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Saints comeback beats Dolphins, 46-34

The Dolphins hit the Saints in the mouth. They had a 68 yard touchdown run from Ricky Williams.They had two more Williams touchdowns after that.

The Dolphins were leading 24-3 in the second quarter.

And then reality hit.

The Saints got an interception return for a touchdown. Then Drew Brees woke up.

Then Brees realized the Dolphins cannot cover tight ends and started feeding Jeremy Shockey, who went for over 100 receiving yards.

And then there was another 54-yard interception return for a touchdown.

And that was the recipe for an upset-gone-bad.

The Dolphins held a 34-24 lead going into the fourth quarter. And the Saints whizzed by them like a Corvette passing a Pinto.

Final: Saints 46, Dolphins 34.

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24-3, kicking Saints azz going into half...Sprano calls timeout..WHY??? Gives Saints questionable TD and momentum going into half..That right there was the game ..We gave them a TD and momentum...Coaching staff needs to step up and say We lost this game...

Play the Rooks!!!!

Never seen so much whining from a bunch of losers. Dolphins just aren't good enough to hang with an elite team in the NFL. Refs calls went both ways. How about the first challenge that was a drop that couldn't be reviewed? Blow to Brees' head on his first interception not called? Look, complaining about the refs is for losers that don't know what to do with a 21 point lead. What a bunch of losers.

the saints are the best team in the nfl right now and the fact that we were able to compete unlike the giants says alot about our team...we just didnt, in sparanos words "Finish the game"

trash, you dad's name ?

I thought losers where guys who name themselves after a stupid ass catchphrase from the worst,terrible actor ever?

This football team makes me sick to my stomach the list goes on and on with the players that can not get the job done! TED GINN, GIBRIL WILSON, and now for the first time ever I have to say coach TONY SPARANO is a MORON! very close to not cheering for this team anymore. this conservative crap they started doing reminded me off a dave wandstedt team once again. time to play rookies and pray that a superstar WR falls into our laps in the offseason and we are able to draft guys like taylor mays and jermaine gresham to replace the bums we have.

nanunanu, Jets in love has a hand for ya.

"You dad's name?"

Ole daddy could type.

"trash, you dad's name ?"

Why, Rich, of course.

FROM 28-3


Jettrash on the board...



24-3 jet in love and you watch next week when the jets get smashed by us, no leon washington now...we are going to stuff the run and make sanchez throw and that wont be pretty, washington is his security blanket

time for my massage .


I miss your pretty mouth...

Seeing Don Shula on the sideline made me wish he would have grabbed the clipboard right out of sparanos fat hands then comped him a meal at one of his steakhouses and taken over the coaching duties

Sopranos not a moron!blame the players.none of us can really blame coaches till next year.we aren't supposed to even compete with the saints,we,we just didn't finish the game.

Jetsinlove...from playoff team to total collapse...only to the Jets, for 40 years in a row...SUK ME

jets 4-3
dead fish 2-5

Disciplin breaking down at the end is on the players,the players not coaches with a 20 something lead,o k?

I'm sorry that I'm late for the lynching. Ted Ginn should go hide under his mom's skirt. He runs out of bounds like a girl. He falls down like a girl when he misses a pass that hits him in the hands or chest. Then he has to get up and run back to chase down the guy to kept it in the air until he could hold on. He can't catch two passes in a row and if the defender says BOO, he will drop it and fall down again. He can't return kicks because he thinks that he is still in high school and runs like a girl.
The NFL ia fast, based on speed, so we need a physical WR that is not afraid to take a hit, has sure hands and can run a route and can seperate.
Anquan Boldin Andre Johnson sound like names we should go after and draft another one with a top Inside LB to replace mouth Crowder. We also need Taylor Mays for our next safety.
I will now get off my soapbox. Maybe we can use Ginn as a decoy like the Cowboys used T.O.

Squeal like a pig!!!!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Little piggy!

Jetsinlove...enjoy your male to male massage

after resting for 2 weeks the fins still sucks.sad for me and my family .


I need a wet nap...

This was of the worst defeats in team history! Ginn + Wilson = bust!!!!

