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Saints comeback beats Dolphins, 46-34

The Dolphins hit the Saints in the mouth. They had a 68 yard touchdown run from Ricky Williams.They had two more Williams touchdowns after that.

The Dolphins were leading 24-3 in the second quarter.

And then reality hit.

The Saints got an interception return for a touchdown. Then Drew Brees woke up.

Then Brees realized the Dolphins cannot cover tight ends and started feeding Jeremy Shockey, who went for over 100 receiving yards.

And then there was another 54-yard interception return for a touchdown.

And that was the recipe for an upset-gone-bad.

The Dolphins held a 34-24 lead going into the fourth quarter. And the Saints whizzed by them like a Corvette passing a Pinto.

Final: Saints 46, Dolphins 34.

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aqua1 sounds like mondo .same ideas

I'm so heartbroken but writeing texing or watever this is helps...

Ted Ginn has to go! Also we could not run the ball in the second half. They did a good job stopping the wildcat in the second half and we could not get our base offince going.

We've NEVER been able to shut down good tight ends!

atleast the rooks played fairly well!

What I take out of is that we're just not that team yet that kills you when you're wounded (but we're getting there); Ted Ginn will be gone at the end of (if not before) the end of the year; and we have ourselves a big time QB. He's got a cannon with touch, and poise, something we haven't seen since Mr. M was running the show. I love the kid.

time to go to sleep but before i do that i need a hug .

Kill Ginn,Wilson Fasano,can't help the bad calls,see y'all later peace out f the haters...

Taking a cue from her husband she at first caught it but then let it dribble out.

i knew it when soft G came up lame against gators a few yrs back. Does daddy keep him his job. Dolphins D couldn't stop wofford college. looked as bad as canes did. DB's couldn't catch a cold. What game are the refs watching? Zach is still available, gotta be more productive then fish chowder! whew! Rough weekend!

They Dolphins should cut one of the underachievers and given we are low on TE's and MLB's it should be Ginn or Wilson. Didn't they start playing better last season when Crocker was axed? Wake up call?


you r just the dirt of sport talking bastardo .

I had to leave South Florida and fly to Denver at 6am this morning... They don't even show games out here unless its the broncos. I'm glad of it. If I would have watched this loss instead of following it on my lap top I would owe the Holiday inn express a new flat screen TV. I will say until they do it... Miami MUST HAVE at least one and really two RELIABLE RECEIVERS. Think of these names, Warfield, Moore, Nathan, Cefalo, Marks Brothers, McDuffy, Gadsden, Fryar, Williams, Hill, Chambers... they would make a catch... bet your ars... I cannot understand why every other announcer, stats guy, comment talking head can see it but Tuna and Tony can't... WTF!!!! Tough loss, reminded me of the Houston game last year. Well... we are still in the East fight, next two games are HUGE!!!! Go Miami. That hard to say today... man...

Cameron wake? Patrick turner ? Chris clemons? Where are thou ? Ginn is now a orphan from the ginn family brian hartline has been doing better in his rookie season than Gimp did his career

Have caught a few non-Dolphin games lately and have been awed by some of the young receivers out there who are great. Not the Johnson, Fitzgeralds variety but the Harvins, Manninghams's and Sidney Rice's ... guys that go up and come down with it. These are second tier guys at the moment and better than anything we have.

This was still on the 'D' again today. They get shredded with big plays.

Ted Ginn has to go? Your nuts. Name one other WR on the roster teams game plan for? It's kind of cowardly for everyone to blame Ginn for the Defense. Ted drop, Ricky drop, Bess fumble, Polite overthrown, tried to match Brees with Henne. DB's won't jam when it counts. Safeties are not SAFE. Crowder got beat up again. Game over.

I want to know is WHY did the coaching staff go pass happy in the 2nd half with a 24-10 lead? Why did you make us loose the game? Why did you not stick with the ground game and eat the clock? This loss belongs to the coaching staff.

Girbil Wilson teddy bear gimp and clam chowder should all be cut my little niece has better hands than Gimp

Ginn is our numer one receiver I can name a few number 3 receivers that are more reliable

Why would any team game plan against ginn? He can't block he drops passes and runs out of bounds as quick as he can.

I hope we make changes come this off season. We should have let Crowder go FA. We need to draft some young linebackers. We need to pick up a veteran WR. We need to get a TE also.

Manningham just dropped an easy TD !

