 15 yard outs are Hartline and if he ever plays, Turner. Look how the Pats win....small receivers (Welker) running crossing patterns and big rec (Moss) running outs. Sorry, but this team doesn't have the personel yet.

Any one that blames Henne is an IDIOT!

special teams coach is very bad.

Real telling on gin...He dropped three crucial passes that hit both hands, and then dropped one for a td late that would not have mattered. This kid is just not a ball player. Oh, one ball that split the ginn goal posts went for a pick six.

He hesitated on that reverse, and skipped out of bounds a yard short.

He FFFFFFFFFFFFing blows. Where is sammy smith? he did not suck this bad. (sammy could catch better at RB than ted can as a wr)

marino13, Right!

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