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Jets all hot and bothered by Ronnie quote

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To get his little minions all excited about Sunday's game against the Dolphins, Jets coach Rex Ryan used a quote that appeared on this blog following the first Miami beatdown of the Jets on Oct 12.

"Coming into the game we're watching how they blitz and we were like, 'OK we'll just sit back and play football then, and let's see who has the tougher 11 people on the field,' " Ronnie Brown said on Oct. 14.

Well, you'd think Brown had stolen Ryan's buffet ticket because the coach was so vexed he actually read the quote aloud to his players during a team meeting on Wednesday.

So the Jets, who wanted revenge against the Dolphins before hearing the quote, now reeeaaaaalllly want revenge against the Dolphins. Oooooh, now they're reeeeaaaallly, reeeaaallly motivated. Now that Brown's incendiary quote has set the Jets' collective britches on fire, they're going to reeaaaallly study their game plans and reeeealllly practice reeeaaaally super duper hard.

"I got the quote and it's a great quote," Ryan said without attributing it properly. "Obviously, they must have thought they were the tougher team on that Monday night. We'll see who the tougher one is this week."

Hear the silence? That's the Dolphins' knees not rattling one against another in fear. I saw no sign of apprehension, consternation, panic or trepidation in the Dolphins locker room Wednesday. (Also saw no sign of Ted Ginn Jr. either, but that's another story.)

The Dolphins, to be succinct, seem to be simply going about their business this week.

“I think we’re definitely going to look back at that tape and anticipate what we can attack them on, and what did work for us," said quarterback Chad Henne. "We’re going to take bits and pieces from that game, but obviously there are going to be adjustments. There’ are going to be some change-ups for us, and we will try to keep them off guard.”

Anyway, Rexy seems to want his team on guard (even if it was only Wednesday) and they came out of that team meeting spewing anger over that Brown quote.

"It's kind of like he disrespected our defense in a way," cornerback Darrell Revis told the New York Post. "That shows what they think about our defense, that we're not tough enough and we're not strong enough. It hurts. I think a lot of guys are taking it personally on this team, because we don't want to be looked at like that as a defense.

"We believe we're a tough group and that's what we're going to show."

Outsider looking in observation: Brown did not say the Jets are not tough. He did make it quite clear the Dolphins thought prior to the game they could challenge the Jets and they would be happy to play and see which was the tougher team.

This just in: The Dolphins were the tougher team that night. They plowed the field with that defense Revis plays on, rushing for a 151 yards and two touchdowns.

And doesn't Revis have other concerns? Last we saw him, he was chasing Ginn, by no means a stud, into the end zone on the embarrassing end of a 53-yard touchdown pass.

The Jets on Sunday will be without their best defensive lineman and run stuffer Kris Jenkins, who went out of the lineup with a knee injury in the Buffalo game two weeks ago and is out for the remainder of the season.

And yet, the Jets don't seem concerned. They've got their macho attitude on this week.

"The toughest 11? We'll see this week," defensive end Shaun Ellis told The Post. "There's no doubt about it, that we have tough players on this team. Everybody was watching that last game and it was like, 'Wow, we laid an egg.'"

Well, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and lays eggs like a duck ... it's a duck.


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The Dolphin offensive line destroyed the Jet defensive line in the previous matchup. Keep runnin' Ronnie and Ricky out of the Wildcat, have Henne throw a lot of play action passes with the occasional deep ball and all will be OK. The big question is how our secondary does. Can Gibril Wilson make a tackle? Can the rookies Smith and Davis hold it down in the secondary?

Are you F'N kidding me ? Ronnie Brown said nothing bad , The jets reaction is Hysterical. LMFAO ! Can the jets coach and players be anymore of a bunch of crybabies ! The jets players are so stupid they actually fall for their coaches propaganda. This is F'n priceless.

MY GOD ! I'm still LMFAO !

I've been watching Dolphins games for 38 years and I have'nt seen a more physical offense in Miami since the Csonka days. Brown,Williams,Polite and this offensive line will take you to the woodshed. No way are they even remotely intimidated by the Jets or their big mouth coach.

bring it on!!!! run ricky run!!!