What can you say? Up 24-3, the offense played well. The defense did not show up in the second half and that's that. When you get a lead like that there is no excuse. The team and coaches just forgot the game is not over at half time. Hope they learned somethig going into the meat of the divison schedule.

the worst ever defense
the worst ever coaching

Is there a computer geek here to block jet fans?jet fans r down there with thier roaches

Fasano should get married and live happy ever after .

While Ted Ginn was dropping passes against the Saints I was filling his wife's mouth with tasty goo.

Hey fin fans we r surrounded by fags,even worse jet fans,ha!

Please tell me if you think Ginn and Wilson should be blindfolded and the executed by firing squad in front of land shark stadium!!

mama maria still making meatloaf?

ted ginn is married?

Ginn could never be a decoy because he's a JOKE. If parcells really is a genius he'll figure out how to make it such that the pats or jets end up with ginn as their "experiment" lol

Two horrendous calls from the officials + Ted Ginn, Jr. = one embarrassing loss.

dolphins are awesome at nfl

Everyone relax on ginn. We will all have our sighs of relief when he gets cut/traded this off season. Be patient. This season is going no where anyways.

"i see what ur saying but sparano is a good coach"
Zach, you are an idiot. A good coach does not tolerate bums like Ginn, Fasano, and Gerbil Wilson.

Richard3000,how do we flip a curse to people who have a eye on us?ha,ha that's good stuff...

We are who you thought we were and you let us off the hook.

this season isnt over yet...you never know with this team, i cant gauge where this team is exactly

The Fins have more excuses for losing than any team in the league. The needs are at FS, WR, 2 MLBs and 3 TEs. Why would they not use Cam Wake in the second half when they could not get pressure? Maybe they're waiting until next year. Clemons next year. They will not beat the jets bills or the pats. With that said about the offensive players needed you should feel that 34 pts should be enough to win.

I don't think we could get a couple of used shoulder pads and a six pack of Pabst for ginn but if we could I say it's a good deal for us

fire fatass would you rather see cam cameron or wanstedt or saban? sparano is the best coach we have had in years, our players just dont execute

TO PROVE ALL GINN HATERS ARE A JOKE. Ginn screwed up big time. What matters in this league? When we go to New York on Sunday, are you going to be screaming for Ginn not to get the ball? The abandon of the Wildcat is why we lost the game. Even though Tedd screwed up, you still need him. Win the next 2 games and who cares. To Ted, only babies get what they want. You see the whole town wants you dead. Get with Duper to work on your concentration, and you will be OK. Go Fins, I don't care, just beat the Jets!

trade deadline has passed, were stuck with ginn till the offseason...i say make him the 4th receiver and activate pat turner, the only reason ginn sticks around is because he is fast and is the only reciever on our team that can stretch the field, too bad he is a p.ussy who cant catch

This year is NOT over!there's jets n pats to fuk over.atleast that.like isaid I go down wit the ship.call it blind faith,but if fins win all the rest of it's games(prob won't)I wanna say "I knew it"!

i totally agree with you joc

Hey yo!it's easy to hate on Ginn,that's all..yes go fins.

Ted......I hope you didn't kiss your wife when you got home tonight. Maybe she brushed and gargled but tasty goo prevails.

It's not as trendy to hate on fasano,I know cuz I've BEEN hateing!

I hate play into this,but hey yo did ginns wife catch it or drop it?

Hate to admit it but...

Did anyone notice the difference in the quality level of coaches between Peyton and Sparano. Peyton called plays while remaining cool under pressure. Where as it looks like all Sparano does is yell and scream but is basically a non factor spectator. Oh, my bad...he does serve as a good traffic cop yelling at his players to get on and off the filed on time.

His other responsibility (which I'm sure is his) is calling timeouts. He totally blew that job at the end of the half. How the F*#$ to do you try to freeze John Carney for a 15 yard chip shot and give them time to change their mind on that play! Give up the F---ing 3 points you idiot. That was a huge momentum changer!!

As for our guilty players, I agree with all of of your bombasting of them. I defer some blame to the trifecta because they have made a number of bad moves to counter the good ones which exposed many more holes today. I think our rebuilding timeline just got pushed back even more today.

Yes,yes,yes that time out WAS a bad stragetic move.but stick with the coach,he good.

Sad and dark in Miami...this sucks!

Like I said earlier,we can't ble coach this year,next year maybe,it would be noticeble

Sparano is not the problem! Teddy Ginn wake up!

The refs ****** this game up too!

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