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Saints comeback beats Dolphins, 46-34

The Dolphins hit the Saints in the mouth. They had a 68 yard touchdown run from Ricky Williams.They had two more Williams touchdowns after that.

The Dolphins were leading 24-3 in the second quarter.

And then reality hit.

The Saints got an interception return for a touchdown. Then Drew Brees woke up.

Then Brees realized the Dolphins cannot cover tight ends and started feeding Jeremy Shockey, who went for over 100 receiving yards.

And then there was another 54-yard interception return for a touchdown.

And that was the recipe for an upset-gone-bad.

The Dolphins held a 34-24 lead going into the fourth quarter. And the Saints whizzed by them like a Corvette passing a Pinto.

Final: Saints 46, Dolphins 34.

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OMG for those who are saying don't blame the refs...you are just blind.The saints are a good team, but we can't beat them and the refs.They gave the Saints two huge TD calls.Not to mention the play before the end of the half...the clock would of ran out if they would of got the damn call right...we could all see Marques was down at the one.The INT by Sharper was a huge call...how did they still miss it after the replay?It Should have been a touchback.

Now it wasn't all on the refs...the Defense just folded in the second half.We went away from what we do best as an offense...RUN THE DAMN BALL!!!We didn't go to Ronnie enough.

We have 3 players that are killing the Miami Dolphins all year....

1.TED GINN has to be taken out.He dropped a lot of passes and one for a PICK SIX.The kid is scared and will never be a good WR.

2.Gabril Wilson should be let go as well.He continues to kill us on defense.

3.Anthon Fesano did drop another big pass...what happen to him?

IDK I feel like our team played hard, but some players and refs really let us down.The NFL need to talk about those huge calls...even after the review!!!

How do you guys think Henne did?I thought he made some good throws that were dropped.Who was he throwing to on that pick six at the end of the game?I wonder if his arm got hit.

just went on ebay a few minutes ago.saw miami dolphins sold their hearts for autograph picture of j lo

I have tried to lay off Ginn and Gibril and give the season a chance to develop before I pass judgment. Well, I’ve seen enough. They both need to go. What good is a receiver that cant catch? What good is a safety that cant tackle? Particularly when that is supposed to be his strength. Both players are marshmallow soft. If the trifecta sticks to their saying "if they don’t bite as pups, they don’t bite" then their is no reason either player should start anymore. Both players are past the pup stage in their careers and they still don’t bite. Watching these two makes me sick to my stomach.

Will Allen will miss the rest of the season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament

I agree white trash, I agree. You fans actually thought we were going to the Super Bowl? Really.......give me a break. We have spent almost 10 years drafting garbage. It takes time. We need one more draft.

Coach wasn't dat bad,but when loose like this it looks disturbing.

i agree with everyone else on here, ted ginn and gibril wilson need to go. Turner should step in, he can't do any worse, if we keep ginn, limit him to just special teams returning the ball, no point of having him in there as a receiver, he's got butter fingers and no confidence in himself. Doesn't seem like the type of player the trifecta would keep around.

Thanks T.WAY, Next year our Rooks are going to be Pros. We are goint to be the Beasts of the East!!!!!!

did anyone else see our sideline as ginn dropped the pass on our last drive? porter wanted to smack him

Additionally, I cant let the coaches off the hook. They play calling in the second half was terrible. They completely stopped doing what was working in the first half.

I agree the timeout and the Ginn mistakes cost us the game. If we don't see changes by the next time we take the field then our coaching staff is not as smart as we thought!

Yo, my name be teddy, but my teamates call me Betty. My last name Ginn, I refuse to help dis team win. I go across da middle, then I hear the fiddle...think im gettin dat pass...man kiss this assss. Im in it for da cheddar, why get better? Im stealin all da money...play hard, you funny. Think I wanna win, bi**h my name Ginn. I play like the girlies, so my teammates give me swirlies.

Did sumone say Allen out for the year?god we r fuked for real!

I saw that the sideline was just as upset as we are leave him to kick off returns only!!!!!!

Allen done for season...torn ACL

Why could'nt that happen to Ted(oops i dropped another one)Ginn jr have a.c.l ???

OK here's a list of the stuff that plagues this team
1. Lack of discipline- it's been an issue for years. Joey Porter costing us 15 yards looked like Brian Cox doing the same self destructive bullsh!t, false starts, dropped balls - how come you don't see the Saints, Pats, and Steelers doing that stuff?
2. We cannot tackle, again a chronic problem
3. We haven't had an elite go to wide receiver in 20 years - this makes us one dementional and allows D coordinators to scheme against us in their sleep
4. We stick with guys way too long.
How many times has Wilson been burned and missed tackles? How many more balls do Fasano and Ginn need to drop? Ginn lacks the "stuff" the makes pro receiver like Hines Ward- I think they call it heart
5. Final point- for the past several years(really since the the early 90's) guys on this team talk a lot of smack. Crowder and Porter are the current worst offenders. Shut up and play football. Make tackles, sack QB's, drop into coverage - do what you're paid to do- and shut up. Ever notice how the best teams never let their players run their mouths? This is on management to run a tighter ship. I'm not so sure Sparano is such a taskmaster as he he's portrayed. If he were, guys wouldn't talk so much and this defense would be fundamentally sound- which we are not.

One more thing - why did they decide to go pass happy today? What happened to ball control?

Vonte looked Goooood! We are wasting our time with the Vets, Rooks need to start!

U people r tripping,our coaching staff is awesome,we lost cuz deez sorry m fkers on the field.our tight end sux,ginn enjoys blowing...god he really likes it.