Look this is a rivalry game. You guys don't think the Jets looked at how the Saints shut the Wildcat down in the 2nd half last week?i hope they install a few more wrinkles. Just sayin, this one will be another typical NY vs Miami battle, hopefully with us winning.

Is anyone else tired of hearing this jets team led by Rex Ryan talking like they are so big and bad. How can they talk like they are defending anything? They WERE beaten by a better team they WERE caught trying to blitz and they WERE kicked out of OUR house with a loss. I understand the fact that they havnt been in the superbowl since they're only appearance in '69. But come in. Stop talking like your the big dogs in campus and show up one day so we can't talk about you. They are making it seem like Brown trashed their team. He didn't, he just said that the winner of the game will have the tougher 11 guys. And we obviously found out who has the tougher team. I can not stand the Jets. I would love for them to lose all their remainding games so that the big dog Rex ryan and all of his little minions can shut up for another year. Well I am going to stop rambling before I upset the jets and they say something about what I said in my comment. Big babies. Go cry yourselves another Miami loss.

I'm with ya NN Phin fan... What a bunch a morons to take offense to that! This is classic. I guess ol Sexy Rexy is worried.. He had to think of something... And this was the best he could do???? LMFAO! Best quote was "you would have thought he stole his buffet ticket!!! LMAO! Love it! Go Phins... Put these losers outta there misery!

"We believe we're a tough group and that's what we're going to show."

I suppose that means Sanchez & Co. will be hiking up their panties so as not to trip over them.

Poor Rexy, can't seem to motivate his team, so he is grasping at straws. Seems to me you are already defeated if you need to be given bulletin board material. Btw, Revis is good, but he is hyped by analysts like he is Night Train Lane, which he's not.

Nothing would be sweeter than to shut all jets fans' mouths up once and for all this season. Dunno if Rex got his blow-hard-ed-ness from his dad Buddy or he is catching on quickly to the New York scene and becoming a loud mouth real fast.

well you bet your arses there will be no hotdog eating on the jets sidelines when playing the dolphins ..... the wide out thing going on i dont care whos where on the field as long as the dolphins win .... and i think if the dolphins are winning and the game is in the bag i think they all should stand on the sideline and eat a hotdog ...and see how they like it happening to them

Rex Reed is in total denial. Excuses are used instead of humble acceptance of their defeat and corrective action to prevent it from happening. But NOOOOOO, they have to exhibit their classlessness and continued aberrant behavior making them the laughing stock of the league. Cut this one out and talk about it at your next meeting Fatso Rex!!!

I's done told de coach dat I's too sceered to play on Sunday cuz o dem sceery d-backs comin' up an' hittin me real hard like. An de coach, he done say I didn't have to play an I cans take de day off and watch de game from de sideline.

I's bringin my hotdogs, too. Pat White say he gonna toss dem dogs up in de air an I gonna learn to catch em in my mouth, cuz yous all knows I caint catch nothin wit my hands.

Okay, anybody else confused by this talk of the Saints"shutting the Wildcat down in the second half"?
How many times did we run in the second half- was it eight?
So far as I can tell this season, the only ones who can shut down the wildcat are Sparano and Henning.

Rex Ryan still has not learned his lesson. Instead of zipping his flaps he starts chompin and spewing ccccccccrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaabbbbbb!

Guess he need all the motivation cause Jenkins is out, and hes their cog in the middle. I'm thinking a big day for Ronnie and Ricky.

Speaking of Ricky damn he sure looks like he's getting better the more he carries and he and Brown looked real good against the Jets last game out. i expect another big game by RunRickyRun Williams.

That frkn game last Sunday killed me and I know all of Dolphin Nation was as devestated as I was. Stay with the running game I was saying as soon as the second half started, ohh well tale of two halves or so it seems.

I understand getting Henne his confidence and building his rhthym but not when you have the lead and Brees is on the sidelines getting comfy. Limit Hennes throws even if they are putting 8 in the box run the ball some more. 8 times in the second half we ran the ball i believe thats the stat I read. No way we had to just keep running the ball. But even soo Saints showed some Mettle and got off the canvas to come back after that horrific start and Dominate!-first half performance by the Dolphins Defense! Taylor, Yeremiah Bell played well. Nate "Dog" Jones looked good, even G-Wil made some good tackles. Then came the second half.
A tale of two cities' ohh well guess we at least finally exposed Ted Ginn and his horrible-nightmarish!- hands from the passing game.

