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Saints comeback beats Dolphins, 46-34

The Dolphins hit the Saints in the mouth. They had a 68 yard touchdown run from Ricky Williams.They had two more Williams touchdowns after that.

The Dolphins were leading 24-3 in the second quarter.

And then reality hit.

The Saints got an interception return for a touchdown. Then Drew Brees woke up.

Then Brees realized the Dolphins cannot cover tight ends and started feeding Jeremy Shockey, who went for over 100 receiving yards.

And then there was another 54-yard interception return for a touchdown.

And that was the recipe for an upset-gone-bad.

The Dolphins held a 34-24 lead going into the fourth quarter. And the Saints whizzed by them like a Corvette passing a Pinto.

Final: Saints 46, Dolphins 34.

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RUN!!! The BALL!!!!!

The Tedd Ginn, Jr. family was unstoppable today.



As bad as they played in the second half they still had a chance. Drops and dumb penaltys on the last drive forcing henne, ginn needs to wake up to many balls go thru his hands

let see

mama maria came home
made some banana bread
came the kids fasano and ginn
fasno ate it all
ginn cried
came papa w/his clip board
asked ginn ,what happened tedy

fasano ate my banana
he drank my milk

Ginn drank too much Gin before the game !

yeah and crowder just needs to shut the hell up! never seen a player that talks so much but makes no plays! dolphins has the foundation, they just need difference makers! the 1 and 2 wr sets when we are in long yardage situations had me scratching my head! they blitz, throw slants, drags, screens....10-15 yard patterns consistantly to slow wr's.

We should be proud of our Phins!!!! Just a few pieces of crap on the team. They will be gone next year. We gave the Saints all they wanted!

Again, for all of you grasping for an explanation of why Ted "I won't go over the middle a" Ginn is so terrible, the answer is pretty simple: HE'S A COWARD WITH BAD HANDS. Is that straightforward enough??!!

Fasano WTF!!!!!!!!

Henne played well
Too many drops
Ginn and Fasano dropped too many balls
Start hartline
The fins can play with


I've lost hope in this year. I'm still a dolphins fan, but 2009 will not be a good year. Let's not be optimistic here people, we need to be realistic. Until Ted Ginn is let go, we will be losers. He's cost us now what, three games? And Gibril Wilson has cost us 4 loses. Man, is Bill Parcells actually a good Vp? I'm starting to even wonder that.


I disagree to an extent on the record thing. Miami is clearly a 8-8,9-7,10-6 team. But record doesn't really matter. They could go 11-5 but it wouldn't matter, the real issue is, so what if they did? They would just lose the first game anyways. That is what Miami is. Good enough to just miss out or just get in, but they aren't really going make much noise. But you are right, they are young and that is a good thing. A few missing pieces still and we have to replace our fillers with them,then we will be set. Now it just a matter can we find them.

Phinswin, I agree that Ginn has to make those catches. All I am saying is that since we can't acquire a receiver now, we have to hope that Ginn's speed keeps defenses from just going exclusively one-on-one. Without Ginn's speed threat, teams are going to stack 8, 9 in the box daring the remaining receivers to beat them one-on-one.


Well we need to make changes, we knew what we needed before the season started and we failed. After 6 games it is very plain to see where we have fallen short. We should just move on and look towards next week. What else can we do?

Posted by: Angry Fin Fan | October 25, 2009 at 08:27 PM

Oh please, it was not clear, we blew it, don't blame the officials, we had those d bags on the ropes and let them off. Don't cry about officiating. Look at Goal post hands ginn, I am scared of shockey, and bush wilson, and I am stealing from miami for pretending to be a LB crowder.

I saw this coming at the end of the first half. I really had hope the coaches would rein it back in, and keep their foot on the gas, but they failed as well.

This was NOT a bad loss! You need to be proud of the scrap we gave em today! Saint will more than likely win it all.


Ted ginn must go. Let's here the front office say again they can win wit garbage recievers.

This just in. Ted Ginn is an imposter. It is really Chris Chambers dressed in Ginn's uniform. Same drops on easy passes

Mark in Toronto,

What are you talking about? 4 of those teams you listed are better than us. Phins are in the cellar looking up at Buffalo.

As coach Valvano said so well, never lose hope, never lose hope

I wish my girl friend sucked as much as Ted(Feet of clay)Ginn does , Id be a happy man....

Couple observations...

Two TE set on 4th and 13 and our QB still gets pressured???

On Shockey's big catch I didn't see a defender on my tv screen. Our deep middle pass defense is frickin terrible and it hasn't been corrected since week one!

