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Saints comeback beats Dolphins, 46-34

The Dolphins hit the Saints in the mouth. They had a 68 yard touchdown run from Ricky Williams.They had two more Williams touchdowns after that.

The Dolphins were leading 24-3 in the second quarter.

And then reality hit.

The Saints got an interception return for a touchdown. Then Drew Brees woke up.

Then Brees realized the Dolphins cannot cover tight ends and started feeding Jeremy Shockey, who went for over 100 receiving yards.

And then there was another 54-yard interception return for a touchdown.

And that was the recipe for an upset-gone-bad.

The Dolphins held a 34-24 lead going into the fourth quarter. And the Saints whizzed by them like a Corvette passing a Pinto.

Final: Saints 46, Dolphins 34.

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Dolphins in SB,

We are upset about a blown win against a top tier team. We are pissed that the same mistakes seem to happen every week. We are pissed that some players just cant step up and are still playing(in a sense helping us lose or working everyone else just that much harder). We know the goal and the blueprint. That doesnt help when you watch your favorite team destroy itself in one quarter.

We scored 34 points and loss! Henning was far from the reason we loss. Special teams cost us 3 points on a long return. Sprano cost us 4 with stupid use of Time out. Ginn cost us 7 by not being able to catch. (Even though that was a touchback not a touchdown. )That's the 14 points that cost us the game.


I totally agree with you. I called out Henning because of the role he plays. I didnt watch the post game cause I'm still way too pissed. The final responsibility does fall on Sparano and he is tops of my list right now.

Japman, I totally agree with you and I'm pinning the loss all on what happened directly before the half. You are absolutely right on all accounts. However, you don't expect your HC to allow a huge momentum shift to occur before the half. If Henning calls a similar 2nd half to the 1st half maybe just maybe Miami ends up on the winning side. Like I said there is plenty of blame to be thrown around. Pasqualoni as well.

Fin Fan,

Thats just not completely realistic. It falls on the coaches primarily becuase they call the plays and prepare the team for the game. Excellent job first half, abyssmal second half. Ginn has been horrible all year. So why have the 3rd game rookie QB throw 37 passes? Who does that to a rook? Why pass when you have the #1 rushing O in the league? Why give Ronnie 16 touches. It just doesnt make sense.

Secondly, we have a very average(to bad)defense. It's Paul's(or Tony's) job to fix the problems. They are NOT getting fixed. 36 points in a half is just plain awful! Thats as pourous as the late 80s Ds. We dont have some good personel is the only excuse I give them. But Sparano says he likes the makeup of the team, so if he wants me to throw him under the bus...I'll oblige him!

Mistakes happen. Thats why you need a great gameplan(run the Fin ball!) and a way to stop big plays. We didnt do either for a half and it cost us.

Whoops, just read my post..meant to say I'm *NOT* pinning the loss...

Japman, you hit the nail on the head. That defense in the 2nd half was reminiscent of the days when the great Tom Olivadotti led the Defense. No adjustments were ever made then, and it appears the same thing happened today with the rotted Orangeman Paul.

Tonight we laugh and feast and rub each other's balls......tomorrow we focus on the Falcons......WHO DAT?


I agree with you but this is Tony's first real gig. He is making mistakes that I just cant believe but Henning has been doing this for 30+ years. He just needs to do better.

I would blame all our favorite bad players but they have to be in a position to help the team fail. They still are allowed to help bring this team down and thats is management's fault. When Mendenhall was Fin up in Pitt, he was benched for week. There is a sense of accountability on that team that we desperately need right now.

Ginn needs benched until he decides he wants to be an NFL WR. That means practicing on the Jugs until he gets it right. That means staying to tell people you Fed up and being accountable for it. That means telling Henne you want some solo practice, after practice, with him.

Is Joc Ginn´s agent or he just know nothing about receuvers?

Japman, as I posted earlier Ginn is what he is. It's not his fault he'll always be an average receiver. As a top 10 draft pick you are expected to be certain things. He simply doesn't possess those elite skills.

Working overtime on the Jugs machine may help somewhat, but it like anything else cannot duplicate game high pressure game situations. Ted is not a big game type guy. Again, not his fault, but if the Dolphins want to continually place him in that role, then it's ultimately Miami's fault. And the lack of accountability is right.

Mac and Jap, exactly where's the leadership coming from on this team? My first thoughts also I's Ginn even putting in work AFTER practice to step up his game?

Most here are blaming the bad play calling and lousy players but as far as those blaming the officiating, ... in the very first Dolphin drive, an obvious dropped pass wrongly called a completion wasn't overturned because of replay problems. It was third down, that would've killed the drive and possibly the Saints would've scored first and the whole game would've been different with the running game being used less. Dolphins might've never even gotten that lead if not from bad officiating. Accept the loss, quit whining.


We were destined to lose this game, because, as I've said many times here, our pass rush is woeful and our DBs do not cover their assignments. ANY decent passing team will hang 30-40 points on us.

While our offense was generally acceptable, I too am miffed at the change in play selection to open the 2nd half, ESPECIALLY since we had the lead. Seems like we tried to fool them, but we only fooled ourselves.

And Ginn, my God. Poor kick return, dropped balls all over the place- once in the endzone, and another tipped into the hands of a defender for an INT. In all seriousness, this guy should run onlyo GO routes for the rest of the season and be thrown to once per game- that's it. After the season, we should jettison him. God awful.

There is good news, though. Henne is the real deal. His stats do not reflect his talent (thanks again, Ginn). He has great strength, accuracy, and poise. I am high on him. And the double-bonus with that is talented receivers around the league WILL notice. During the next offseason, there will be great receivers interested in playing with us.

Phons up 24 to 3 and the only thing we can't do is make a mistake and give up an easy score before the half. We throw instead of run and then punt the ball. Then after the turnover we call time out at the 2 yard line when they ate going to kick? Those 2 coaching errors changed the entire game and should be admitted and addressed! Last we abandon the running game in the second half? What's worse, a three and out passing mix in two pick sixes? Or struggling too run? Again poor coaching decisions!


Disgusting ! Let's salvage the season ! Please activate PATRICK TURNER ! bench GYBRIL WILSON!

Hey WHODAT! get off our blog ! Go back to BOURBON! street! Iam soo sick of that VOODOO chant!

The dolphins need to forget about money spent on a player especially If the player(s) is a bust! I.e GINN, Wilson etc . WE THE FANS OF THE GREATEST FRANCHISE IN NFL HISTORY DESERVE IT!

I dont get how by 1st gtr it was24 3 and they came back like that at hslf

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