Onto the Jets game let play Turner and deactivate well I would say Ginn but we need him for P and K returns...Who Camarillo for that bone head play flipping the ball out of bounds? Dont know but Turner somehow some way has to get into the game. Give him a tale of two seasons...see what the rook can do.

Jests can talk big all they want, they still have to go on the same field as the fins do and prove it sunday. Trash talking is so overhyped in this league today, it's just a way to overhype a game and give it the attention it usually ends up lacking. Hey rexy,how bout u worry less about what ur opponent says and worry more about ur own teams preparation(and health by the sounds of it) this week,I mean that is why u get paid the big bucks right???*lol*

Hennegivensunda, Saints did not shut the wildcat down. Miami went away from it after a few attempts to go off of the right edge. That was dumb play calling. You don't attempt to go off the edge against a defense built with speed. Miami played right into their hands. Despite GInn's drops and all the other mistakes Miami would have won if they had continued to run up the middle. Its that simple. Hopefully they learned their lesson not to go away from their strength. As long that offensive line continue to dominate, the coaching staff stops the dumb play calling and give Ronnie the ball up the middle with Rick complimenting him Miami will win this game no matter how motivated the Jets are.

Rex Ryan gets paid in cheeseburgers

Let me get this straight: The Jets players feel disrespected? These are the same Jets that called our QB a "clown" and said the widcat was a "gimmick" after the game, even though they made a lame attempt at running their own version. The same game we f'ing whipped their ass?! I'm beginning to think Ryan is a "corny" coach and motivator. Class teams give their opponents some measure of respect when they get beat.

Jets are really stupid when it comes to these divsional rivalry games by showing their cards. Look for the jets to overcomit to the WC to stop it. My guess Is Miami will flip the script on their offensive play calling and open up the Offense with more passes in the first half to keep those cry babies on their heels. The running game will be in full effect in regular formations, setting up the pass. I think Miami will keep them guessing all day.

I just wish we could put together a perfect game... we played perfect football the first 29 minutes of the new orleans game and look what happened. If played technically sound football like last year we would be crushing people.

I had a dog named Rex once. He wasn't very smart either.


I'm from germany and even I understood what Ronnie said. They looked down on us, they got beat and can't take it, cause they are the super jets with their super quaterback and their super coach, that shows no class. I think they still can't get over the last game last season when we claimed the afc :-)

Why do these clowns just keep talking??? I don't understand. YOU LOST! maybe you'll lose
Again maybe you won't...but for now...Shut the eff up!

They'll be fine. Rookie QB, no
Kris Jenkins or Leon Washington
who killed us last game...we will be all right.

Oh, WAH!
The New Jersey Gliders and Oscar Mayer Sanchez are upset...WAH
C'MON Fish! Kick their butts!

I don't blame Crowder for talking trash now, when it comes the Jets! They are so fukin stupid when they talk about are strengths and how they got beat. Note to Jets; how about you talk up Miami's weekness instead of what killed you the past 2 games? Idiots!

Watch for the Jets to utilize Kellen Keller a whole lot more than the last game. I was shocked they didn't look his way much 3 weeks ago, especially after the success Gonzalez and Gates and Clark had against our safeties and tight ends. Since Sanchez struggled with some of his Meadowland throws last time (as Mando predicted) the straightforward passes to Keller will be what they're looking for.

Oooooopppss. I meant Dustin Keller.

Armando, who had the 100,000th comment? Shouldn't that person win a supermarket shopping spree or something?

Some observations about supermarkets:

1) When I have to linger in an aisle, I always make sure to put my shopping cart off to one side to let traffic flow. It's common courtesy.

2) There are alot of MILFs in supermarkets.

3) It's very important not just to check the date on milk, but to check the date on lettuce packages as well.

4) Kurt Warner began as a grocery bagger and ended up a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Ted Ginn, Jr. began as a 1st round draft pick and will end up a grocery bagger.

5) The funniest episode ever of "Married With Children" was the two-parter in which The Bundys, without air conditioning, move into a supermarket.