One thing that's really bothering me as I lick my wounds are all the Henne haters on the SunSentinal blog. I can't see that, besides a couple of Rookie mistakes, Henne played anything but a very fine game. He's supposed to be able to throw to Ginn in tight coverage, and if it's a good pass, Ginn has to fight and come down with it. Boldin would, Fitzgerald would, Bess, would even. He generally made good decisions and in fact threw several great balls, including the one to Hartline, hitting him in stride, and the bullet to Camarillo. I think he has the goods, at least that's what he's shown so far.

I'd like to know what others feel on Henne so far.

I think he looks good. Nice poise in the pocket good passes and I like how mean he looks. (funny forehead thing going on there)

F da who? Hopefuly the Dolphins get it together soon. 'till then here on South Beach, we take the opponents laughter up ours almost every week....

Im confident on henne bess Camarillo and hartline they're very similar and have potential to contribute give turner a few plays let henne play wit his 6'5 target.

Honestly, Ginn made the most costly mistakes, not Henne. Oh, and what happened to the game plan? Abandoned the wildcat, the run, the blitz...

geez just watch the receivers on tonights game steve smith the gints third and fourth receivers could start for use...disgusting show from rillo, bess and shtbag ginn

The Saints were who we thought they were, and we let them of the hook!!


i just had to let that out.

oh, and F-- the Jets.

Will Allen out for the year with torn ACL. Ouch.

In case you haven't heard, to add injury to insult, word is that Will Allen is done for the year with an ACL tear.

What a terrible day.

We heard allen was out for the year 2 hous ago. Where have you been ? MARS ?

"people think i'm a baby, because the Dolphins make me cry."

I'll get over this loss, but man does it hurt right now..

dropped passes...stupid penalties...nuff said.

Ginn can’t catch. Time and again we see this but, apparently, the coaches can’t. Camarillo still catches everything trhown his way but he gets three or four passes thrown at him each game while Ted gets two to three times as many.

Fasano is inconsistent.

Crowder can’t tackle to save his life. Maybe he thinks slowing the ballcarrier is all he needs to do.

Gerbil made a couple of nice plays and about four horrible ones. Surely Jason Allen is better?? Lord knows he can hit harder and he’s faster.

The time out when the Saints were about to kick a field goal was disastrous. It was obvious that it would be disastrous as soon as they called it. The ensuing play pretty much sealed it. Sparano needs to call himself out on that one.

Pasqualoni looked like Gregg Williams in the first half and Tom “Prevent Defense” Olivadotti in the second.

Dan Henning looked like Dan Henning in the first half and an Alzheimer’s patient in the second. Why go to a passing game? And if you are going to break from what works for you - while you’re still ahead, I might add - why don’t you really open the thing up and use Henne’s arm strength?

21 points is not an insurmountable lead when your defensive middle is covered by Crowder and Wilson. It ahsn’t been an insurmountable lead since Marino’s Glory Days and certainly not in this decade and definitely not against as prolific an offense as the Saints.

Now add that Will Allen blew his ACL and is gone for the season. Vontae did pretty darn well in his stead but he’s going to get a whole lot more reps.


Oh yeah... isn't David Martin healthy yet? Please, please bring him back.

Man, do we miss Martin and Cobbs.

jimmy jam , martin is out for the year

Thanks for a great game Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Vontae Davis. To all the losers, Crowder, Ginn, G Wilson... Next yr can't come soon enough. Ronnie and Ricky broke all time Dolphins records today. Ricky is right behind the Csonka record as #2 all time RB. Ronnie is #3, I believe.

really sad, fins looked so good at the begining and then looked like they lost their energy and focus. Please Dolphin players,do not celebrate anymore till the game is over.All this chest bumping and celebrating during the game is stupid, win the game and then celebrate.Crowder is a joke, watch him on the film, it is funny and sad. You almost wonder how you can move to the wrong spot every play so good, then he got ran over,could not cover and has a hard time tackling. I looked on nfl stats and he was tied b4 the game with brad fletcher a cb from st louis at 243 defender with 18 tackles. Ginn,gabril,and fasano played terrible and dont deserve to be on a nfl pro team.

Is Dan Henning the next Norv Turner / Chan Gailey / Mike Mularkey? None of those guys could call a game, either, constantly making inexplicably stupid play calls to keep the other team in the game. I'm sure we all remember Norv's gift to all of us up in Foxboro. And I'm still pissed at Gailey's idiotic playcalling in the Monday Night Jets collapse. And only Mularkey would let Harrington throw the ball 50+ times against the Packers. Now, Henning has helped give us the equivalent of a reverse hail-Mary with the Saints on Sunday afternoon, expertly stymying the Dolphins offense with Jeckyl and Hyde playcalling (nearly all run in the first half, nearly all pass in the second).