And YES! Ginn needs to make those catches! Ricky Williams is a RB if he misses it well ok he did. But Ginn is a WR they pay him to catch the ball! Catch it!!!!

SCO After this game, why would any D respect Ginn? He is wasting space.

finfan23 -you have to catch it to drop it. Theresa hands of stone Ginn was just plain terrible. No heart - no fight

Looking up at Buffalo? Damn son heck of a fan!

It's been said...Ginn Sucks...to add to that, the team doesn't know how to tackle...The Fins showed a TOTAL breakdown of fundamentals, and appeared like a poorly coached team in the fourth quarter. Better be careful - the New Jersey Jets will be all over this next week...

We are built to win our AFC east but not if the coaching doesn't wise up!!! why must we lose to all other because of bad personal choice's to start on game day bench Wilson and Ginn and don't throw to Fasano when the game is on the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like that sucking comment! :)Ginn sucks again he has only come through once all season. Leave him on special teams.

BTW, they got rid of Derek Hagen because he couldn't catch a ball...Now it's Ginn's turn...Fasano, you're next

Terrible call on the timeout at the end of the half. Four points on the coaching staff there. That score changed the game. Terrible play calling in the second half. The Dolphins are a running team, run the damn ball! Burn the clock against a team like the Saints. And what the hell were they doing hurrying in that final drive down by 6 points, with two timeouts, at mid-field and more than 2 minutes on the clock? Come on Camarillo I thought you were a Stanford guy? If they'd have scored with more than 20 seconds left New Orleans would have trucked down the field for the winning field goal like butter on a slip and slide. Poor, poor clock management!

At this point they should just fire everybody and start again. Let's get Gruden as our coach at least his teams could takle! The shocky play was evidence of poor coaching. What is?

Their all infected with PigSkin Flu !!!!

Some of you "fans" make me want to puke!!!!
Start over? Sounds like jettrash to me.

We have Jettrash on the Board!

Shockey treated Wilson like a pessky Fly

How the fucckkk does a center have 2, fucckking 2 false starts he is the one snapping the ball...

I would tie Ginn to a tree and let the jug machine beam balls at him all week...


Shaggy, that is true but the Saints always had a safety wherever Ginn was to prevent the big play. Ginn is certainly not playing well because of all the drops but as the Saints showed they weren't willing to leave Ginn one on one. What other receiver do we have that can do that?

Listen, I am not a Ginn supporter. I am devastated by this loss but you can ignore defensive schemes against us. However, the most disappointing part of this game is that we will be the reason why Gonzales, Clark, Gates and Shockey all make the Hall of Fame! Please get rid of Wilson. He can't cover and now he can't tackle. So what does he do well?

And we thought we had gotten rid of Cam Cammeron. HE LEFT US THE TED GINN JR. AS A CURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

tihjydfk/jdf, I like!!!

Ok , i said it on the last blog, but come on guys, grab yourself a cold Bud(or roll one up)(not that there's anything wrong with that) and just chill, the hated jets are up next, so get your hate going on them, drop this game (like a ted ginn ginn drop)and get ready to hate your favorite hated team, the JETS,JETS,JETS....

God I Hate them Jets!

cuban menace, Like your style!

1st half we were moving the defense around and confusing Brees, why did it stop?

Let's bet them up maybe we'll feel better!

let's talk about love .starting w.ith the cuban who told us that he has 3 girl friends .i like to know which on he love for love and which one he loves for love ?

Going in and out of the Wildcard makes Henne, the rest of the team and all of the fans look like h0-m0's.

ted ginn has ruined another game. just the guy "bobble" cause that's all he knows to do with the ball. if he actually catches the ball, it doesn't go for a pick 6.

Suck suck suck!

54, we all do,po white, your a great historian(Napoleon) let us get ready for the dreaded jets and just put the saints game behind us....

white trash,

did your girl friend left you as we were told ?

Ever day but she comes back at night.

She has been walking funny lately.

Cubano, only have 1 girlfriend, shes the only one that can stand me...(poor girl..)

Curse the day we got Tedd!I only wish the worse to him.bad call against Camarillo,sumbody bench the guy that droped browns great pass.lord knows I only want to vent!!secondary step'd up,then balled up n stuck thier thumb up thier butt.did I say I LOATH,I LOATH Ginn Jr.STOP throwing the ball to him!!

If Parcells isn't furious about this loss he should be...Horrible coaching...no way we should lose that one...Sprano needs a serious talking to along with his staff...

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