I am very impressed by Rex Ryan. I didn't know he could read! I thought he just ordered by pointing at th picture on the menu.

Nathaniel you should win something for that awesome post.

If the Jets are so tough, why are they practicing indoors???? Whatever, Jets...whatever you have to do to get yourselves ready. The sign of a desperate team, trying to convince themselves how tough they are.

Rex Ryan is the perfect coach for the Jets..... Because he is a LOSER......

When the media can take such an innocent comment like that, and get some kind of reaction, they've done a good job. Although, nothing was said, that hadn't been said before.

Great to hear from you Mr. Doddsworth, Your wtiting always brings a good laugh....

The wets are delusional lifelong loser. They are the bug we all step and grind our shoe on.

We should have beaten the best team in the NFL this week. Our offense scored 34 points and still lost the game. Im not worried about scoring Im worried about keeping the other team from scoring. Jets? I dont think they have a prayer even with our non existant secondary givining them touchdowns.

The Dolphins BEAT DOWN the Jets? What game were you watching? They won by 4 on a last second touchdown. Hardly a beat down...

They really let people like you write down there in Miami huh? Maybe thats where I need to move. I can be immature, use little fact, horrible grammar and bad logic and still get paid. You sir, have the life.

Steve, you are a bigger loser than the jets. You must have been watching another game that the losing defense didn't get trucked by the run game.

what i don't understand, why is HotDog Sanchez throwing his lame ducks in a bubble? shouldnt he be working on his arm strength, mechanics out in the windy weather?

Mark Sanchez loves the Weiner.

We knocked them out of the playoffs in their own house last year...we ran it right up their vaunted defense this year and punched them in their mouths...except for a few gimmick fake punts and a couple bad ref calls, they were never in the game...yea, we are a lot tougher then them...ACCURATE QUOTE by Ronnie

I still say Cryin Ryan will go Woody Hayes on somebody.

It doesn't matter if the Jets copy the Saints Wildcat defense because Miami does not need to run the Wildcat to win this game. The Jets are without Kris Jenkins which is a HUGE loss for them in run defense and the Jets weren't even all that great in run defense when he was in there. The Dolphins should be able to run the ball out of the base offense right down the Jets and Rex's fat throat. Throw in some Henne play action and you got yourself a win.

Mole face sanchez is gonna wilt in the wind. The moron jets got a noodle arm to play in the windy meadowlands. F the jets, i am over my saints hangover, and make a new prediction Miami 24 jets 0.


I can't wait to see the R&R Express smash the Jokes! But I will be more impressed if Crowder and Porter keep there mouths shut and show up on the field.

Let the losers do all the trash talking, after all they are trash.

It is not like Ronnie Brown called the Jets QB a clown or anything. Well maybe he should just call him a hot dog.

A few lucky fake punts, many horrible ref calls, we did beat them down. The defense on the jets didn't do anything good. The offense on the jets with Braylon edwards is what did good, but mainly because of luck. Jets suck, Miami can murder them.


Jets won't be able to stop the run.

Washington's absence takes away the biggest matchup problem for Miami. They don't trust Sanchez enough to air it out all day and won't be able to run on the Dolphins enough to rely solely on their run.

Sorry Jets, you lose.

Jets busy talking and cry over nothing.

Dolphins busy at practice.

jets ARE poor losers. You would think they would be really good at it by now as they own the 5th WORST winning % record in the NFL.
Classless bunch of wannabes. They suck


This game much bigger than stupid Jets talk.

These next 2 games for Dolphins to save season, this team is good, I do not think they will fail.

I love this Rex guy...I loved this Man-genius guy too. Man-genius became the Man-gina and T-rex will be extinct by 2012. These guys are a joke of a professional franchise and these poor coaching hires just keeps the ball rolling...downhill. Ha ha ha what a joke!

J.E.T.S suck suck suck. Beat them one more time please.

I need this game to come quickly so I can get this awful stain of saints game out of my head

Rex Ryan sucks so do the jets. Trade Ginn to the chiefs parcells son in law will make a trade get anything for him. He cost us 2 wins so far Colts and Saints. Draft CJ Spiller playmaker...........

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