Yes I would have to agree with you guys there. I watched the whole game in the beginning we were unstoppable with scoring but the second half is what really sucked. I myself couldn't believe that we loss a 20 point lead on them I can also say that Ted Ginn needs to really step it up on plays like he had all day today. And not to be a show off when trying to catch the ball.

I was there, someone tell me how the fck we lost that game ??? There is no way we should have lost

What does not kill you makes you stronger! Beasts of the east!!!! Next year Baby!

Cant win with ginn! Cant win with ginn! Cant win with ginn!

There was a int for a td that should have been a fumble n tback.

Gerturdys......how you coach your team from 28-3 to 46-34.

if mama maria my maid coached that time we would win this game .read the trash guy posts and learn .

If Camarillo had Ginns speed he wldve scored

Bobby, did you boo teddy??

When are we going to activate The Ginn family?

And if you did'nt, will you in the future??

Pretty obvious Ginn will not be a factor next year. He'll be somewhere else. Parcells and Sparano must be burning up over Ginn. Man, the next coming of Madison & Sutain is Smith & Davis. Wow - I think we are goingto make good on those guys. Just goes to show you - patience through the draft is better than panic through free agency. Unless of course you draft Ginn #9 with the hopes he will be a "great addition to special teams".

can someone explain why there is no visual of the fumble by sharper on the other side of the field.with all the camera's only oneside of the field wtf

I cannot beleive it, it was a game in the pocket till we stop playing.

I don´t know which one played worse, Ginn that let the ball hit his numbers and trough his hands or crowder that miss an incredible amount of hits

Scam Cameron played a joke on us all by drafting Ginn. Sadly, Fatass Sparano is the only one who doesn't get the joke, and he STILL startsd Ginn every week, while Bess and Hartline play their guts out and get to ride the bench. Way to go Coach Useless.

How does it feel to be ginn in the locker room.y'all seen porter in the background as ginn dropped the ball,drop the ball,droped the ball...?he f'n sux!

I have held back on ole Teddy G. but it is obvious that he is not an NFL reciever. Hartline looked good tonight and not just on the quick hitch route. He missed a block or two and slanted when he should have cut back but that is what a rookie dies. There is no reason for Teddy G. to have dropped all those balls. Patrick Turner can be no worse than TG. I believe Ted should be inactive next week to ponder what he is going to do. He will not be missed on special teams because he has not done crap there anyway. Activate Turner and let's see what the kid has.

Is it just me?I hate talking bout next year!what if I ain't around?

Maybe Now we realize ginn is not a number 1. Not only did he completely miss an easy catch on the final drive (that would have led to a first down) but on the so called "pick 6", which should have been overturned, ginn should have made the catch which would have had a major impact on the outcome of the game

Again- any idea why we abandoned the run in the second half?


I like the coach!I sink to the bottom with him but not Ginn,get off po white trash dick,how bout that one..

Time for a statement by the coach - no one is safe - sit Ginn for, well be Ginn - sit Crowder for ridiculous penalties at the most "convenient" time, when your losing - like I have said before has anyone seen loud mouth overpaid Crowder actually make a game changing play. Even the anouncers mentioned it today. Parcells and Sparono must be burning about him - oh and Ginn too!


We abandoned the run bacause the Saints dared us to pass. They knew that Ted Ginn and his family would fail. Were the Saints right?

CUbano, Thanks buddy. Don't let this get us down! We will make any one in our way pay sooner than later.

The day I see cam in the street I kick his ass

We began catch up mode with the lead that is why we abandoned the run. Why did we wait until LATE in the 4th quarter to finally throw out of the wildcat? Comming out of the halftime the Saints blitzes the corners to contain Ricky and Ronnie. We make one pass earlier or even attempt to pass and they pull back

Fellow fans lets be realistic. When BP and company took over we all agreed that it would take 2-3 drafts to be considered a really good team. Last year was unexpected and before this season began everone knew THE DOLPHINS would be lucky to go 8-8 given the toughness of schedule.

I offer the following observations:

1. Ginn has to go.
2. Gibril Wilson has to go.
3. Crowder definitely is not a Zach Thomas.
4. The Dolphins are consistently getting screwed by poor officiating.

Please tell us why we more or less abandoned the run in the second half?

The Dolphins are alot better than they've been in many years and I like where we're headed.

Keep your chins up Dolphins!

Love Henne - some tough plays but wow, he has the "it"

Attention:no dick rideing on this blog!

Does Mando even read this after he posts?

fins 2-4 oh my god....the last team

we need mama maria

Yes, I do.

Sincerely, Mando

Sreve, do dolphins have chins???

Now we got somebody rideing Tom bradys dick.your probably a ban-wagon fan...

Steve in Lake City....

Great post!

To the ones that are saying why didn´t Ginn was the one injured, don´t forget that injuries usually happens when a receiver catches the ball and is hit when he runs with it and in ginn case he cannot catch the ball and the few times he catches it he runs from contact

Yes, realistically we knew we weren't going to the Super Bowl. But - I thought we had a shot at the playoffs and WE HAD THIS GAME. Seems like it's always " next year"

worst record in the division is DOLPHINS W/ 2-4 THANKS TO THE COACHES FROM HELL .

I don't believe that's Mando!

Fire Sparano? Are you kidding me? I love Miami but I hate the fans. Some of you guys should be ashamed of yourself. What you saw today was a great team beat a good team. Just like when we lost to the Colts. Suck it up and move on, we are not Superbowl caliber yet in case you fair weather fans did not notice. Stay strong this team is doing it right. Are we the Lions? No! At least be happy the we are heading in the right direction!

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