We should all remember Henning sucked when he was in charge of the Falcons. It doesn't look like he's gotten any smarter since then, either.

Here's the thing about Ted Ginn - it's not his fault he was drafted #9 overall. It's also not his fault that he is the Dolphins' 'feature' receiver, if such a thing exists on this team. We can bash him till we're blue in the face, but that fact is that what you see is what you get. He's not clutch and he never will be.

Now, I'm sure Teddy wants to do well, but he's just not that good. Again, it's the Dolphins who are putting him in the position to let down his team and fans. He reminds me of Jeremy Hermida. A high draft pick who for some reason, just can't justify the pick. It makes no sense to continue to bash him. Blame the coaching staff for continuing to put him in these impossible positions.

BigD, fair points. Sparano admitted as such during his post-game presser. He wasn't necessarily pleased with the playcalling, BUT he did admit that there were a few head coach run/pass options that he decided to use as a throwing down. So, let's not jump all over Henning alone. Sparano's time out before the half is just as boneheaded, if not more so, than anything Henning called or didn't call during today's game.

Will Allen out for the year hurts now but will help develope vontae and Shawn quicker. Lord knows we need that. Isn't there anybody on the free agent market that can help us at WR. Marvin Harrison has baggage but at least he can catch unlike our "number one" reciver Ginn. He stimmm

Joey Galloway FinFan, but if you can't catch what Tom Brady throws to you, then how will you perform in this offense?

When are these losses gonna build charcter for this team? Everytime we lose and make fundamental errors in big games, I hope we have learned somethig from these implosion but it seems like we never do. Soprano lose the sunglasses when the sun drops. This ain't poker

Read the article I like the line on tedd ginn but more must be said!!

Mac, you are wrong. Sparano gave up 4 points and some momentum. Passing every play but eight after the half ate up zero clock and allowed Brees to do his thing. They paid 168 mil for a punishing run based O-line and then pass all of the second half. That is some shytty playcalling plain and simple.


I'm not. I said Henning helped. This team failed on all levels today, as I said on the previous blog. I was merely bringing up a point not previously mentioned tonight about Henning in particular.

Japman, you simply do not call a timeout in that situation. You can't look at it like it's JUST 4 points either. A TD was absolutely huge at that moment. I'd much rather be getting the ball after half-time up 18 where 3 scores are needed as opposed to 2 scores. It was just a matter of time that NO woke up. Sparano helped that happen. He also is somewhat responsible for those 6 or so straight 3 and out passing calls because he admitted he called a few of those passes. He's making careless errors as a HC. It's just disappointing.

It kills me how everyone is saying how great we are when we win and how horrible we are when we lose. We are in year two of the three year plan and showing lots of promise.

1. Ricky Williams looked great today.
2. We had a big lead on a very good team.
3. We are really young.

Give it a little time. We are on the cusp of being very good.

its the same story as always. If Ronnie does not get 20-25 carries we don't win.
We are running the the hell out of the ball. so what happens we start to pass and leave the run.
This has happen in every game we have lost.
Why do we pass. Its like takings a one legged man to an ass kicking contest your not going to win.
The saint are what we thought they were and we let them of the hook.

Big D, wasn't calling you out. Just responding to some of the Henning bashing I've been seeing. Blame can be shared all around that's for sure.

This team has HUGE holes at the WR, TE, LB, and saftey positions. Until they are solved the fins will only be able to "scare" the elite teams and cause heartache to us fans

Mac, it's all good. Just wanted to clarify. I agree with you on Sparano.


I agree with you but it just wasnt one bad call. One bad call doesnt lose you a game like today. A whole lot of bad calls and bad plays brings this type of game out. It was a complete meltdown by a team that had 2 weeks to prepare. It was a total shytstorm and I blame ALL the coaches for bad decisions and preparation. I am massively disappointed too.

Where are the leaders on this team, someone needs to chew some ass out and call some players OUT! We all know who they are.

Don't get me wrong. I love the energy he brings, but some of the errors that occur are unacceptable. He is the head coach and if he admitted after the game that he was disappointed with the playcalling at times, then he should have spoken up during the game. That's all I'm saying.

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